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  • More backtracking, and more plot progression.
  • This time the "backtracking" is to the House universe, to figure out more about the FoxDie virus.
  • Oiracul and Joseph meet their rescue, unless Tannenbaum can get to them first.
  • Jacques has a little scuffle with Psycho Mantis before finally getting to use the crystal ball. Once the crystal ball is used, Jacques makes his plans.
  • Noxigar spares Chaos only to have him experiment with a new universe crafted from five to six planets that serve as "fragments" known as Marshal's Depravity. To get the sixth fragment to work, he has to get rid of the Ferngully universe.
  • The Black Duke sends another bounty hunter to defeat Noxigar, this time giving a Frost Armor so Noxigar's poisons are useless.


{Noxigar sits in his fortress Glagitar again. He slowly paces back and forth.}

NOXIGAR: Let's see... Homestar Runner universe, where Strong Sad ended up with a FoxDie virus for some odd reason. The FoxDie virus was from the Metal Gear Solid universe, as I thought, but I still don't get why Strong Sad would hallucinate gas masks before his heart attack.

{Noxigar takes out a container of the FoxDie virus in a frozen cube.}

NOXIGAR: At least I have this to play with. Not like it will do me any good in its frozen state.

{Noxigar places the FoxDie virus in a hot serum, then leaves the serum inside an injection needle, which he places in his pocket.}

NOXIGAR: All set. Now let's see how much Dr. Wilson's been drinking since last time.

{Noxigar opens a corridor of darkness to the House universe. He goes there, seeing Wilson's office with a bunch of vodka kegs lying around. The place also reeks of vodka, much to Noxigar's annoyance.}

NOXIGAR: {coughs} Augh, this office is horrifying.

{Dr. House opens the door.}

HOUSE: I agree. Anyway, why are you back? I cured the arsenic patient already, and I'm fairly sure your M. Bison agenda is already known to my staff.

NOXIGAR: Explains the alcoholism Wilson's got.

HOUSE: Actually, no. That's a whole 'nother story of which isn't your business. So, what is your venturing to this universe doing in terms of anything? As far as I give a rat's ass, you should leave.

NOXIGAR: Why not visit my favorite doctor every once in a while?

HOUSE: Me? Or Wilson?

NOXIGAR: Depends. Say, can you look up the FoxDie virus on this here syringe?

{Noxigar gives House the FoxDie virus syringe.}

HOUSE: FoxDie? Do you play that many videogames? Your syringe here deals with nanomechanics the likes of which are armed powder kegs on other places and absolute rubbish in different areas. You should try visiting those for experimentation; my universe won't cut it for your little game.

{Noxigar shrugs. House points his cane at Noxigar.}

HOUSE: And keep your poison out of my office, and my hospital. I care about a good majority of these people, despite the city being a dying whore.

NOXIGAR: As you wish.

{Cut to Joseph and Oiracul. The two are heading towards a recognizable land mass. Before they can make it there, the Minotaur pops out of the water and prepares to dive at the two.}

JOSEPH: Scatter, scatter!

{Joseph dives underwater to attempt to get out of the way. The Minotaur dives back into the water, going for Joseph. However, the terrain disadvantage finally reveals itself as the Minotaur cannot charge at Joseph completely to get into melee range. It pops out of the water and roars. Oiracul hits the Minotaur with a throwing axe of which electrocutes it to death, courtesy of an Eel Aura Oiracul summoned while it was attacking Joseph.}

OIRACUL: The Tin Machine's here!

{Oiracul dives in, grabs Joseph, and gets both inside the Tin Machine.}

JOSEPH: Man, I thought we'd never escape that thing.

OIRACUL: Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is our escape from collision with a universe. The bad news-

{Pan to the Minotaur, who looks back and sees that he and the Maze World fragment collide with the Bonus Stage universe. The collision completely crushes Phil and Joel's house, while also making a good portion of the area wet with water and silvery fluid. Only the boxing gloves and horns remain of the Minotaur. While the universe is not destroyed, many of the Maze World's ruins cover a good majority of it. Cut back to Oiracul and Joseph.}

OIRACUL: ...yeah. That was the bad news.

{Cut to the BS Universe. Phil and Joel are standing in front of their smashed house.}

PHIL: Weak, dude.

JOEL: Oh cheer up, Phil! It can't be too bad! I mean.. sure our house is destroyed and many of our friends dead, but we'll get through, right?

PHIL: ..No. {Punches Joel in the nose.}

{Cut back.}

JOSEPH: You're kidding! All of that work and he tore it up like a wet piece of tissue! That bastard!

{The Tin Machine activates, and the interior of the ship lights up. A video message appears on the touchscreen.}

THE DUKE: Hello, and thank you for choosing The Tin Machine as your vehicle of choice. Set the coordinates on where you want to go on the touchscreen. {A touchscreen comes up next to the video.}

OIRACUL: That's awesome. Now, let's see...

{Oiracul sets the coordinates on the touchscreen for his home in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.}

OIRACUL: I have a little cottage over at the D&D universe which contains trophies of bounties I've obtained.

{Oiracul confirms the coordinates theresuch, and sets his watch for his manager.}

?????: Ah, did you get Maze World destroyed?

OIRACUL: Yes, but it ended up at a price. A price of which-

?????: Yes, yes. I would suggest laying low. I've seen Tannenbaum and his Voidspawns parading through the Multiverse. It isn't pretty.

OIRACUL: Anyway, I've worked for you and The Thin White Duke for many years. Care to explain why you still work with him?

?????: I'm the Black Duke. Black and white are constantly in unison, akin to a piano.

OIRACUL: Okay...

BLACK DUKE: Anyway, I'm just a skeleton that wears black knight armor. In non-D&D, this would be referred to as a lich in passing.

OIRACUL: A lich? That's...awesome!

BLACK DUKE: Yes. If you'll go to the D&D universe, I sincerely doubt anyone will try to pursue you, at least not without a twenty-sided die.

OIRACUL: Gotcha.

BLACK DUKE: Meanwhile, I have to go and make a rotisserie chicken, since I'm primarily in the mood for it and it appears to be the most appetizing out of all the food in The White Duke's refridgerator. He has my phylactery in a freezer so I "don't melt". Sometimes I don't understand. Anyway, make it to the Dungeons and Dragons universe and try not to fail any death saving throws.

{The transmission ends.}

OIRACUL: Phylactery? Melting? I don't get The Thin White Duke sometimes either.

{Cut to Noxigar in the House universe still, reading a newspaper.}

NOXIGAR: {singing} Sliiiime beneath me, sliiiime up aboove...

{House arrives.}

HOUSE: I see you're enjoying the newspaper. I came to tell you that some of my employees, despite their lack of PlayStations, have decided to examine your FoxDie virus to humor you.

{Noxigar stands up from House's chair.}

HOUSE: This does not mean giving them buku overtime, so make yourself quick with this little business.

NOXIGAR: I don't recall the contestants' numbers, sadly.

HOUSE: Then you should probably commit to memory their actual names.

{Noxigar exits House's office, and finds the office of the employees. He finds the area empty, and proceeds to draw in the sketchbook. He draws Chaos, in a new universe of Noxigar's creation. Chaos is inside a blue heart-shaped stasis similar to the one in Episode 44 for Joseph and company.}

NOXIGAR: This new universe shall hold Chaos inside a universe full of Nobodies. How about a name for it, like... Marshal's Depravity? That works...

{Noxigar draws many swampland terrains, united with chains.}

NOXIGAR: Five planets. And it's near the Ferngully universe, which I will go after next. So it gives Chaos a chance to see if he can at least put up a fight, then once I find Hexxus and destroy the Ferngully universe, I make the sixth part of Marshal's Depravity.

{Noxigar draws five fragments of Marshal's Depravity, each connected by chains and drawbridges. The sixth piece is not connectable due to the Ferngully universe's blocking where it would go.}

NOXIGAR: And now to assert my plans... and spring forth into making sure Chaos is stalled before he can reach that universe!

{Noxigar draws armies of Dusks, Creepers, Dancers, Snipers, and Thieves to block each bridge and to hunt some of the wildlife, which happens to be many, many small insects and lizards.}

NOXIGAR: Good, let the fun begin!

{Noxigar closes the sketchbook. Leaving the FoxDie virus syringe behind, Noxigar immediately springs a corridor of darkness and begins entering it. Cut to Chaos, in the first fragment of Marshal's Depravity.}

CHAOS: Man, this place is wonky. I can't make any sense of it...

{A hologram of Noxigar appears.}

H.N.F.T.F.: Good day, Chaos. I have saved you from your otherwise-inevitable waste of a death mulligan. Welcome to Marshal's Depravity. You are on one of five connected fragments of this universe courtesy of myself. However, I am to fix a design flaw by destroying the Ferngully universe which blocks a sixth fragment I had created to reward you for your efforts in traversing all the fragments. Hopefully I can succeed to give you your reward. Toodaloo!

{The hologram dissipates.}

CHAOS: He's so lucky I don't have any of my old powers anymore.

{Chaos continues walking until he trips of something and lands face-first in a pile of swamp muck.}

CHAOS: Damn mortal legs...

{Chaos investigates the item he tripped over. It appears to be a logo.}

CHAOS: Hmm...

{Chaos brushes off the item to revealed to be a sign for a company called "LightTech."}

CHAOS: What the...LightTech? This couldn't possibly be one of Noxigar's inventions...But what is it doing here? And what is it's relevance...Noxigar, you better not be up to something.

{Chaos gets up and begins running ahead. A shadow is hiding between the thickets and trees.}

CHAOS: All I need to do is find a SENSIBLE way off of this planet.

{Cut back to Noxigar, who is at the Ferngully universe, grinning as he draws more Sniper Nobodies and Thief Nobodies at later fragments.}

NOXIGAR: If I were Hexxus, where would I most likely turn up at? Oh, the sixth fragment will help Chaos feel better about losing his powers!

{Noxigar approaches a huge deforestation machine. He looks at it for a few seconds, then shrugs. Tannenbaum begins to make a ringing noise in Noxigar's head, like a a crappy vibraphone ringtone.}

TANNENBUM: Hey Noxi, what are you doing?

NOXIGAR: Tearing apart a craptastic universe, but first going to use my Nobodies and recruit the Big Bad of it. The usual. Also, I recovered Chaos to test his mortality in a new swamp world I crafted that is in five, soon-to-be six, fragments. If my Snipers can turn him into a Nobody, we have ourselves a wonderful payroll. The sixth fragment should guarantee him a portal to the Void, where I told him his reward would be. In essence, more psychological experimentation with a pawn. If that's an issue, I can give my Sniper Nobodies the kill command and he will probably drop flat like a fly.

{Noxigar apporaches the huge deforestation machine, seeking an entrance. Cut to Jacques and Psycho Mantis, still in Jareth's throne room.}

JACQUES: {Presses a button on his watch and talks through it} Duke, pick up! Who is this man?

THE DUKE: Him? Oh. His name is Psycho Mantis. He originally came from the Metal Gear Universe. Armed with the power of telekinesis, so be careful. At any second, he could turn on you, throwing a painting at your head, or even worse.. Forcing you to kill yourself against your own will. However, my question is: Why is he even here?

PSYCHO MANTIS: Oh, I've been here for some time now. I had been ordered by Tannenbaum to hunt you down. He sees you as a potential threat to Noxigar.

JACQUES: So that's who you're with? Noxigar? Well, I'm afraid that you're out of luck, because by the end of this, you'll be nothing more than a stain on the carpet!

PSYCHO MANTIS: Such confident words from someone like you.. But can you prove them to be true?

JACQUES: Of course I can! Have at you!

{Jacques readies his pistol and aims it at Mantis, who is just standing there. As he pulls the trigger however, Mantis quickly dodges the shot.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: {Laughs} Oh, you really are the reckless one! So full of anger. That is really not the way to go in life! Pfft. Like I care!

{Mantis lifts up a nearby statue and launches it at Jacques' head. Jacques jumps out of the way and fires 3 more shots at Mantis. But Mantis dodges those shots just as easy as he did last time.}

JACQUES: {To the Thin White Duke} What's going on? He's dodging all my shots!

THE DUKE: That's the thing about the Mantis. He can read your mind. That means that he can sense every action that you're going to do, even before you do it. Long story short, he's always going to be one step ahead of you.

JACQUES: Then how do I beat him?

THE DUKE: Try to confuse him. If you do that, his powers won't be as effective, and you might be able to land a hit or two on him.

JACQUES: Right. How can I do that?

THE DUKE: Easy. Change the controller port from Slot 1 to Slot 2. Don't ask. JUST DO IT.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Enough talking! I'm getting bored!

JACQUES: Oh, really? Well here's some entertainment for you! {Tosses the gun to his right hand and quickly shoots at Mantis. This time, the bullet hits him in the chest. Mantis yells in pain, and then tries to smash Jacques with the throne. Jacques rolls forward, and the throne smashes into pieces by colliding with the wall. While on the ground, he fires at Mantis 4 more times, hitting him. This finally knocks him down. Jacques stands up and walks over to Mantis, gun still in hand.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: You.. you.. changed your aiming hand.. You clever sneak! {He looks down to his chest, and sees five bullet-holes in his chest} No.. No way.. Not now.. I cannot die just yet! No.. I won't!! I REFUSE TO DIE!! {He manages to pick himself up from the ground, staggering a bit before he gets his balance back. He looks at Jacques for a second, before bursting out in laughter.} You haven't heard the last of me yet, Jacques DuFour. I'll be warning Noxigar of your existence.. He'll make a very special attempt in destroying you! {Opens up a Void Portal, and then flies into it. It disappears just as quickly as it had been created.}

JACQUES: He's gone. Finally.. What a freak.

THE DUKE: What he said.. "You haven't heard the last of me"? A chilling choice of words. He's definitely going to hold that against you in the future, methinks.

JACQUES: Pfft. I'll be ready for him. Well, at least we'll be able to find out where Noxigar was, thanks to the ball.

THE DUKE: Oh yeah. That's right. Look into it. It'll be our next destination.

{Jacques pulls out the Crystal Ball and looks into it for a second. Images flood his mind, such as the Hospital in House, the FoxDie Virus and the Ferngully Universe.}

THE DUKE: What did you see?

JACQUES: House universe. NOW. After that, we're stopping off in the Ferngully universe to put a stop into Noxigar, once and for all.

THE DUKE: Wait.. The House Universe? Why would he pick a universe like that?

JACQUES: I have no idea, but I need to find out. He might be plotting something extremely dangerous. My mission isn't only just to destroy him, but to stop any Chaos from happening under his name.

THE DUKE: Well, you seem to know what you're doing. I'll send a Tin Machine down your way.

{Cut to Noxigar, who is inside the deforestation machine. His Viking and Sorcerer Nobodies surround said machine outside.}

NOXIGAR: {yelling} Can I get a witness? Or at least a Hexxus? I'm here to destroy Ferngully and I could use a professional's aid to see its weakness! I will use this machine to do it, or so help me my Nobodies will do the work! I need to act quickly!

{Noxigar's necklace glows in warning. Three holograms pop out of it.}

H.N.1.: I'll distract Jacques.

H.N.2: No, I will!

H.N.3: The distraction has to be somewhere he won't expect. How about... the ruins of the Bonus Stage universe for one place.

H.N.1: Then I can go to the House universe and oversee the FoxDie virus.

H.N.2: And I follow Jacques around as a more legit distraction!

H.N.3: His bullets won't be able to destroy holograms!

H.N.2: Assemble!

{Each hologram makes their own corridor of darkness to said destinations.}

NOXIGAR: wonder Wilson drinks. If stuff like that happened to me, then I'd be a tad baffled, too.

{OOC: Hmm... who'd do Hexxus' lines the best? I sure don't remember much of the movie outside of that song, so I'm not it.}


TANNENBAUM: Oh Noxi, I should probably mention what I'm doing. Defeats the purpose of checking in if I don't check in.

NOXIGAR: What exactly are you doing?

TANNENBAUM: I'm giving the rebel insects some pesticide. I can't wait to see how many flies drop.

NOXIGAR: Ah. I was creating a pesticide myself. Ever heard of the FoxDie virus? I have some of the people from the House universe looking into the virus' functions as we speak, so that way once I'm done making the sixth fragment of Marshal's Depravity, I can use said virus on any bounty hunter on my tail. There have been three so far to pursue me, and only one managed to succeed in doing anything to me at all. I slew them all, but no worries. I have plans. Or at least, holograms willing to serve as decoys for some reason. Do you know of a "Jacques" bounty hunter?

TANNENBAUM: I think his name came up once or twice while surfing Instances...I never really payed attention to him though. He's kind of boring.

NOXIGAR: Then I suppose I have nothing to worry about. He'll just be like those other chumps. Maybe a bit harder, given that one of the other high-rank bounty hunters mentioned my notoriety increasing every time I defeat a bounty hunter, but otherwise I should be fine. Now I must find Hexxus and speed this process up seconds!

{Noxigar's codec starts ringing.}

NOXIGAR: Hang on a sec.

{Noxigar takes the codec out and accepts the call. Heavy breathing is heard from the other end}

PSYCHO MANTIS: Noxigar. It's me.. Mantis.. I.. I need to tell you something..

NOXIGAR: Mantis? Are you okay? You're breathing rather heavily...

PSYCHO MANTIS: Yeah.. I'm currently recovering in your castle.. It's about this certain bounty hunter...

NOXIGAR: A bounty hunter is after you, too? Did he do the Slot 1-Slot 2 controller switch trick? I should probably confiscate all that guy's Multitaps and his PlayStation while I'm at it.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Well, I was after him, more like it. And yeah.. That's what landed me in this condition. Kinda. But anyway.. I advise you to take special care for this guy. His name is Jacques DuFour.. Blond hair.. Blue eyes.. Horrible dress sense! Seriously, it's like a cross between a military uniform and a biker outfit! It's insane.

NOXIGAR: At least he'll stick out like a sore thumb. As long as I can get the Ferngully universe destroyed, Chaos in a wild goose chase, and the FoxDie virus analyzed by people in the House universe, I think everything will be fine even if I run into Jacques DuFour. Maybe make him go down to a DuOne.

{Snickering is heard from the other end.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: {Muffled} Oh man, Mr. L... You need to hear this! He said he'll make "DuFour", into "DuOne"!!

MR. L: {Barely audible} My god, that's a horrible pun!

PSYCHO MANTIS: I know, right?

{The laughing stops as Psycho Mantis starts talking normally again.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: Sorry about that. Also, I wouldn't bother sending any distractions to him, either. He's found a way around that now.

TANNENBAUM: Noxi, is that Psycho Mantis? Patch me through!

{Noxigar places his necklace on top of the codec, patching Tannenbaum through.}

TANNENBAUM: {whispering} I hear you're in a bit of a jam.

PSYCHO MANTIS: A little bit.. However, despite the bullet wounds and bloodloss, I think I'll be alright.

TANNENBAUM: You're underestimating those powers I gave you. You know, that fight could already be over, though you may have to cause a little property damage.

NOXIGAR: Anyway, I shall make an infirmary wing of Glagitar posthaste once I'm done with the Ferngully universe. Which will be at least by morning.

PSYCHO MANTIS: I'm still a bit nervous about the new powers.. I'm still not sure what I'm capable of, yet.

NOXIGAR: I guess I'll have to work harder then. Double shift. No breakssssss. {continues hissing for a few seconds more, then he proceeds to turn on the Super Deforestation Machine.} Makes me wish I knew the directions of this Ferngully place to make it a lot quicker to annihilate.

{Noxigar pilots the Super Deforestation Machine, and has it proceed to the northwest.}

TANNENBAM: Try focusing on an item he may have. Think of it like a drawing on a piece of paper, and you walk in and erase it. Erase the drawing, Psycho Mantis, erase the SHIT out of it.

PSYCHO MANTIS: Wait.. I can erase objects from reality?

TANNENBAUM: Sort of. What you do is you send them to The Void. You can't erase most items, but generally if it only has a certain mass and weight, like say, a pistol, then you should have no problems.

{Noxigar puts the Super Deforestation machine on autopilot.}

PSYCHO MANTIS: Ah, that's pretty awesome. I'll remember that next time.

TANNENBAUM: Next time you have questions, just ask.

{Noxigar takes out the sketchbook, and draws an infirmary wing and a Burger King on the same floor in Glagitar as Psycho Mantis' room.}

NOXIGAR: I decided to add a Burger King and an infirmary for you, Mantis.

TANNENBAUM: Right, I'm done here. Now, if you don't mind, I have business to attend to.

NOXIGAR: Alright, then. See ya in a bit!

{Noxigar places his necklace out of on top of the codec and around his neck, and continues drawing in the sketchbook. He draws trees being chopped down. Once they land on the ground, they immediately warp to a cargo bay in Glagitar's garage and are separated into more sketchbooks for Noxigar as well as treehouse-ish connections to the stars orbiting the castle.}

NOXIGAR: Now, where can I find this "Ferngully" so I don't completely get myself lost?

{Noxigar keeps the Super Deforestation machine on and climbs to the roof of it.}

NOXIGAR: {loudly} Is there a Hexxus around? I really feel stupid for yelling this, but I need to get his attention somehow! Seriously, though. Any big-name antagonist want a piece of this pie before I devour it?

{Noxigar takes out a pumpkin pie, with only a few slices left. The pie decomposes rapidly in Noxigar's hands, as a wisp of smoke comes out of it.}

NOXIGAR: Woohoo! An answer! Now let's go and get us some lumber for Glagitar!

{Noxigar gets back inside the machine, with a smile on his face. When he is finished, he continues chopping down more trees, the remains of said trees all going to Glagitar for construction.}

NOXIGAR: From one universe's lumber, we expand another two universes. One has a universal fragment, and another is a castle that will receive many, many add-ons. Like a Physics Lab so I can finally make some Battlecruisers and travel in style. Wait, that's a StarCraft reference. I need to at least remove all the StarCraft: Ghost characters save for Gabriel Tosh and his spectres. Without Tosh, the StarCraft 2 Terran campaign would be kinda dull.

{Noxigar keeps the machine on autopilot, and explores the rest of the interior to find a refridgerator.}

NOXIGAR: Any sub sandwiches or something? I could use a bite to eat by now.

{Noxigar goes through the fridge, and takes out a sub sandwich, slowly eating it.}

NOXIGAR: {thinking} Psycho Mantis did say something about Jacques knowing my every location. Then there was what Tannenbaum said earlier. That I would be tracked down, and I'd have to find a means to make clones that explode and-

{Flashback to Tannenbaum's message about being tracked down.}

NOXIGAR: {thinking} That's it! I have to go back to the Void after this and make sure I can master the arts of duplication! Not that Fouge couldn't just warp me out of there, but relying on yellow butterfly daggers won't necessarily cut it if Jacques needs to be kicked in the crystal balls...

TANNENBAUM: {whistles in Noxigar's head} If you want to get into the Void, talk to Psycho Mantis, I'm pre-occupied right now. Unless you wanna wait.

{Cut to Tannenbaum and the Voidspawn army holding Phil and Joel hostage. The Tin Machine nor the e-Ship are nowhere to be seen.}

TANNENBAUM: Look, I saw you talking to them after they wrecked your dumb world. Tell me where they all went. {conjures small orb of void energy} Because I have more useful things to do than sit here and yell at you two dolts.

JOEL: Hey, all I saw were ruins. I tried to get some of my friends out to see what happened. All Phil did was punch me in the nose.

{Zoom out to reveal that Joel is primarily bloodstained.}

PHIL: Well, Joel, maybe if you didn't say so many stupid things then I wouldn't have to hurt you.

JOEL: Says you, you big dumb meanie.

PHIL: We've been in deep peril ever since that doomsday device came near our stratosphere. We thought that Joseph would help, but after the doomsday device was destroyed with the help of our e-Ship, they took said e-Ship and left. The last I heard was that they were heading to Maze World. One of them, though, departed elsewhere. His name was Jacques DuFour.

JOEL: Yeah. Although I could remember the names of the people if I hadn't been hit so hard to a DEEP CONCUSSION.

PHIL: Honestly, did you think we'd be interviewed by a bunch of Subspace Emissary rip-offs?

TANNENBAUM: I understand all of that...why is it that you two just seem to get more and more stupid?

JOEL: Gotta love that character development!

PHIL: OhgodIamhatingyousomuchrightnow.

{A Scholar Nobody arrives.}

SCHOLAR: It is because they are a rather ineffective comedy duo design that is so flawed that half of their jokes are not funny and come off as really stupid, offensive, or both.


JOEL: Uh...Phil? Why do I get the feeling that my XBox 360 is burning?

{Cut: One of the ruins of Maze World is set ablaze with a floating red ring appearing in the sky in the form of smoke.}

PHIL: Joel? Do you want to live? Then let's answer the questions this guy has and get out of he-

JOEL: No! I have complete faith in Jacques DuFour! He'll save us!

PHIL: ...he hasn't been here within the last three hours, and mentioned having an agenda. Do you know what an agena is, Joel?

JOEL: ...yes...


{Cut back to Noxigar.}

NOXIGAR: {thinking} Yeah, I can wait. Sorry to disturb you.

{Noxigar is almost at the destination of Ferngully, but doesn't know it as he cannot tell the difference between Ferngully and his own rainforest universe outside of the usual differences such as cartooniness. That, and the animals are not making their own crops.}

NOXIGAR: They will love my-

{Noxigar slowly snickers with three "Ha"s in staccato.}

NOXIGAR: Toxic love.

{Noxigar continues to use the deforestation machine. A wisp of smoke goes into the exhaust, and it moves its way up to the cockpit. It envelops Noxigar.}

NOXIGAR: {coughs} I'm shrouded by a wisp. There has to be a means for this wisp of smoke to grow into a decency.

{Noxigar gets out more food, this time several piles of chocolate pudding. The wisp of smoke devours the chocolate pudding, growing into the pudding itself. Meanwhile, Noxigar gets out one of the elixirs from earlier against Gestrim, and synthesizes it to be a gigantic flask of oil, of which he gives to the wisp of smoke. A black arm emerges from the wisp of smoke, and it punches the floor of the cockpit, revealing a system of wires.}

NOXIGAR: I have it on autopilot, so if you need the electricity from this machine, as it isn't even mine to begin with, go right ahead.

{The arm rips the wires apart, causing sparks of electricity to start flying from them. The wisp of smoke moves over to the electricity, bathing in it.}

NOXIGAR: ...Interesting...

???: HIT ME ONE TIME... HIT ME TWICE.. Ooh.. Ahh... Yeah, that's rather nice!

{The wisp of smoke starts to take a more humanoid form as this is happening.}

NOXIGAR: Ah, now I recognize you! I'm almost at Ferngully, according to the map at the cockpit. All I have to do is get some lumber from Glagitar then destroy the Ferngully universe!

{The wisp of smoke flies up and looks Noxigar in the eye, now looking more real than ever.}

HEXXUS: Wait a tiny minute.. Did you say "Destroy Ferngully"?

NOXIGAR: Yea. I had said it about ten times already. I want to destroy that shitty movie universe, except for you and probably this machine. I'd like to recruit you and this machine to destroy any other universes. I made my own rainforest universe, and it will be infinitely superior to this one. But I do have a five-planet-chain of swamplands and this would be the sitxh fragment if not for this universe being in the way.

{Noxigar shrugs.}

NOXIGAR: This seems too easy. I wonder if there will be any bounty hunters who put up a fight. This "Jacques DuFour" guy doesn't scare me. I do feel pretty bad for Psycho Mantis, though.

{Cut to the Black Duke, who is looking through his refridgerator. His watch rings, and he turns it on without even having to look at the buttons.}

BLACK DUKE: Okay, which bounty hunter is it this time?

OIRACUL: Um, boss, it's me. Oiracul.

BLACK DUKE: Oh. How was the ride to the D&D universe?

OIRACUL: It's a success. The trouble is the crash-landing my Tin Machine managed to go through.

BLACK DUKE: Oh. Well, in that case, I can always send you a care package to survive in the D*D wilderness.

OIRACUL: Thanks! Joseph and I wouldn't mind.

BLACK DUKE: You're welcome.

{Black Duke shuts off the watch, then heads for a closet which has multiple care packages. He then locates where to drop said package and drops it in the mailbox crudely labelled, "Oiracul's Cottage". He then goes back to his kitchen and proceeds to boil some tea.}

BLACK DUKE: I could go for some tea. Since I use my frost powers oh-so-often I feel heat-deprived at times.

{Black Duke checks his Droid, and sees that the Ferngully universe is almost out of trees. He then snaps his fingers, and a bounty hunter comes forth.}

BOUNTY HUNTER: Is it that Noxigar guy again?

BLACK DUKE: The other guys could not defeat him. I am going to give him a little surprise, however.

{Black Duke snaps his fingers again, covering the Bounty Hunter in a blue light. Suddenly, frost covers the Bounty Hunter's clothes.}

BOUNTY HUNTER: {shivering} S-s-sir? W-w-what is this?

BLACK DUKE: My boy, it is Frost Armor. Noxigar's poisons no longer do anything. I should've thought of this before with the first bounty hunter who was a clever shot.

{The bounty hunter salutes Black Duke, then places coordinates on his watch and immediately vanishes. Cut to Phil and Joel, now tied up at the arms, with tape over Phil's mouth.}

PHIL: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

JOEL: Shut up, you namby pamby. We'll be fine.

TANNENBAUM: You keep telling yourself that.

{Tannenbaum takes off and his Voidspawn follow. He opens a tear and directs his small army through it.}

TANNENBAUM: You're next, Tempest, but first...

{Tannenbaum creates a small milky white sphere of energy and hucks it in a random direction.}

TANNENBAUM: I'll have to remember to leave Star Orbs everywhere I go now...they may finally prove useful.

{Tannenbaum steps through the tear last and it shuts close. Cut to the star orb as it slowly begins to split into two. The new one then floats up into the sky as it can be seen doing it yet again.}

{End Episode}