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After some issues with Episode 11, a new plot comes. A War breaks out in Sharoth, between the Sharothians, the Ground People, and the Wraithes, which shortly becomes the biggest war in Wikihood.


{The Invincible lands on Terra, and Chaos and Joseph walk out.}

JOSEPH: So, what're we doing here?

CHAOS: Trying to move the plot along.

{FF7 Sephiroth walks out.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: I'm here. I feel like killing them both.

{Chwoka appears in a slightly battered DeLorean. He climbs out.}

CHWOKA: Well, that takes care of that. Sephirtoth doesn't have a method home. Anyway, we never really met eachother. I'm Chwoka. Who are you? {extends hand for handshake.}

CHAOS: They can live, I just want a decent plot that doesn't keep on getting whitewashed.

CHWOKA: Ok, then, I'll close off the portal when you tell me your names.

{Sephiroth comes out from the edge.}

SEPHIROTH: OH! EVEN WHEN I'M HERE! By the way, The First Chaos is alive, and he has a grudge.

CHWOKA: How is he alive? If you can give me a non-bullshit explanation for how he is alive, then I will let it slide. Then I'll go kill him AGAIN.

SEPHIROTH: He survived everything you threw at him. Now, stop swearing.

CHWOKA: He did not! I totally obliterated him with the car. I went back, and things were normal. Then they just changed back. Let's settle this in court.


{OCC: I'm not attending. Forget it. - Your Friendly Neighborhood Sephiroth.}

(OOC: Then you automatically lose the case, which means my time alterations are now canon. You could have simply showed up to say "Chwoka is wrong, this is why" to Chaos, and maybe had a chance to have your timeline be canon, but I win, since I AM attending. I'm there right now. You know, we COULD settle this in a special episode. Infact, that's a better idea since Chaos has problems getting on IRC.)

{OCC: I'm not doing something with so much E-Drama. Really. Stop making a big deal. -Sephiroth}

SEPHIROTH: God... {Gets out Pill, and swallows it.} Ahh. Thats better. Alright, what were we doing?

(OOC:You're the one who MADE the iDrama! Yeah, let's move on. Plot over.)

{Yes, I know, but you advanced it. You didn't have to.}

CHWOKA: {politely} Introducing each other. So, I'm Chwoka. Who are you?

SEPHIROTH: I know who you are. But, what are we doing here?

CHWOKA: {demonic voice} WHAT IS YOUR NAME?

SEPHIROTH: My name is.... {Starts to laugh.} Buttocks Man. ...Nah, I'm joking. I'm Slephiroth... {Laughs Harder.} I MEAN SEPHIROTH!!! {Starts to roll over in laughter.}

CHWOKA: THANK YOU. Finally, I know at least ONE person's name. Anyway, have you seen Wikihood 2?

SEPHIROTH: Yes. If you look closely in the 443674th frame of Episode 18, you can see me in the background, giving thumbs up.

CHWOKA: Uh huh. Anyway, that's where I come from. It really helps to know that. I have not even told anything about the plot at all except who the main villian was. So I killed him so I could get recognition and to resolve some of your problems. Anyway, can you summarize the plot so far?

SEPHIROTH: From the absolute start? From Episode 1?

CHWOKA: Just what still matters.

{The ground starts to shake, and from it pop out men made out of earth who look almost exactly like Sharothians.}

SHAROTHIAN 1#: Sephiroth, come back to your god!

SHAROTHIAN 2#: He will soon take everything back, and show no mercy!

SHAROTHIAN 3#: Nothing can stop him, especially not 1 tonne cars!

CHWOKA: Oh, hello, who are you all? I am completely clueless to anything happening here at all and thus my mind is highly impressionable.

SEPHIROTH: What? What are you doing here? You want to take back earth as yours? Or the stuff I borrowed? Anyway, why are you made of Dirt? You're supposed to be spirity like, like this. {Turns into a blue spirit, with a humanoid shape, Green Eyes, and a gold chestplate.} Whoa. I haven't been my true form for a while!

SHAROTHIAN 2#: We were made like this by our god.

SHAROTHIAN 5#: He saw us worthy to survive!

SHAROTHIAN 2#: So join us, Sephiroth!

SHAROTHIAN 1#: He is taking back all.

SHAROTHIAN 2#: And he shall spare no one.

SHAROTHIAN 4#: Except for his followers. He wouldn't destroy us!

SHAROTHIAN 2#: Oh yes, we were the faithful ones!

SHAROTHIAN 3#: So become one of us, Sephiroth, and be saved!

SEPHIROTH: Okay, Now I know you're lying. Sharoth has a no Buttkisser Policy. Plus, we don't acually have a god. We have an emperor. .....You're the Glabal, aren't you? You want revenge, right?

SHAROTHIAN 2#: The Glabal? Noooo....

SHAROTHIAN 4#: We did have a god, back in the olden days.

SHAROTHIAN 1#: Yes, we did.

SHAROTHIAN 3#: Chaos told us that if we didn't humble ourselves, we would be crushed like worms in the dirt!

SHAROTHIAN 2#: So we did this willingly.

SHAROTHIAN 5#: You can become like this too, Sephiroth!

SHAROTHIAN 1#: You shall be saved from the wrath of Chaos!

SEPHIROTH: ALright, to prove you're the real deal, answer this question. What is the name of the Emperor? And what type of Class is he?

SHAROTHIAN 2#: We have been gone so long from our homeworld...

SHAROTHIAN 3#: When we joined the service of our god, we had to leave everything behind.

SHAROTHIAN 5#: But Chaos promised that when he took everything back, we shall have paradise as our new homeworld!

SHAROTHIAN 1#: So join us, Sephiroth.

SEPHIROTH: Ha. {Starts Laughing.} HAHAHA!!! You expect me to believe you? We don't have a god! {Gets Spirit gun and points it at 3#.} If you are real, this would have a weird effect on you. Want me to proceed?

CHWOKA: ...and now I'm thoroughly out of the loop. So, for now, I'm going to gather up all my alternates, starting with the one in this dimension. Bye! {Flies off in the DeLorean}

SEPHIROTH: Alright then. However, are you aware of the dangers?

CHWOKA: Are you talking to me?

SEPHIROTH: Yes. Try not to catch Universal Evapouration.


SHAROTHIAN 1#: Fine, if you won't become one of us willingly, we'll MAKE you one of us.

SHAROTHIAN 3#: We shall not let the younger generation die out, no matter what they believe!

{The men made out of earth start flinging chunks of earth at Sephiroth, that sticks onto him.}

CHWOKA: Universal Evaporation? Who told you that? Trust me, I'm a veteran of it.

{Chwoka disappears, then immediately reappears, carrying Blue-Shirted Chwoka, first Attempt At Chwoka In This Wikihood, and Second Attempt At Chwoka in this Wikihood}

CHWOKA: I'm back! Oh, you're still turning into the earth itself. Suppose I should try and do something...{Chwoka changes his hand into a windshield scraper, and begins to try and scrape the rocks off.}

SEPHIROTH: {Earth Flies off him, as he changes color to red. He then changes appearance into his human form, wearing a robe, just like Death, with the hood not on his head.} I think I've heard of you people.... the Ground People, right?


GROUND PERSON 1#: But we were once Sharothians.

GROUND PERSON 3#: But then we were given the power to control earth, and make earthquakes, landslides, almost anything to do with earth.

GROUND PERSON 2#: And it was all a gift from Chaos!

CHWOKA: God DAMN. Why will nobody tell me what the hell is going on? Hell, someone just made NEW villains as on alternative to catching me up on things. You know what, screw all of them! I'm not going to help him. Hrmf. Maybe those other guys will help.

SEPHIROTH: These people aren't real, don't worry, their Occultists for the Ground People, with something they want with me.

CHWOKA: Why don't we just kill them?

SEPHIROTH: Not just yet. They know something, and I want to find out!

GROUND PERSON 5#: All we want is for you to join us, young Sharothian!

GROUND PERSON 2#: Don't you understand that?

SEPHIROTH: Young? I'm a supreme Elite! And I don't want to join you filthy excuses for Dogcrap!

GROUND PERSON 3#: Well you're younger than us.

{The other Ground People nod and murmur with agreement.}

GROUND PERSON 5#: Okay, let's just continue slinging DNA manipulator earth at him.

{The other Ground People nod and murmur with agreement and then start slinging earth at Sephiroth again, which sticks to him.}

SEPHIROTH: Oh, that is it! {Forces Earth off, and shoots #3.} Let's see your reaction!

{3# starts jiggling like jelly, and then he starts singing "Staying Alive".}

SEPHIROTH: {Shoots 3# 6 Times, before shooting him with the Water Crossbow.}

CHWOKA: Hey, Seph, stop shooting.

{3#'s arms fall off then the arms start clapping their hands together while 3# continues singing. When they and 3# get hit with the water, they turn into mud and melt into a slimy puddle.}

GROUND PERSON 2#: {gasps} You killed 3#! People these days, don't respect their elders.


MUDDY PUDDLE: Ummm, I'm still alive!

GROUND PERSON 1#: Oh, thank goodness!

GROUND PERSON 2#: We thought you were gone forever!

{Chwoka hits Sephiroth with the car.}

CHWOKA: Dude, don't kill them. They're more likable to the viewers than you. So, you guys, what is your name?

SEPHIROTH: {Gets Muddy Pile, and stick him in a bucket. He then starts boiling it, while adding dissolving toxins.} Please don't hit me with the car. These guys are fakers.

CHWOKA: B-but they're fun. =( You don't have to kill EVERYTHING.

GROUND PERSON 2#: {gasps} You killed 3# AGAIN! Poor 3#...

GROUND PERSON 4#: We'll always remember him as a good friend...

{5# starts crying, and then turns into a muddy puddle.}

GROUND PERSON 1#: Don't start crying, 5#. You'll just turn into a muddy puddle. {sobs}

SEPHIROTH: No, he's still alive. He's winking at me. Plus, if he is real, he'll respawn, in his original state.

{Znex walks over.}

ZNEX: Hello there. So, you boiling dirt? Dirt isn't very nice, cousin Stinkoman told me.

SEPHIROTH: Yeah, I'm interrogating some guys who claimed to be people of my race. Wanna join?

ZNEX: Why not?

{The last of the dirt is dissolved, and a big flash of light happens next to the Ground People. The light dies to reveal a blue spirit with a humanoid shape with red eyes and a bronze torso. The spirit looks a bit like a humanoid-looking blue flame with red eyes and a bronze torso.}

3#: Ohhh...I lost my powers. Anyway, that enough evidence for you, whipper-snapper?

SEPHIROTH: Enough Evidence to prove You're real. Time for your acid bath my pretties! {Throws Acid and water at the rest of the Ground People. He then boils them.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Is this really nessessary?

SEPHIROTH: It really is.

{The last of the dirt is dissolved, and four big flashes of light happen next to 3#. The light dies to reveal four blue spirits with a humanoid shape with red eyes and a bronze torso. The spirits all look a bit like humanoid-looking blue flames with red eyes and a bronze torso. 1# though, is a bit tall, 2# is a bit chubby, 4# has no eyes, and 5# has a large spike protruding from his head.}

1#: You happy now?

SEPHIROTH: Yep! ...WAIT!! YAY!! I'M A HIGHER RANKING THAN YOU!! YAY!!! I'm gold! You're Bronze! .....However, what do you really want with me, and my friends?

1#: We want you to join us!

4#: Chaos will show no mercy except to his followers!

CHWOKA: Nice guys. Pity they're religious fanatics

SEPHIROTH: Yeah.. However, what do you guys actually do?

2#: We praise his name!

3#: We also make sacrifices too.

5#: It's all good fun!

4#: Except for the fact that Chaos usually makes us sacrifice people.

5#: Oh yeah.

1#: But we always get corpses during then, eh?

2#: He's right. Chaos didn't say we couldn't get dead people.

CHWOKA: Wait, Chaos? Like-like, this Chaos? {picks up Chaos}

SEPHIROTH: I'm not sure. I'm going to See the Emperor to Consort with. I need his verification. And you're coming with me. {Gets out a kind of gun, and shoots them, trapping them in a little container. He then climbs onto the invinsible.} Chaos, you don't mind, right? Anyone wanna come with me to Sharoth? Trust me, It's quite a good place. You'll enjoy it.

ZNEX: Meh, I'll come. {climbs into the Invincible}

3#: {muffled; to Chwoka} No, the god Chaos! Haven't you been listening all this time?

CHWOKA: Oh, no. Do you guys have any undeniable proof of this god?

{A small sphere goes out of the container and lands into Chwoka's hands. He looks into it, and sees a giant wreck that used to be a planet.}

3#: {muffled; to Chwoka} He'll do the same to every planet except any planets where his followers out-throng the others. Sharoth separated from the worship of Chaos long ago, it'll be the first planet he'll destroy. Wait and see...

ZNEX: Right, we leaving then, Seph?

SEPHIROTH: It's not a planet, it's a universe. And yes we're leaving now, to Embaron, the Capital Planet of Sharoth! .....Also the home of the Deer, and the Moose, and practically all things with antlers! {The Invincible rises, and flys superspeed.}

{In the Invincible.}

SEPHIROTH: Sharoth is very close to Terra, so the journey will be only 1 Hour long!


{The Invincible starts to come out of superspeed near a small planet that looks like a lava planet.}

{cut back}

CHWOKA: (From now on referred to as Chwoka 4)Oh wow. That god is a jerk. {short pause} You guys ever feel like you don't belong?

CHWOKA 1 AND 2: Yes.

CHWOKA: Well, yeah. Us Chwokas don't really belong in this Wikihood.

ALT CHWOKA: Then let's make this OUR Wikihood.

{The Chwokas pause}

CHWOKA 4: Oh yeah.

{Moobly runs by.}

MOOBLY: Look, if you guys are so sick of the plot being run by other people, then why don't you just make your own Wikihood? Like Wikihood 3, and that strange Wikihood!

{Cut back to the Invincible.}

SEPHIROTH: Embaron is right over there! {Looks like he's pointing to the small lava planet, but he's acually pointing to a Large Orange, Red, and Yellow Planet.} Next to Emberon. I know, it's awkward, with the names and such. But, don't look at me!

{The Invincible lands down in a small dock near a large tower on Embaron. As the Wikihood characters start to come out, a Sharothian runs by panicking.}

ZNEX: I suppose that's the village idiot?

SEPHIROTH: Close. Village Conspirator. He's a bit of a weirdo.


FF7 SEPHIROTH: Sounds Oddly Specific....

SEPHIROTH: That's the Palace! {Points to a giant Castle, of the color of some color, which has never been seen on Earth.} It's the Color Shaffoldian.

{A Silver Plated Sharothian walks by, before stopping, to notice Znex and Sephiroth.}

SEPHIROTH: Oh my god! Is it you!?

???: You betcha!

SEPHIROTH: Hey Znex, do you know who this guy is? This is my childhood friend, Latiosa!

LATIOSA: Yeah! .....Did you hear the news of Lavos?

SEPHIROTH: My brother?

LATIOSA: Yeah! He's become the Emperor's Personal Guard!

SEPHIROTH: Really? What happened to the last one?

LATIOSA: ....He went missing after going to Earth, to this place called Nibelheim. Not really sure..

FF7 SEPHIROTH: NIBELHEIM? Oh my god.... Crap... WHen did he leave?

LATIOSA: About, 6 years ago.


LATIOSA: Something the matter?

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Nothing...

{Cut to a scene in Nibelheim, where the town is burning, and Cloud is facing FF7 Sephiroth, who is in the fire. He turns around, smirks at Cloud, and leaves. Lots of screaming is heard.}

LATIOSA: Oh. Ok then. So, Sephiroth, what are you here for?

SEPHIROTH: These bunch of weirdos are saying stuff about my pal Chaos, being a god.

LATIOSA: Chaos? God? Never 'eard of 'em. However, your brother might. Wanna see him?

SEPHIROTH: Alright! Where is he?

LATIOSA: He's right at the Palace, at the throne room!

SEPHIROTH: Alright, thanks! See ya!


{The Gang Leave, and head toward the palace. As they enter, a Sharothian who almost looks exactly like Sephiroth in his human form, except he's got black hair, and Purple Eyes.}

LAVOS: Whoa! Sephiroth, is that you?.

{Cuts to Chaos and Joseph, in a giant stome building. The Ark is parked outside.}

JOSEPH: Our friendship has started. So, what are we looking for?

CHAOS: The Enigma. Then I'll start a war.

JOSEPH: Is that him?

{Cuts to a Body wrapped in cloth, held by chains.}

CHAOS: I'm going to kill the scourge that has plagued my life!

JOSEPH: How do we free him?

CHAOS: Just cut open the cloth.

{Chaos prepares to approach the cloth, then it cuts back.}

ZNEX: What is it?

LAVOS: An Army of fire came through the doors, and tried to come and kill the emperor, and they did, as they had stunned me with a curse. However... {Whispers} They were unaware of the regenration we have, {Back to normal.} So, as the fire people "killed" them, they acually respawned in the nearby planet of Slieverion.

{A blast of flame goes through a nearby corridor and wraiths made out of flame fly out of it, attacking them.}

WRAITHS: Long live Chaos, who has returned to take his lands back!

{Helsong and Kuja walk throug the doors.}

KUJA: It's been a while.

HELSONG: Oh, I remember him. Well, We better begin the move.

{Undead Skeletons with Axes, swords, and maces come bursting through the building.}

HELSONG: Our 6 captains our on their way, with many more people. I would suggest running.

WRAITH LEADER: None can stop the power of Chaos!

{The Wraiths throw a giant beam of red lightning at them.}

HELSONG: Oh, how will I ever dodge this?

{Helsong strums her harp, and the Red Lightning subdue. Then, she begins to both sing and strum the harp. The wariths are then brainwashed.}

HELSONG: Too easy.

WRAITHS: We can not be brainwashed. Our god protected us from this!

{A whole lot of explosions happen, destroying some skeletons and making Kuja unconscious. While this happens, more Wraiths appear from several corridors.}


KUJA: I don't quite think you understand.

{Kuja makes a giant blue orb, which wipes out all of the Wraiths.}


{More wraiths come, double the amount that were just destroyed. They make Red Lightning and Red Thunder come down on Kuja while a few of them use a more powerful version of Devil's Throne.}


{A Golden Katana flies around the area, killing all the Wraiths by passing through them. Then, Demon Chaos comes out of the Shadows and derstories some more. After that, Angel Joseph flies out and unleashes a giant blue firestorm, followed by Slicing wraiths with energy blades.}

DEMON CHAOS: You didn't invite us? I feel left ot now.

ANGEL JOSEPH: We may wanna head back to our universe.

{More wraiths come, double the amount that were just destroyed.}

WRAITH LEADER: You can not defeat us. The more you kill, the more that come. For now, Chaos controls death and can bring back anyone he likes. Look outside.

{They all do so and see that Embaron is now totally devastated.}

WRAITH LEADER: Chaos is unbeatable. You'd do well to surrender to him.

DEMON CHAOS: I hope they know they're already dead. Your master was demolished long ago. Now, everyone get to the Invincible.

{Chaos and Joseph turn back to normal, and run out.The building begins to crumble.}

{OOC: What do you mean by Chaos being demolished? O_o - Znex}

{OOC:Killed, destroyed, maimed, wrecked, ripped?(Forster's quote, LOL).}

{OOC: No, I mean, what do you mean by Chaos being dead? He was alive the last time I saw him. =D - Znex}

{OOC:Fine. You win. It was a LIE. Like the cake. Unless you're onNow It's Just Sad. THEN it's the truth.}

CHAOS: Oh, where's Znex when you need him?

{OOC: Darn you Znex. You know how I am, when people control my characters. Lavos doesn't even speak like that... ........For that... -Sephiroth}

ZNEX: Here my buddy! Indubitably, my old fellow!

{OOC: Yes, that's good. I like it. >:D -Sephiroth}

LAVOS: Is he always a weirdo like this?

SEPHIROTH: No, it's a Harmless Little Curse. It only lasts for a minute. Anyway.... {Shouting.} DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE PLANET AND THE INHABITANTS, IT WILL ALL BE ALRIGHT!! WE NEED 3 DAYS TO REGEN!!!! Anyway, LETS GO!!! {Everyone runs out of the crumbling palace, climbing onto the Invincible, along with some of the surviving Sharothians. Sephiroth creates a Watery Forcefield, which keeps all the wraiths out, and killing any who attempt to come in.}

{The Invincible flys over to a larger planet, Which is divided in four. Each Quarter of it is a different Element. North West, is Fire, North East, is Water, South West, is Wind, South East, is Wind.}


{The Invincible lands on a large pedistal. The Space below is just an eternal fall. The land is connected all through the wind continent. A Nearby Sharothian is there.}

???: Sephiroth! Lavos! I knew you would come! That's why, I got everything prepared in advance! {Presses button, and a giant transparent dome goes over the planet, making a Ding! Noise. From the abyss below, Billions of air tanks fly out. The Wraithes come, and try to destroy the dome, but with no suceed.} FIRE!!!! {The Tanks pick up nearby boulders, and launch them at large numbers of Wraithes, kiilling them almost instantly.

SEPHIROTH: Yes! Everyone, this is, Overused Final Fantasy Name that I'm not gonna say, as that's a name in practically all the games.

???: My name is Cid. Just Cid. I run the Wind Armies.

{The ground starts to shake, and up from it pop up ground people who then start to attack them.}

GROUND PERSON LEADER: None can stop the legions of Chaos!

CID: Darn! It's the Ground People! Our rival, ever since the Great Universal War!

SEPHIROTH: THE WAR! Of course! That must explain all the things going on!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: What war?

SEPHIROTH: I'LL Tell you, when we get shelter. {OCC: Take Heed Znex. :P} But until then, we must fight! FIGHT FOR GLORY!!! LAVOS! ALERT THE WATER AND THE FIRE PEOPLE!!!

LAVOS: Right away! {Flies to the North.}


{War cries from everyone.}

{Many warrior Sharothians fly up into the Airtanks, fighting the Wraths, while more fight the Ground People.}

SEPHIROTH: GRR! TRANSFORM!!! ULTIMATE FIGHTER SHAROTHIAN FORM!!!! {Glows Gold, until, turning into a cross between his human form, and his Sharothian form, but instead, a Platinum Chestplate, and Yellow Eyes. He is also holding 2 Large Swords, one in each hand. He jumps into the sky, and flies, charging at the wraith. He sends Sharp Airblades with his swords, killing large areas of Wraith. He merges the swords, and flies below, killing Ground People, with his sword.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: War? Just my sort of thing. {Raises rocks, and uses them as elevation, and jumps from Rock to rock, taking to the skies, and kills wraithes with his Sword.}

{Everything goes Watercolored, like in artistic Anime, and it shows slides of the Character fighting.}