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All Hell literally breaks loose, and a massive feud is going on at the same time. The Glabal finally become the most powerful race in the universe, harnessing the power of many.

New Characters

  1. Incarnate


{Cut to a flashback. Sephiroth is in the Hall of Empty Melodies, speaking with Marluxia, Demyx, Xigbar, and Axel.}

SEPHIROTH: So, what benefits do I get for joining?

DEMYX: You would become one of the most powerful people in the world. Able to control your own types of Nobodies.

SEPHIROTH: Hmm... I will join... But only with 1 condition?

MARLUXIA: What may that be?

SEPHIROTH: For no one to know of my membership.

{Sephiroth walks offscreen, and Noxigar arrives onscreen.}

AXEL: Hey, Noxi. Do you have anything planned for this week's barbecue? The Superior said something about it happening this Friday.

NOXIGAR: No, I have yet to get anything. So, shall I get the cupcakes from Halloween Town?

AXEL: Sure. Hey, you okay?

{Axel's voice echoes as the dream fades. Noxigar finds himself in a laboratory.}

SEPHIROTH: Noxigar! Wake up! There's this awesome argument going on!

JAFAR: Well, one of the Satans should of closed the gates!

HADES: It's not their job to do it fool! We walked through them!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: EVERYONE STOP! .... Don't you idiots realize that all the people in Hell are invading the universe?

SEPHIROTH: Uh Oh. Edgeworthington.

{Edgeworthington comes in.}


FF7 SEPHIROTH:' Grr... I killed you! Stay dead!

NOXIGAR: Hmm... let me handle this.

{Noxigar uses a corridor of darkness to go to The Underworld. The gates are open, and people are running through. Noxi shuts the gates. He sees Chris Crocker escape. Noxigar arrives back at the weird laboratory.}

NOXIGAR: Okay, I closed the gates. Whether it's too late or not I don't know.


NOXIGAR: I asked because Dr. Phil, some Sharothian militia, and Chris Crocker escaped. Everything else was too late to get to the gates when I closed them.

SEPHIROTH: Sharothian Militia? No silly! They're Ground People. They must of become Sharothian again in the afterlife. Say.. what happened to those 5 Ground People I tortured, then put in a vial.

#3: We are still in here. We are sad.

????: Could someone fill me in on what's just happened?

JOSEPH: Wait. If all of the DEAD Wikihood people are coming back, that means...

{Zharanakuva and the First Chaos both break into the laboratory.}

{OOC: Can I be in a Noxigar memory next episode?}

{OOC: Sure.}

FIRST CHAOS: Long time no see, gentlemen.

ZHARANAKUVA: We, along with Daxter, Luigi, and the Sharothians, have taken all of your universes.

LUIGI: Once the world is ours, people will finally pay attention to Weegee!

{Several Egyptian snakes attack Luigi, killing him on the spot. Deathbringer then walks onscreen}

DEATHBRINGER: You didn't think I would stay dead, did you?

{CC runs in}

CC: Everyone, DON'T attack him. Trust me.

DEATHBRINGER: I don't have Vamparic Rot now. So I'm attackable.

CC: In that case... I SUMMON THE POWER OF ぬ!

{A large barrage of ぬs fall down on Deathbringer. CC then proceeds to shoot ぬs out of his keyblade}

CC: ぬ. Don't leave home without it.

JOSEPH: That's not how you do a special. THIS is.

{Joseph then proceeds to preform his super-powerful Ars Arcanum on Deathbringer. While he's performing it, The Muffin of D00M comes from the portal to Hell.}

MUFFIN OF D00M: What? Oh, I'm not dead. I was staying at the Comfort Inn there.

DiZ: So... many... useless... characters... it pains me...

{The Muffin of D00M takes out his proton cannon.}

MUFFIN OF D00M: This may just pain you a little more...

INCARNATE: {out of nowhere} Someone mention pain? Cause that's right up my alley. {Incarnate appears, in 10% form}

{OOC: Umm... Luigi and Daxter never died. And only a few Sharothians, the Cursed Ground people.}



DAVROS: Heh. {Snatches Jafar's Staff, FF7 Sephiroth's Crystal that belonged to the First Chaos, and the Proton Cannon.} Now.. {Raises the staff.} BOW DOWN TO ME!!! {Everyone, being contrtolled by the staff, have no choice but bow.} The Glabal, now, are the Cosmic Warriors! We are the most powerful of all!


DAVROS: ..... {Fuses all 3 items into the Cosmic Proton Staff, and then wipes Chris Crocker from existance. He then flies up, along with the Glabal, and turns Earth back to when it was before Sephiroth came. All rocky, Hot, and a cloud of pure darkness causing an everlasting storm.} Now... To build my empire. Everyone! Leave... Except.. Sephiroth, Joseph, Noxigar, The Other Sephiroth, Cloud, and... First Chaos.

EMPEROR WRAITH: I never died.

DAVROS: Perfect. You, will be my consort.


DAVROS: Oh yeah. {Clicks fingers. Iieca, Omega, and Sennin appear.} You three. Stay.

DR. PHIL: You could've done this democratically...

{Dr. Phil takes out two chakrams, much to Noxigar's ire, and confronts Davros and Emperor Wrath. This music plays in the background The music stops abruptly, when Davros shoots Dr. Phil with the staff, and also destroys him. He then grabs the Chakrams, and merges them too.}

DAVROS: Surprise Surprise. Noxigar, these belonged to your friend, Axel.

INCARNATE: Are you supposed to be good or evil? Because I know just how to mess with some goodie goodie.

DAVROS: Pure Evil.


{CC runs up to Incarnate and slashes him with his keyblade}

CC: Is that what you call goodie goodie?

INCARNATE: {morphs to 50% form} No.{orb of unstable matter appears in his hand} This is!{fires orb}

NOXIGAR: {angrily} You... took what was left of Axel?! Graaah!

{Noxigar transforms into Axel}

NOXIAXEL: Now to burninate you!

{Noxiaxel conjures multiple Firetooths, decimating Davros' newly-crafted weapon, and damaging him a little. The same music from before plays in the background. Just as Noxigar is about to attack Davros again, Roxas walks onscreen}

ROXAS: Simpletons, I let all these guys loose and gave them instructions to eradicate every last one of you. Good luck in beating all these guys combined.

INCARNATE: Roxas.{changes to 100% form} I shall kill you! {rushes to Roxas}

{Roxas beats Incarnate senseless with his Keyblades, then throws him at Davros. He then does the same thing to Noxigar}

ROXAS: Heh... still searching for their hearts, Noxi? You'll never find them. They got blown up.

INCARNATE: {morphs to true form} Roxas, time to feel my pain! {fire Jewels at him. He is now equipped with them. As he does this CC watches}

CC: Hmm, this guy has serious issues. Oh well.

{CC summons his guitar and plays a sonic riff at both Incarnate and Roxas}

INCARNATE: You won't win. {summons up black lightning}

{Roxas impales CC and Incarnate with his Keyblades, and throws them at Davros, who absorbs them}

DAVROS: Thanks, Roxas.

{Noxigar summons Firetooths that go for Davros and Roxas}

INCARNATE: {pulls out CC} That's it, I'll just aim for CC without the pain annoying me.

CC: Uh uh uh. {Smashes his guitar on Incarnates head} ROOOOOOCK!

{JCM walks in just as Incarnates falls to the ground.}

JCM: My gosh! There you are! {to CC} Why'd you kill him?

CC: First off, that dude has serious problems, and I haven't done that in about 2 years. Why, he was your freind?

{The mysterious Stranger that ambushed Adel is still standing his ground.}

JOSEPH: What do you want me for?

{Davros dodges Noxigar's Firetooths, and the staff comes back.}

DAVROS: Hmph. This is the most powerful weapon in the universe. By the way, I took what is left of all the other members. {Takes out the items: Lexicon, Ice Shield, Xigbar's Guns, Xaldin's Lances, Tomahawk, Saix's Claymore, Sitar, Luxord's Cards, Marluxia's Scythe, Larxene's Knifes and also a mystery item. He then fuses them into the staff, and turns it into the XIII Staff. The Staff turns the shape of the sitar.} Now... Let's try one... DANCE WATER DANCE!! {Duplicates of him made of Water appear, and attack everyone. [ This Music Plays while it is happening.}

JOSEPH: No! You can't! Too much power will oerload you1 You'll end up in a worse state than now!

DAVROS: I am quite aware of that. Soon, my body won't take the power, and destroy itself, in which I'll inhabit the body of a species, that has an unlimited power storage. {Points to Sephiroth.} HIM!

SEPHIROTH: No way Davros!

DAVROS: You have no choice. {The weapon turns into the Lances, and he preforms a wind attack on everyone.} But to absorb the power of others. {Points the Weapon in the air, and purple beams hit: Adel, First Chaos, Zharanavuka, Joseph, MOD, Hades, Cloud, FF7 Sephiroth, Vincent, and Jafar. The beams go into him, and all the people listed fall down unconscious. He then explodes, and turns into a Cloud of pure energy. The energy then goes into Sephiroth, and in a flash of light, Sephiroth is now a duplicate of Davros, only more powerful, and bigger, and holding a Longer, and more powerful version of the staff.}

SEPH-DAVROS: Now... {Clears the land, by destroying the laboratory, and then, he creates a world like The World That Never Was, but only more darkness. He then jumps on top of Memories Skyscraper, and summons a mixture of Heartless and Nobodies, including: Anti-Users, Absent Silhouettes, Twilight Thorn's, Darksides, Phantoms, Grim Reaper, and 100 Storm Riders.} And since I'm generous, I'll give you backup. {Summons Cogsworth, Yuffie, Bambi, Chicken Little, Mushu, and Tron.}

{The stanger from before appears next to Seph-Darvos.}

????: I don't think that's quite nice.

SEPH-DAVROS: Please. I have no heart. Yep it's true. This transformation turned me, and my host, into a Nobody.

{OOC: No one kill Davros, or Exocise him yet, as I want to stretch this out as much as I can.}

{Noxigar hits Davros with a Firetooth so hard that he drops the staff; the staff slowly divides. Noxigar recovers the ice shield and the lexicon, but Roxas grabs his weapon before anymore of the staff can be divided, and he gives it back to Davros, who then jumps off the skyscraper, and turns the staff into the guns. As he is falling, he shoots Noxigar 50 times, to knock him down, and grabs the 2 items back. Then, all of the Org XIII absent silhouettes attack Noxigar.}

SEPH-DAVROS: As long as I am in this state, the control over these Silhouettes are mine!

TRON: What am I doing here? I am a computer program! {A Phantom puts a Timer on him.} Oh no. {Dies, once the timer hits 0.}

{All the Storm riders attack Noxigar at once. Noxigar retaliates with a Poison Nova, which gets in Davros' hair. He drops the ice shield and lexicon again while scratching his hair, and Noxigar recovers it, only to get barraged by Roxas. He finds a platform and stands on it. Davros then turns the staff into the lances, and starts to attack Noxigar with the wind attack, then turning it into Marluxia's Scythe, and Summons Marluxia's Giant Nobody, and Fuses with it.}


{A Darkside Sweeps Noxigar, and crushes him underneath its hands. Noxigar blocks the next set of attacks with the ice shield, then retaliating with an icicle attack that makes Davros vulnerable. The Marluxia scythe drops, and it defuses from the staff. Noxigar picks the scythe up quickly, but gets knocked back to his platform by Roxas. Roxas starts to beat up Noxigar, and reclaims the Scythe, and throws it to Davros, who catches it, and fuses it again. Suddenly, a Guard Armour starts to batter Noxigar, and knocks him down, making him drop both the Lexicon, and the Shield. Roxas grabs them, and throws them to Davros.}

COGSWORTH: Please! Master, Control Yourself! {Gets thrown by the Grim Reaper Heartless.}

{Noxigar uses his scythe twice to make petal rope that saves Cogsworth from falling to his doom. The other rope turns into a pathway to another platform, which Noxi immediately goes to the Rope, and the Scythe fade into dust.}

SEPH-DAVROS: Nice Try. Roxas took the scythe back, and gave it to me. That was a fake. By the way. {A Timer is on Noxigar's head, where the Phantom hit him.} By the way. {Summons Deathbringer.} Deathbringer! Destroy Noxigar!

{Deathbringer uses Stop on Cogsworth, removing the timer from Tron and Noxigar. Then he throws Tron and hits Davros in the left eye, and he drops one of Xigbar's guns. Noxigar takes and keeps it.}

INCARNATE: {in curse 1 form} if you thought I was dead, then you need to stop getting yourself mixed with me.

SEPH-DAVROS: Shame Deathbringer. {Transports him to a 1 way course to Hell, and then gets the lance, and starts to cut Noxigar. Noxigar drops the gun, and Davros takes it, and keeps it again. Davros starts to shoot Noxigar in the head.} Hmm... {Absorbs all the weapons, and becomes a Giant Black Nobody, named: XIII.} No chance of taking any of them now, unless you want universal scars!

NOXIGAR: Guess I have no choice...

{Noxigar puts his whole being into a huge elemental nova, which destroys Davros. However, Noxigar lies immobilized on the floor, almost ready to fade to darkness}

{OOC: This attack should do it. If Axel can do it and kill 4 dozen Dusks, it can kill Davros}

{CC walks up to Noxigar}

CC Guess you really were close to the orginazation, were you.

JCM: Incarnate, you're still alive?! How is that? You disappeared long ago, after you got cursed and all. Now, just stop what you are doing before you hurt yourself or someone around you.

NOXIGAR: Heh, at least I destroyed Davros, and freed Sephiroth. Now I need to rest.

{Davros comes back, unscatched.}

SEPH-DAVROS: 4 Dozen Dusks? I have the power of Ten Thousand Twilight Thorns! And destroy me, and you destroy everything. My destruction creates a blast that could destroy the universe. Oh look, you're dying yourself. Shame.

{The Chaos-like person ambushes Seph-Darvos form behind, and the staff flies out of his hands, Joseph grabs the staff, and one of his keyblades glows. It turns into the XIII Keyblade. Darvos grabs the staff back with tendrils that come out of him. Noxigar barely gets up, and snaps his fingers, freeing Sephiroth from Davros' control.}

NOXIGAR: I'm not dead... yet... I still regret not defeating Roxas...

{DiZ arrives}

DiZ: That machine from earlier! I must have it somewhere...

{King Mickey throws it to him.}

KING MICKEY: Here. That machine from earlier...

{DiZ powers the machine and attaches it to Davros' back.}

DiZ: It will self-destruct in five seconds. Of course, this would defeat a dozen Twilight Thorns...

{DiZ backs away.}

????: But will it be the end? You're gonna need to add some power on it.

DiZ: I work very hard on my technologies. It runs on AAA batteries!

{The Chaos-like person makes an orb of energy in the shape of a giant seed.}

????: Put this on the bomb.

{DiZ puts the seed on top of the bomb, along with some AAA batteries. Davros, still controlling Sephiroth, grabs the bomb, and throws it to the horizon. It explodes, taking the hearts of anyone near by. He then, grabs Diz in one hand, and ???? in the other, and throws them off the skyscraper. Both land of their faces.}

SEPH-DAVROS: Nothing can defeat me! .... {Another mystery person knocks everyone except Davros out, and then starts to fight Davros.}

{OOC: No one kill him. He'll die soon.}

{OOC: Then I'll do the closest thing I can to him die at the hands of the stranger.}

{???? Pulls out his wave swords and sticks them into the skyscraper. He grabs DiZ and jumps up to the top, and lands. He then pulls out a scythe, and sends Seph-Darvos into the stranger, who sends him back with mysterious attacks. The two then proceed to knock him back and forth as such.}

SEPH-DAVROS: Oh, I am done with this. If I have to die, I AM TAKING YOU ALL WITH ME!!!

{The Mystery person doesn't say anything, and just absorbs his power from him, and returns it all. After a minute, Davros is still in Sephiroth's body, but in normal form, and all the weapons are on the floor around him.}


{The Mystery person then, touches Davros, stopping his lifecycle, and killing him, but freeing Sephiroth.}

{OOC: What a twist. :P}

???: Yes! I have done it! Davros is slain! Davros is Slain! Sephiroth is... Dead. Crap.

{Everyone gathers around him, and sad slow music plays, but it shortly stops, and becomes the victory music from Rocky, and everyone cheers at the fact that Davros is dead, while all cheering, while parading Sephiroth's body.}

{OOC: Twisted, and Sick. >:D}

{The Episode Ends.}