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Proto-Season 1

  1. Idiot Scrapes — Another typical Wikihood day; The gang takes out the trash while Chaos files papers.
  2. Sympathy for the Devil's Son — A new guest causes havoc in the Wikihood manor using subterfuge and sheer insanity.
  3. Currents and Recurrence of Currents — An obligatory episode involving introductions of more characters. But anything would really be better than last episode, right?
  4. The Root of Lawful Evil — The power goes out at the Wikihood house. Hilarity does most certainly not ensue.
  5. Of Tea and Big-Lipped Alligators — The gang thinks about the weight of their past decisions over their current predicament, as they have moved to Midway City.
  6. More Wars VI: Return of The 'Hood — The gang tries to return home. Of course, this means that D'Arque's going to give them copious amounts of hell.
  7. Debonair D'Arque's Mad Dash! — With the gang in need of money, D'Arque decides to help them out. At least, as well as any undead politician could.
  8. City That Never Sleeps — Remolay and Oiracul get much-needed character development while the remainder of the Wikihood Gang go on a "vacation" to New York.
  9. Riches to Rags — With D'Arque reduced to rags and Rosenberg poised to strike, the tables are turning for our villains.
  10. Bad Moon Rising — The gang come across two interesting vagabonds. They find that, to their misfortune, they seek a place in the household.
  11. The Next Episode — After a hostile kidnapping from the likes of Rosenberg, he finally manages to "convince" them to join him to bring glory back to Midway.
  12. The Midway Tourism Board Presents: Living Life, The Midway Way — Welcome to the city of Midway! Please, enjoy your stay, because you probably can't leave.
  13. Townindale Talks — What Rosenberg sets out to do, we can get done without flash and bang. Take this testimony from our colorful citizens!
  14. Better Late than Living — D'Arque's up to no good, but leave it to the Sea Hitmen to make sure word gets out.
  15. Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun — The Wikihood and Rosenberg must try and breach D'Arque's defenses before he can succeed in creating an undead utopia.
  16. Abracadaver — After assembling a citizen militia to take Townindale back by force, the Wikihood run into a more reoccuring problem, named Droll.
  17. Parts Versus Parcel — Rosenberg's presence in the battle has finally been made apparent, but to what ends will he go to end this feud?
  18. Dancing in the Street — The D'Arque-Rosenberg saga comes to a chilling end as the two mortal enemies come face to face for first - and last - time.

The Gold Mine

Season -3

  • Wikihood: The Redux, The Radical, The Apocalypse - The disaster begins...
  • Game Night - The Wikihood cast stay home and play games all night long.
  • The Path I Believed In - Super Sam frees The Enigma, who causes promblems for everyone. Meanwhile, Silver goes to save the future.
  • Not Named Medivh - A crazy person predicts the end of the universe by a dark evil.
  • "Tea and Crumpets?" - We take a look on Wikihood life back in the olden times.
  • Disregard The Preceding - Epsiodes 1-5? What are they? Season 1 Anti-Episode!
  • The Successor, the Successee, and the Succeding - Edgeworth gains the mansion due to Edgeworthington's "Death", Chaos' Plan furthers, and everyone finds out, there's a reason Chaos wants Vindicator DEAD, with all the good, old, in-between stuff from the usual series.
  • Unwraveling Nexus - The Universe really DOES begin to come apart, thanks to the Enigma's "Death", and Chwoka is proven right. But that Doesn't stop Chaos and his Devilish intent.
  • Welcome to Terra - The Invincible and Ark land on Terra, and Tommyspud, Chaos, and Nick all go on a little walk. There, they find an observatory. Also, the greatest war of all time begins, with the appearence of Znex's alternate universe double...
  • Oblivion Rises... - The god Zharanakuva starts taking over the reformed universe as his own as the Wikihood characters struggle to keep him away from their home. But how could they possibly defeat an all-powerful and omniscient god?
  • The Wisest Being - Zharanakuva is defeated, and the whole universe is free, but there is a deeper and stronger force behind all this. The Wikihood characters so race against time to try and find out who this force is and then stop it. Meanwhile, The Chaos/Joseph Grudge match begins where it left off.
  • A Beginning Of A War - A War starts in Sephiroth's Home universe, and it breaks off, to become the biggest Wikihood war yet.
  • The Situation Tenses - The War in Sharoth continues, and even gets bigger.
  • Welcome to The Digital World - The war resumwes in the Digital World, where there is no escaping.
  • Attrition - The only way to win a war is to kill more than can be replaced...

Season -2

  • Dinner and a Movie - The light at the end of a tunnel. Also an excuse to parody romance fanfics. Also, Sephiroth makes a Party.
  • Here We Go Again... - The cast goes on a manhunt for a Muffin of Doom while being addicted to pizza.
  • Glabal's Grudge - After Billions of years, The Glabal return, with intentions of revenge, and even more.
  • Search for Mercury's Tear - After everyone being poisoned by the Darkness Gene, Sennin and Chaos set off to find the Mercury's Tear. Userdoveunknown tags along too.
  • Doppelganger Fight - The Wikihood Team fight against their doppelgangers, controlled by the First Chaos, who might not be dead.
  • Another Quest?!? - All seems to be lost, and the Wikihood cast exiles themselves on a tropical island. Season 2 Anti-Episode!
  • Emergency Plot Change - A wedding of incoherent, unorthodox eloping happens when Deathbringer attempts to be the King of Hearts.
  • Simulation: Terminated - 3 months after the last episode, everyone finds that things are fine. A little too fine? Nah...
  • Tournament - Noxigar and Joseph have broken free of the simulation, and duke it out. Meanwhile, a new force is ready to stop Adel's intetntions.
  • The Climax That Never Was - Davros, after assimilating the power of some of the most powerful items, and people, becomes one of the most powerful villains in the universe. He possesses Sephiroth to make matters worse.
  • Sephiroth's Stupidly Bogus Training Quest - Sephiroth isn't really dead, but is in fact of a quest to get back his powers in greece.
  • The End of an Era - Sephiroth resumes his training, whereas Joseph looks back on everything that's happened to him. Chaos is alive, and everything seems good, but then, the universe begins to collapse. Goody goody.

Season -1

  • We made it this far? - The team escapes the ruined Universe to get their aid as Adel moves his new super-army out to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.
  • Race to the Finish! - A war begins on mars, possibly the biggest one yet. Included is a race between Alphamon and Adel to save Joseph.
  • Payback Is Payback - Noxigar confronts the Beast to avenge Xaldin, while Leo is introduced as a Sephiroth replacement. Some cloaked figure comes with some distemper towards Noxi, and he apparently brought a "friend" along.
  • And Now For Something Completely Different... - A brief break from the constant action of Wikihood. This shows what happens inside the Sharoth court during the time of episode 30. Season 3 Anti-Episode!
  • The Drugged Truth - The action takes place next in Twilight Town. The truth is then revealed the least coherent ways imaginable.
  • Poke-PHAIL and the Sephifake Movie Marathon - Noxigar goes Roxas hunting, and is put into Pokemon Gold version, whereas Leo, Cloak, and Dagger must watch the memories of Sephiroth, who apparently got mangled up badly in the explosion.
  • Adventures in Complete and Utter Stupidity - Cloak, Dagger and Leo all try to leave Traverse Town via a darkness portal, while the wargoers fight like crazy before Universitas comes and ends everything imaginable
  • The World of Anti-Climacticy - Noxigar faded into darkness, the Ark is broken, Adel is powerless, Chaos has no body, Sephiroth isn't anywhere to be found. As they return to earth, who knows what's in store.

Season 0.1

Season Ψ

  • Another Bloody Reboot? — Sometimes we wonder how logic gets demolished. This is our story of how the phoenix dies again, and the egg takes its place.
  • Trouble Has a Name — The objective is clear. Getting there is never so.
  • AVENGERS, AWAY! — With some kind of plan and some kind of group formed, the real story can now begin.
  • Cue the Fanfare
  • I Once Was a Teenage Paradox — Lots of pointless plot development occurs as Chaos and Tannenbaum enjoy a light brunch.
  • "Run, Run, Run! I Hunger!" — Both Joseph and Jacques deal with mazes. Joseph's maze has a rampaging parody of Greek mythology, while Jacques' maze has a time limit of 8 hours. Who will get their maze done the fastest?
  • "Find the Computer Room!" — More backtracking to worlds mentioned, next being the House universe. Meanwhile, more plot progression for the protagonists.
  • Uncontrollable Rays of Sunshine — D&D Universe, ho! As the plot thickens, many characters begin to go through their own personal changes.

Special Episodes

  • Wikihood: Origins - A new subseries of Special Episodes, showcasing the origins of the main characters.Before Wikihood
  • Non-Canon Cannon:Redux - Oh, no. The infamous neverending Wikihood session, that lasts forever. Alternate Timeline
  • Wikihood:Redux and the several plotholes- Answers to all the good questions that started plotholes. Anyone who has left one, please add on. During Episodes 21 and 22
  • Thirteen Organs and a What now?(working title) - A special episode that looks into the pasts of Joseph, Sephiroth, and Noxigar way back when in the Organization XIII days. Before Wikihood
  • Davros's Evil Council - Just like in the Abridged Series, Davros unites all the popular villains, and not so popular villains, in a council meeting. Between Episodes 28 and 29
  • Dive Into The Heart - Joseph, Davaros, and Oiracul are re-introduced into the Wikihood universe. During Episode 37