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The universe is reformed, yet it is quickly taken over by the countless amount of followers of Zharanakuva, already ruler of several universes. The Wikihood characters try to get him back from whence he came before every living thing is corrupted...

New Characters


{Fade in on Zharanakuva looking down to the Invincible with millions of black men surrounding him.}

ZHARANAKUVA: So, you wish me to put this universe back together, eh?

{A little door opens in the side of the ship, and Znex and the five black men float out.}

ZNEX: Indeed, o' mighty master.

ZHARANAKUVA: Very well, but this is a big thing that you wish me to do. I ask the entire universe in return if I bring it back.

ZNEX: Whatever you wish, o' conqueror of the stars.

SEPHIROTH: No, I can still sense the Freeza kind of guy. It wasn't the light. .....Wait! Znex you idiot! Stop surrendering the universe!!

CHAOS: I suppose your son's here too.

???: Suppose I am!

{A character, that looks like Chaos, but has long, brown hair, a purple sweatshirt, and blue jeans cames down. He has blue wings jutting out of his back.}

JOSEPH: It's been a while, double!

CHAOS: Call me a double all you want. It changes nothing. You and I are nothing alike.

JOSEPH: Are you sure? {the wings disappear, and he lands on the Ark.} I'm a look-alike, and angel, and have most, if not all your powers, turned around!

CHAOS: Sounds more like a knock-off to me.


{A ball of flame separates from Zharanakuva and then explodes, filling every bit of the universe with planets, stars and the like, mostly everything that was there before the universe got destroyed except for a few extra planets.}

ZHARANAKUVA: {to black men} Now, go and seek out the heretics, and bring the universe to know me. Those who rebel, destroy them. Those who come to worship me as their true god, spare them. Those who wish to become servants of me, bring them here.


ZHARANAKUVA: {to Znex} Now, awaken from your spell. {clicks his fingers}

{Znex changes from adoring to slightly bemused. Then he looks up, and his face turns to one of hate.}

ZNEX: You.

{Zharanakuva lets out a big evil laugh.}

CHAOS: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll help you fight him.

JOSEPH: Oh, no you won't!

{Joseph tackles into Chaos, then the two grow their wings fight in the background.}

ZHARANAKUVA: Oh yes, almost forgot. {throws a ball of flame at Znex's cuff which destroys it}

ZNEX: NO! The Cuff of Time! But how?

ZHARANAKUVA: Celestial fire can destroy anything. Now be gone!

{Znex, Sephiroth, Joseph, Chaos and everyone else except for Zharanakuva disappear and reappear in a world of ice.}

ZNEX: {gripping the wrist that held the Cuff of Time} No...

CHAOS: This battle's ONLY begining! {Chaos punches Joseph into the air, and meets him up there}

JOSEPH: I'll kill you! {Creates a ball of blue fire, and launches in into Chaos. He crashes into and breaks an iceberg.}

CHAOS: That won't stop me! {flies out, and the two head to a different part of the ice planet}

SEPHIROTH: {Starts to shout.} My sense is getting stronger! He's coming! The guy I told you about is coming!!!! {From the sky, comes a lookalike of Freeza from DragonBall Z, only he's black, and has orange instead of purple. He flies past their heads.} AND HE'S HERE!!! BOOYAH!!!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Why are you getting all excited?

SEPHIROTH: This person, is related to Freeza, however, he's not as evil as him. However, he's more powerful. In fact, one of the most powerful people in existance.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: And, why is he here?

SEPHIROTH: Dunno. He usually comes when something terrible happens. And I mean, Perfect Terrible.


(OOC: Oh, great. Another plot twist.)

{Cut to the Invincible, where Zharanakuva is now human-sized and looking at a screen, where the Freeza look-a-like is flying.}


{TheStick walks in}

THESTICK: What do I do? Oh, and if any of you meet Sephiroth, the transfusion worked. Oh, and you're out of water. {Takes out a melted water bottle}

ZHARANAKUVA: Who are you?

{Sephiroth transports in.}

SEPHIROTH: Really? The Tranfusion worked? Yay! ....And Zharanakuva.... please stop conquering us. Just wait..... {Puts on a weird metal Helmet.} HAHA!!!

ZHARANAKUVA: ...You're stranger than the Oogpolbikoblobs of Trubblemania.

{Sephiroth disappears and appears back in the world of ice.}

SEPHIROTH: Okay, this means war. I need a mecha. {Gets out 2 Paperclips, a Rubberband, some tape, and a bunch of candy wrappers.} Alright, I'm Macgyvering may way outta this. {5 Minutes Later. Next to Sephiroth is a Blue and Green Mechabot.} Now, I still can't believe how I made a Mechabot out of these materials.

{TheStick warps in}

THESTICK: Can I help? {Takes out a box}

SEPHIROTH: A cardboard box! Excellent! And I could also add this full english breakfast to the robot! {Gets out a plate, with a full english breakfast.}

ZNEX: Uh, guys, I hate to tell you this, but there is absolutely no way out of here. If there was, Zharanakuva would've probably closed it when he saw you two.

SEPHIROTH: ...Okay, I think we should devise a plan, to trick Zharanakuva, and fix everything.

THESTICK: I have a plan! Use what's in this box, to create a wormhole through time and space! Then travel through the wormhole, to get there! I have a button to summon an army of a robot minion.

SEPHIROTH: We can't do that. Zharanakuva has sealed all wormholes.

ZNEX: Um...maybe we should explore the planet a bit. It's possible that he could've missed something.

{Scene changes to Joseph and Chaos, still fighting. Chaos makes Red sThunder, Joseph Blue fire. When they collide, th two hit a large mountain. The, snow and ice fall, revealing a door.}

CHAOS: What's this? {toucehs door, and it opens up}

JOSEPH: I only wish I knew.

CHAOS: Shall we call a temporary truce and go inside.

JOSEPH: It's like you read my mind.

{The two shake hands, and head through the door.}

{The two find themselves in an old temple, marked with strange markings.}

CHAOS: This writing looks Terran, but I KNOW it isn't it. Can you read it, Joseph?

JOSEPH: I wish. My dad never taught me this dialect.

CHAOS: But you know the language, right?

JOSEPH: Yes. It's-

{A large crystalline rainbow arm comes out of a hole, picks up Joseph, and returns in.}

CHAOS: Joseph!

{Chaos' left eye turns only lack and read, and a thin red line begins to run down his face, to his right hand, where it intersects at the fingers. Then, Chaos' skin inbetween begins to turn black.}

CHAOS: I'm not leaving without you!

???: Good.

{Door closes and the room is cast in darkness. Cut to an icy mountain where Znex, TheStick and Sephiroth are climbing.}

ZNEX: Hmmm, we don't seem to be getting anywhere.

{The mountin begins to rumble, and another hand like the first one takes Sephiroth and TheStick.}

ZNEX: What the crap?!

{Znex runs and follows the arm, but all in vain as the mountain closes just as the arm goes back in.}

ZNEX: Oh, great.

{Cut to a montage of Znex walking along icy plateaus, climbing icy mountains and doing other icy things. Cut to the same mountain where the door is located. Znex is walking towards it.}

ZNEX: Hmmm...

{Znex knocks twice, and the door opens. Znex then walks in. Chaos isn't there anymore.}

ZNEX: Hmmm, it's dark in here.

{The door closes behind him.}

ZNEX: Crap.

{A large red and blue burst of light comes from a large hole in the wall.}

ZNEX: Hello...

{Znex runs up and jumps through the hole and finds himself in a room with a giant crystalline rainbow monkey.}

MONKEY: {makes monkey sounds}

ZNEX: Wha...?!

{From behind Znex comes the Frieza lookalike.}

???: Greetings Znex. My name is Iieca. I have come here, to rid the universe, of the Demon, you like to call Zharanakuva.

ZNEX: Meh, no chance of that happening. He's mainly a god, immortal, all-powerful. You wouldn't be able to defeat him.

{A blast of Red Lightning hits the Monkey, and shattershis body, and the monkey looks like the Ice Titan from Hercules and Kingdom Hearts. Still rainbow.}

ICE TITAN: You'll pay for that!

{Cuts to Chaos who looks normal. His Devil's Throne is active, and is giving off smoke.}

CHAOS: Give back Joseph!

{Sephiroth runs in.}

SEPHIROTH: Chaos! Have you seen TheStick? I lost him, after the Cerberus attacked us! We both ran separate directions. The Cerberus was running after me, and I ran into you. {A Growling noise is behind him.} Crap. {He turns around, to see all 3 heads pointing towards Sephiroth, breathing all over him, while growling.} Crap.

{Cut back to Znex, and Iieca.}

IIECA: An Ice Titan? If my weaker brother was able to destroy a planet full of Near-Godlike Warriors, and also managed to kill King Vegeta, I think I would be able to destroy a titan. By the way, Znex, you underestimate my power. I am extraordinary.

ZNEX: Yeah, but Zharanakuva is even MORE extraordinary.

CHAOS: I've killed him before.

{Cus back to Chaos, on top of a giant rainbow rock, with rainbow colored shards everywhere. There is also two cerberus heads on the ground below him.}

CHAOS: How do you think he got sealed up the first time, about 14 billion years ago?

ZNEX: But he didn't get sealed up.

CHAOS: Not for long, at least. Vindicator's birth broke the seal. It was such a waste of demonic magic.

IIECA: He may be more Extraordinary, but if we all join together, we could destroy him.

CHAOS: In theory, it COULD work.

IIECA: Yes, before I came, I checked each of your power levels, only to learn, all those power levels put together, match the Power levels of Zharanakuva. And also, you each hold a power, that proves useful too.

ZNEX: Okay, but don't blame me when your souls get destroyed, and your bodies thrown into the abyss as an example to any rebels...

IIECA: And if by some chance, we do destroy him?

CHAOS: I'll tear his body into pieces before I seal him!

IIECA: And I'll impale him with a Death Beam.

ZNEX: Okay, let's try a simulation, then.

{Znex takes two virtual reality helmets out of his pants pocket. He puts both of them on the two, and then the simulation starts. For some reason, whenever they try to go towards Zharanakuva or try to use an attack, there's always a game over.}

ZNEX: See, his celestial fire would beat anyone. And destroy anyone. And their SOUL.

IIECA: But, how about, a counter? Like.... something like.... Celestial Water?

ZNEX: Celestial water just puts out celestial fire...wait...Okay, maybe I was wrong. But the thing we need to worry about is getting the celestial water on him before he gets the celestial fire on us.

CHAOS: Doesn't impact me.I canlive through anything.

???: Even though, Chaos, THESE might help!

{A Cuff of Time flies through the air and lands in Znex's hands. Then, Joseph walks out of a hole, holding a gauntlet with 7 stones in it.}

JOSEPH: I found a good weapon. The Celestial Gauntlet. It has Fire, Water, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Light, and Darkness. All Celestial.

CHAOS: I suppose that helps.

IIECA: We need a distraction. {Looks at Sephiroth.} Hmm...

SEPHIROTH: Wait.... why are you looking at me? How about... Something else?

ZNEX: Nah, Zharanakuva wouldn't be that dumb. He'd have a large bodyguard.

{Cut to the Invincible where Zharanakuva is watching them.}

ZHARANAKUVA: Heh heh, the fools. Though, that's a good point.

{Zharanakuva lifts up his arms and he splits into two, then four, then eight, then sixteen.}

ZHARANAKUVAS: {all together} Ah. Good.

REAL ZHARANAKUVA: Hah, they'll never figure out which one is me!

{The Zharanakuvas let out an evil laugh. Cut back.}

ZNEX: And besides Chaos, celestial fire kills immortals as well as mortals. It's the only thing that can.

CHAOS: Who said I was either?

SEPHIROTH: I sense something. Zharanakuva is aware of us. I feel a sudden surge of Power.

ZNEX: {to Chaos} Are you saying that you don't even HAVE a soul?

{A pentagram appears over Chaos' chest, where the heart is.}

CHAOS: If I had anything, I'd me a simple mortal.

SEPHIROTH: I'm full in the Soul department. I have, like 4.

ZNEX: Celestial fire can still destroy bodies.

SEPHIROTH: Well... We should get working on a plan, to get Celestial Water, and to be able to bind him, so we can apply it.

JOSEPH: {Tries on gauntlet} We don't have to worry about the water.

ZNEX: Right, all we need to do is escape from this place. Or, we could just turn back time and stop all this from ever happening.

{Chaos and Joseph Blow a hole where the door is.}

CHAOS: Let's just leave like this.

{The two sprout their wings and fly to The Ark.}

SEPHIROTH: Well, I guess, it's time to go. {Sephiroth, and Iieca fly to The Ark.}

{Cut to the Ark. FF7 Sephiroth comes behind Zharanakuva.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Greetings Zharanakuva. May I ask you? What do you get from ruling the Universe?

CHAOS: He gets sealed again!

{A large wave of Red Lightning attacks come down, and destroy all the clones. The original defended it, however.}

CHAOS: Dang!

ZHARANAKUVA: You thought you could defeat me?

{Zharanakuva snaps his fingers, and a bunch of black men come in.}


{The black men grab hold of them and take them off to a small ship, where they put them in, and tie them up with chains.}

CHAOS: It's been 15,000 years, Zharanakuva. You should see my new moves.

{Chaos body turns into black ashes, and reforms in front of Zharanakuva.}

CHAOS: Now, let's begin.

{Zharanakuva lets fly a giant blast of flame which pushes Chaos up and into the wall. He then pulls his arms to the side and Chaos' arms fall off him and disintegrate.}

{Chaos' entire body turns into mist. Then, Zharanakuva is struck with a giant meteor.}

CHAOS: Meteor!

{Zharanakuva goes flying into the rails. Zharanakuva gets up and throws a small ball of flame at Chaos' feet, and upon contact, it lets out a huge explosion, tearing a hole in the ship, but leaving Zharanakuva unharmed.}

CHAOS: Nice try!

{Chaos activates his devil's throne, and grabs Zharanakuva by the neck, choking him.}

CHAOS: You can't kill me. I could kill you, however.

ZHARANAKUVA: No you can't. If you could, then why did you just imprison me?

{Zharanakuva lets out a giant fiery explosion which this time blows Chaos apart.}

ZHARANAKUVA: Sorry, I'd love to have a neverending battle, but I need to see to some of my planets.

{Zharanakuva jumps out of the ship, turns giant size, and flies off.}

{A mysterious golden and black hand comes out of the smoke.}


{Alphamon flies out from the debris, and hits Zharanakuva so hard, he turns back to human size.}

ALPHAMON: Don't ever contradict me!

{Chaos makes thousands of meteors all smash on Zharanakuva. He rises out, but severley damaged.}


{A portal opens, and the other Royal Knights all come out.}

ALPHAMON: All of us are unstoppable. Cannot be killed, nor destroyed. Take offa limb, we grow back on the limb you took off. We win.

{OOC: Isn't this all just godmodding? O_o - Znex}

ZHARANAKUVA: No, but you can be imprisoned.

{The Royal Knights and Alphamon disappear and reappear inside a giant rock, which is larger than an entire galaxy. They're all in the centre of the rock.}

{A large green blast shoots out of the rock, and pierces Zharanakuva's heart. Then, Alphamon breaks the rock, and this time, has large yeallow wings and a giant axe.}

ALPHAMON: Kyūkyoku...

{The axe turns green.}

ALPHAMON: Senjin...

{The axe also gets a yellow wave of aura.}


{Alphamon throws the axe, and it slices Zharanakuva. WHen it does, his body is sent into the small gem in the center of the axe. Then, Alphamon grips the axe, and turns back into Chaos. HTe axe is then broken, and placed in 5 chests. The chests are then sent into the stratosphere by Chaos. All the Black men go away, and the cahins on Joseph, the rock, and Zharanakuva's ship all dissapear.}

CHAOS: He is gone once again. And when he wakes up, I'll have a suprise for him.

{Chaos and Joseph fly back onto the ark.}

{Cut to where the five chests are. They start to shake, and they explode, letting Zharanakuva free.}


{Cut to where the Ark is. A nearby planet starts to move.}


{The Ark's front eyes glow red, and it transforms into a giant robotic mechanoid. Everyone aboard is safe, inside the head.}

CHAOS: Fly, Ark!

{The Ark flies up, and is the same size as Zharanakuva in his giant form.}

CHAOS: Eternal Darkness!

{The Ark fires a large red beam, that harms Zharanakuva. Then, it makes giant boomerang-like devices and throws them at him, and finishes with a storm of missles.}

ZHARANAKUVA: Didn't hurt a bit. This will, though!

{The planet moves at full speed and crashes heavily into the side of the ship. A few other nearby planets start to move towards the Ark. The Ark repairs it's side, and punches Zharanakuva. The other planets crash heavily into the Ark.}

CHAOS: Eternal Darkness!

{The Ark performs the attack again, this time SEVERLEY HURTING ZHARANAKUVA. Zharanakuva then turns into giant form, grabs the Ark, and flings it away very fast into a place where there's no light. The engines are too damaged, and so are the repairers.}

CHAOS: Invincible!

{The invincible flies up and carries the broken Ark back into Zharanakuva's range, and all of a sudden, Zharanakuva's body is burning uncontrollably.}

(OOC:I have a good question for you: If Rocks get pounded into gravel to pave roads, do they die?)

{OOC: No, because rocks aren't alive in the first place. - Znex}

ZHARANAKUVA: Oh, what the heck.

{The Ark and the Invincible disappears and reappears right next to a black hole.}

{OCC: To Chaos, aren't you rushing the story a bit?- Sephiroth.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Hey! Zharanakuva! Forget about me? ....I have one thing to say, and one thing only. Nobody takes control of the universe. That is my destiny. Prepare, to feel a fate worse than death!!! {Flies up into the Air, growing in size, then, a Wing spawns from his back, and he is riding a cloud.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Leave Now, or be destroyed.

ZHARANAKUVA: Hmph, I think you'll be the one who'll be destroyed. Prepare to be erased!

{Zharanakuva throws celestial fire at FF7 Sephiroth and the Celestial Fire Engulfs him, then suddenly blackens. It then splits in half, revealing Sephiroth, still alive, and it it starts to revolve around him.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Have you noticed, how the Celestial Fire, you hit me with surrendered to the darkness inside me, and, look! Celestial Darkness! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now, Surrender.


{Joseph jumps off the ark, and on Zharanakuva.}

JOSEPH: This gauntlet can!

{Joseph's Gauntlet also charges Celestial Darkness.}

JOSEPH: Shall we, Sephiroth?

FF7 SEPHIROTH: .....Yes. {The Celestial Darkness in his hands grows bigger, and then all moves into one hand.} Everyone! Give me your power! Raise your arms! {Everyone raises their arms, and the Darkness Times in size 10 times.}

IIECA: Wait... is he doing...

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Yes, I am doing, my own little variation of the Spirit Bomb. But I call it, the Ultimate Darkness Bomb.

{Chaos jumps out of the Ark, and turns into Trance Chaos(like he did before, when Joseph got captured), and lands in front of Sephiroth.}

CHAOS: Let me launch it. I can handle it in this form.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Fine! {Throws the UDB at Chaos, who catches it in one hand. It then gets red lightning around it.}


{Chaos flies up above Zharanakuva, and launches the bomb stragiht down. It tears Zharanakuva in half, and makes his near-dead human form land on the Invincible.}

CHAOS: It's over.

{Chaos flies down to the planet in The Ark, and goes to Zharanakuva.}

CHAOS: You have been defeated. Give up your control of the universe, or I WILL kill you.

{FF7 Sephiroth, and Iieca stand next to Chaos. Normal Sephiroth soon joins.}

IIECA: Your fate from me, will be more intense. Release your control, or I will seal you, in the Evil-Purication Machine, which you will stay, for 20 Billion years!!

{Zharanakuva heals himself so he's in one piece.}

ZHARANAKUVA: {pants} You all leave me no option but to do something I haven't done for millenia. Prepare to meet your doom....CELESTIAL ERASER!

{Zharanakuva lets fly a giant blast that starts to engulf everything. Chaos, and the rest(except for Zharanakuva) start to slowly disentegrate.}

CHAOS: It's over, Zharanakuva. You have no celestial powers anymore.

{Everything returns to as it was before the eraser.}

CHAOS: You will finally be killed, here and now. You've defied death 1 Eon too many.

{Chaos pulls out a scythe.}

CHAOS: goodbye.

ZHARANAKUVA: You've defied death for longer than I have, to tell you the truth. But, I gotta tell you, after I die, what do you think is going to happen?

CHAOS: Nothing. I'll preserve your soul, and clear your memories and powers. I'll stick your soul into Joseph, and you can give him the Father/Son relationship he's always wanted.

IIECA: Quiet! You tyrant! {Raises finger.} DEATH BEAM!!! {A Beam of light comes from his finger, and impales Zharanakuva.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: You don't deserve to live! {Impales him with Masamune.}

SEPHIROTH: .... RAINING SPEARS OF LIGHT!! {Spears of Light come from the sky, and bind Zharanakuva by his limbs.}

CHAOS: Soul Markening! {slices the scythe overhis heart, and a black flame comes out. He is dead(Yay!)}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: {Picks up Zharanakuva's body, and takes something out of his chest. It's a Red Crystal.}

CHAOS: Wait. His falme was red before. That means it was corrupted.

{Znex appears.}

ZNEX: Well, that was quick.

{OOC: Too quick. <_< - Znex}

CHAOS: Something turned his soul evil. This wasn't his work.

ZNEX: Hrrms...that means the real culprit is still out there.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Could be this crystal.

SEPHIROTH: Hmm... We should find some answers. I know, who we can go to!

ZNEX: I suggest we go back to his universe, but before he became all evil and everything.

SEPHIROTH: I know someone who might have some answers! He's the wisest man in my universe!

ZNEX: But shouldn't we be looking for the wisest man in all the universes?

{Znex presses a series of buttons on the cuff.}

ZNEX: Ah, found him. 1234AD in our time, universe...0100000101101100011100000110100001100001.

CHAOS: The Invincible can hop through time, and faster than the cuff. We can take it. I'll be right at the cockpit. I've got to put The Ark away.

{Chaos jumps on the ark, and takes out both pumice pieces. Then, he jumps on the Cockpit of the invincible as the ark desintigrates.}

CHAOS: C'mon. Let's go!

{The ship flies away, into the sunset. Everything turns black.}