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Sephiroth finishes his training, Chaos is brought back, the universe falls apart, and the Wikihood begins to fight back.


{Sephiroth is now fighting a sea monster, with Phil, Znex, and Van watching.}

SEPHIROTH: DIE SEAMONSTER!!! {Jumps, and burns it with Chakrams. Sushi falls from the sky.}

VAN: I wonder how the "Funeral" is going...


VAN: It doesn't seem to phase you that badly, though.

{Cut back to the funeral where there is another hologram of Znex with the other funeral-goers.}

ZNEX: Now, who wants me to tell the story of The First Chaos?

{Everyone looks up.}


ZNEX: Well excuse me for trying to do what someone tried to do last episode. {FOURTH WALL BREAKAGE!!!}

{Cut back.}

{OOC:That was the FINAL Chaos. The one in the armor right now. Who is just Chaos with amnesia. Sort of. Don't worry about it.}

VAN: I have the indistinct feeling Znex's hologram is trying to do what someone tried, but failed because he can't read, and therefore tell the difference between "Final" and "First". That was odd.

{OOC: Okay, I think we should clean the plot. Start anew. We all know we're not getting anywhere with this training crap. Chaos, you can carry on with your plot, I'm gonna end my one.}

{3 Months Later. Sephiroth is now standing on top of a giant monster corpse, holding up the Lances.}

SEPHIROTH: My training is complete! I am whole again!

{Cut to Joseph aboard the Ark.}

JOSEPH:It's been more than half a year since Chaos died, and all I have to remember him by is his digital orb, and then there's that mysterious guy in the armor.

USERUNKNOWN:{Falls from the sky}Ow.Me?I'm not mysterious!But I do wear armour!Or do you mean that other guy in armour?

{Joseph punches Userunknown, and sends him offscreen.}

JOSEPH: Idiot.

{Userunknown comes back on and punches Joseph}

JOSEPH: You're not helping.

{Joseph pulls out a gun, and shoots a large laser which incinerates Userunknown and sends his ashes offscreen.}

{OOC:Userunknown, you're ruining the moment.}

JOSEPH: I still remember when I joined up with everyone.

{Cut to him and Zharanakuva at the Ice Planet in Episode 10.}

JOSEPH: I didn't think I'd see Chaos again.

{Cut to an image of Chaos.}

JOSEPH: But then I found him with these guys.

{Cut to Joseph being taken away by the Rainbow Ice Titan.}

JOSEPH: But he saved me...

{Cut to them fighting on the Planet of the First Chaos.}

JOSEPH: And for a while, all we did was fight against each other.

{Cut to the war.}

JOSEPH: I had to retreat to the Ark for the war, where all I could do is watch as mt friends practically commited suicide eto keep everything safe.

{Cut to Adel.}

JOSEPH: Then Adel came along.

{Cut to Van, and the evil Wikihood.}

JOSEPH: And then Van and KoTA came, as well as that evil Wikihood.

{Cut to DeathBringer.}

JOSEPH: Then there was the simulation, with that wretched tournament, and then

{Cut to the armored Chaos.}


{Joseph walks to the control room, where the armored Chaos is.}

JOSEPH: Just who are you?

????:' I wish I knew that for myself.

JOSEPH: How did you find us?

????: Well, when I awoke, I was in this weird place, and all I remembered was my name:Chaos.

JOSEPH: That's not your name. You're nothing like Chaos!

????: Then I saw that "Adel" kid, he said I wasn't alive. So I spoke up. Said I was.

JOSEPH: And blew your cover?

????: Suprisingly, no. They all seemed to deny they heard me.

JOSEPH: Interesting.

????: So, I followed them, and fought him, and that freak with the weird staff.

JOSEPH: Darvos. Then Sephiroth died again.

????: I guess.

JOSEPH: Hey. Try grabbing onto this orb.

{Joseph hands The stranger the orb, and when he touches it, The sound of Chaos laughing comes out of nowhere, and his eyes widen.}


????: I remember.

JOSEPH: Remember what!?!

????: This orb-it belongs to me! Alphamon. {Gasps} I...I'm alive!

JOSEPH: Chaos?

CHAOS: I'm actually alive!

JOSEPH: Yes! Chaos is back!

{Joseph hugs Chaos.}

CHAOS: OK. Don't get emotional one me, kid. I'm alive. Big Whoop.

JOSEPH: Sorry. {lets go} So, what happened after you sent the digital power out?

CHAOS: It was dark, and I was all alone. I could hear chanting, though.

{Cut to the description Chaos has described.}

CHAOS: All of a sudden, I see Demon Chaos, then I see...

JOSEPH: You see...?

CHAOS: My "friends". Then, Demon Chaos latched itself on me, and I, I felt invigorated. Then, I broke free, and all that was left was his shell. I put it on, it turned into metal armor, and them...the friends... they began to disappear.


{Chaos pulls off the armor, and appears as himself again.

CHAOS: Set full steer of the Ark towards the horizon. Alert Sephritho, Badstar, AND Vindicator that I've given up. The month is over.

{Cut to a room with Sephiroth, Znex, Van, Kain, Oiracul, Noxigar, Namine, and DiZ.}

JOSEPH: good news everyone! Chaos IS alive! He's back in action, and has given up the hunt for Vindicator!

{cut to Hell, where Incarnate is, in his Satanic form, twitching with power every few seconds}

INCARNATE: Brother, in two days will be the day of end. There will be a full moon and all planets of all galaxies will be completely aliened. This only happens once every 666 years. And with Death's son back, nothing will stop us, nothing at all.

{Plotman (Joseph in a cape and mask) flies into the scene.}

PLOTMAN: WRONG! These 5 anomalies in the series are what cause the universal rip. You also shouldn't try and go ahead and change what you think the course of the episode will be without consensus from the other contributors! PLOTMAN, AWAY!

{Plotman flies away, and breaks a wall in the building. Cut back to the Ark, where Joseph is tired out, and dressed as Plotman.}

CHAOS: You okay Joseph?

JOSEPH: Just a little tuckered.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Well, I'd be tuckered if I kept jumping teleports everywhere. {His phone rings. He picks it up.} Oh. The hunt is over... Crap...

CHAOS: Did you really need a phone for that? I just said that over the intercom! Or, at least made Joseph say it.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: I know. I wasn't there for the intercom, and Joseph couldn't find me, so he called me. The thing is... I set lots of traps for him. ....Meh.

{The Radar begins to ping like crazy.}

CHAOS: What the hell is THAT?!?!

{Chaos points to an abnormally large rip in the sky.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: {Starts to Laugh. Soon after, the Lauging evolves into insane laughing. He stops.} I knew this day would come. But never so soon. The universe is in a highly unstable rate. Many events have caused this, and now it is happening. In 2 days, the universe will shatter, and wipe everything inside it from existence, and it will be, like nothing had happened before.

CHAOS: This must have been caused by the events on Terra, as well as the many time-parallel and universaly-unadaptive deaths. Like mine.

JOSEPH: We need to escape the vaccum of this universe in 2 days? That'd be like suicide!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Not for me Joseph. I could ditch you all right here, right now.

CHAOS: Well, doing so would cause a painful future for you... Just hang out on the Ark. This thing can withstand abnormalities in time! This thing could probably withstand everything we throw at it!

{Chaos pats a wall in the ship. His hand goes right through and the plate flies away into the sky.}

CHAOS: Well, it can still withstand Time paradoxes.

JOSEPH: {redaing the scroll of life} Wait...This says "excessive Time...Traveling..."

{Everyone gives a nasty look at Znex.}

SEPHIROTH: Wait... Oh crap! {Teleports out, and teleports back in with a giant blue crate.} Well, that's my personal belongings sorted!

CHAOS: Dang. Well, Hell will still exist after all of this. Hades and those satans will PAY for their betrayal!

SEPHIROTH: The Satans didn't have anything to do with it, and Hades was dragged along. It's Adel who needs to pay. And, we met him earlier, so we have a bit of a clue on where he might be...

CHAOS: Well, anyone who even remotely attempted to mobilize while I was indisposed will FEEL MY WRATH! Especially that fool Incarnate. He shall feel a wrath on a much worse degree.

SEPHIROTH: Darn. But I still expect you to ask me where Adel is! I HAVE A FAINT IDEA IN HIS LOCATION!! HE MESSED WITH MY BUSINESS!!!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Calm down.

SEPHIROTH: NEVER!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! {Suddenly switches to a demonic form.} Whoa... Never done this in a while.

CHAOS: Allow me to help you in the easiest way imaginable. {rips off Demonic layer} We need more funds in the costume department, guys. Now, let's just go through hyperspace, shall we?

SEPHIROTH: OW!! Do you know how painful that is!? You could just ask me to change back! But anyway... Shouldn't we try to fix the rip, before it expands, and devours itself?

JOSEPH: I think he means we need some...INTERSTELLAR help? {winks}

CHAOS: He means we want Sharoth and the Rthorsnklau, and maybe even...the Glabal...or at least the ones that like us. The Demon Army will support us without FAIL! just seems odd that it didn't die from straining itself earlier. Why now?

SEPHIROTH: No Glabal. I know them the most. They hate anything that isn't themselves, except for their allying races, the Hatture, and the Yerrkal. Those last two races are much more friendly though.

JOSEPH: Hey! I forgot I had this!

{Cut to Joseph with the Celestial Gauntlet.}

JOSEPH: Think the CG could help?

CHAOS: Perhaps. We'll need to go right away. Ready, Sephiroth?

SEPHIROTH: Yep. I even have lots of useful weapons in this box. These weapons can make even Userunknown faint with infinite fear.

CHAOS: I could faint him like that with what I ate for lunch the day before I went AWOL. So, initiate turbo!

{Chaos presses a button, and the Ark proceeds to leave the atmosphere. On the ground, Adel and A reanimated corpse of The First Chaos and Darvos are watching the Ark take off.}

ADEL: Father, you gullible demon. Trying to HELP the universe now? Tsk tsk. Me, and my new "friends" will see to it that you fail in your task.

{Cut to show that in back of them, all of their enemies, are all standing there.}