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Chwoka's theory of Universal Decompression, Destabilization, and ripping is proven correct. But, on the other side of the universe.

New Characters

  • Kuja


{Chaos walks out of the portal.}

CHAOS: Now, what to do?

{A portal opens nearby and spits out Znex, who's unconscious.}

CHAOS: Well, I guess I can play some miond games for a month.

{Chaos goes over to Znex, and helps him up.}

CHAOS: Are you okay, Znex?

{Cut to The Ark, with 4,5,6, Vincent and FF7 Sephiroth.}

VINCENT VALENTINE: I will stop you people from destroying Vindicator!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: But, why? What is so important about him living?

VINCENT VALENTINE: YOu wouldn't understand! He proves of some use to the Universe! Without him, the universe would rupture!

4: But it's the enigma's dying wish.

5: But why would Chaos want this?

???: He wants to tell them the truth.

{Kuja, From Final Fantasy IX walks out.}

KUJA: He wants you all to go to Terra. And learn the truth. There, lies the secret you should all know. And the only way to do that, is to eliminate the universe, beause Terra is hidden amongst the other universes. If ours go, Terra's in plain sight.

HELSONG: That's also why he awoke me.

{Helsong's face appears out of the monitor.}

HELSONG: I'm going to move his entire army upwards, towards earth, then alert the generals and the captains. Well, only the captains need it now. Right, Kuja?

KUJA: He gave me an artificial life, and I'll use it to aid him well.

{A piece of the sky falls down, and where it once was, there's just a white void.}

{Cut to a desert, Tommyspud and Nick appear at once. Tommyspud smirks as he looks at his brother.}

TOMMYSPUD: It's not too late for you to join us... You are a talented fighter, plus, I am always looking for people to help.

NICK: You really think I want to join you? You are stupider than I thought.

TOMMYSPUD: Fine then, I tried. Guess it means I'll have to send you to hell myself.

{Nick and Tommyspud run at each other. A barrage of sword attacks happen, with the sound of sword clanging upon sword. Tommyspud goes for a leg sweep, but Nick jumps up, and over Tommyspud, going for a swing to the head. Tommyspud ducks, as the blade barely misses his hair. Tommyspud turns around, and goes for a double slash on Nick, but Nick is able to matrix dodge, and kick Tommyspud in the kneecaps. Tommyspud doesn't flinch, and kicks Nick in the face, sending him a couple feet away. Nick flips back to his feet, and runs back at Tommyspud, dragging his blade in the sand. He then brings it up to strike, but Tommyspud is able to block it with a flare blade, then goes for an attack with the other one, but Nick is able to block that with his sword.}

TOMMYSPUD: You've practiced, what a shock....

NICK: You won't believe what eternal hatred will do to someone.

TOMMYSPUD: {Jumping back} I'll beat you at your own game. {The Flare Blades Disappear} Come on, fight me hand-to-hand.

{Nick's longsword disappears, and he gets into a fighting stance.}

NICK: It won't be as easy as last time.

{Both brothers disappear}

{The sand on the ground mysteriously turns into pudding, and the sky turns pink.}

DINOSHAUR: I think it's time, you know, for manditory pipes.

{It mysteriouslyt starts raining, but there are no clouds. Also, a snowstorm starts up, even though it's 100 degrees Farenheight, or 40 degrees Celcius. Cut back to where Chaos is.}

{Znex starts to wake up.}

ZNEX: Oh...hey Chaos. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to come back here.

{A snowstorm starts up, and hits Znex, and another piece of the sky falls. The temprature rises to 200 degrees Farenhight, and the ground starts melting. A mysterious hole forms in the ground.}

CHAOS: Looks like the weather is starting to take effect. And, there's another thing happening too. The universe...really is coming apart. That's why that is happening.

{A piece of The sky falls.}

CHAOS:Well, THe sky falling bad weather can be stopped, but only if someone were to revive the Enigma. Only problem: I left him on Terra. {turns to Znex} Would you like to help me find Edgeworth?

{Cut to a Town. A sign on it says Nibelheim. Super Sam, and Eggman Nega are there.}

EGGMAN NEGA: Nibelheim? Isn't this the home town of Cloud Strife, and Zack Fair?

SUPER SAM: Beats me. I don't play Final Fantasy VII.

EGGMAN NEGA: But still, what has happened to Enigma? We haven't heard from him, since he left.

SUPER SAM: I believe he died.

EGGMAN NEGA: Died!? You must be lying! He shouldn't be Dead! His existence is essential to the Universe!

{A Chocobo/Mog Hybrid runs through.}

EGGMAN NEGA: It's worse than I thought.

SUPER SAM: We should try to revive him. I've got this Pheonix Down that we can use.

EGGMAN NEGA: He's a Demon. Pheonix Down wouldn't work on him.

{OOC: The universe coming apart isn't the caused by The Enigma's death. Or at least, that's what I thought.}

{Another piece of the sky falls, and a piece of the fabric of time and space falls to Earth. Cut back to where Chaos is.}

ZNEX: Meh, I wouldn't mind. Besides, I found someone who can piece the universe back together later.

{TheStick walks in}

THESTICK: Hello. Happy March 2nd! Who would?

{A freak snowstorm comes in, and a meteor hits TheStick}

CHAOS: Well, now he's been crushed by a meteor.

{A hole opens, and TheStick and the meteor get swallowed in it. A hailstone hits Chaos, and the moon explodes. The sky turns blorange.}

CHAOS: We have about 5 episodes to save the universe.


{OOC: Okay, but do you want to know why I think that the universe is ending?}

{The stars explode, and the hole expands, heading toward Chaos.}

CHAOS: Yeah, because, you know. The IMMORTAL SON OF DEATH WITH WORKING WINGS isn't just gonna fly up carrying Znex or anything. {grows his wings and tail, picks up Znex and filies away}

{OOC:Wait, what happened}

(OOC:We left.)

CHAOS: I have a feeling That he knows about Terra. He did create the paradox. Partly.

{The hailstones create a giant hole which makes the whole town fade out of existence.}

CHAOS: Znex, can you use the Cuf of Time?

{OOC: You know that traveling back in time ruptures the space time contimeum?}

(OOC: Who said we were going back in time? Te CoT can do other things...probably...)

CHAOS: Znex?

{Chaos looksdown at Znex, who is asleep.}

CHAOS:Well, I guess now's the time to test it out! {teleports on a large blue ship, with a giant red hole, shaped like an eye} Well, it worked.

{everything pans out, and the entire ship is in a giant landing bay.}

CHAOS: Now, to set sail in the invincible. Then, save everyone. {runs over to a trash barel and pukes} Wow. I should never say that again. {places hand over red orb, and the ship flies away} Luckily, Space/time and physics don't harm the passengers. But, what to do about Terra, and heaven.

{The ship leaves the bay, and flies into the clouds. Znex gradually wakes up.}

ZNEX: Ugh, must've fallen asleep. {sets himself down from Chaos' arms} So, where are we going on this search?

{OOC: I'm only gonna be on every two hours, so stop being so impatient! >_< - Znex}

CHAOS: I need to find Edgeworth and Vindicator. I don't think they're gonna be traveling together, though.

{The ark flies aside Chaos's Ship.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Do not forget about me Chaos!

VINCENT: Sephiroth and I, have taken a temporary truce, in order to fix the universe!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: OH CRAP! The courtcase!

VINCENT: The court case on Episode 3!

{Cut to the courtroom. The Judge and the jury are there, covered in dust.}

JRS: This has been way more than a 20 minute break.

EGGMAN: More like a 2 Week one!

CARTMAN: Man, this is boring. Screw you guys, I'm going home.

EGGMAN: Same! I have to see how my other dimensional self is doing.

JRS: Fine. Since no one has turned up, I call this case, ABANDONED!!

{Everyone leaves.}

{Cut back to the skies, with the Ark, and Chaos's ship. Tommyspud and Nick reappear on the Ark, trading hand to hand blows. Nick ducks a roundhouse, and hits a stiff uppercut, then goes for a quick hook. Tommyspud ducks, and hits a couple quick punches, and then trips Nick with a sweep. Nick dodges a dropping elbow, and flips up to his feet, going for a running knee. Tommyspud grabs the knee and hits a spin kick on his brother, sending him down. Nick then dodges a running kick by Tommyspud, and tackles him off the Ark. Cut to the sky, as both brothers fall to the ground, still trading punches and kicks in the air. They grapple, and push away, disappearing soon afterwards. Cut to the top of a empty building, as they appear. Tommyspud begins quickly gliding towards his brother, on one foot.}


{Nick smirks as he stands still, and grabs onto his brother at the same time as Tommyspud grabs him}


{A bright light shines, blinding the view of all who watch, as an explosion rips through the building, bringing it down. Cut to a close up, as rubble falls from the building, and you can see Tommyspud falling, battered and bruised, to the ground.}

TOMMYSPUD: {speaking weakly} It.... can... never.... be... finished. {disappears}

{Cut to the ark, as Tommyspud reappears on it, staring straight up at the sky, then Chaos appears over him.}

CHAOS: Your brother doesn't know when to quit.

{He points hishead at Nick.}

CHAOS: Meteor! {he jumps, and drills a GAINT meteor into Nick, who goes flying, then sprouts his wings and tail, and follws him down to the ground, slashing and bruising Nick.}

{A giant bomb comes flying toward Nick.}

CHAOS: Maybe this broken universe can work for the better.

{A second bomb appears next to Chaos.}

CHAOS: Or maybe it can't. {pulls back, and lands on the Ark.}

CHAOS: Everyone! Geton the Invincible! The universe will fall entirely apart soon! {in his head} I can't Believe I'm helping them...I think I'm gonna barf again.

{Everyone on the ark hops onto the Invincible.}


{Both pieces of the Pumice fly back into Chaos hand, and The Ark desintegrates.}

CHAOS: I'll call him when I need him.

{The sky starts dissintigrating.}

CHAOS: I supposewe have to save Nick, too.

{The Ark picks up Nick and flies away.}

{The sky completely dissintigrates.}

{Cut to Nibelheim, with Super Sam, and Eggman Nega.}

EGGMAN NEGA: Crap. The Sky's faded.

SUPER SAM: Yes.. {Gets out a remote, and calls out an Airship Called the HMS Clamafore. They both hop on, and take to the skies. The Outerworld Music from FF7 Is playing.}

EGGMAN NEGA: Man, Why is FF7 Music playing?

SUPER SAM: It's my radio. Shall I change it?

EGGMAN NEGA: No, I kinda like it.

SUPER SAM: Go suck a butt.

EGGMAN NEGA: Hey! Shaddup!

SUPER SAM: {Looks at Radar. The Invincible is 1 Mile away from Super Sam's ship.}

EGGMAN NEGA: Crap! This is Chao's ship. I have some issues with him.

SUPER SAM: I'm going into my Aldi-Fridge.

EGGMAN NEGA: Can I have Cola Please?


{cut to Hell, where Helsong is moving hundreds of undead monsters with Kuja.}

HELSONG: So, Kuja, what have you done for the last 300 years?

KUJA: Turned a tree into a giant base made of memories, died on a root, came back tolife, and met you, my pretty.

HELSONG: Oh, stop it. We have to lead all of them into earth.

KUJA: Before it's destroyed?

HELSONG: It's being destroyed, along with everything except for Terra, Heaven, and here.

HELSONG: So, the war REALLY is beginning.

{Cut to the ARK, where Tommyspud and Nick are close to each other, they go into a headbutt war, trying to push each other}

TOMMYSPUD: I don't even understand why Chaos bothered to put you on the ship, you are a TRAITOR anyways.

NICK: Ha, look who calls who a traitor, you left the group, and jumped sides.

TOMMYSPUD: You change sides at the flip of a coin. You want to settle this!

NICK: It's not even going to go anywhere... {Nick turns around} I don't like fighting you, there can never be an actual winner. {Nick looks over at Chaos} Why did you bother to put me on this ship anyways?

CHAOS: I wanted to bring you both to Terra, to teach you a little more about your brother, and his REAL birth.

TOMMYSPUD: REAL, what are you talking about? I think I would know my own brother.

CHAOS: Just wait. On Terra, the story of all life is told. Why don't you two go get chummy. It'll be a while until Terra comes out of hiding.

NICK: Beware, knowing too much, Chaos... It can, and will be fatal. You might think you are immortal, but that doesn't mean you can't be punished.

CHAOS: Trouble's the LAST thing on my mind.

TOMMYSPUD: Chaos, what is going on?

CHAOS: From start to finish or a long-story-short type of thing?

TOMMYSPUD: Since I know this is probably going to turn into a huge length, give me the short version.

CHAOS:Believe it or not, Tommyspud, you're a terran genome project. Your brother, family, family, growing up life, and even now, is a lie. And, I know your real "father".

(OOC: Wow... You really pulled that out of thin air... Thing is, that is pretty much true for his actual backstory, XD)

TOMMYSPUD: You really can't be serious....

{Nick suddenly bursts out laughing and he claps his hands}

NICK: Well done, Chaos.... I hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you come upon this information?

CHAOS: That's something you definetely CANNOT KNOW.

NICK: {Smirks as he looks at Chaos} Oh, I cannot know how you got the extremely classified information that only 2 people know. You found the master, didn't you, he told you the information, then you KILLED him. Didn't you...

CHAOS: With any luck, you'l find out on Terra.

{Nick smirks as he turns around}

NICK: Maybe, I'll find out how much you really know. {walks to the other side of the Ark.}

{Tommyspud is obviously stunned at learning what just went down. He is completely standing still.}

TOMMYSPUD: So, I'm not real... Everything I know, everything that I thought I have done... Is a lie?

CHAOS: Not entirely. You were made from an egg, and was brought here 5,000 years ago by the Ambassador from Earth. Then, you were found by a genius, your "Father", who solved the puzzle by adding human genome DNA. Then, you were born.

TOMMYSPUD: How long, exactly, have you known this?

CHAOS:I'll tell you something about myself first. I may reincarnate, but I am as old as time itself. Older than everything, even the Zenith. And...I know this because I was the ambassador. I knew your creator. I knew every member of that planet.

TOMMYSPUD: We are going to meet my Dad, correct? Then good, so be it, there are a few questions I want to get off my chest that I want to be answered. Like everything that's happened to me, questions like about why my brother knows this stuff.

CHAOS: Your honest-to-goodness father died with the rest of the Terrans, 5,000 years ago. That's why I brought you here. But I know everything you need to know. Just shoot.

TOMMYSPUD: Everything that I need to know? Really. So, what section of my memories is fake, and what is real... Just my birth and family are fake, right, or is there something else?

CHAOS: You are not related to anyone who raised you. Your production code is 1970322. You were part of your own little project, Project "Thomas", to build a better Terran without any defects, and a full gamut of emotions and a soul. You Were incolpmete when Terra was destroyed. I took you here on Earth and hid your egg in a special barier until just recently. Then your generic life began. Nick only knows because...Your father disected you and opened your memories. He told everyone, then they all turned on him and said he was crazy. Nick believed however.

{Nick laughs on the other side of the ship.}

NICK: And I wasn't a complete idiot for doing so. Look who is on the ship. Look at the only one who took you in, and is it just coincidence that I'm here. Not really. So, Chaos, what is my role in all this. You could have killed me, but you didn't. So, may I ask why?

CHAOS: I wish I knew.

TOMMYSPUD: How long before Terra appears, Chaos?

CHAOS: It's time now. Goodbye, EARTH!

{Everything turns white, and the screen turns white. Then, a blue cloud above and a red cloud below show up, form a staircase that connects, than a large, mars-like wasteland appearsat the connection point of the stairs. A large planet, glowing red in the center appears . The Invincible flies toward the planet, and The Ark and Super Sam's ship appear as well. Super Sam's ship flies down to the wasteland, and both ships head towards the planet.}

CHAOS: Welcome home, Tommyspud.