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Despite the resistance from the Wikihood characters, all is lost and the Wikihood characters are forced to flee into exile...on a tropical island?


{Fade in on the White House, where a large army of zombies is waiting. A Roman zombie is standing on top of the White House.}

CAESAR ZOMBIE: {speaking Latin} Amicitia, Romanorum, Paganus, commodo mihi vestri auris!

{A zombie crawls over to him and whispers in his ear.}

CAESAR ZOMBIE: Oh, vox vox. Ahem. {starts speaking English} Greetings, fellow dead. Today, we have made a large accomplishment! Even now, all the leaders of the world are within our midst as fellow corpses!

{The zombies cheer.}

CAESAR ZOMBIE: Vini, vidi, vici!

{The zombies cheer even louder.}

{Cut to within the shadows of the White House where all the Wikihood characters are hiding.}

ZNEX: {whispering} Well, they won.

CHAOS: That's great. So, let's think of a place for you to all go.

ZNEX: There's this cool place I found while surfing through the Alternoweb. It's a search engine in the cuff that allows you to look for certain alternate universes. Really cool. {grins}

SEPHIROTH: LOOK OUT!! {Pushes Znex out of the way, and grabs a bullet that's just about to hit him in the back of the head.} They're on to us! ....Well Oswald Zombie is.


HITLER ZOMBIE: What!? Spies? Wait... {Gets out binoculars and looks at Sephiroth} IT'S THE MAN WHO KILLED ME AND MEIN WIFE, AND THEN MADE IT LOOK LIKE A SUICIDE!!! LETS GET THEM!!!

SEPHIROTH: Well, what do we do? We've been spotted.

NOXIGAR: Spotted by what, may I ask? You make this look like Diablo II instead of multiple animes now. {cut to Namine's living room again} Namine, can we please have a different plot?

{Cut to Namine on her computer playing Diablo II as a necromancer. A Clay Golem is pummeling Duriel.}

NOXIGAR: Never I mind. {cut back to Zombie Land} Okay, so now I need to get some use into me. I know, how bout... a tank that shoots dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a zombie's weakness.

{Cut back to the White House.}

ZNEX: Hey zombies. FORCE PUSH! {thrusts his hands outwards and Hitler and Oswald fly into the horizon} SO, we gonna go to that place?

USERUNKNOWN:Yes. I guess. Uhhh...You go first.

ZNEX: Alright...

{Znex presses a series of buttons and all the Wikihood characters including Znex disappears. They all reappear on a tropical island where there are enough seats for all of them and glasses filled with their favourite drink as well.}

ZNEX: Well, how do you like this?

NOXIGAR: Hmm... much better than an episode ago. Shouldn't there be a White Castle? {drinks a chocolate milkshake}

{OOC; Znex, my plot describes the episode better. Anarchy is what happens when a government doesn't exist or is too ineffective to be existant. A plot is a story's government, and for the episode to be called Total Anarchy, there cannot be a plot driving the story. - Noxi}

{OOC: Fine, then I'll change the title. I couldn't think of any better one.}

{OOC: There, happy now? - Znex}

ZNEX: What White Castle? I just found this on the Alternoweb when I was looking for perfect holiday locations.

SEPHIROTH: Well, we're just gonna relax while our home universe is being invaded? Meh. You know, this isn't actually an island? It's a Sand-Whale.

{The Whale Island Rises, to reveal itself as a Whale. The Whale then swims down, to make everyone fall off, and then he swims right at them, and swallows them with one bite.}

{Cut inside the Whale.}

SEPHIROTH: Znex, you know why this universe had no one in it? Well, it's obvious now.

{Cut inside Seph's Lab, where the Android creation is nearly completed. The Android then slides into a pod, which scans the android and makes it organic, in which it goes into a platform, which it moves up. The Android Comes out, all covered in shadow, and it comes out of the shadow, to reveal he is a humanoid creature with: Chao's Hair, Znex's Eyes, and Sephiroth's Body Structure. The Clothes he's wearing looks like a mix between the clothes of Chaos, Znex, Sephiroth, Noxigar, including the Golden Body armour Sephiroth has in his Sharoth form.}

SEPH: Yes! My creation is complete! Cyborg #100, or more fittingly, Omega, do you hear me?

OMEGA: What? ... Um... I think so. Umm... Who are you? Where am I?

SEPH: Careful, Careful. I am your creator. You, are a hybrid of many powerful warriors, made, to destroy them.

OMEGA: What? This can't be! I don't destroy! I live to create, to explore, to do as I please! I don't need some stuck up person using me for evil! {Runs out.}

SEPH: Hmph. He won't survive out there. He doesn't even recognize his own potential. The fool.

NOXIGAR: You ripped a portion of my jacket for that? Now I have to get back to our previous setting to locate my Heartless.

{Cut back to Twilight Town}

NOXIGAR: Don't tell me that you got the island plot from Survivor.

NAMINE: I didn't. I got it from Gilligan's Island.

NOXIGAR: Ah. Well, we need a raft. Can you help Seph and the rest of them?

NAMINE: I'm drawing their escape as we speak.

NOXIGAR: Good. Just take 'em to White Castle.

NAMINE: Why not Burger King?

NOXIGAR: You know what? Take 'em to Burger King instead. And inform them that the First Chaos' "revival" is non-canon.

NAMINE: Any villain suggestions to replace the non-canonity?

NOXIGAR: My Heartless, an venomancer named Deathbringer.

{Namine throws a cellphone at Noxigar}

NAMINE: You don't have to teleport back to me for help. Just a simple contact of my number is all that's needed.

NOXIGAR: Um... thanks.

{Cut to a log cabin. A venomancer Heartless is there}

DEATHBRINGER: I knew that zombies scared people! Now I have most of the universe to myself. Soon they'll forget all about it. Diablo has nothing on me now!

{OOC: Deathbringer is a venomancer Heartless, a parallel of Noxigar. He is the villain of this story arc. He is also an illusionist, able to create illusions of anything dead or alive. Since First Chaos is dead, Deathbringer can make an illusion of him just to anger the Wikihood cast. -Noxi}

{Cut to Pandemonium, Where Chaos, Sephiroth and Joseph enter.}

CHAOS: Well, this'll save us some time. Now, what do we do about this?

SEPHIROTH: No idea. But, it's funny that no one hadn't noticed we had gone, and the fact that the whale had a gap in his teeth. Anyway, I just don't know the plot any more.

{OOC: Don't erase this. Whether First Chaos is dead or not does not rule him out on being duplicated. I'm just filling in a plot hole. - Noxi}

CHAOS: Well, from the looks of it, a zombie army has uprised and, {scrolling through an iPod to the last scene} Noxigar's venomancer heartless has just sworn that he will rule the universe.

SEPHIROTH: Well this is confusing. What are we doing?

CHAOS: The Usual: Destroy the power-hungry ruler, bring peace back for a little bit, Start another plot, Make a plothole, y'know?

{Omega flies in, just to see Chaos and Sephiroth, and then quickly leaves after they spot him.}

SEPHIROTH: Wait? Who was that? Something about him seemed familiar.

ZNEX: Dunno. Anyway, I'mma gonna take a holiday. This just seems the same as it was before. See yous.

{Znex disappears.}

SEPHIROTH: Man, I think we should just rewrite this plot. To clear up some confusion.

NOXIGAR: Tune in next week as we revolutionize storymaking!

{End episode}