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An awesome trophy for awesome fanstuff.

Fanstuff of the Fortnight is an award given to the best fanstuff, as voted by wiki users, for the current fortnight (two weeks). It's the best and most valued award on the Wiki User Wiki, and it can potentially give massive hits to your fanstuff. It is awarded on the 1st and 15th of every month, and if your fanstuff wins, it is advertised in a shiny green box on the Main Page. You also get a nice polished virtual trophy (just like the one displayed on the right), along with a badge signifying what kind of fanstuff it is and getting this icon (Icon FotF.png) next to your fanstuff wherever your fanstuff is listed..

The Process

Presuming there is a fanstuff eligible to win, Fanstuff of the Fortnight is awarded on the 15th of each month. The decision as to who wins is decided using a simple formula.

  • For each "Accept" vote, a fanstuff gains one point. Likewise, for each "Decline" vote, a fanstuff loses one point. "Comments" do not affect the score.
  • In the event of a tie, the fanstuff which has been up for nomination longer gets it.
  • Whichever fanstuff has the most points for that fortnight is the winner.
  • Only sysops, mods, and experienced users are allowed to update Fanstuff of the Fortnight.



There are several rules that should be followed when nominating a fanstuff for Fanstuff of the Fortnight.

  • All fanstuffs should be nominated on the nomination page in the correct format. A nomination with incorrect formatting will be deleted.
  • Fanstuffs must pass all the Fanstuff Guidelines. Rule-breaking fanstuff will be removed immediately.
  • You may not get overprotective over your fanstuff or vote mass declines on opposing entries just to make you win. These may get your fanstuff removed from the nominations and may ban you from nominating or voting in the future.
  • You must supply a reason backing up your vote, especially when going against the majority. Votes may be removed if their reasons seem poor. This includes "BUDGET" and other things.
  • Put new nominations at the bottom of the nomination page.
  • If you nominate your fanstuff, do not remove the nomination until it's time for an official archive. If someone else nominates your fanstuff and you disagree with the action, you are allowed to remove it before it amasses many votes.


Format all nominations like this:

== [[The Greatest Fanstuff]] ==
{{FotF Nomination|The Greatest Fanstuff|Cool Person|Person1|~~~~~|It is truly the greatest fanstuff ever.
# For nomination reasons. [[User:Person1|Person1]] ~~~~~
# Yes, I completely agree. - [[User:Person2|Person2]] ~~~~~
# I created this fanstuff, and I think it's great. - [[User:Cool Person|Cool Person]] ~~~~~
# No, it's not really that great. - [[User:Person3|Person3]] ~~~~~
# I agree. Decline this filth! - [[User:Person4|Person4]] ~~~~~
* I'm just commenting on this fanstuff, I already voted. - [[User:Person1|Person1]] ~~~~~
* It's okay, but not superb. - [[User:Person5|Person5]] ~~~~~

Make sure you give reasons for and sign your nominations and votes!

Nomination Page

Nominate and vote for your favourite fanstuff here.

Archived Nominations

Nominations of the past preserved for posterity. You are not to modify these pages.


Please pick the appropriate trophy for your fanstuff.