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After Khaos comes in, he brings in more evil versions of Wikihood Characters (Noxigar is exempt from this).


{Fade in on the Wikihood characters fighting their evil doubles.}

ZNEX: Zex? What kind of name is Zex?

ZEX: The kind that makes you crawl up onto your loved one at night and then proceed making babies with. Like a bite?


SEPHIROTH: Not as evil as liking Elton John.

SEPH: Shut up Queen Lover!


BOTH: Not as bad a Madonna that's for sure! Whoa!!

{The wall blasts apart and superhero versions of the Wikihood characters walk in and they get the evil versions away.}

ZNEX: Whoa, who are you guys?

IRON MAN SEPHIROTH: I am.... Iron Man!! Mostly Sephiroth in the Ironman suit.

SEPHIROTH: Have all of our forms from all universes been rounded up into 1 universe or something?

ZNEXMAN: Well, only a few of us. We're trying to save this universe.

{Skullbuggy wheels in.}

SKULLB: Yeah, we-- oh, shoot. I guess I forgot my superhero costume. Welp. Hi, everyone.

{Long silence.}

ZNEXMAN: Who are you again?

SKULLB: You know! The Amazing Skullman?

ZNEXMAN: ...You're a new superhero?

{Another Skullbuggy wheels in(the normal Wikihood universe one).}

SKULLB: Hey guys.

{SkullB looks at his superhero doppelganger.}

SKULLB: Woah. Are my teeth seriously that bad?

{Suddenly, SchadelB (evil SkullB) enters.}

SCHADELB: So, du bist hier jetzt? AHAHAHA! Du werdest tot sein wann ich töte dich!

SKULLB: ... Woah. I've got an evil German doppelganger.

ZNEX: You shoulda seen my doppelganger.

{Znexman kicks away Schadelbuggy.}

SEPHIROTH: Not as bad as mine. He liked Elton John.

SKULLB: Gyah! That guy had to be evil!

IRON MAN: I don't like either Elton John or Queen! I like Red Dwarf!

SEPHIROTH: That's not a Musician, and I agree with you.

SKULLB: So... what is it we're doing?


{A Sharothian runs over.}

SHAROTHIAN: Sephiroth! Sephiroth!

SKULLB: Estuans interius ira vehementi! Estuans interius ira vehementi! SEPHIROTH!


SKULLB: Fine, I'll let you talk. Mmph.

SHAROTHIAN: They are not regenerating, Sephiroth. I sat beside many of them for a long time, waiting for them to come back, but they did not.

SEPHIROTH: Well, that is because it is because you are looking at a blue fire.

SHAROTHIAN: Sephiroth, I am serious! I watched many fall down from plague, but they did not come up again. I fear something is terribly wrong. I was the only survivor.

SEPHIROTH: I know you are faking. We are all immune to plague.

SHAROTHIAN: Fine. They just died for no reason. Happy now?


SKULLB: I love organized crime! Let's do it!

SEPHIROTH: Yes! Let's do it!

SHAROTHIAN: I don't think these guys can be killed.

ZNEX: What do you mean?

SHAROTHIAN: I saw no foreigners around at the time.

{A kirby pops up randomly.}



{SkullB punches Moobly in the mouth. With one of his wheels. Moobly then absorbs SkullB, then walks over to a cliff, then spits him out.}

MOOBLY: Never get into a fight with a kirby. {walks off}


SEPHIROTH: Wait... I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! The part of the body, or spirit, as we kinda evolved so much that our bodies are practically unneeded, but anyway, the Spirit Orb, must have been disabled by the virus. The Spirit Orb, is the only thing that we need to live. It is the source of our thinking, regenerating, and living. Eating, Breathing, and Sleeping aren't on the list. We don't need that. It's just a highly loved comfort with us. The only way to cure this, is to destroy the virus, by attacking the source of the plague. What were the symptoms?

{Lavos comes in, along with a few people from Planet K, and Hell.}

LAVOS: Looks like this was a personal attack, people. The plague was hit in the homeworlds of practically everyone here.

SHAROTHIAN: Uh, it's almost as if they just...died. They all started coughing, then fell down in a seizure. It was a very sudden plague.

SEPHIROTH: Yep. It's the spirit orb alright. So, any clues on where it came from?

ZNEX: We could always ask the evil doubles.

{Cut to a dark room where Khaos is seated, tied up. A light is being shone upon him.}

ZNEX: How is the plague happening?

KHAOS: How am I supposed to know?

{Znex slaps him in the face.}

ZNEX: I'll ask you again, how is the plague happening?

KHAOS: You can slap me a million times and I still won't tell you.

{Znex slaps him in the face again.}

{Seph comes in.}

SEPH: God, Khaos, why don't we just tell him! Remember, he said he wanted to see them again, so they can be destroyed!

ZEX: Nah, I think he just said that he wanted to kill them.

SEPH: Yes, so let us take them to him. {Gets out a Net Bazooka.}

{Khaos rips off the ropes and stands up.}

KHAOS: Yes. Let's.

{The evil Wikihood characters get the Wikihood characters forward.}


{They are in a ship, flying in a colourful highway, with colourful surrounding. Elton John Music is playing, and there are Grey, and Blue blocks on the highway.}

{Inside the ship, all the Wikihood Characters are tied up with Unbreakable Titanium rope. Seph and Zex are piloting the ship.}

SEPH: Man, I love going through the Audiosurf galaxy! It's a good shortcut, it's good to look at, and I can play my music! Wait... The songs over. We're here. {They are now heading towards a broken planet, composed of lava. Space where they are looks all red now.}

{Cut to the Invincible, which is following the evil Wikihood from the blind sport in back of it.}

CHAOS: Wonder if they noticed We left.

ADEL: Father, Untie me!

{Cuts to Adel, in a corner of the invincible, tied up with the rope the others were just in.}

SEPH: We have noticed. {A Giant Unbreakable net goes around the invincible, and takes it with them.}

ZEX: We are here.

{The ship lands on a platform hanging directly over the lava. As they get off, a fiery wraith flies over to them.}

WRAITH: What business do you have with the almighty Chaos'?

ZEX: We have captured these whelps for him. Shall we take them to him?


ZEX: Zex.

WRAITH: Zex...I'll look it up in the records.

{The wraith takes part of its body away and the part turns into a folder. The place where the part was taken away regenerates. The wraith then looks in the folder.}

WRAITH: Ah yes. Yes... {snickers} I'll inform one of the Chaos' at once.

{The wraith flies off, snickering.}

SEPH: Come on! {Everyone follows the wraith.}

{They follow the wraith to a large black fortress, where the wraith flies into.}

ZEX: Now we wait.

{A large number of wraiths fly from all directions and surround them.}

WRAITH: Come with us.

{Cut to inside the fortress, where they're all inside a room. One of the Chaos' is sitting at a desk in a large office chair.}

THE 45TH CHAOS: When I heard what the wraith said, I was disgusted. The other Chaos' gave you strict instructions to take the galaxy. Then you come back with a group of numbskulls.

KHAOS: {quietly} Oops, forgot about that part.

THE 45TH CHAOS: You're just lucky that the other Chaos' wanted these numbskulls for killing The 63rd Chaos. He always was a bit wimpy. And stupid. But, we shall not forgive you next time. Dismissed.

{The evil Wikihood characters leave the room.}

THE 45TH CHAOS: So, I heard you caused quite a bit of trouble for The 63rd Chaos, am I right?

{Cut back to the Invincible, Where Joseph is eating a cookie. He looks like he's a little funny, instead of being solemn, and he presses a giant red button.}

JOSEPH: Super-Red-Eye-Destructo-Lazor-Beam-That-Destroys-The-Place-That-The-Plot-Is-Arranged-In-So-We-Can-Do-Something-Else-Beam-That's-On-The-- Bottom-Of-The-Ship-But-Will-Travel-From-The-Bottom-Right-And-Go-To-The-Top-Left-Beam-Go!

{A Giant Beam shoots from the bottom right of the screen, and destroys the area. The Invincible then picks eveyone up.}

JOSEPH: I have the best idea to make amends and try to work together:Let's get Pizza!

{Everyone agrees, and the Invincible flies to a random pizza place.}

{Cut: The Pizza Palace.}

SKULLB: I don't know how I survived the fall off that cliff, but this pizza's delicious!

ZNEX: Yes...

{People are still dropping dead.}

SEPHIROTH: I say we should kill all these Chaos'. Not our one though. I mean the really big and evil ones. Because, if he duplicated himself, wouldn't that mean, he would also have to split his power?

{Vindicator rises from below.}

VINDICATOR: {non-challantly} Hey.

{takes some pizza}

ZNEX: He didn't duplicate himself, you silly, they're all alternate versions of him from thousands of other universes.

SKULLB: {to himself} I wish I could phase through walls.

{Joseph starts choking for some reason, even though he has no soul and theoretically can't die in any way.}

SEPHIROTH: Oh crap. The plague is happening here.

LAVOS: Oh Crap! Take this! {Drops a pill down Joseph's throat, and then puts pours water down. Joseph stops choking.} There. This pill cures the plague, and also gives you an immunity. I was attacked by it, so I took one. {Throws them at everyone else.}

JOSEPH: I swallowed my keyblade chain.

LAVOS: Oh. Well, you're still immunized from the Virus, so... yeah.

CHAOS: So, {Pulls Joseph, Lavos, and Sephiroth close;Whispering} What are we supposed to do about this "Evil" Wikihood?

ZNEX: I think they died when the place got blown up.

{Joseph starts choking again but he hasn't swallowed anything.}

JOSEPH: I put my thumb down my throat.


{OOC: It's part of the storyline. Since you blew up the place, now they're after you. >=) - Znex}

ZNEX: Why do you keep putting things down your throat?

JOSEPH: The Pizza tastes like Death!

{Cut to Chaos sprinkling black liquid on the pizza. When it hits, clouds of black smoke shaped like Jolly Rogers Lifts up from it.}

ZNEX: Chaos, stop that!

{Znex sighs and presses a series of buttons on his cuff and the pizza is back to normal.}

ZNEX: I gotta get me a new form.

{Chaos resumes sprinkling the pizzas.}

ZNEX: Oi! Do I have to get a Shoop da Whoop guy to come in and vaporise all your favourite pop stars?

CHAOS: That sounds awkwardly familiar, but no.

ZNEX: Well, stop it.

{Znex presses the same series of buttons as before on his cuff and the pizza is back to normal.}

JOSEPH: Only in Windchestertonfieldville, minnechusettsabama.

ZNEX: Wha?

JOSEPH: It's the only place in existence where what you said you could do can happen. It also spawns...evil...clones...{Stares at the evil Wikihood}...AH!!!

{OOC: Where what I said I could do what can happen? - Znex}

SEPHIROTH: While we're here, eating pizza, innocent people are getting killed! {Gets a Giant Bomb, which blows everyone out of the Pizza Place, and destroys the Pizza Place beyond repair.} Now come on!

{The pizza place repairs itself, and Joseph tries to sneak back and open the door, but Sephiroth hits him on the head and drags him away.}

SEPHIROTH: So.... We're supposted to stop the cause of the plague, to destroy it... It can't be the darkness gene... We need some research.

{Cut to a far away lab, where Seph, and an Android Servant are working on something. The Camera moves around, and it is a prototype of another android, with some organic parts. A Tube is connected to the parts, and is filling it up with some purple liquid, Labeled DNA.}

SEPH: Excellent! Those Fools, and all these mock Chaos's will all be destroyed! Right #99?

ANDROID 99: Perfect!

'{OOC: Seph betrayed the Chaos's. Do not destroy him, #99, or the secret android, and know one knows. It's all in the plot.}

{Cut back to where everyone is.}

{OOC: But I don't want the Chaos' to be killed! I want them to take over the universe, and there'll be this cool refugee scene, and THEN we find a way to kill them. Besides, even if it works, more Chaos' will come anyway.}

{Noxigar arrives}

NOXIGAR: Eh, sorry for the random disappearance. DiZ told me to investigate some Jay Gatsby person. And you should know what Namine's doing right now...

ZNEX: What is Namine doing right now?

SEPHIROTH: Dunno. Probably screwing up Sora's adventures.

{OOC: Don't you worry Znex, just because the creator is evil, doesn't mean the creation is.}

NOXIGAR: So, is there any way I can make a difference in this episode? I could summon a zerg base from Starcraft.

{Noxigar takes out a megaphone, dialing "radio free zerg" on a keyboard first}

NOXIGAR: Awaken, my child. I am the Overmind, the eternal will of the Swarm. You have been created to serve me. {Techno music plays in the background}

{Two undead dark templars morph into a Zerg Dark Archon, chanting, "Serve the Hive" while the techno music plays. All the while, 4 Hatcheries and a Spawning Pool are all created}

SEPHIROTH: Well, actually, you could be useful for something..... You could infiltrate the base of the evil versions of us, and kill your duplicate, and take his place, and spy on him. By the way, take these Fembots.

{An army of Female humanoid robots come in, and side with Noxigar.}

SEPHIROTH: Their charm is unresistable. And when you least expect it, they attack.

NOXIGAR: One small problem: I has no duplicate.

SEPHIROTH: Wrong. You are, a Nobody, and therefore, you have 2 different duplicates. A Proper One, with a Heart, and a Heartless. Nuff Said.

CHAOS: I just realized: I have no heart. That makes me a heartless, but I'm the original, so I'm a human heartless, and Joseph is my nobody, but he has my heart?

JOSEPH: Took you long enough.

SEPHIROTH: I don't have a heart either... nor a brain, or any vital organs... All those needs are stored in my spirit orb. What does that make me? I know I'm not a heartless.

CHAOS: You're basically undead, because the scroll of all life still says you're dead.

SEPHIROTH: Human Terms, yes, I'm undead. Sharothian Terms, I'm a Healthy Alive Higher Middle Class Paladin of the Dragoon Knights. And I just revealed who I worked for. Crap.

CHAOS: I'm a persian assassin, Greek warlord, Deathknight, Paladin, necromancer, dragoon, pirate, thief, and demon. All retired.

SEPHIROTH: Hmm.. We need to do something about this plague, and fast.

CHAOS: you, maybe. Now, what caused this plague?

SEPHIROTH: It's the first Chaos. He came back in a plot twist and made the plague. By the way, we have a lot of plot holes we need to fix. LOTS.

CHAOS: Now, the First Chaos is our top priority. I partially made him.

{OOC:This time, the first Chaos will stay DEAD! Seriously. If he keeps coming back, we get more plotholes.}

{OOC: Ahem... -_- *points to OOC comment before Seph's one*}

ZNEX: Oh, no you didn't! The First Chaos is a being entirely of his own. I'd love to go back in time and find out how he was made and such, but I simply don't feel like it.

{A nearby corpse opens its eyes and stands up.}

ZNEX: {not noticing the corpse} If you all think you're superior to me, you can just solve this problem on your own. And don't blame me if you mess up the entire thing, 'cos in real life, the taking away of parts would never work. Goodbye.

{Znex fades out and disappears. The corpse starts to walks towards the others.}

{OOC:...Yeah, I'm killing the First Chaos forever after that. Take your fill until then.}

CHAOS: Oh, boy, another slave!

{Chaos stamps the zombie, and it disappears in a blast of fire.}

{Another blast of fire appears and the corpse reappears.}

CORPSE: {in a demonic voice} Foolish boy. Our bodies are protected by the divine power of The First Chaos. You cannot destroy them. However, we can destroy yours.

{More corpses get up.}

{All the corpses diasappear, and Adel bursts into the scene holding a destroyed rope.}

ADEL: Don't expect much more help from me in the future.

{The corpses reappear.}

CORPSE: You fool, did you not pay any attention to what I just said? We cannot be destroyed.

{Adel throws a red and purple ball, and they disappear again.}

{The corpses reappear.}

CORPSE: Nothing you do can stop us. Even now, more corpses are being raised, even those of people who have been dead for a very long time.

{Adel makes another purple and red ball, and all the corpses are gone.}

{The corpses reappear.}

CORPSE: You're starting to irritate us, boy.

SEPHIROTH: We're aware of that, but the short moments you are destroyed gives us moments to breathe. You stink like crap man. {Does a Makenasappo blast, and impales all the Corpses at once, and destroys them.}

{OOC: I am so confused Znex. What is it with all these Chaos characters? I mean, we gave him a good end in the last episode of season 1. -Sephy}

{OOC: Plus, did I SAY you were allowed to make terrible knock-offs of me?}

ADEL: You mean so little to use. In truth, we really don't care about you.

SEPHIROTH: Eekawawa.

{OOC: Darn, we should really use our Fake Characters more. There have been like... 6 characters who should still be with us, but after a while, we don't even mention them any more.}

{Yet another plot hole. I'm more concerned about my own character to really focus on mny others.}

{OOC: Yeah.. We really need to fix these plotholes somehow.}

{OOC: Let's have a special episode where we dispel all the current plot holes, or at least make up terrible endings. As for the rest of the characters, we should make a page of the characters we can control, and get rid of them when they leave or disappear.}

{OOC: Agreed ;D}

{OOC: I just made the page. You start it, seeing as you yourself left a plothole or two.}

{OOC: Seph, that wouldn't have even worked if I was there. In reality, The First Chaos would've just respawned. If someone's immortal, they can't be killed by ANYTHING. And then you just killed him with acid. Tut tut. - Znex}

{The corpses reappear.}

CORPSE: {to Adel} Ooh, you think you're all high and high, do you? Well face it boy, once our legions are powerful enough, we'll be powerful enough to take on devils. And thanks to the time you've spent with us, we've actually already got a fifth of Earth's dead population! {laughs evilly}

{The corpses run off towards where other living beings are.}

ADEL: I am no DEVIL! I am much greater! I am an archangel, angel of death!

MOOBLY: Give it up, Adel. The undead have already passed on. {starts chuckling} Passed on. Heh heh.

{Cut to Fort Nox(where the U.S. Money is made and stored), where corpses are marching upon.}

GEORGE WASHINGTON'S CORPSE: Fellow Americans, give up your riches here and become like us, for riches are nothing like immortalism.

{A corpse next to him that looks strangely like Benjamin Franklin whispers to him.}

GEORGE'S CORPSE: Or something like that.

{Cut to inside the Fort where everyone is shaking in fear. Some of them are surrounded by the corpses of fellow workers who died from plague. Cut back.}

{Cut to the ford theatre, where the Corpses of Lincoln, and Booth are firing machine guns and killing people.}

LINCOLN: Booth, I'm so glad we teamed up!

BOOTH: Yes, I kind regret killing you.

LINCOLN: Oh yeah, I forgot. {Gets out a gun, and shoots booth.} That's for killing me!

{Cut back.}

SEPHIROTH: This is Catastrophe!

USERUNKNOWN:What's a catastrophe?Where did I even go?Um...need help?

NOXIGAR: {sigh} Another episode wasted on the first Chaos. May I please use Photoshop magic?

{Cut to Namine's living room}

NAMINE: What? We need more recurring characters.

NOXIGAR: We have over 9000 characters already.

NAMINE: What, 9000?!

NOXIGAR: Exaggeration intended. Now may I please change the plot?

NAMINE: I'll think about it...

VOICE: Wasted?!? WASTED?!?

{The First Chaos appears.}

THE FIRST CHAOS: You shall pay for your cheek.

{Noxigar is twisted out of shape into a spherical shape, which then bounces out into space.}

THE FIRST CHAOS: There. {disappears}

{Cuts to a riot outside of the pizza joint. Every Wikihood character is holding up signs stating that we change the plot.}

FAKE CHARACTERS: Hey hey! Ho ho! Recycled plots is a no-no! Hey hey! Ho ho! Recycled plots is a no-no!

CHAOS: See, Znex. This, THIS is why we try and try to destroy the first Chaos. Plot holes and destruction of the fourth wall.

{All the fake characters die.}

VOICE: If one more person suggests we change the plot, I'll destroy the entire universe.

SEPHIROTH: You know, breaking the 4th Wall frequently scars the universe, and all the lifestream comes at it to fix the scar, in which some evil guy asorbs all the lifestream and gets powerful. {Everyone gives him a weird look.} Oh poo, I'm just gonna end the episode.

{The Episode ends with a bonus part.}

{Cut to the plothole episode. Everyone is still there.}

DAXTER: You know what, let's just have a suprise appearence in 21.