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"Yeah, we're serious business"
Conshow may contain swearing or other themes of an adult nature.

The Premise?

Five people get together to do stuff in a city. The goal? To revive one of the greatest text fictions of all time! They failed, now witness the failure... CONSHOW!!

Previous Premises

One day, Conchris got tired of checking his emails and so decided to dabble in show business. The goal? To successfully make a good Wiki User Show. He did, and now you can watch Conchris and the "Concrew" as they go on adventures... and not-adventures.

One man creates a WUS for the WUW. The goal? To create one of the most successful Wiki User Shows (or whatever, lulz) of all time! He's working on that.

CONCHRIS: And soon he jumped on the bandwagon and went into Bandwagon-ville and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER! The end.

What? That's it, you're no longer going to represent me anymore.

CONCHRIS: But... but... remember the good times...


CONCHRIS: Oh, we didn't.

Ah screw it, you can stay... for now.


One boy writes a WUE on the HRFWiki. The goal? To create the most successful WUE of all time. He succeeded. But he wanted a spin-off show where he could write without the email show format, this slowly emerged as Conshow. He then jumped on the bandwagon and went off to bandwagon-ville and spent a happy life for the rest of his life, The End.

CRUROAR: Wait, that never happened.

CONCHRIS: It so did! The author told me!

CRUROAR: Whatever.

Welcome to the Conshow, where it is a direct spin-off of Con_email.wue! Also, I won't be tied down by using emails to advance plots, which means I can finally develop characters fully without using the stupid one or two not quites an email rule.

CONCHRIS: I still cannot believe that people in the past really liked us.
JAKE: There's still people who like us now!
KATIE: Only a small handful... I think.
CONCHRIS: Well, shoot. Still though, this award brings back memories...
Fanstuff of the Fortnight Winner of August 15th to September 1st


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Season 1: Characters in the limelight
Season 2: The one with the episodes with the number "2" in their names
Season 3: Something completely different.
Season 4: They're totally in space!
Season 5: Characters, revisited!
Season 1: Episode 2 - Back again!
Season 2: Episode 2 - Redlit Greenlit

JAKE: I'm still not sure why these are called "Readisodes".

CONCHRIS: Well, they're called Readisodes because... you read them, and they're episodes!

JAKE: {sarcastic tone} Oh wow! Everything makes so much sense now!

CONCHRIS: {rolls eyes} Yeah, yeah, don't praise me all at once...

  • Bolded episodes are season openings and endings.
  • Italicised episode names are predicted episodes. They usually come with a predicted description. They may change at any time.
  • Bolded+Italicised are milestone episodes, which are 25, 50, 75 and 100.

Season 1 - Character Episodes

This season was based around the characters and had to be themed around them. This introduced the characters to the audience before the real fun begins and helps to settle the grounds of which they are on.

  • Episode 1: Private Conchris' Pilot Clubs Episode - Conchris, Cruroar and Cieeia start a three-man show... er.. a two-man one-woman show...
  • Episode 2: Time waits for Chrionroar - Chrionroar suddenly discovers the ability to stop time, but what happens when he abuses it?
  • Episode 3: Make way for Cieeia! - Cruroar has gone missing! Conchris couldn't care less. Who else would save him from Sirhcnoc?
  • Episode 4: Cruroar and the Stones of Power - Cruroar goes out to search for the Stones of Power with Conchris. Cieeia tries to look after the house despite the crazy happenings. - Original Episode
  • Episode 5: Forest in: Robot Wars - Forest enters a robot tournament to buy a new sledgehammer with which to hit Chrionroar over the head with. Conchris tries to prevent Forest from doing so.
  • Episode 6: Greg's Excellent Adventure - Sirhcnoc calls for a vacation for all of his minions because he needs time off. Greg takes advantage of this by going to the beach, but everything that could possibly go wrong for him, probably did.
  • Episode 7: Aria's Revenge - Aria, sick of not having enough screen time, decides to try and kill off Cieeia. Will she succeed in this deadly deed? Maybe not.
  • Episode 8: Clark's Boring Life - Clark guides us through his daily boring life, or at least it is. Meanwhile, Forest is ticked off at Conchris for something.
  • Episode 9: The Kids in: Revenge - The Kids from Episode 5 are back with a vengeance! They want revenge because Chrionroar ruined their winning spree, so they challenge him to a kid's race. Will he win?
  • Episode 10: Sirhcnoc's Smooth Moves - Sirhcnoc summons an army of wild animals and undead to try and destroy Wikity, Cieeia gets kidnapped and Conchris is in a battle of a lifetime!

Season 2 - 2B or not 2B, that's not the question.

Season 2 is when the real Conshow kicks off, despite the crap being here and there in this season.

  • Episode 11: 2ba - When a band named "2ba" rolls into town, they instantly become big hits! But Cruroar isn't convinced.
  • Episode 12: Pleased 2 Meet You - In a rather generic plot, Chrionroar's father and mother move into Wikity to see their son. Will wackyness ensue? Probably.
  • Episode 13: The Unlucky Episode 2: There is no prequel! - It is somehow Friday the 13th in Wikity. Conchris and company try to avoid getting bad luck... except that Chrionroar acquires a million leaf clover. What would happen?
  • Episode 14: You're 2 Slow? - Conchris invents another time watch, but this one can slow down time! Again, Chrionroar gets his hands on it, what would happen in this so totally not done before episode? - Not what you may think.
  • Episode 15: 10 divided by 2: Halfway There! - After a small lapse of fillers, Conchris thinks that it is a good idea to move the gang to the desert where they find an ancient pyramid. Generic pyramid searching hijinks ensue.
  • Episode 16: 2 Stupid Idiots - Conchris goes on a holiday for a day and Chrionroar and Forest go on a crazy referential adventure of not so epic proportions.
  • Episode 17: 2 Much Violence - Conchris and company find out the cause for their actions being toned down somehow.
  • Episode 18: 2 Many Heroes - A superhero by the name of Captain Awesometon visits Wikity and instantly becomes the city's hero and he takes all the credit for Conchris and Company's work. Will they get vengeance? Find out here! - Contains God-like supervillainhero!
  • Episode 19: 2 Sides of a Coin - Cruroar does something that makes Cieeia incredibly upset. What happens when she leaves and a new minion called "Aieeic" appears under Sirhcnoc's command?
  • Episode 20: Season 2 Finale - Continued from Episode 19, Conchris and Cruroar head towards Sirhcnoc with some figures following them. Is Sirhcnoc really behind the cause that made Cieeia switch sides in a rage?

Season 3 - And now for something completely different...

This season is the one and only season that does not contain a theme... at all. It is also the first season where vidja (sic) game references are prominent.

  • Episode 21 - This is a VOLCANO! - From Episode 20, Conchris moves the gang into a volcano. But what happens when they get too comfortable with their surroundings?
  • Episode 22 - La-Conchana - Conchris takes Cruroar and Cieeia on a journey into the jungle that somehow appeared next to Wikity, they discover a temple. Will they come out with treasure, or just plain old nothing?
  • Episode 23 - Underworld Cave 3 - The mayor of Wikity has banished Conchris and the gang to the caves! Apparently, they weren't the first ones. Will they ever get out?
  • Episode 24 - The Attack of the Rugby Robots and Quizzes - Sirhcnoc sends out a small army of robots to kidnap Conchris and Cruroar. Conchris is forced to play Rugby against his own will and Cruroar is asked to do stupid trivia questions.
  • Episode 25 - Outlaws Part I - The mayor kicks Conchris and company out of Wikity and tells them that if they come within one hundred feet of Wikity, they will explode into a ka-jillion pieces. So they go out on the run because some person placed a bounty on their heads. What happens next?
  • Episode 26 - Outlaws Part II - Conchris and company get adjusted to their surroundings and try to get on with their lives, but what happens when they're found out?
  • Episode 27 - Dollarama - Conchris is turned into a doll! Cruroar and Cieeia look for the cause! Also, Sirhcnoc became one! Will an epic fight ensue? Nah, forget epic fights.
  • Episode 28 - Charactera - Cruroar and Cieeia want to be alone, so they try and get away. Meanwhile, Sirhcnoc is building a heat ray that he will use to terrorise Wikity with. - Original Episode
  • Episode 29 - Cruroar & Cieeia: Partners In Crime? - Alternative Universe Cruroar and Cieeia find a way to this universe's Wikity! They cause havoc and Cruroar and Cieeia get the blame! Is Chrionroar an effective lawyer? How can Conchris and Forest deal with the troublesome duo?
  • Episode 30 - No More Heroes?! The Last Hope!! - Something happens.

Season 4 - Idiotic Space Idiots

Season 4 places Conchris and company into a not very original place of space! It then sends them on insane space-like adventures. The episodes get more insane as time goes on, leading up to Episode 50, a big milestone in this show's career as a WUS.

  • Episode 31 - Break Time for the idiots - To take a small break from the continuity, Cieeia tells a small story on how she met the gang. Also, the writer sells how terrible it was on wBay. - Filler Episode #1
  • Episode 32 - Space Invaders: The Idiots Are Back! - Sirhcnoc decides that toying with Conchris and the gang is enough, he decides to send the Yffulf to abduct them and imprison them on their planet.
  • Episode 33 - Onion Men aren't Idiots - Conchris and the gang end up on a strange planet inhabited by Onion people, little did they know that they too will become one of them if they stay too long. Meanwhile, Chrionroar is on the most craziest adventure yet!
  • Episode 34 - In Space, Idiots can hear you scream - Conchris and the crew continue their search for home but they are set upon by space pirates! Where are they going to be led in this exciting episode?! Also, Chrionroar is still on his epic adventure.
  • Episode 35 - Idiots: A Space Mystery - Some alien dude was murdered! Conchris and the gang are dragged into this murder mystery. As always, remember the butler has always done it.
  • Episode 36 - The Idiot's Castle - From Episode 35, Conchris (who got equipped with Forest Armour) decides to poke into the strange castle. Also, Cruroar and company have similar problems.
  • Episode 37 - The Planet of the Idiotic Emoticons - Conchris and company find themselves on a planet full of emoticons! Meanwhile, Chrionroar and company do stuff.
  • Episode 38 - Forgotten Characters Episode 1: Nobody Likes Us Idiots! - Chrionroar and company try to make do without Conchris, Cruroar or even Cieeia. Meanwhile, Conchris is busy doing something... STOP! IT'S THE FUN POLICE!
  • Episode 39 - R.A.S.F: The idiots are done for! - Rebels Against Sirhcnoc's Forces finds Conchris and company and picks them up on their mobile planet whilst they were sleeping. What crazy shenanigans can they get up to?
  • Episode 40 - Forest's Idiotic Revenge - Forest is sick and tired of staying inactive for the season and gets Nydara to switch her on again. This results in bloodshed not fit for little babies.
  • Episode 41 - Meet the Idiots... again - Conchris somehow finds a video file stored in Forest's hard drive, he then plays it. - Filler Episode #2
  • Episode 42 - Super Seizure Land 420: The Idiots! - Conchris and company gets teleported into a game on accident. They have to make their way to the Castle of Grave Danger and defeat The Big Bad once and for all? Who wrote this plot? Chrionroar?
  • Episode 43 - Chrionroar's Super Special Awesome Yet Idiotic Adventure! - Chrionroar and company take over the episode due to Conchris and company's reluctance to do anything interesting.
  • Episode 44 - Once upon a time, there were idiots... - Conchris and company decide to leave the base in search of a way back... and suddenly end up in a strange world fit for fairy tales... how can they survive?
  • Episode 45 - The Idiots of Wikity! - Conchris plays another video file, despite the other's chagrin. The video file contains the revealing of Sirhcnoc and Greg and the Forest Girder accident - Filler Episode #3
  • Episode 46 - Why Space Pirates can be Idiots... - Space pirates can be idiots, they accidentally throw out a crystal of divine power and it fell into the hands of John the Yffulf. He then goes mad with power. What can Conchris and company do to quell his rage?
  • Episode 47 - Xavian's Stupid Raid - Xavian's crew finally pinpoints the location of Conchris and company and Xavian decides to pay them a little "visit". What can Conchris and company do to fight off the inevitable invasion?!
  • Episode 48 - Conchris' Brilliantly Stupid Plan - Conchris decides to use a remote to activate a robot back on Earth, minor shenanigans ensue.
  • Episode 49 - Xavianshow, stupidheads! - Xavian steals the screen time from Conchris and decides to take over the Conshow for an episode. What will happen?
  • EPISODE 50 - Idiotic Space Idiots - It will involve the mobile planet... and Xavian... and Forest somehow... - WARNING! Page size may break browser! - Acts 1 and 2|Acts 3 and Ending

Season 5 - Character 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Gear up because Conches and his crew has resumed their normal lives! What exciting (and not so exciting) adventures will they have?

  • Episode 51: Obey Sirhcnoc! Destroy stuff! - Sirhcnoc decides to destroy the world take over the T.V station in a bid to get more slaves temporary workers after the last episode completely drained his supply of slaves workers.
  • Episode 52: Conchris' New Hobby - Conchris invests in a shovel and a treasure detector and starts to hunt for treasure, he comes upon a few traps along the way but ends up with a small fortune. However, what happens when his hobby begins to consume him? - Original episode
  • Episode 53: Cruroar and the Generic Haunted House - A haunted house appears on a hill, several weeks late. In a game of Truth or Dare, Conchris dares Cruroar to stay at the Generic Haunted House for a day... without leaving... at all... but what evil entity haunts the place? I'm betting that it is a ghost out for revenge, what do you think it will be?
  • Episode 54: Chrionroar and Forest's not very interesting Adventure - Chrionroar stumbles upon the Dimensional Traveller and is suddenly sent to the Hammerspace Dimension. Forest somehow stumbles into Hammerspace as well. They must work together to get out of Hammerspace, but is violence REALLY the answer in this dimension? - In progress!
  • Episode 55: The Future is the Futuriest - How's about a clichéd scenario? Conchris finds an old Future Teller and gets it to tell the cast about their futures.
  • Episode 56: Conshow: A Haiku - An episode with/lines written in haiku. Is/Not a good idea?
  • Episode 57: Sarry Bcott and the Diamon Towell - Sarry Bcott becomes bankrupt thanks to recession. He attempts to make money and hears of a mysterious persifact called "Diamon Towell". Meanwhile, Conchris locks everyone out of his house and has trouble finding the key.
  • Episode 58: Cieeia Goldilin: The Fight of the Episode! - Today on Die: Wikity Edition... - Original
  • Episode 59: Chrionroar's Interlude of Silliness - Chrionroar is given author powers by the writer for a few days... what will happen? Also, why does he have two episodes? Well... {CONNECTION INTERRUPTED}
  • Episode 60: Conshow's Last Stand - The End...

Season 1: Episode 2 - Back again!

  • Episode 61: Conshow: Nuts and Bolts - A reboot just like that Banjo game, except without cars, or planes, or boats... so, not like that Banjo game...
  • Episode 62: Into the Swing of Things - Conchris attempts to get back into the swing of things by doing what he's known to do: inventing. Jake is not happy about this.
  • Episode 63: Bolted Up - Completely unrelated to the episode title, Conchris and company go out to find a new antagonist, until they get a surprise visit from an old nemesis...
  • Episode 64: Conshow Clip Show - It's a clip show looking back on the less finer things in life.
  • Episode 65: The Day The Net Took Over - One of Conchris's inventions malfunctions, breaking the fourth wall and leaking internet all over Reedsen! What kind of wacky (used loosely) situations will our gang get into?
  • Episode 66: Gift Shop Guy by Day... - Clark is in need of a new sidekick, and thus goes under the guise of Clark the Gift Shop Guy to procure one!
  • Episode 67: We Want Our Idiot Back! - Chrionroar Encounter! He wants to come back?!
  • Episode 68: A Typical Monster Attack - We interrupt the broadcast of the Conshow to bring you something completely different.
  • Episode 69: The Ameotian Terror - Conchris and Clark encounter a giant killer dinosaur hellbent on destroying all that they know and loved. Will the power of friendship and teamwork save the day? Probably not.
  • Episode 70: Can See The Forest For The Trees - Just who is this Metal Maiden? Are Katie, Jake, Aria, and Mr. Person going to escape their paparazzi fate?! Stay tuned!

Season 2: Episode 2 - Redlit Greenlit

Non-Canon Episodes

These episodes are considered non-canon and usually ignore what is going on in the canon plots.

Other Pages

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