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{Open to Cloak, Dagger, and Leo in Traverse Town.}

DAGGER: So, tell me: how do we get the hell out of this place?

LEO: I don't know. Noxigar did it with this dark energy portal or something. Like this. {He snaps his fingers, and a small one pops up.} That, only bigger.

CLOAK: Well?

LEO: We need Noxigar.

CLOAK: No, i man "Well" as in, "Well, who's first?" We need to get out of here somehow, and a small portal is better than no portal.

LEO: Oh. {Climbs in. From the other side} Kay!

{Cloak and Dagger go in, and make it through. They are all in a small dungeon.}

CLOAK: This doesn't look good.

LEO: Hey look! {Points to some bars. Outside is a Coliseum. The crowds are cheering.}

DAGGER: So, it that's a colesium, where are we?


LEO: That explains.

CLOAK: Too much.

{OOC:I'm out. I may be on later.}


CLOAK: So, we gonna fight, or what?

LEO: Alright!

{The gates open, and round 1 is: Your party must survive. Thousands of tiny flying heartless are there.}

DAGGER: Not this. It's so simple:These things don't even attack you.

{Noxigar is in Indigo Plateau with a Meganium, a Quagsire, a Arcanine, a Venomoth, a Kingdra, and a Tyranitar}

NOXIGAR: Okay, I think if I defeat Roxas here than I can go home.

{Noxigar enters. The road he went through is blocked.}

NOXIGAR: Okay, Roxas! I made it this far!

{Roxas arrives, with Typhlosion, Magneton, Ursaring, Crobat, Sneasel, and Pinsir.}

ROXAS: Now you just have to defeat me to get back to your world. Hehehehe...

{Roxas whistles for Typhlision, and Noxigar brings out Quagsire.}

ROXAS: Ah, I see you're as gullible as Sora. Solarbeam.

{Typhlosion does Solarbeam and knocks the stuffing out of Quagsire.}

NOXIGAR: You'd think, right? Look at how Quagsire still has HP.

{Quagsire still has some HP left.}

NOXIGAR: If you'll excuse me, but your Typhlosion's gonna get owned. Waterfall, Quagsire!

{Quagsire uses Waterfall, KOing Typhlosion}

ROXAS: Hmph. Ursaring, you're next.

{Ursaring pops out. A montage shows both sides, neither gaining the upper hand as slowly each of their Pokemon gets KO'd. The last battle is between Magneton and Meganium.}

ROXAS: One more Zap Cannon and this is over!

{Meganium uses Solarbeam, and Magneton uses Zap Cannon. The result is a draw}

ROXAS: A deal's a deal, I guess. You are now out of the game. Meganium goes with you.

{Roxas leaves. Suddenly, the lights pop out, and then Noxigar is back in Traverse Town. Cut to the Colesium, where Cloak, Dagger, and Leo have beaten hundreds of enemies.}

CLOAK: This is still too easy.

ROXAS: Semi-Final. {Points to the Hydra, and the Cerberus.}

CLOAK: Who might you be?

ROXAS: Just a nobody. {Leaves.}

DAGGER: This problem doesn't phase me in the slightest. I could just melt right through their teeth if they tried to eat, and in such an event, I can just use my- {Lifts up rusted dagger} OCRAPIVEONLYGOTONEDAGGERLEFT.

LEO: I'll take the Hydra! You go for Fluffy there!

CLOAK: So, do I-

{The Cerberus crushes Cloak and Dagger beneath his front paw.}


{Leo takes out the Bazooka Claw weapon, and cuts the hydra's head off. It grows into 4 heads.}

LEO: Yeah...

DAGGER: {Muffled} We're screwed.

LEO: I'm scared to know what the final match is...

{Cut to A paper-thin Cloak and Dagger and Leo alone in the colesium.}

DAGGER: Have you noticed this show has become more one-sided ever since we left Beast's Castle?

{A Chocobo in A dragoon's helmet with a purple cape appears.}


{Leo kills it easily, by throwing it overedge. Suddenly, a Golden Guard Armour comes up. The Chocobo hops on top of it.}

KAINOBO: Did you really think I'd let you drain all of my power in a single shot?

LEO: ......CHOCOMOG! CHOCOMOG! CHOCOMOG!! {3 Fat Chocobos land on Kainobo, and 3 Kait Siths start beating him up. They then activate the slot spell, and all of them land on 777, leading up to Dagger, Cloak, and Leo getting healed to full health.}

CLOAK: We're not going to beat him like that. We need to inflict 9999 damage 9 straight times in the same turn. And we don't have anything that hits 9999 more than once. So, let's just kill the guard armor. Maybe if we beat it to a bloody pulp he'll give in and join us.

LEO: Wait... I know how to get out of here.

DAGGER: Just do it for plot progression's sake...

{Leo opens up the portal, and it leads them in the middle of the war.}

LEO: Crap.

DAGGER: Kill me.

{A giant sword lands on Cloak and Dagger, and he returns to the colesium.}

DAGGER: Better than a war.

{Cut back.}


{Alhpamon points to Leo.}

ALPHAMON: What's your name?

LEO: Leo! Prince of Sharoth, and future king! And you are?

ALPHAMON: Well, that's unimportant right now. If you're who you say you are, we'll need to keep you safe. Come with me.

LEO: Oh, no, nothing is too unimportant for me. State your name. Friend or Foe?

ALPHAMON: My name is Chaos. Friend. I think?

LEO: Wait... Chaos!? ...Anyway, let's go.

{The two proceed to move swiftly along the terrain. Cut back to Cloak and Dagger, who has defeated Kainobo.}


KAINOBO: Fine. I'll help you. First we need to make a portal...

{A protal like Leo's appears.}

CLOAK: Good. Next?

KAINOBO: We go through it, and it should take us to Leo.

DAGGER: What do we have to lose?

{The two go through the portal. Cut to Alphamon and Leo, Back at the Ark and Invincible.}

LEO: The Ark... So this is what it looks like for real. I've only heard of this in stories, or more believable, myths.

ALPHAMON: Well, I can't say it was easy to get this thing, let alone get it listen to me.

LEO: Cool....

{Noxigar arrives}

NOXIGAR: Am I late?

LEO: No. War's been going on with my troops. That's all. OF COURSE YOU'RE LATE! SO AM I! ....Sorry.

{Cloak, Dagger, and Kainobo come through the portal.}

CLOAK: We're back.

LEO: Greetings.


ALPHAMON: He looks a lot like Kain.

LEO: I wonder if any other kinds of Chocobo exist. Like... Cloudobo, or Zidanobo! Or even Squallabo! .....Squallabo would kick ass.

CLOAK: I wouldn't mind using Zidanobo.

LEO: Whatever though..

DAGGER: So, anything important happen?

LEO: Ask Chaos.

CLOAK: ...Chaos... {Pulls Leo close to himself and whispers} Why haven't you tried to take his scroll?

LEO: Because he would totally obliterate me. Take it yourself if you want it.

DAGGER: Look at him!

{Cuts to a view Of Alphamon}

DAGGER: He's not even half of the size of the hydra! And he's only got one head!

LEO: He's the son of death, he played a big part in destroying the First Chaos, what else...

DAGGER: He has a son, He can transform 3 times, he rules the underworld, shall we continue, or will you just beat him into dust? I know you can do it.

LEO: No! I've got his trust! .....Plus, there's an chance we could form an alliance, and expand my empire.

CLOAK: Can I still keep the weapons?

LEO: Yes.... I've got like 10 of each anyway.

CLOAK: Good. {Pushes him away} So, Chaos, what do we do now?

ALPHAMON: Well, We need to Infiltrate Adel and Davros' ship, and stop him, as well as Universitas, a giant robot enemy with immense power.

LEO: Robot you say?

ALPHAMON: Well, not by nature. It's a transformation, and the second stage was sealed up inside of him. Adel took it out, but it was sent back into him via fail-safe, thus ejecting his power up.

LEO: So it can't be destroyed easily... Would a flurry of powerful attacks at least damage it?

ALPHAMON: Depends on where you hit it. WE need to obliterate the shield blocking the core, but hitting any other part is gonna be tough. He keeps a miraculous shell, which can protect against most attacks. Heavy, repetitive ones will defnitely penetrate it.

LEO: Well, I know the perfect thing to do. Is it okay if I guide this ship for a little while?

ALPHAMON: Sure, but be weary:Adel and Universitas are both in the air, and the war here is nothing different. If you don't want trouble from unwanted guests, steer clear of the red and blue clouds.

LEO: Don't worry. {Takes to the control panel, and starts to guide the ship smoothly. He takes the ship to the bottom, and then goes into turbo, finally arriving at a giant base as big as a Large planet. He guides the ark inside.} Alright. We're here. {Zoom out, to show that the Ark is in a giant Warship, taking all the space of the base.} The Zephyr. Only used once, equipped with the most powerful weapons you can name.

DAGGER: Excuse me. {Cloak and Dagger leaves, only to freak out in the next room.}

LEO: {To Alphamon.} Oh come on, it's like they never seen something this huge before! But yeah. The only problem with this, is no power supply. But, the Ark can supply that. We can even pilot this from the ark if you like.

ALPHAMON; Uh...sure.

LEO: Alright then!

{The platform raises, and then a conveyer belt moves the ark to the front of the warship. The Ark then conncects to the Warship, as it powers up.}

LEO: Now, looky at this! {Goes forward on the Ark, and the Warship does too. Everyone looks surprised.} What? You never seen a warship this big before?

{Cloak and Dagger open the door up.}


{They close the door again, and resume going crazy. Leo opens the door, and drags them in.}

LEO: Don't worry, it's perfectly safe. This can withstand anything.

ALPHAMON: If you say so.

LEO: Its only problem is, that it has only 1 radio station. Monty Python Radio.

ALPHAMON: Turn it off until 8:00. Then they're gonna run "The Meaning of Life".

RADIO: We're knights of the round table, we dance whenever we're able!

ALPHAMON: Never mind.

LEO: Let's go!

{The Ship takes off, and after and hour and a half, reaches the rim of the universe, where there is huge tears.}

ALPHAMON: Hold it! This is the edge of the universe. We need to fix this place up.

LEO: No prob. {Presses a button, and a ship gets out a nano-cannon.} This deploys billions of nanobots to do it.

{Universitas flies by the ship, and disconnects it from the warship, and crushes the Nanobot cannon.}

UNIVERSITAS: Mere child's play. Now, come on! Let's see if you can defeat me!

LEO: Okay. {Presses a button, and 5 giant lazers Shoot at Universitas.} This is only 1 of the features.

{Universitas bounces the lasers off of his body and shoots a large blast of electricity at the warship. The Electricity bounces off.}

LEO: Ha! Dis' Crap is elemental proof! I ain't talkin' bout no Universitas Crap I'm talking about Da Ark! Y'know! Maybe if... Universitas had good attacks! It got no good attacks! You honeys with universitas! Don't hate, because the Ark be' ballin! ......Sorry. {The Warship shoots out a gravity bomb, that damages Universitas.}

{OOC: Chad Warden Parody. :D}

UNIVERSITAS: Insolent fools, just because you strike me down doesn't mean I wouldn't live on.

LEO: Not listening! {Presses another button. A flurry of gravity bombs hit Universitas.} Want to try guys?

ALPHAMON: Don't mind if I do! {Alphamon heads out the escape exit and fights with Universitas in space.}

LEO: Anyone want to take the wheel? Cloak?, Dagger?, Kainobo?

KAINOBO: Me! I;ll do it! Kweh! I want to be a hero!

{Kainobo takes the wheel and makes the Ark drop a bomb right next to itself.}


LEO: Your aiming needs work. Aim for the big ugly robot.

KAINOBO: The black one or the blue one?

LEO: The one who's trying to kill us.

KAINOBO: They could both very easily be doing that. Just be specific.

LEO: The one Chaos is fighting. Universitas. The one I'm fighting.

KAINOBO: So...the blue one?

LEO: Yeah.

{Kainobo shoots off 3 gattling guns at Universitas. The bullets simply bounce off.}

LEO: Try more powerful weapons.

{Kainobo loads a huge glowing spear into the cannon and launches it off. It cracks Universitas in his chestplate and sends him flying, but also Hits Alphamon in the leg, causing virtually the same effect.}

KAINOBO: Gungnir!

{Cut to space. Alphamon and Universitas are fighting.}

ALPHAMON: I never thought of you to be as powerful as you are now.

UNIVERSITAS: Think again. {Universitas lets out a powerful cannon.}

{Back into the ship, Leo notices a few cracks on Universitas. He launches the Nanobots from where the cannon used to be. The Nanobots go into Universitas without him noticing, and start doing damage from the inside.}

LEO: These little buggers are indestructible, and too tiny to hit.

KAINOBO: And thanks to the Gungnir, He'll constantly take light damage!

LEO: Watch. {The two look, as Universitas' fighting becomes more shaky.} The Nanobots are taking its course already.

{Universitas drops his fists, and self-destructs.}

LEO: They're good, aren't they?

{The pieces of his armor turn red and fly away.}

KAINOBO: Did your nanobots do that?

LEO: Nope... {The Nanobots lift up the destroyed cannon, and puts it back on the ship, and fixes it, and goes back into it.}

CLOAK: Well, that can't be good.

LEO: The Nanobots? Nah. They can break, or make anything.

DAGGER: I meant what happened to Universitas' remains. They just took off. Kinda ominous.

LEO: Oh... Right.

CLOAK: Well, it's nothing to worry about.

{Cloak and Dagger pick up an intercom and turn on the speakers.}

CLOAK: Hey, Alphamon! Come back in!

{Alphamon returns to the ship and returns to Normal Chaos.}

CHAOS: That went well. Now, all we need to do is repair the rim of the universe. But we'll have to wait.

{Scroll down to Chaos' real leg, which is badly damaged.}

CLOAK: Well, what do we do until then?

LEO: Eek. That looks bad. {Cut to the medical room. Chaos is on one of the beds, and Leo is holding a large, and painful looking needle.} This will only hurt for a minute.

CHAOS: If I felt pain I wouldnt've lived as long as I have.

LEO: Oh, then it'll be okay then. {Stabs the needle in the leg, and releases Nano-bots into it, which repair the flesh high speed, creeping out Cloak and Dagger. After the healing is done, the nanobots spray something on the leg.} Good as new! God, these Nanobots are good. Watch. {Gets out a block of titanium, and releases the nanobots onto it. They start eating away to it, and spitting it out as gold. By the time they are finished, the Titanium is a Gold statue of Leo.}

CHAOS: Well that was Anticlimactic.

{Everyone but Chaos is sleeping.}

LEO: {Wakes.} Huh? What? We got tired of waiting for 15 days, so we went to sleep.

CLOAK: But that's only to keep continuity. We just laid on the ground for five minutes while the nanobots made that statue. So, how do we fix the rip in the universe?

LEO: The Nanobots could.

DAGGER: For some reason I don't trust them.

KAINOBO: We could so it up. Kweh!

CHAOS: I'd figure we try to meld as many elements together as we can, inject it into the nanobots, and have them attempt to reattatch it.

CLOAK: That may work, but why multiple elements.

LEO: It would be more powerful. Plus, it could make Ultima.

CHAOS: I guess. So, are we all agreed?

LEO: Yep. And have this. {Throws 2 colored orbs to Chaos.} Thundaga and Blizzaga Materia.

CHAOS: Well, if this isn't nice. now I have 2 COMPLETE SETS of high-evel materia! Now let's go use them.

{Cut to the cannon. The nanobot deposists are being dumped into it and Chaos is charging the Materia, Dressed as Cloud Strife.}

CHAOS: This is probably worth some copyright infringement.

{Chaos tears off the costume.}

LEO: We need more.

CHAOS: Grab Bio, MBarrier, and Waterga. That should do it.

LEO: I don't have them.

CHAOS: Go into the ark and get them from the dashboard.

LEO: Alright! {Runs to the Dashboard, and comes up with even more Materia.} You have lots.

CHAOS: 456,233. {tands up, takes the materia, and puts it in the circle of Materia, and resumes charging.} This'd be easier if they just made an Ultima Materia, but, you know, they didn't.

LEO: Yeah they did. It's just it's so rare even you don't have it. By the way, I only gave you your spells, not the summons. I plan to use them to help for the war.

CHAOS: Well, I've only got 3 of them, and they're all Knights of the Round. How can that help?

LEO: Well, they're powerful for one thing.

CHAOS: They're ready. As soon as I release them, we'll have some pretty powerful stuff here.

LEO: There's a chance this might go wrong though..

CHAOS: I only figured.

CLOAK: What are the odds?

LEO: No idea.

{A rumbling is heard on the ship.}

CHAOS: That can't be good.

{They look outside the window. Sephiroth's ship "The Blackjack" is there, but stranded.}

LEO: What's that? It looks like a blimp.

CHAOS: Damn. That's the Blackjack, my friend Sephiroth's Ship. It looks like it was just left there, he did disappear in the middle of the war.

LEO: Should we investigate?

CHAOS: We'd need to load the Materia into the cannon, first.

{The ship starts to rumble again, as The Blackjack bumps into it again.}

CHAOS: Unless this place can't hold long enough, The Blackjack was very durable.

LEO: Seriously. I do think we should investigate. Why would it just randomly show up here?

CHAOS: I'd love to know, too, but my arms are going to break if I have to keep on charging this, and then This'd just put us one step back.

LEO: Let me take over. {Takes over from Chaos.} Whoa... Now I see what you mean. Good thing I have no bones. Whoa.... I think it's ready....

CHAOS: Do you know where you put the Comet Materia?

LEO: Top Left! Hurry!

{Chaos grabs the Comet materia, and pulls out holy and Restore. He puts them together and wedges them in the center of the Materia set, and it transforms into a rainbow-colored Materia.}

CHAOS: There. Now it needs to cool.


CHAOS: Cloak, Dagger, you watch after this and keep it in a cool place.

LEO: Alright Chaos, let's Mosey!

{The two teleport out, and on to the Blackjack.}

CHAOS: I almost forgot I could do that.

{Inside the blackjack, everything is untidy, with a few of Sephiroth's prized possessions missing. However, on the floor is Sephiroth's gold chestplate.}

CHAOS: What...the...

{Chaos picks it up. It has a weird insignia on the inside. The chestplate liquidfies and goes out of Chaos's grip. It then start to climb on his body, until it envelops him and hardens, technically making him wear it.}

CHAOS: I hope you can erase what you see out of your mind, lest I have to do it for you.

{Chaos melts off his body, and reveals a small flaming orb.}

CHAOS: There. Now that Chestplate Can't stick on me.

LEO: It looks like one of those Sharothian Chestplates. {Inspects it.} Yep. That insignia is a Sharoth one alright. Watch out Chaos.

CHAOS: Any reason it latched on to me like that?

LEO: See, we are born with them. They grow on us. However, if it is taken away from its wearer, it develops a mind of its own. Whenever any other powerful entity is near its presence, it automatically latches on to it, granting the abilities of the original hosts until the original host comes back, in which it detaches, and joins him again.

CHAOS: Damn. Good thing I shedded my layers. But I can't grow them back. Sephiroth's own attire has rendered me almost useless. All I can do now is...hell, I don't even know! I'm gonna need to go back to hell and get a new skin after all of this.

{The chestplate starts talking.}

CHESTPLATE: Useless? Well my boy, it's your fault! You shouldn't of resisted! I only wanted to help! Princy boy here already has one, and it is our natural habit to join onto someone else! It would of helped you!

LEO: That's.... also a side effect. Intelligence.

CHAOS: Sorry, SmartPlate. I only use my demonic powers. Giving me his powers would've thrown me off of my groove. Plus, This is more comfortable. It's stuffy inside those 2 skins.

CHESTPLATE: Groove? What groove? Plus, I'm air conditioned. .....I know what to do! I'll bond myself to Adel!

CHAOS: We're not taking you with use, And I'm pretty sure you can't pilot a ship if you're a chestplate...

CHESTPLATE: Umm... Back me up guys! {Two gloves pop up behind it.} I don't even remember how I got seperated.

CHAOS: Don't fall for it, Leo. He just wants to hop onto you~

{The gloves attach themselves to Leo.}

LEO: Damnit. Too late.

CHAOS: I KNEW you were up to no good, you little chestplate!

{The chestplate starts to morph into a Xenomorph like creature.}

CHAOS: Not another Alien...


{Leo gets a glowing blue hammer, and knocks the Xenomorph on the head, knocking it out.}

LEO: What?

CHAOS: I wonder how the Xenomorph and the chest plate became the same object...

LEO: Probably because we craft some of our items out of unmelted alien isotopes.

CHAOS: And the chance of finding the old one that came out of me?

LEO: Slim.

CHAOS: Well, then, This was pointless. I need to get back my body anyways, and another thing-

{Massive rumbling occurs. Leo falls over.}

CHAOS: What the hell?

{Universitas lands outside on the battlefield. He is almost instantly surrounded. He opens up his arms and ejects two large beams from the palms. One ray hits part of the ship.}

CHAOS: Oh, god. We need to get out of here.

{Chaos and Leo teleport. Cut back to the Ark.}

LEO: Cloak, where's the Rainbow Materia?

CLOAK: They made me load it onto the cannon.

CHAOS: Funny. Doesn't look like they put it in.

DAGGER: He meant them. {Pan to Ultimate Adel and Davros holding the Materia.}

CHAOS: Damn you, demon child! However you fell out of my girlfriend's uterine gulag I'll never know, but I'll be damned if I let it happen again!

ADEL: Well, no need to worry, because when we load this into our cannon, we'll be able to wipe out your pathetic army!

CHAOS: You wouldn't do such a thing.

ADEL: Oh yes we would.

CHAOS: OK, I believe you.

DAVROS: We aren't letting you live though. That's why I've arranged a little something. I've attached some new nobodies of my design onto the Ark. when I leave, there'll be 3 hours before this whole thing explodes! It'll be wonderful!

CHAOS: Oh, crap.

{Leo draws his sword and attempts to rush them both. Leo misses, and Adel strikes him down. Leo then creates a dark portal and sends his sword through the portal. It goes right through Davros' chest.}

LEO: Gotcha.

DAVROS: Oh! You little-

{he attempts to strike at Leo, but Leo dodge rolls and pulls the sword out. He then breaks Davros' staff with it, and stabs Davros through the skull with it.}


{Davros shakes frantically in pain, and screams. He begins to dissolve into black goop, and his hair recedes.}

LEO: Did I...kill him?

CLOAK: {poking the goop} Think so.

CHAOS: Just to make sure, we should dispose of it. But I need my body back to stop the bombs and Adel.

LEO: I think Cloak and I can take Adel.

CHAOS: Very well. I'll try to get my body back. Somebody does need to stop Universitas.

{Leo and Cloak run off.}

CHAOS: Right. Telenekinesis, go!

{Chaos lifts up two materia and begins to swirl them. As they swirl, they begin to intertwine and become one. Another one joins after the first two have fused and the process repeats. Cut to the battlefield.}

SOLDIER: Adel, sir! There's this giant robot, and he's tearing up the field!

ADEL: I know. I need you to hold him off while I kill him.}

SOLDIER: We can't fight him fore-{Universitas slices him with his hand} AGGGH!

ADEL: Oh, well, an eye for an eye.

{Adel forces the Materia into a hole in his undergarment. The robe he's wearing dissolves as he is imbued with power.}

ADEL: Well, now. It seems I have an advantage now.

{Adel shoots an energy shot at Universitas. Universitas turns around, and a huge gust of wind follows in his direction. Adel withstands it, and then teleports. Universitas moves to the side, and a large wave of rainbow energy appears next to him. Cut to Namine's house.}

NAMINE: I'm almost out of paper. I can't make more of this until I get another sketchbook.

{Namine checks her sketchbook. She only has six pages left.}

NAMINE: It seems apparent that I'll have to-

{Noxigar arrives}

NOXIGAR: I have to go back and stop Adel and the other villain. They'll cause a cataclysm if I don't!

{Noxigar opens a corridor of darkness, goes through it, and appears in-between Adel and Universitas.}

ADEL: What is this worm doing?

{Noxigar puts his whole being into an elemental nova again. The shockwave is created through all of the other Wikihood characters being vaccuumed into him.}

NOXIGAR: Time to end this. End all of the pain, the plot holes, and all of the other stuff. I must defeat you. You're more of a threat than Roxas is.

{Roxas appears and attempts to go behind Noxigar only to be sucked in to the vaccuum}

ROXAS: So you're suiciding? Just like Axel? I figured you were a better opponent...

{Noxigar's elemental nova eventually becomes complete, and then his nova is unleashed. The different elements from the other Organization XIII members are present. Face shots of Chaos, Sephiroth, Noxigar, and other main characters are shown as the nova effectively injures Adel and Universitas in a very severe way}

ADEL: Why he...

UNIVERSITAS: Impossible...

{Noxigar is then seen lying on the ground}

NOXIGAR: Heh... you're both fatally wounded... but my time has come...

{Noxigar starts fading into darkness}

NOXIGAR: I've defeated Roxas... and now am the last Organization XIII member... guess the Organization was ready to die...

{Noxigar continues to fade into darkness}

NOXIGAR: Whoever the good guy is... should win... my nova counters... the betrayers...

{Noxigar fades almost entirely into darkness}

NOXIGAR: Guess I'll join my comrades... they're in a better place too...

{Noxigar finished fading into darkness}

{Cut to a small dark room, furnished only with a table with an old TV on it, and a chair. Sephiroth is sitting on the chair, watching the events on the TV.}

SEPHIROTH: Wow... Well, if everyone is dying... {Pulls out a gun, and puts it to his head.} Wait! ....I gotta check this out with Hades. {Pulls out a phone and calls Hades. He answers.}

HADES: Hello?

SEPHIROTH: Hey Hades... It's me, Seph. Umm, I've just witnessed the death of Noxi, Adel, and Universitas.. I'm just thinking.. I've got nothing more to live for..

HADES: You're not going Emo on me, are you?

SEPHIROTH: Nah, I'm just bored of life, that's all. So can you prepare me a room in Hell for me?

HADES: Oh yeah, sure. ......Hey, when you get here, wanna kill some more celebrities?

SEPHIROTH: Yeah, sure.

HADES: Alright, see ya in an hour or so. {Disconnects.}

SEPHIROTH: Right.. Let's do this. {Puts the gun back to his head.} I. AM. A. MAN!!!!

{Cut to black.}


{Cut back.}

{The Materia inside Adel falls out, and he returns back to normal. Universitas stands up. Chaos floats in.}

CHAOS: Damn. That was pretty brutal. And you're STILL alive?

{Universitas falls to pieces, revealing Joseph.}

CHAOS: Seen i-I mean, oh, wow. I guess you aren't.

JOSEPH: yet?

CHAOS: No, and we-

JOSEPH: Hey, wait. Where did your body go?

CHAOS: I had to shed it. There are some crazy things running around here.

{Cloak and Leo run into the scene.}

CLOAK: Is it over?

CHAOS: Almost. I still need a visible body, and we still need Sephiroth.

CLOAK: Good point. But now, we, too, must be off. Also, the Ark is destroyed.

CHAOS: What!?

{The episode ends.}