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In order to revive everyone else, Sennin, Chaos, and Userunknown have to overcome some trials to get the Mercurys Tear, to cure everyone.


SENNIN: Come on, everyone, we need to get to the Village. They might know where the Tear is.


SUPERDUDE:Lets try this!{Hits Userdoveunknown on the head, turning him into Userunknown}

{They all walk towards a large village. A Water Creature Comes to greet them.}

BLOPPY: Hello, my name is Bloppy. Welcome to our village! Anything you need?

USERUNKNOWN:The Mercurys Tear!

{Cut to an unknown part of the universe, where there is a lone planet. The planet is slowly enshrouded in shadow and then disappears in a fiery explosion. A giant being appears.}

THE FIRST CHAOS: Muhahahahahahahaha, the fools. They really thought they could defeat the almighty First Chaos? If no one could ever hope defeating the Chaos of this reality, then surely they should've thought twice when they managed to defeat me. Because I was never defeated. COME, MY BROTHERS!

{A giant portal opens, and more beings fly through it, all looking identically like The First Chaos, except for a few differences.}

THE FIRST CHAOS: Let us bring death to those who deserve it.

THE SECOND CHAOS: Erm, can we go and decimate the legions of Sharoth first?

THE FIRST CHAOS: Why not? The 63rd Chaos was so foolish as to go upon them with legions of his own, but we can just decimate them by power.

{Someone comes up to them.}

???: Not so fast!

{Cut back to Mercury.}

USERUNKNOWN:...So I said "It was going well until all those ninjas showed up" and he said "Your Chuck Norris in a can can't beat ninjas?" so I said "It can beat Big Foot" and he said "How could you not see those monkey Big Foot Storm Trooper ninjas that were invisable?!"

ZNEX: Erm, weren't we supposed to wait patiently for this guy's answer? =D

USERUNKNOWN:How did you get here!?!!?

{OOC: It's just mentioning the people who were at the end of the last episode. But I'll answer anyway. - Znex}

ZNEX: Uh, I came with you guys?

BLOPPY: If you would let me answer.

{Cut to 5 Minutes Back, just after Userunknown finshes saying Mercurys Tear. Bloppy tries to speak, but gets interrupted by Userunknown.}

{Cut back.}

BLOPPY: Now, I will speak. Mercurys Tear? Yeah. We have that. But, it's in the Temple of Roth. It's named after one of our visitors, a long time ago, who stayed here for 12 years, training to defeat the Glabal. He was my best friend. He trained under the skills of Eldin, the Demon trainer, who unfortunately, died under the hands of the First Chaos. But, anyway, to get Mercurys Tear, you have to be proved worthy. You have to conquer the tower. All 12 floors, is a Master, which must be defeated to pass. If you can do that, then you can get it.

SENNIN: Crap. I sense something. Something Bad. Something, Pure Evil. Like.... the First Chaos. He's back. But, we can't destroy him yet. We still need the Light Gene. Come on. {They go into the Temple.} How does a Dead Sharoth man get a Temple made for him anyway...

{Cut inside the Temple. Inside, it is painted blue, has 2 staircases and there is a sign on the wall.}

To get to the reward to must pass the test, 12 men, that you need to best. Once the people see their fate, the Tear is there, for you to take.

SENNIN: What? Take, and Fate don't rhyme. Well, they kinda do.. Well, anyway, lets head up those stairs.

{Up into the first floor.... A Fire Creature is there.}

???: I am Pyron, defeat me, and you may pass.

CHAOS: I am Chaos, son of Death. If I beat you, they can pass.

PYRON: All you have to do is knock me down, and you can go.

SENNIN: Let's just go up. We don't need all this crap.

PYRON: You can't do that!

{Sennin walks past him, and pushes him to the ground while he's moving.}

SENNIN: Now we can.

{Cut outside the Temple. You hear crashing noises, and people in pain. Cut into the Room with the Diamond.}

SENNIN: That was immensely easy. Too easy.

{A tentacle comes out and grabs Senin and Chaos.}

ADEL: Very good. Now, be a dear and let my Master Paracite eat you away.

SENNIN: Oh, you are kidding me. {Gets Diamond, and cuts the Tentacle with it. The tentacle unravels in pain, and Sennin then puts his sword against Adel.} I don't care if you are a child. Cross me, and I will kill you. However, I am also known for being hugely generous with mercy. I will let you go, if you stop trying to get in our way.

ADEL: I just want to kill my father.

SENNIN: I'm afraid I can't let you do that. He's one of the 12 people essential to the survival of the Universe.

ADEL: Hah! My father can't stand the universe! He's still trying to destroy Vindicator.

{Sennin teleports himself and Adel to an unknown planet.}

SENNIN: Kid, Between you and me, even though he hates the universe, he couldn't bare the fact of him being killed. And if Vindicator dies, so would the other 11 people. Those people, including your father, and Vindicator, are linked. Destroying one, destroys them all.

{He teleports them back again.}

USERUNKNOWN:So, what do I do?

SENNIN: You do nothing. You have no use. By the way, you should upgrade your Kevin Tanks. They're rusting.

CHAOS: Forget rust. They're DUST.

{screen changes to piles of dust where the Kevin tanks were.}

USERUNKNOWN:No, those are the Q99 Kevins.Outdated.Can I help you kill some thing, at least?Wait, I gotta go.See you later{OOC:Don't try to talk to him}

SENNIN: Well, we got everything we need. We should well, revive everyone now.

{OOC: Dang I'm crap at plotting. Someone else do the plot. I'm crap. -Sephiroth}

{OOC: Leave it to the Knights of the Ark. -Chaos}

???: Not so fast, Chaos.

{A figure in a read cloak appears. His arms are completely covered in black belt straps. His hair is red in the middle, and blackon the outer rim.}


VAN: Tsk. Tsk. It's Spite.

{His arms shake and then move into a crossed position.}

CHAOS: The Knights broke up a long time ago. What do you want?

VAN: ...Zharanakuva is alive again. We found Icezia's corpse along the rim of the universe.

CHAOS: No...I thought we finished him off.

{OOC: Take it from there!}

{All of them are hoisted up by their throats by an unknown force and they float in the air, choking.}

VOICE: You thought wrong. About Zharanakuva that is.

{A guy that looks almost exactly like the normal Chaos, except more evil-looking walks over.}

KHAOS: No, I killed Icezia. My masters are currently taking Zharanakuva's territory now. The real First Chaos decided it would be funny to have all of your evil alternate-and successful equals take over this universe. Come.

{More evil versions of the Wikihood characters walk over.}

CHAOS: What's this? A joke? A clone of evil Wikihood cast? Then I will rival this!

{Joseph runs over, and slides right by Khaos. He is hodling a completely red Oathkeerper and a completely blue Star Seeker. Khaos' neck is cut open.}

JOSEPH: Did I miss anything?

CHAOS: Joseph? You have Ruin's weapons.

JOSEPH: I'm suprised you didn't notice it. I AM Ruin.

CHAOS: The person I thought to be a simple clone was the man who fought alongside me with the other members of KoTA?

VAN: That was the other reason I'm here. Kain is also here.

CHAOS: That leaves...Malice, Desolation, and Fear.

{A portal opens and another Khaos walks out of it.}

KHAOS: You can not kill us, for every one of us you kill, there is a slightly alternate version.

ZNEX: What's alternate about you?

KHAOS: My nose is slightly bigger when I'm in my human form.

CHAOS: {sarcastically} Well, a bigger nose can certainly do some damage in a fight.

{Khaos moves his finger along quickly and Chaos' stomach opens and his last meal spews out.}

CHAOS: I ahvne't eaten in the last year, so I win!

{Chaos' guts fall out.}


{All of a sudden Badstar's head pops out of the ground.}

BADSTAR: {Yawns} What a nice refreshing nap in the ground! How long have I been asleep?

SENNIN: About a Month. Here you go! {Pulls Badstar Out of the ground, and cleans him of dirt with a wind spell.}

{Sephiroth comes up too.}

SENNIN: What!? We haven't cured you yet!

SEPHIROTH: I know. I'm an empty clone shell of my real self being controlled by my real self, right inside the planet.

SENNIN: Oh yeah.

{OOC FUN FACT: Sennin means Hermit in Japanese. Sennin is a Hermit most of the time, living in his own universe. :D }

SEPHIROTH: Do I have an Evil me?

SENNIN: You do actually.


{An Evil Sephiroth with Grey Hair, and a Robe walks in.}

???: Me.

SEPHIROTH: Do you have my name?

???: No. My name is much different. My name is just Seph.

SEPHIROTH: Seph? How original..

{Seph grabs Sephiroth by the throat, and 2 Heartless spawn aside him.}

SEPH: And your name isn't as original, fool?

{OOC: Znex, since you made these Evil Wikihood characters thing, you can control him. He's a master of darkness, and can spawn, and control Heartless and Nobodies as he pleases.}

KHAOS: Enough Seph, our masters don't wish them dead. Yet.

SEPH: Can we torture them instead?

KHAOS: Tell 'em, Badrogue.

BADROGUE: Well-- {gets out some papers} --it doesn't say anything about not torturing them in here. In fact, it encourages us.

KHAOS: Thank you. So, you heard him, just as long as we don't kill them, we're okay.

ZEX: Does it say why we can't kill 'em?

BADROGUE: No, not really. It just says "Don't kill them". But we shouldn't question their reasons, otherwise we'd be for the chop.

TOUZOKU: Good. {evilly} Now let's begin the torture.

{The evil Wikihood characters start to gang up on their doubles.}

BADSTAR: {Girly scream}

SEPHIROTH: Don't worry Badstar! Stay with me.

SEPH: That won't stop me. {Gets out a Black Sword}

SEPHIROTH: {Gets out a white sword. They both start fighting, while "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen is playing.} My iPod's on. Just playing some music.

SEPH: Queen? .....I prefer Elton John.

SEPHIROTH: You are evil!

SEPH: Grr!

{The Episode Ends with a Still of all the Wikihood Characters Glaring at each other.}