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With a basic idea of what they're doing, this new ragtag group of heroes begins to get down to what made Noxigar crazy while defeating countless Nobodies. In the meantime, Chaos has an unexpected experience straight out of some kind of late night double-feature picture show.

Noxigar confronts his own mental stability while taking out the remaining guards and conversing with the client.


{Joseph emerges with Raggon and Raggonix. Namine, DiZ, Homsar, Casey, and Remolay are all here.}

JOSEPH: Hey guys, I think something is up with Chaos. These two were just talking about him.

RAGGONIX: And how he took our friend, Raiku.

CASEY: {overly excited} What sorta "up"? "Crush" up? "Scared outta his wits" up? "Insomniac" up?

REMOLAY: I think it might be the bad kind of up... {starts to put his head down, but snaps it back up} Wait a minute, Who are these guys?

CASEY: Exactly! {pulls out a light blue cell phone} I've gotta mass text this! {rapidly pushes some buttons. The quickly slows down, distressed.} Damn it! I can't get any reception!

JOSEPH: Wait, then why did you mention Chaos? What does he have to do with any of this?

RAGGONIX: I know that he is trying to stop some sort of evil, Raiku told us, so I came looking for him.

JOSEPH: I wonder if it has something to do with this Eldritch Circle thing he mentioned. He said there was one that was trying to get out. Perhaps what took your friend away has something to do with that. If he's as powerful as Chaos was showboating about, he could probably do that. He wasn't too specific. It could also be up to Noxigar. I wonder if Noxigar and this thing are in cahoots.

RAGGON: Who's Noxigar?

JOSEPH: Some Crazy Nobody. Chaos is...well...we don't know where he is.

REMOLAY: I bet you anything he's already at the Bonus Stage universe.

JOSEPH: Maybe. We'll find out when we get there. We need to stop these nobodies first. {Joseph picks up Strong Sad} Look, this is Game over, Strong Sad. Now tell us, where did all these Nobodies emerge from in this universe, where did you send them to now, and how do we get them out of here?

STRONG SAD: I'm not telling you anything.

REMOLAY: Wrong answer. {points a katana at Strong Sad} I'd answer the question. I haven't killed anything in a week.

{Strong Sad jumps in fright}

STRONG SAD: Ahh!! I.. you.. you... You don't scare..!! {a creature looking like Strong Mad slowly walks forward}

{Remolay unsheathes his other katana}

REMOLAY: {excited} Well then I guess it's kill time! Whose with me?

{Casey pulls out her spanner.}

CASEY: I gotchya back!

{One of Joseph's swords strikes down on one of Remolay's and knocks it out. After it comes down, it turns out to be the broken one.}

JOSEPH: Go sit down or get out.

RAGGON: I'm scared.

REMOLAY: {disappointed} Fine. {picks up and sheathes his swords} Ruin my fun. See if I care.

JOSEPH: Right. Just keep it easy. Take a breather, maybe go look for more Nobodies.

{Joseph puts on cop clothing.}

JOSEPH: {Sweetly} Now please, if you would be so kind as to tell use just why you need to get Nobodies for everyone?

STRONG SAD: Do you know how it felt, being picked on all the time by every single person in this town? I was sick of it!

CASEY: Maybe if ya weren't such a dip, you wouldn't be mocked! Now stop overreacting and gemme something to eat!

REMOLAY: Wait a minute... You were tired of being a nobody, so now you are makind Nobodies of everyone else?

{Joseph appears to have new cop clothes on that look more foreboding and has dark sunglasses.}

JOSEPH: Just cut to the chase, because I've got a short temper and you're looking like quite the training dummy, dummy.

{Joseph lovingly slaps Strong Sad in the face. Strong Sad proceeds to stab Joseph in the hand with his pen, and then Mad Mash (Strong Mad) proceeds to grab him.}

JOSEPH: Okay, screw the good cop/bad cop shtick.

{Joseph Style Changes into a stylized black dress blazer with special designs on the back. His wounds are healed and he melts into inky blackness, which crawls to the nearest source of shade and reforms.}

JOSEPH: I'm not playing anymore. Call of this monstrosity, give us what we want, or see what nightmares are made of.

STRONG SAD: Let me finish my story. After reaching my breaking point, I decided never to let anyone pick on me again! But I knew that just putting my foot down.. It wouldn't work. People just wouldn't take me seriously. And then he came..

RAGGONIX: He gave you a choice, pick one you fat piece of lard.

STRONG SAD: I don't take orders from him.

JOSEPH: {Changes back to normal} Noxigar?

STRONG SAD: That's right. I met him behind Bub's Concession Stand. See, I was on my nightly stroll, and I just saw him there, gazing at the stars.. So I decided to join him. After all, he looked lonely, and it looked like no one had greeted him.

CASEY: So ya had to turn everyone into nobodies why?

JOSEPH: Because Noxigar coerced him. Duh. The problem being that you seem slightly remorseful now.

STRONG SAD: Exactly. We just stood there, talking to each other.. He was the only one who listened to my problems! He was the only one who understood!

JOSEPH: And now you're his puppet. Not entirely by choice, either. You could try and use your newfound capabilities to help us liberate everything...and your...uh...{looks at Mad Mash}...friendly consorts, too.

STRONG SAD: {Sighs} It's true.. I'll try and help you.. But can I finish my story? I just can't leave a story unfinished. No matter what it is.

RAGGONIX: I've had it with this lard sack. {hands become charged with electricy} LEMME AT EM!

ISAAC: I don't think that'd be the right choice, Raggonix.

RAGGONIX: I'm just sick of him Isaac, sick of him.

JOSEPH: {trying to ignore that Raggonix is talking to himself} Hey, I only knocked one of Remolay's swords out of his hands without aiming. If you want me to try and hit, then I gladly will.

STRONG SAD: After I finished explaining all of my issues to him, he started to open up to me as well. To be honest, most of the stuff he said, I really didn't understand. Like how he kept going on about this "Roxas" person. But seeing how he listened to me, I could only be nice and listen to him as well. He told me all about his plans, how he wanted to destroy numerous universes, and build other ones in their place. I really didn't care. But then he said something that was of interest to me. He told me that he could rid me of my problems once and for all..

JOSEPH: Come on, stand up. You have every right to do whatever you want, even if that means going against him. We're all behind you, too.

REMOLAY: I sense a deal with The Devil in this story. There's always some sort of catch, what is it?

STRONG SAD: He told me that he was a Nobody, a being left behind from those who have had their hearts consumed by darkness. But he was a special one. He said that his will was strong enough to allow his mind and soul to live on, and that he was not much short from a human. He then told me of his power to "assimilate" various people, turning them into Nobodies as well, also having the ability to hold control over them. And that's when it happened. Out of nowhere, he attacked me. He got out this weapon from his pocket, and he lunged it right at my heart. At first, I had no idea what was going on. I could barely move from the shock.. And then I passed out.

JOSEPH: Wait...did he...are you...?


{Joseph pulls out the incomplete blade. It is now further repaired, but not much.}

JOSEPH: Easy now. There's always beads of light in seas of darkness.

CASEY: But those 'beads of light' could come from an angler fish!

STRONG SAD: Yes. When I woke up, I felt fine. In fact, I felt much better than before, like I was a whole new man. He then explained to me that he transformed me into his own kind.. A Nobody. However, he told me that I was just like him. My will was strong, and so I kept the form I had before the transformation. He then told me that I had almost the exact same abilities as he did. To assimilate others into this "clan" of sorts. I let my emotions get in the way of my logical thinking, and it ended up turning into this.. Oh, how I wish I could just turn back time and said no..

JOSEPH: You can. I know how the process works, and if he did that then he probably left a piece of you somewhere. If we could find it, that one fragment of the inner struggle, you can assimilate back into yourself and have more wholesomeness.

STRONG SAD: Really? You can do that? ...Can you do it for the others, as well?


{Remolay blocks Raggonix's path with a sword}

REMOLAY: Don't risk getting killed.


{Joseph hits Raggonix in the head with the pommel of his broken blade.}

JOSEPH: I can't. It's just part of the process. There's 3 equal parts of you. When the heartless and the nobody come together, you can seek out the third part, probably still near Bubs', and put everything back together again. But first you need to help us clear out the other ones and potentially fix your friends.

STRONG SAD: Well, the only people who I actually did transform were my brothers. Both Strong Bad and Strong Mad. As far as I know, everybody else is safe.

JOSEPH: Right...but...where's Strong Bad?

RAGGON: Are you sure there aren't others? I don't trust this guy.

JOSEPH: You don't actually have a problem with him. I can tell. {Turns to Strong Sad} We need to fix you and your brothers and drive the other Nobbodies out of here. Got any bright ideas?

STRONG SAD: Well, Mad Mash here is the heartless of Strong Mad, and the being that you fought not long ago is the heartless of Strong Bad. All we really need to do is locate their nobodies. This is a small area, so it can't be too hard.

JOSEPH: I remember Cheat Slash was attached to Strong Bad last I saw...if that's true than that also saves us a step. Where did Strong Mad get turned Heartless?

REMOLAY: So I can't kill them?


STRONG SAD: Strong Mad was turned in his own bedroom. Why?

ISAAC: {to Raggonix} ...I believe I get what Joseph is talking about.

JOSEPH: {Struggling to not pay attention to Raggonix acting loopy} We need to head there right away, with...Mad Mash, you call him? Come on guys.


REMOLAY: {to Raggonix, confused} Who do?

RAGGONIX: Isaac knows what Joseph is talking about.

STRONG SAD: {To Mad Mash.} Come on, Mad Mash. We're going to turn you back!

{Mad Mash yawns and starts following the crew. Cut to Strong Mad's bedroom.}

JOSEPH: We're looking for what was left here...if anything...come on guys.

{Joseph orders everyone to search around.}

{Isaac sees a colorful orb in the bathroom}



JOSEPH: {Reeling to not go even more crazy than Raggonix on Raggonix} Right hear that? ISSAC found something. Let's go.

STRONG SAD: Who's Issac anyway?

RAGGON: Isaac is Raggonix's conscience.

JOSEPH: {as silently as possible} Ever consider some therapy...or get rid of him?

RAGGON: Ever since Isaac showed up, Raggonix has behaved better.

REMOLAY: I've always wondered what a conscience is like. {Looks into bathroom, see's a colorful orb} Looks like he wasn't lying guys. What the hell is that thing?

JOSEPH: unbelievable as this may be his Nobody?

STRONG SAD: I should probably go and get it, seeing as I'm the cause of it in the first place. {Walks over to the orb and picks it up. Brings it over and shows it to Joseph.} What do you think?

JOSEPH: Here goes nothing...

{Joseph touches the orb with as little of his index finger as possible. Out of the orb emerges a venus-flytrap like maw lacking eyes, and two more shoot out. The head has the Nobody Insignia on it.}

JOSEPH: Oh yeah, this is a Nobody. Quick, get Mad Mash!

ISAAC: And you called me insane.

RAGGONIX: Good point Isaac.

JOSEPH: {Ticked off to any possible degree} Hey, will you stop talking to yourself and start ACTING USEFUL.


{Raggonix sees something under the bed}

RAGGONIX: There's something underneath the bed.

REMOLAY: Has anyone even gone to attempt to get Mad Mash?

STRONG SAD: Mad Mash! Over here! {He snaps his fingers, and Mad Mash comes over, drooling like a puppy.}

JOSEPH: Eat this, boy!

{Mad Mash grabs the orb and swallows it whole.}

STRONG SAD: ...Then what?

JOSEPH: Oh boy, if nothing's happening, then we still need more of him. Look for any signs of a bodily remain. Like, an empty husk of Strong Mad.

RAGGONIX: I think I see it under the bed.

JOSEPH: Let's check. {Joseph walks to the bed and pulls out the Horrible Painting.}

JOSEPH: No, just an awful painting.

STRONG SAD: Then where is it?

REMOLAY: Wild guess, I'm going to check the closet.

{Remolay walks over to the closet and opens the door}


REMOLAY: There's something big in here. I mean really big. I'm freaked out.

JOSEPH: Now what?

{Joseph sees the lifeless body of Strong Mad AND finds Cheat Slash, coddling it.}

JOSEPH: Oh, dear. I guess we killed two birds with one stone here. Well, I'll try and get the body out of it's hands.

{Joseph tries to put his hand to it, but Cheat Slash growls intimidatingly. He pulls back and tries again. This goes on for some time. Raggonix zaps Cheat Slash, subduing him.}

REMOLAY: Electricity, it solves the worlds problems {walks up to Strong Mad's shell} This guy looks heavy. Need help getting him out of there?

{Joseph tries and fails to lift the shell's body.}

JOSEPH: It may just be easier to bring the nobody to him.

{Strong Sad snaps his fingers, Mad Mash runs to the husk. Mad Mash looks at it for a few seconds, before touching it. Suddenly, Mad Mash disappears in a flash of light, and Strong Mad is back to normal.}

STRONG SAD: I.. I think it worked!

STRONG MAD: Wha.. {Looks at his surroundings, then notices that he's being coddled by Cheat Slash.} ...WHAT IS HUGGING ME?!

JOSEPH: Strong Bad. Now stay here, we're gonna go look for the rest of him.

STRONG MAD: {Raises his eyebrow} Huh?

STRONG SAD: It's a long story, bro.. Just keep him company until we get back, okay?


REMOLAY: {thinking} Hey Joseph, that room we were fighting Cheat Slash in, was that where he was turned?


JOSEPH: Let's head there next. Come on.

{Everyone except Strong Mad leaves, who seems to be enjoying coddling Cheat Slash. Cut to Chaos, walking up to the manor. The music from before is playing, in full, with lyrics and everything.}

CHAOS: This is probably the most awkward thing I've ever done. And I'm getting soaked. {bangs into door.} And I reached the house.

{Chaos sees a stylized knocker and uses it. After a short time, he tries it again. Then he gets andgry and does it furiously until a door opens.}

???: Yes?

CHAOS: Hello, um, I hate to bother you, but is it OK if I come in?

{The door opens fully to reveal Riff-Raff.}

RIFEF-RAFF: Well, I don't think the master will mind. Do you just need to use the phone?

CHAOS: Actually...I just have to dry off my comm-link so I can identify this place and keep it safe from Nobodies.

RIFF-RAFF: Oh, you'll fit right in here...

{Riff-Raff motions Chaos inside. Chaos gives a questioned look and hesitates, but walks in anyways. He sees the inside of the beautiful manor, as Magenta comes down the stairs.}

MAGENTA: {With that Magenta Accent} Oh, what have we here? A traveller? Are you...lost? {winks}

CHAOS: {thinking} this was already a mistake...

RIFF-RAFF: You're arrived on a very special evening. It's one of the Master's affairs.

CHAOS: How...lucky of us...

MAGENTA: You're lucky, I'm lucky, he's lucky, we're all lucky! {begins cackling}

{The bell in the grandfather clock begins to toll. Riff-Raff motions to the clock and hangs on it. Cue Music.}

RIFF-RAFF: It's astounding...{bass dip}...Time it fleeting...{bass dip}...Madness, takes it's toll...{bass dip} But listen closely...

MAGENTA: Not for very much longer!...

RIFF-RAFF: I've got to...keep control!

{They grab Chaos and pull him offscreen before they continue. Cut back.}

REMOLAY: {Kinda bored} You know that song "The Time Warp"? I like that song. {stops at the remains of a door} Ah this brings back memories. Slightly annoying memories.

JOSEPH: Stop talking about awesome music on my valuable time. It looks like we're here.

{Joseph steps over the door to find the remains of the room where the confrontation took place.}

STRONG SAD: Let me make this clear. We have to find another one of those glowing orbs, just like we did with Strong Mad, right?

JOSEPH: Maybe. It's a Nobody. That may have been some kind of egg for it to hatch out of, or it could've just been the general shape of the Nobody. We just need to find something out of the ordinary with the Nobody Insignia.

REMOLAY: This is the one room in this house that's utterly destroyed, and it's not my fault. I'd call that pretty out of the ordinary.

STRONG SAD: What room is that?

{Cut: Noxigar, who is at the third guard. He consumes a potion, runs up to the guard, and spews acid at the guard's eyes. He then runs off, drawing a mechanical universe with a mind of its own, as well as its own military weaponry. He then aims it at the Bonus Stage universe, shrugging}

NOXIGAR: I didn't honestly expect Strong Sad to get the job done himself, did I? I understand him well. His moral compass does not break upon seeing insolence of a good magnitude. I also transformed the other characters into Nobodies so they could feel the same pain as me and Strong Sad! But I left S. Sad's bros for him to turn... and it worked out fine.

{A Scholar Nobody arrives with a book}

SCHOLAR: Milord, I bring forth news!

NOXIGAR: News? What of?

SCHOLAR: Strong Sad ratted thee out.

NOXIGAR: All according to plan, Scholar. Now we have to contend with the last guard. I've patched all the spacial holes so far. If I am deprived of universal fragments through this ordeal, no matter!

???: Interesting. You're willing to pointlessly destroy a whole plane of existence just like that? That seems rather...brash. Now I think I can see why all the other Noxigars were dying. You should focus on seeding Nobodies into the worlds. It's easier to plant minions and control them. Because then you drain it of resources until it dies on it's own. More potentially lethal, AND successful, that way.

NOXIGAR: True, true. Some of these new universe I've crafted will have Nobodies seeded for defensive and offensive purposes. After this universe is decimated, I will only craft new ones and control the rest. The Scott Pilgrim universe, while loathsome due to extremely shitty plotline and the fact the Evil Exes are the only characters I tolerate, will be the first to have Nobodies seeded, and make everyone else ten times better that way without having to replace that universe. The same can be said for other universes.

???: Uh-oh. Up ahead. Steer clear.

{Noxigar sees in the distance a large spiderlike creature with a red exoskeleton that has three heads. The two side heads lack eyes entirely, and the middle head has a large cyst over one eye. It has various scratches and dents that show the wear and tear of time.}

???: That's him. Meet Gestrim. Once my pet, he sat at my foot, but now he overshadows me high above.

NOXIGAR: Gestrim, eh? And immunity to poison is right, since this is a species of spider that holds venom in it. Now... if I remember... there is a toxin I crafted that, should anything be poisoned by error, that I'd use to heal them. What did I do with it?

{Noxigar looks at the necklace he recently obtained.}

NOXIGAR: {thinking} This necklace might be the answer, if anything...

???: Don't forget, Psycho Mantis is around here...somewhere...I have to admit, his technology is very effective. Just work together and I'm sure no problems will arise. If it all goes horrifically wrong, then just make a mad dash to my cell and break me out. But that's more of a desperation tactic.

{Psycho Mantis turns off his cloaking function, revealing himself.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: Don't worry, I've been here all along.

???: Good. This will show you two how well you work together and how compatible you are. It's one thing to sit down and devise a plan, and it's another to just go with the flow. See what you two are better off doing.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Fair enough. Ready, Noxi?

{Noxigar gives Psycho Mantis a huge elixir, and is preparing another one for himself as he nods.}


{Noxigar begins by synthesizing his partly-complete elixir into Frozen Pride.}

NOXIGAR: Defense will be the mode I take.

{Noxigar summons five Alchemist Nobodies}

PSYCHO MANTIS: While he might be able to see past his disguises, I'm still pretty sure that I'll have some degree of looking into his mind. I could possibly use that to predict any move that he makes long before he makes them, putting me one step above him always.

???: I don't know, he's always been pretty thick-headed. You could try though.


{Noxigar sends forth the Alchemists at Gestrim, to test his power.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: Heh. Game time. {Flies over to Gestrim and observes him for a few seconds, looking for any weak points in mind and body.}

{Noxigar gets another synthesis ready. When the Alchemists get too close, Gestrim opens it's mouth, and it's tongue, made of spikes, shoots spikes outward, killing two of the Alchemists easily.}

???: Sometimes that happens. Just don't try and fight it too long. It's kind of...specially bred.

{The other three Alchemists throw Fire Bottles at Gestrim. Noxigar's synthesis is complete, turning into two red chakrams.}

NOXIGAR: Since spiders would naturally be weak to fire, I'll have to test that out.

{Noxigar throws the chakrams at high velocities toward Gestrim.}

???: It may not be that easy.

{Gestrim spits a wad of ice at one of the Chakrams, but the other one skims past his armor and cuts it open.}

???: Like I said, Specially bred.

{Psycho Mantis uses his abilities to look into Gestrim's mind, or more importantly at this time; his current line of sight. He takes the opportunity to launch a few boulders at his head, hoping that he can't sense them. They catch the right head and take it off, and one of them hits the main head. Gestrim turns around.}

???: Hey, careful, it takes a lot of work to put him back together.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Hey, you do want to be free, don't you?

???: Yes, but I advised you AVOIDED Gestrim to the best of your ability. Just because he has great sense doesn't mean you can't just go for it. Besides, if you stall him too long then he'll just get angry with you.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Ah, I see. Bad planning on my part. I apologize. Could we possibly knock him out, or is it just a better idea to get past?

???: You really wanna beat him? Then find a way to seal his mouth shut. Without it he can't use his powers.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Ah. I'm assuming Noxigar has the solution to that problem.

???: Assumptions aren't going to save you if that thing uses it's best trick.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Best trick?

???: He is not just for show. I trained him with powerful Psionic attacks, including the Ultrablast, the most damaging technique possible.

NOXIGAR: At least one of the chakrams cut his armor open.

{The remaining Alchemists prepare immolation bottles and throw them at Gestrim while Noxigar retrieves the chakrams, Eternal Flames}

???: Please stop Noxigar from tearing apart my pet.

{As soon as the bottles hit Gestrim, he turns both his head and shoots crystals out of both of his mouths, impaling the rest of the Alchemists and almost hitting Noxigar.}

???: BEFORE he gets killed.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Noxigar! Do you have any way of sealing his mouth? Like any potions that could possibly bind it temporarily?

{Noxigar checks for paralysis potions upon hearing Psycho Mantis' question.}

NOXIGAR: My first answer would be something involving paralysis, or otherwise hindering Gestrim's movement. It can't open its mouth if it's paralyzed, so...

{Noxigar throws a paralysis potion at Gestrim to see if it works, and calls forth three Beserker Nobodies to melee Gestrim.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: Ah, good idea.

NOXIGAR: My second answer would be a fog potion to temporarily cloud his eyesight.

{Noxigar gets the Fog potion ready.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: I'll try to restrain him, so you have a better shot at attacking him.

{Mantis gets behind Gestrim and attempts to restrain his muscles, using the telekinesis.}

NOXIGAR: If both the fog and the paralysis work, then we can free our client with impunity.

{Noxigar is done with the fog potion. He throws it at Gestrim's direction.}

???: Uh oh.


???: Give it a second.

{The fog clears and Gestrim is nowhere to be found.}

???: he's hopping the sea of The Void. Quickly, come and break me out before he comes back.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Right, where are you right now?

???: Just beyond the horizon, If you hurry you should be able to clear the distance before he gets back.

{Noxigar runs off to the client's cell. Mantis flies there. On the horizon, a large, featureless square-shaped building is in the distance on it's own Archipelago. Just as they approach it, Gestrim pops out exactly where he disappeared, Swallowing the Berserkers. He notices them running away and attempts to catch them, but Noxigar and Psycho Mantis manage to outrun him and reach the building. Gestrim stops at a certain point, hisses, and walks off.}

???: He'll be fine. Now if you would be so kind as to blow a hole and get me out.

{Noxigar takes out the Eternal Flames, spins the chakrams around a wall, and slices the wall to create a hole.}

NOXIGAR: Here you go; one hole.

???: Well, I can't really move...

{Noxigar and Psycho Mantis peer in the hole to see a figure sitting in the middle being restrained by as many chains, cuffs, manacles, and locks.}

???: I would've already broken out if I weren't severely weakened and restrained.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Holy shit. I see what you mean now. Hold on, let me help you get free.

???: Thank you for your patience and effort in freeing me. Thanks to The Void, I can help you devise a perfect plan to take over the omniverse.

{Psycho Mantis raises his arms, and the chains break into pieces, freeing the man. He stands up and bashes his armguards together, as the fall apart. His arms are covered in the same red carapace as Gestrim. He then begins to remove more and more of his restraints.}

???: It feels good to stand up for once in a few centuries...

PSYCHO MANTIS: Heh. I bet it does.

{Lastly, he removes the metal cube on his head, revealing a red, featureless headpiece, like Gestrim's heads, with a blue gem in the center.}

???: Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Tannenbaum.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Well, hello there Tannenbaum. Finally, we meet face to face. {Looks at Tanenbaum's headpiece, and then looks through his own gas mask} ...Ehhh.. Close enough.

TANNENBAUM: I can't just take this off. It's my exoskeleton.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Yeah, can't take this off either. It's the one thing stopping me from going mad from other people's thoughts. Well, even more mad than I already am, I mean.

'NOXIGAR: And then I shrug, as I wear no mask of sorts. Then again, I do question my own mental stability as far as my objectives go. No more universe-destroying for me, as far as direct methods go. I will do it the old-fashioned way, as taught to me by Xigbar himself, in subduing and making changes to each universe I deem unworthy. There are a few worthy ones which do not need my Nobodies, but the rest will have to deal with it.

TANNENBAUM: Good, you're learning. Now, you need to increase your defenses at your palace. When I'm done with it, nothing will touch it-they'd have to be doing an inside job to get anywhere near you! {Tannenbaum turns his head in Psycho Mantis' direction and gives him a wide grin, revealing that Tannenbaum has a large gaping maw with large quantities of teeth.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: {Chuckles at this} Heh. You truly are an interesting entity.

{Noxigar opens a corridor of darkness, welcoming Tannenbaum and Psycho Mantis into it. He enters Glagitar, his fortress, and sees more Nobodies. He also sees the asteroids that surround Glagitar, and notices some being mined and turning into stars, albeit slowly.}

TANNENBAUM: This sure is a nice place. {looks out the window} Now what do we have here?

NOXIGAR: These asteroid layers are being mined to reveal stars. I do not yet know their purpose, but in time they will prove useful. They keep orbiting my fortress, so I must investigate them.

{Tannenbaum opens the window and hangs on the outside of the castle on it.}

TANNENBAUM: What's the environment down there like?

NOXIGAR: Down below is just deep space. Where there would be a drawbridge is usually opened only for Nobody spaceships.

TANNENBAUM: I'm not so sure about that one. {Tannenbaum pulls back into the castle.} But that can be left alone for now. So, is there a washroom or something around here? Don't get many bathroom breaks being chained down like that.

NOXIGAR: There is a bathroom in each guest room. I've sketched one out for you in anticipation.

{Noxigar introduces Tannenbaum to the sketchbook, showing the drawing of his room and the bathroom therein.}

TANNENBAUM: Perfect. I need to go use the Little Voidspawn's room. Be back in a jiffy.

{Tannenbaum takes off. Cut to Chaos, now dressed like the other partygoers, in Frank N. Furter's lab.}

CHAOS: Man, this is intense! I've never met people who knew how to party like this!

{Chaos' Comm-link is beeping. He answers it.}

CHAOS: Hey, this thing can't get outside calls...

TANNENBAUM: Yoo-hoo, one-hit wonder, remember me?

CHAOS: M...momma?

{Tannenbaum's fist pops out of the comm-link and punches Chaos.}

CHAOS: Tannenbaum? But, You were locked up last millenia I saw you.

TANNENBAUM: Times change. Things change.

CHAOS: Who did it?

TANNENBAUM: Noxigar and his consorts, of course. And now that I'm free, I'm going to take apart every piece of this omniverse until I find the key to break out the Eldritch Circle, and when I do, you'll regret it.

CHAOS: You'll never be able to do it alone!

TANNENBAUM: {Mockingly} Oh I'm Chaos! I think I'm so FREAKING COOL that I'm going to underestimate the bad guy's power to tear apart universes whole!

CHAOS: Good luck. As soon as I get off of this sick party planet, I am going to kick your ass back into the inky black nothingness!

TANNENBAUM: Party planet? ...Is that liengerie and fishnets?

CHAOS: Maybe.

TANNENBAUM: {containing laughter} And you think you're going to stop me?

CHAOS: Don't underestimate me! I have loads of power that some people only wish to see in their lifetime!

TANNENBAUM: Oh, that reminds me. I tried calling Trebonius, but when I did he politely told me to make like a drill and screw, but he did leave me with one valuable piece of information...come closer...

{Chaos leans his ear in and Tannebaum whispers something into it. His face grows coarse with rage.}

CHAOS: You're dead, you hear me? I'm gonna rip off your candy red limbs and feed them to your fat freaking mouth!

{Chaos removes the comm-link and pulls out the battery and angrily stomps down the stairs.}

FRANK: What's the matter, big C? Big break-up? Debt collectors?

CHAOS: No, I'm just so angry I could-

{Eddie bursts into the lab. Chaos gives him a nasty look and takes the Ice Pick from Frank. End episode.}