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Chaos and Joseph drop everyone off at Sharoth so they can get the army to fight in what the plan to be the biggest war yet. Meanwhile, Adel is spreading his army out so he can conquer existence.


{Cut to the Ark, by the Imprint of Terra.}

CHAOS: So, the universe is going to end, and we take a pit stop at Terra. Why so? The place is in ruins, no thanks to us, and there's only one terran that can help us:The LAST one, Tommyspud. And He disappeared when Zharanakuva came about. So, why exactly are we here?

SEPHIROTH: No idea. Well, we should start recruiting some forces, shouldn't we?

CHAOS: We should.

{The Ark flies by Terra. Cut to Joseph and FF7 Sephiroth inside, Joseph wearing the CG.}

JOSEPH: All 7 elements. Can this really aid us, Sephiroth?

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Not right now at the moment. It's drained from killing Zharanavuka. Try this. {Puts in the Red Crystal. The CG glows, as it's power increases by 1000 times.} Now, it's one of the most powerful weapons!

JOSEPH: You know...{Joseph pulls the crystal out of the gauntlet and returns it to FF7 Sephiroth} Before I met you guys, My father taught me that power was the key to survival. He said power is what got him where he was on that day. You guys showed me that power isn't what youneed, or at least, what you ONLY need. You need courage, bravery, determination, and friendship. I thank you for that. Should the need arise, I will use the crystal, but until then, It will be powered by my faith! {Everyone looks at him weirdly.}

SEPHIROTH: How noble.

JOSEOPH: So, let's finish this, and save our universe!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Oh no. {Gets out a Magic Mirror.} Show us Earth! {Shows everyone the mirror. The end of Episode 27 is shown.} We are in trouble.

JOSEPH: Neverhteless! Adel didn't scare us before! Why now?

{FF7 Sephiroth tilts the mirror, to show all the armies, going off for miles.}

JOSEPH: We've beaten EVERY person in those armies, why can't we do it again!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: The Armies were Separate when we fought them. They grouped up.

JOSEPH: But if we team up every army that's fought beside us, Royal Knights, Sharothian Militia, Demon Army, and if we can convince as many other people as we can find to join, WE CAN BEAT ADEL THIS TIME.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Good point...

{Behind those 2, you see Sephiroth playing with a glowing blue whip.}

SEPHIROTH: This Whip is great! I never really used it that often!

JOSEPH: So, come on! Let's go find them all and win!

{The Ark takes off, and arrives in Sharoth, with all the planets repaired from before.}

SEPHIROTH: Well, let's go and recruit!

JOSEPH: Me and Chaos are going to prepare the Invincible so it can fly. We need to transcend time somehow!

SEPHIROTH: I'll get some extra ships from Habogad! {The Ark lands on a swamp planet.}

CHAOS: Let's go!

{The two drop off the Sephiroths, Znex, Van, Kain, and 4. Then Te Ark takes off.}

SEPHIROTH: I know the way! Follow me! {Sephiroth walks off, with everyone following him, until they arrive at a large area full of ships of all kind. Fighter Ships, Transport Ships, Red Dwarf, Tie Fighters, and even a mini Death Star.}

VAN: Doesn't this bay seem a little bit too...action-packed?

SEPHIROTH: Yeah, but there's also large carrier ships! And also Support Ships!

VAN: Well, as long as you know where we're going.

{Cut to Adel, inside what appears to be the City Hall of Pandemonium.}

ADEL: Darvos! Come here!

{Davros appears from the shadow, aside Adel.}

DAVROS: Yes Adel?

ADEL: We need to escape this pathetic universe before it goes sky high. Do we have any means of transportation?

DAVROS: Of course! Come with me! {Cut to an empty forest planet, where there are thousandss of Black Ships, with the glabal logo on it.}

ADEL: Well, we need to prepare all of the armies to go. Alert the Militias.

DAVROS: GLABAL ARMIES!!! ALERT THE MILITIAS!!! ....Man, it's good to pass orders down to the low ranks.

{Cut back to Sharoth. Now, in a sea planet, Sephiroth and everyone else are entering a pub. Inside the pub, are brutish Sharothian people, with knifes.}

SEPHIROTH: This place is full of scoundrals. The lowest scum you could imagine. The most useful warriors. {Walks to a table, and bangs his hand on it really hard. Everyone gets up, and draws out large Scimitars.}

PIRATE 1: Whaddua want?!

SEPHIROTH: I'm recruiting warriors, to help repair the Pangaia Universe, and also to help fight in a giant war.


SEPHIROTH: This. {Gets out a large sack of gold, and throws it to the ground.} ...So, what do you say?

PIRATE: Ye be generous. AYE!!

{All the Pirates charge out, and start boarding Spaceships, looking like Floating Pirateships.}

VAN: Quite resourceful today, are we, Sephiroth?

SEPHIROTH: Yeah. I've got a large part of our army from cut throat pirates. ....Now, we need to recruit.... NINJAS!!! {Cut to a mountain planet, with a large dojo is.}

VAN: Oh, Christ. This'll be interesting...

{Sephiroth goes in, and 5 minutes later, Shuiriken Shaped Ships fly out of the dojo. Sephiroth walks out.}

SEPHIROTH: Success!!!

VAN: Congratulations. You are a complete idiot.

SEPHIROTH: There is no reason to call me an idiot. I'm doing what Chaos requested. And I do believe, I am the one who knows this universe the most?

VAN: Apparently you've failed to comprehend the fact that PIRATES AND NINJAS DON'T MIX WELL!

SEPHIROTH: I told them to fight on completely opposite sides. Plus, all the other armies will be between them. They can't do anything to each other.

VAN: But what if you guys redesign the organization of the armies?

SEPHIROTH: We'll make sure. And if they are together, we'll make them wear uniforms.

VAN: How does that help? The pirates will still think they're ninjas because they're using Ninja tools, and the ninjas will suspect the same of the Pirates.

SEPHIROTH: You know what, we'll discuss this problem later. We need more people!

VAN: Your list suggests we get the Cowboy Sharothians next.

SEPHIROTH: Ha Ha. No. We need the royal militia. The best. Lead by my brother. Do you think we should let Userunknown, and SUN fight with us, or do you think he'll try to attack the royal miltia like he did before?

VAN: Chaos left this note saying "NO SUN". I don't think he wants us to ask them.

SEPHIROTH: Oh. I expect them to come anyway though.

VAN: Maybe we can give them the wrong directions...

SEPHIROTH: Meh. Let's go to Emberon. The Royal Miltia is there. I wonder how Chaos is doing?

{Cut to Chaos and Joseph inside the Invincible.}

CHAOS: There. We've replaced her engine and the old parts. How's that star chart coming along, Joseph?

JOSEPH: {Dressed as he is in Space-Aged Stupidity} Well, beyond this dorky space costume, everything's looking good!

CHAOS: Good. Now I just need the key. {Chaos searches through his pockets and pulls out the Scroll of All Life} Uh-oh.


CHAOS: I was supposed to give this to Sephiroth so he could tally the men and compare it to Adel's Armies...

JOSEPH: Well, I'm sure they'll round up enough people!

{Cut to Sharoth, where there are only 10 people, 5 ninjas and 5 pirates, standing next to each other.}

VAN: We're screwed.

{1000 more of each run in.}

SEPHIROTH: I beg to differ. And... {The sky turns dark, as millions of large red battleships land. Out of it come out a billion soldiers of the Royal Militia.} I guess we're having the war at the same place as before.

VAN: Very funny.

{The ark lands, and Chaos runs out of the ship, and reads the scroll aloud.}


SEPHIROTH: 12:03? How specific. By the way, more people are coming soon.

{Cut to Hell. Davros is getting his army ready, with the Wraiths joining.}


CHAOS: Well, tell them to go to Mars.

DAVROS: You've got enough nerve to still come here. You are not welcome here anymore. We have taken over. Tell your father to get ready, as he will have to work very hard soon.

{Chaos walks furhter, to reveal it's just a little mink.}

{OOC: What's a little mink.}

{OOC: A little animal.}

{OOC: I know, but I mean, Who is a little mink?}

{OOC:The person Darvos thought was Chaos. Make him pick it up.}

DAVROS: Wait.. {Picks up "Chaos".} It's a mink. How it got here, I don't know.

{The mink explodes in Darvos' hands. On the ground is a note from Chaos. "Nice Try." -Chaos}

DAVROS: These tricks are pointless. Meh, He can't go here, even if he wanted to. He's exiled, just like that Hades, and those Satans! But you... you've stayed loyal. {Jafar comes in.}

JAFAR: Well, what can I say? I'm just.. Loyal...

{Adel comes in.}

ADEL: What's going on in here?

DAVROS: We're preparing for the war. And our victory.

ADEL: Hmm. There is no "preparing". We WILL win!

JAFAR: I know, but even when we win, let's kill the rest anyway. Or even better, capture them, and torture them!

ADEL: I figure I can force some use out of Chaos before I confine him here.

DAVROS: Perfect. TO MARS!!

{The ships all take off, and Kuja and Helsong come out of the shadows.}

KUJA: Too bad...

HELSONG: We're right on their tail!

{The two teleport away, and all of the demons quickly rush out of their houses.}

{Cut to a decorated old room. It has a fireplace. A dark figure is watching the events in a magic mirror, like the one that FF7 Sephiroth has.}

???: Oh no. This is bad. The end is near for everyone is this carries on...

{Cut back to Sharoth.}

CHAOS: We better hurry to Mars!


CHAOS: Something wrong, Seph?

SEPHIROTH: ...Umm... No... COME ON! WHY ARE WE STALLING!!? LET'S GO!! {Leaves on The Blackjack.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: What's wrong with him?

CHAOS: I just tried to figure that you happen to know anyon who has thesame mirror as you do?

FF7 SEPHIROTH: I don't know anyone. But I am aware of it. I found this, when I landed at this castle once. It was on the ground. I went there, while trying to find Cloud.

CHAOS: Well, that's redundant.

{The two board the Ark, and the Invincible comes by and picks up other stragglers. All the army people they have board their ships, and everyone flies away.}

{OOC:Excuse me while I take a break and switch computers. I'll be back on in like, 35 minutes-2 hours.}

{Cut to Heaven. God is aware of the war.}

GOD: This is not good. Lightning Guy! Mr. Cloud!

{Lightning Guy and Mr. Cloud come onscreen.}

LIGHTNING GUY: Yes, overlord of everything?

GOD: I want you to go down and find Chaos and his friends. Then bring me back some information about this war.

MR. CLOUD: Ooh, maybe I can sell some army supplies!

LIGHTNING GUY: We'll get right to it. Let's go, Mr. Cloud.

{Cut to the ark. Lightning Guy and Mr. Cloud fly onto it.}

LIGHTNING GUY: What is the purpose of this war?

MR. CLOUD: And do you have enough supplies for it?

CHAOS: Ah. You must be from God. The Scroll of All life said you'd come. This war was intially started by my son, Adel, to kill me, and enslave all of humanity. We're going to fight on mars, and hopefully finish it up in less than a day, because after that, kaput. That universe is gone. And yes, we are well supplied.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Want to help?

CHAOS: What?

{Chaos pushes FF7 Sephiroth aside.}

CHAOS: {Whispering} We don't want any holy people on our side. That'll make matter s worse for the demon army.

LIGHTNING GUY: Whatever. I'm going to go tell the ultimate supreme about this now. Let's go, Mr. Cloud.

{Lightning Guy and Mr. Cloud flies away. FF7 Sephiroth then puts a layer of darkness around the planet.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Those Holy fools can't interfere with us now.

CHAOS: Good.

{Hades comes in.}


HADES: Yes... Adel took over, and banished me, and the other Satans, after we turned on him. We secretly tried to assassinate him, by making him drink noxious poison. He knew of the trick, and smashed the bottle.

CHAOS: {Stares at a picture of Noxigar} It must have been tough getting that poison... Anyways, I need to talk to you.

{Chaos pulls them all aside, and promptly proceeds to beat the living crap out them all.}


{Hades stops him by placing his hand on Chao's chest, and setting his hand on fire, so hot it leaves a hole in 2 layers of his clothing.}

HADES: STOP! 1. I never disobeyed you. You're not my master. and 2, I was against it all along. We all were! We pretended to join him, and then tried to kill him! So.... I was on your side all along.

CHAOS: Fine. What did they do with Incarnate?

HADES: We don't know. We think he might of been captured.

CHAOS: I'll do a lot more to him when I find him...

HADES: Hmm...

INCARNATE: {appears, with half of his back torn off} I'm {coughs out blood} fine.

CHAOS: Good. {Chaos pulls out a scythe and forces Incarnate against a Wall with it} What's this I hear about a rebellion with Adel? What do you know?

FF7 SEPHIROTH: I don't think he'll be with Adel any more.

CHAOS: Maybe you're right. {Puts him down} But I want you to tell me everything you know.

INCARNATE: Thank you Sephiroth. I just want to kill Adel now.3 things.1. My brother is with him.2.They have a gargantuan army.3.They stole my toy.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Your Toy? .....Cloud stole mine.

INCARNATE: It's my life to protect it, I just hope he doesn't know how to use it.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Ok, so... we're almost set.

INCARNATE: Chaos, do you have any restoration chambers on this ship?

CHAOS: Well, we have Bedrooms, if you need to heal yourself, you'll need to go to the infirmary. Just through that door and to the left.

{Cut to the Blackjack. Sephiroth is looking at a Rose, in a jar. The ship lands, and Sephiroth walks out.}

SEPHIROTH: {To Self} Play it cool... ...Okay! Repressing Emotions is fun!

{Chaos comes on the radio.}

CHAOS: Seph? Are you OK? You're veering slightly off course.

SEPHIROTH: Oh... I'm in Mercury. I must of set the navigation system wrong! Silly me! {Ship Takes off again.}

CHAOS: I really think there's something going on. What is it?

SEPHIROTH: I could tell you.. but you might not keep it secret.

CHAOS: I've kept secrets between 240 lives, for all existence. I still keep them. You can trust me.

SEPHIROTH: Board the ship then.

{Chaos walks next to Sephiroth.}

CHAOS: Already on. I left the ship on Autopilot. Now, {pulls up a chair and sits down} Speak.

{Sephiroth picks up the Rose, and shows it to Chaos. It glows so bright, it illuminates the room.}

SEPHIROTH: See this Rose?

CHAOS: Yeah.

SEPHIROTH: It was given to me.. by my love. She gave it to me, a week before we were going to get married.. but... Oh god..

{Cut to Chaos, reading the Scroll of all Life.}

CHAOS: She left you didn't she?

SEPHIROTH: Nope. She suffered a terrible demise.

CHAOS: The scroll says she dumped you before she died...I just thought her breaking you heart before she broke her life would've been more crushing...Whatever. So, what's so bad about that? All of my incarnations had loves, and they all gave me objects. Obla Di Obla Da, brother.

{Cut to a shrine in the Ark, filled with hundreds of objects, all feminine-looking, a picture of Amirula, and 5 cards.}

CHAOS: So, what's the big deal?

SEPHIROTH: No, she didn't dump me. She died 1 day before our wedding. She got murdered by a robber, who broke into her house. That scroll is telling you about another Sephiroth. Probably FF7 Sephiroth. But... she was my true love! I don't care if you're Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Loving up the Russian Queen! It's me man!

CHAOS: So, it's just saddening to look at. No special powers or anything?

SEPHIROTH: It reminds me of the traumatizing experience. It is supposed to embody a power within that needs to be unlocked, but even I have no idea.

CHAOS: Did you try giving it to Joseph?

SEPHIROTH: No.. It's personal. It's put in a glass jar, to conceal it. It is known to be full of Light. Nothing else, but pure Light. I'm surprised you could withstand it. Then again.. You're not as evil as you seem...

CHAOS: About that...

SEPHIROTH: You have all these pictures of previous loves, but who is your current one? You have one... right?

CHAOS: Yes...Adel didn't just fall from the sky saying he's my son!

SEPHIROTH: Who is she then?

CHAOS: Noelle. An angel girl, a relative of God's.

SEPHIROTH: So... Adel is Half Light.

CHAOS: That's what I fear.


CHAOS: So, why don't you let me take this rose and let Joseph Appraise it for you?

SEPHIROTH: Thanks for the offer, but I'll try to unleash it myself. But.. {Gets the rose, and takes a petal off it.} Maybe he could look at this, see if there's any Special DNA in it. Or something.

CHAOS: OK. {Chaos takes the petal.}

{Cut to the Ark, where Joseph and Chaos are.}

JOSEPH: Inquisitive...

CHAOS: What?

JOSEPH: This rose contains a power with the same properties of Celestial Light!

CHAOS: But it isn't, right?

JOSEPH:Well, it shares almost the same exact genetic pattern. So, only by a slight percent.

CHAOS: Odd. What should I tell him?

JOSEPH: That rose he has is incredibly powerful.

{Chaos picks up the rose petal and returns to Sephiroth's Ship.}

CHAOS: Seph? Joseph finished analyzing it.

SEPHIROTH: So? {A Purple Chao flies by his head.} Oh. He's awake. But anyway, what was the results?

CHAOS: That one rose has about if not more powers of Celestial Light than the Gauntlet. That one rose could what 10 gauntlets could!

SEPHIROTH: Hmm. {Puts it away.} So it could be useful.

{Radio comes on.}

LAVOS: Hello? Bro? Are you here yet? We're waiting?

{Radio stops.}

SEPHIROTH: We should get going.

{Chaos reboards the ark and it lands on Mars, along with the Invincible, The BlackJack, and the Sharothian ships. The Demon Army is in front of all of them.}

HELSONG: Awaiting your command, SIR!

{Chaos and Joseph come out of the Ark.}

CHAOS: Prepare...

{Chaos turns into Alphamon, and the Royal Knights appear.}


{The screen turns black, and the episode ends.}