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The Glabal take over Earth, leaving everyone else to defeat them.


{Cut back to the end of the last episode.}

ZNEX: {sarcastically} The Glabal? Oh no! Not the Glabal! Not another villain! How could this get any worse?!

{The Muffin Eater pops up.}

TME: Mmmm, tasty muffin!

{Cut to an Earth city, everyone is just doing what they do, until a large black airship comes over from the skies. Out of it, emerge the Glabal.}


{Everyone starts panicking.}

GLABAL LEADER: Do you think we did good?

GLABAL SEC: Yeah. We did good. But, what about Sephiroth, and his companions?

GLABAL LEADER: Oh, they will come. But until then... MY PEOPLE!!! ERECT A STATUE OF US IN EVERY MAJOR CITY!!

{Cut to where Sephiroth, and everyone else is. Sephiroth flies over to the Ark, where Znex and Chaos are.}

SEPHIROTH: Whoa. We really need to stop getting in this mess.

ZNEX: I'm starting to get sick of these take-overs. If you want, I can take you all on a holiday to an alternate reality! {grins}

SEPHIROTH: No, Unless you want to meet the Reanimated Corpse of Zharanavuka. These Glabal are dangerous. If you do 1 bad move, they will kill you. We should defeat them, shouldn't we?

{The Ark lands, and Chaos runs outside.}

CHAOS: I just heard. The Invincible's on it's way, charging the cannons. How are we going to hold them off until then?

SEPHIROTH: I... don't know.. See, when we both destroyed them before, at our separate planets and times, they were weak. But, they've already gone over a powerful Evolution.

{A Voice is Heard. It's the Glabal Leader's Voice.}

GLABAL LEADER: There is no use in doing that Chaos. We are holding the entire Earth hostage, along with the People in it. People who you care about. Fire those cannons, and you will doom everyone. But do as I say, and we might spare you two.

{A large green tentacle with a mouth comes, and picks up the Glabal Leader. It pulls him into the shadows, where red and purple energy blasts kill most of the other Glabal.}

CHAOS: Oh, don't tell me.

{Suddenly, the Other Glabal appear again, and the shadows clear, to reveal the Glabal Leader standing, with the Tentacle Monster, dead, in a scene of ultimate bloodshed.}

GLABAL LEADER: Think again Chaos. {He lunges towards Chaos with a sword, and slices his arm right off. He then picks up the arm, and burns it.} We are still bloodthirsty you know!

CHAOS: I don't think you should be afraid of me. It's HIM. you should be afraid of.

{Chaos' arm regenerates, then the tentacle returns to life, and Adel steps out from the shadows. His eyes are red.}

ADEL: Master Paracite! Return!

{The tentacle returns into adel, and adel transforms, and looks like this.}



{Chaos turns into Demon Chaos.}

GLABAL LEADER: {In a really mocking tone.} Aww.. Father and Son. You bore me. Get out of my sight! I only really have 1 person to kill. Go fight in Mercury. Do some damage while you're at it. {Snaps fingers, and sends Chaos and Adel to Mercury.} Now you, Destroyer.

SEPHIROTH: Hmph. {Brings out a Sword.}

GLABAL LEADER: I will break you.

{Demon Chaos and Demon Adel both land on the Galbal Leader as they are falling from the sky. Adel shoots a giant ray that kills all the other glabal in sight. The Leader is unharmed.}

GLABAL LEADER: Weaklings. I am the true Glabal. I will destroy you! All of you!

SEPHIROTH: You aren't as tough as you think. All of your army was destroyed by a child.

GLABAL LEADER: Hmph. Evolution has done a lot to us. {Charges towards Sephiroth, and transports. As he's about to leave, he says this.} You Two! DEMONS! STAY OUT OF THIS!!

DEMON CHAOS: I need to help relive an old memory. Begone, son.

{Demon Adel begins to strike him, but Demon Chaos jumps and breaks a building, which puts him under a pile of rubble. Chaos transforms back, and teleports to where the Glabal Leader and Sephiroth are.}

CHAOS: What've I missed?

SEPHIROTH: Not much, we were just about to get started. {They both get into fight positions, then they start throwing punches at each other.}

GLABAL LEADER: Hmph. Say, you can just call me by my real name. Call me, Davros.

SEPHIROTH: Fine. Davros. {Start fighting even more.}

CHAOS: {In head} I hope Sephiroth remembers the month is almost up. Vindicator is going to be killed soon. And I can give up the good guy act, or maybe I should continue-to beat the muffin and Adel, I mean. I still get sick to my stomach helping them.

{OOC:PLEASE don't say that you or Darvos heard that becuase they "read my mind". It helps to the plot...sort of...}

{OOC: Don't worry, they won't. I can't even do it.}

SEPHIROTH: This has to be settled.

DAVROS: Shall we then?

SEPHIROTH: We shall. {They both start throwing energy blades at each other, dodgine each other. They then start swordfighting.}


CHAOS: The Glabal were always so foolish. When did they get so much better?

DAVROS: When we evolved, idiot! {The battle starts turning Davros's direction. Davros knocks the sword out of Sephiroth's hand, and then suddenly, Sephiroth turns normal again.}

SEPHIROTH: Oh.. crap!

DAVROS: PEOPLE, WE STAND BEFORE YOU, TO SHOW, THE FINAL MOMENTS OF A SLAUGHTERER!!! I WILL NOW, DESTROY YOU!!! {Gets both swords, and then Impales Sephiroth with them, into the heart.}

SEPHIROTH: {Gasps, and speaks with a shortened breath.} God.. No... Chaos... Chaos.... No... I.. know.. of... the... secret... Heh. {Does a weak grin, spits out blood, and then disappears.}


{OOC: Don't put me in Hell, or Heaven yet, nor try to revive me. I'm not gone for good. Sephiroth}

CHAOS: He...{Eyes turn red, and his voice fuses with Demon Chaos'} Was...My...FRIEND! {He turns into Chaosus Omega X.}


{Chaosus Omegas X's 3 heads blaow him open their mouths, and a giant flurry of lasers blasts through Darvos, leaving only his weapons and a pile of guts.}

{FF7 Sephiroth comes in.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: What happened!? WHERE'S SEPHIROTH!? Not me of course. The other.

ZNEX: Uh, I think he's dead. Or something. Now, just in case any more all-powerful villains come, I'm gonna summon one of the guys I've met on my journeys.

{Znex presses a series of buttons on his cuff, and a genie appears.}

GENIE: Greetings, master. What is your wish?

ZNEX: Uh, I wish that no more super-powerful villains will come and try to take over the universe.

GENIE: Granted. Instead, super-powerful heroes will come and try to take over the universe.

{Znex frowns.}

GENIE: Okay, okay! I was only joking! Okay, granted.

{A bling sound happens.}

{Cut to a planet, with Mountains, Waterfalls, Lakes, and practically the natural sign of beauty. Sephiroth is standing there.}

SEPHIROTH: Whoa! .....Where the Heck am I?

{A Purple Alien, with white hair, and a yellow suit comes down.}

???: Greetings Sephiroth. I am named Sennin. Or, The Creator of Planets.

SEPHIROTH: Cool. But, why am I here? I got killed. I should be in the afterlife.

SENNIN: That would be, if I didn't save you, just before you were destroyed.


SENNIN: I managed to save your Mind, and Soul, just before you were killed, and managed to place it inside the Core of this empty planet, in this empty universe. You control this universe. You own it. You are the Kaioshin of this universe. You are the universe.

SEPHIROTH: Whoa. So.... I'm not me? I'm the Planet?

SENNIN: Pretty much.

SEPHIROTH: WHOA MAMA! That is both Creepy, yet cool at the same time.

SENNIN: Thought you'd like it. So, yeah. You're the planet. You can do whatever you want here.

SEPHIROTH: So, what happened to everyone else?

SENNIN: They all think you're permanently dead.

SEPHIROTH: Yeah, but I'm from Sharoth! I regenerate!

SENNIN: The damage done to you was so immense, that you wouldn't be able to cope with it anymore, and so you would be destroyed anyway. Even if he didn't kill you, you would of been killed. It just happened to you earlier than everyone else.

SEPHIROTH: ELSE?! What do you mean?

SENNIN: Everyone else is in danger too. They will soon die.


SENNIN: Remember when the First Chaos was destroyed?


SENNIN: His last words were that he wasn't gone for good, and that's true. When he died, he implanted this cell into everyone there at the time, quickly poisoning everyone, without them noticing. But once it does happen, don't worry, as I will do the same to them, as I do to you.

SEPHIROTH: So, you'll put them here?

SENNIN: Yes. And after that, I will repair their bodies, so they can walk freely back on Earth, as they can.

SEPHIROTH: Ahh. But who are you? Really?

SENNIN: I'm the owner of the east sector of the Multiverse. You got placed in the Universe called Caroler Oust.

SEPHIROTH: Caroler Oust? Doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

SENNIN: That's how most things are.

{Cut back to where Chaos is.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: He's dead? Big shame. Well, shouldn't we make a funeral for him then?

ZNEX: I suppose so. But I think we should worry about laxatives now.

{OOC: Hellooooooooooooo...}


CHAOS: He's just an idiot.

{Chaos lands next to them.}

CHAOS: So, Sephiroth, how goes the ERRAND I put you on?

{OOC: Wink, Wink.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: It's doing fine. Each second he exists, he's falling further into my trap. Well. I guess we should have that funeral now. Darn. 2 People dead now. Him, and Badstar.

CHAOS: Well, don't look at me. Cartman ruined the thing.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Yeah, but let's just have it anyway. We can just silence him if he says anything.

CHAOS: Or we could destroy his invitation.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: We could do that, as well. But, let's just do it.

{Cut to a church on Sharoth, different than the one for Badstar. The Priest is there, at the pedestal.}

PRIEST: We are here to mourn the loss of Sephiroth, even though, his body never was found, he was seen killed by Chaos. But, instead of a coffin, we put a bunch of Useless Junk we don't need anymore, to recycle, as this also is a recycling plant, as Sharothians barely go for good. But, yes. Lets mourn.

ZNEX: {looking at FF7 Sephiroth and Chaos and thinking} They're up to something, I just know it. I should get something to stop them if they do try something, and I know just the thing. {presses a series of buttons on his cuff and disappears}

PRIEST: Now, we get his brother up here to speak. {Lavos goes up.}

LAVOS: Sephiroth, he was, a nice man. Annoying, but nice. Anyway, he shouldn't acually be dead, as he should of regenerated. I say, we just wait, and see, what shall happen.

{Soon, everyone starts to gasp, and they all disappear, the same way Sephiroth did. Cut to the Universe, Sephiroth, and Sennin is.}

SEPHIROTH: Oh man. It happened, didn't it?

SENNIN:' Unfortunately, yes. They're dead. All of them.



SEPHIROTH: So, what's gonna happen?

SENNIN: We have to wait it out, until, I repair the bodies, and get rid of the poison gene. Meanwhile, they have to make do, with the artificial bodies I gave them.

{Everyone looks up, at a hill, where they were both standing, talking to each other.}

LAVOS: Wha? Sephiroth? You're alive?! {To everyone else.} Ha! Told ya! ....But what are we doing here?

SEPHIROTH: We're dead. Our souls have been placed inside the universe for the meanwhile. We all control a bit of it.

{OOC: Don't give me any bullcrap, trying to say that Sennin is evil, and must be destroyed. He's not.}

CHAOS: I can send you to your respected resting places, but I need records from your home worlds.

SEPHIROTH: Nah, I'm happy here. You know, you're talking to a duplicate of me. I'm actually the universe you are in. Watch. {A Golden Statue of the TARDIS from Doctor Who spawns from the ground.} Also! {A Chest comes from the ground, holding an Amulet made of Gold, and Blood Rubies.}

CHAOS: Stop that! Do you want to end up in Terra again?

SEPHIROTH: Sorry. But anyway, we're here, because, this is a base for all of us, while our bodies are being vaccinated from the Dark Gene The First Chaos gave you while he was dying.

CHAOS: Dark Gene. I made that thing. However he got a hold of it, I'd like to know.

SENNIN: I will shed some light on this. His name is First Chaos, and even though you claim not to be, you actually shared over 90% DNA with him. The Dark Gene, however, is lethal, on anyone, other than the people, who already have it. How you got here, I do not know, as I don't remember collecting your soul, to put on here.

CHAOS: I am the REAL First Chaos. He's a lie. I am the only real Chaos.

SENNIN: I'm not sure, but all I know is, that he has a lot to do with you.

SEPHIROTH: Prehaps he's a Chaos from an Alternate Timeline?

SENNIN: Could be. What do you think, Chaos?

CHAOS: Wait...he carries the dark gene...I only put that in The Darkness, which I gave to tommyspud... I know what he is!

SENNIN: What is it? Tell me that, and I will tell you something too.

CHAOS: The darkness is a small Orb I enejcted into Tommyspud, a terran genome. It's the only substance to carry the dark gene, but it burns it off, and it took an imprint of the creator, me. The imprint and the dark genes spent 5000 years fusing together, until it leaked out as a blob of energy, which turned into him.

SENNIN: That explains it.. And, what I need to tell you. I've seen you before. However, the last time I saw you, you were an Infant. I knew your father. In fact, I was actually his friend. We worked together, until we both parted ways in 1066 AD. He took the souls of the Dead, and I created the resting places of them.

ZNEX: Did you manage to get Godwinsson before you left?

SENNIN: Yes. There's a place in Limbo just for English Royalty.

CHAOS: Infant. I've been an egg for lord knows how long.

SENNIN: You know what I mean. You've heard of me however, surely? Didn't your father ever talk to you about a stubborn comrade?

CHAOS: I remember you. You were always some sort of phrase. I don't remember what it was.

SENNIN: Anyway, right now, everyones bodies are at the lab, in Mercury, where I'm based. Right now, I am looking for a cure to the darkness gene. The only cure, however, is the gene opposite to Darkness. Light. However, I don't know how I can make it.

CHAOS: If I created the gene, why didn't you just come find me? It's simple.

SENNIN: Because I know you can't make the light gene. You don't have the right materials necessary. Unless you would care finding them for me.

CHAOS: Right materials? Look, the dark gene was just dark matter doused with my demonic blood. Which means all you need is Joseph's blood and...well...a piece of a Zenonian nova crystal. It releases NOTHING but pure light, and if it's dropped, it creates an explosion more powerful than a star going supernova.

SENNIN: That's not all. See, the Light Gene is more complex than the Dark Gene. You need more things, and those things are: The Feather of an Angel, Mercurys Tear, and, the Sacred Blood Rubies of Jupiter.

CHAOS: Uh, about those rubies...

{Chaos holds up a burnt bag, and it pours out red ashes.}

CHAOS: Is there an alternative to those?

{Cut to SUN HQ}

USERUNKNOWN:Do we have a lock on Chaos?


USERUNKNOWN:Prepare the Bath-o-sub!


{Cut back}

SENNIN: Well, the only one alternative is the cursed blood rubies. Located in Earth.

{Two huge bath tubs that are attached to each other fly out of the ground.SUN is printed on them}

CHAOS: Hey, Userunknown. Now, where on Earth are they, if they're still on here?

SENNIN: Not just just where, when. In Feudal Japan, in the giant temple of Osaka. The Blood Rubies are in the giant golden chest.

USERUNKNOWN:Actully, I have them.But...I turn into Userevilunknown if I give them away.Witch is why I went back in time to steal them.

CHAOS: That's just a backpack filled with costume sequinds.

SENNIN: Pitiful Fraud. {Points Finger at Userunknown, and transports him into the Ice Nebula.}

USERUNKNOWN:{Teleports back}Nice try.Here they are.{Gives Chaos a cooler that contains the real cursed blood rubies}

CHAOS: These are frozen cherry tomatoes!

{Chaos hops in the Invincible.}

CHAOS: To feudal Japan!

{The Invincible flys through a wormhole.}

USERUNKNOWN:{Face palm}He's gonna waste sooo much time.{Hair starts to turn black}Uh-oh.

{Cut to Feudal Japan. They are at a Giant Red and White Temple.}

SENNIN: Right in here, at the top floor.


{Chaos walks past everyone, up the stairs, and picks up a bag with red rubies inside. Then, he hops back into the Invincible, and returns.}

CHAOS: Now, an angel's feather.

{Chaos stares at Joseph.}

JOSEPH: Don't you-

{Chaos beats up Joseph, and fills a tiny vial with his blood, and plucks a feather from the Angel's Command.}

CHAOS: That leaves the mercury stuff and the crystal, right?

USEREVILUNKNOWN:{Teleports to the top floor.Has giant bat wings, metel claws, red eyes and black hair} Oh, no you don't.

SENNIN: Idiot. He's still there. Anyway, the Tears of Mercury are located in... Mercury.

USEREVILUNKNOWN:No.Not an idiot.{Stabs Sennin a 100 times}

SENNIN: Fool. I created the land you stand on. {Grabs Userevilunknown, and sends him in an unknown universe.}

USEREVILUNKNOWN:{Teleports back.}Nice try.{Kicks Sennin}

SENNIN: {Rips his leg off.} Want it back? Come get it. {Throws it a far.} I can't be bothered playing with this weakling.

{Cut to Mercury.}

USEREVILUNKNOWN:{Teleports in with his legs on} He's weak.

SENNIN: I'm weak? I could wipe you from existance, and even crush the SUN forces right now, without moving a muscle.

SUPERDUDE:{Teleports in} Finnaly I found him!Quick, pass me the cursed blood rubies!I need to turn him back!

SENNIN: I can't! We need them! Use these! {Throws over the Purifying Diamonds.}

SUPERDUDE:But those will make him turn into...

USERDOVEUNKNOWN:Hello civilan!What seems to be the problem?


SENNIN: Hmph, well, anyway, We need to go looking for the Mercury Tear. Come on.

{The Episode Ends, with Everyone walking towards the distance.}