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The tear in continuum is unveiled (finally), and Namine cooks a fireball pizza. Leo and Noxigar confront Seifer.


{Cut to inside Adel's Ship, where Adel, and Davros are standing.}

DAVROS: I can't wait to crush those fools!

{Scatman John walks in.}

SCATMAN: Can I help you guys? I want to crush that fool Styx Fan!

DAVROS: What!? Scatman? {Eye twitches. He then bursts out laughing, revealing a set of 100 teeth. He stops.} I'm not sure a Styx Fan is with them.

SCATMAN: Don't Under Estimate Me! I can Kill or Hypnotise people with my Songs! And, Styx Fan is with them

{Cut, to see Styx Fan with (enter Wikihood Character here)}

{Slim walks in}

SLIM: Look what I found! {Holds up the Saw Puppet from Episode 1} But, That's not all! I found this! {Holds up Chuckie the Killer Doll}

CHUCKIE: I'm Gonna Kill You!

SAW PUPPET: I'm Gonna Hit you with a Lead Pipe!

SLIM: See! They like me already!

SCATMAN: I'm calling out from Scatland! I'm Calling out from Scatman's World!

{Slim Dies.}


DAVROS: Okay, Okay! You can stay, but just, don't get in our way! To join us, you'll have to be able to fight in a war, and not be killed.

SCATMAN: Ok! {spots Chuckie} Hey, maybe he could help us, too!

SPONGEBOB: Can I help?

SCATMAN: No! {shoots Spongebob} Oh! I forgot to tell you! Everytime I kill someone, I gain Power!

DAVROS: No, no Spongebob, and no killer dolls. We have a no dolls policy. Yeah. We agreed to it, in the Secret Order of Secret Villains.

{OOC: Special Episode Get!}

SCATMAN: Alright! {stabs Chuckie repeadiatly until he dies} Hey, can I do this to Hillary Clinton?

DAVROS: She's already dead. A lot of people died a few hours ago.

SCATMAN: Yayz!!! Oh, are we gonna crush them, or not?

DAVROS: Soon. How did you get on here, anyway? You know, officially, you're a stowaway?

SCATMAN: I don't know, I suddenly appeared on here.

{Cut to Adel by the eject button. He stands there for about 35 seconds, then presses the button. Scatman John is ejected from the ship.}

ADEL: Whoops.

DAVROS: That guy was creeping me out.

{Suddenly, the four Chwokas appear in their DeLorean out of nowhere, in mid-air.}

CHWOKA 2: Well that was a horrible idea.

ALT CHWOKA: Hey, look! People!

CHWOKA 4: Heck yeah, people! Maybe they can tell us what is going on.

{Chwoka 4 climbs out of the car.}

CHWOKA 4: {extends hand} Hi, we're Chwoka, and we're totally clueless. What are your names and what's going on?

{Survivor Fan walks in.}

SURVIVOR FAN: Have you guys seen Scatman John?

{Namine walks in}

NAMINE: Now which one of you is the real Chwoka? Anyway, the universe is slowly being desecrated by some guy named Davros, and Noxigar is getting a Sharoth prince to be king via the oddest adventures I can conjure up. Spielberg eats this stuff for breakfast.

CHWOKA 4: We're all the real Chwoka! Except for the blue shirt one.


DAVROS: HOW ARE PEOPLE GETTING IN!? WE'RE IN THE BLOODY VACUUMS OF SPACE!! And, I am Davros. Nice to meet you. If you join our army of darkness, you get to live!

CHWOKA 2: Was this always a vacuum in space?

NAMINE: {sighs} Allow me to explain the vaccuum. Throughout Wikihood a tear through the continuum built up. Episodes 5,6, and 7 had consistently horrible time-phasing problems, then Episode 8 had Enigma's untimely demise. Then some weird god-modding thing kept screwing things around in Episode 9.

DAVROS: Now explain how you got here from outside the ship. The vaccuums of space should of killed your head. Scanners Style.

NAMINE: The vaccuum isn't that severe yet. Deathbringer's continuum in the wedding shattered in Episode 22, also contributing to the not-yet-mentioned tear in continuum itself, along with Davros running wild with Sephiroth's body in Episode 25. As I have this sketchbook to draw and storyboard what happens, I can see to it that Chwoka does not die of the space vaccum's awkwardly mentioned effects.

DAVROS: Lemme see that! {Takes the Sketchbook, and draws Elton John.}

ELTON JOHN: {singing} I'm still standin'! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

CHWOKA 3: We time-traveled to when this wasn't a vacuum, then time traveled forward to here.

NAMINE: That explains your not-dead prescence.

DAVROS: {Looks at DeLorean.} Ooh. Nice car. With a few tweaks, it could be a perfect weapon of war!

NAMINE: I drove a DeLorean in Episode 16. And ran Noxigar over with it...

ALT CHWOKA: It already is one! It can travel through time and fly!

CHWOKA 4: Thanks for the compliment, also. Last time we brought it in, they told us it was a horrible lil' car.

DAVROS: Did you know, the only reason I'm evil is because that B-d Sephiroth killed my race millions of years ago!

NAMINE: The DeLorean series of cars are better than most cars today. They're environmentally correct, as Al Gore would say it.

CHWOKA 4: So, wait, you guys are the villians?

DAVROS: Yes! Duh! I'm Davros, Leader of the Glabal. That kid there, is Adel. Son of Chaos. The guy sleeping in the bedroom is the First Chaos. The Arabic Sorcerer is Jafar. Yeah.

NAMINE: They're villains, I'm not. I don't even remember how I got here. Shall we ride towards Noxi? I can pencil his location in.

CHWOKA 4: Wait, I killed the first Chaos! What gives!?

DAVROS: After the gates of hell got opened foolishly, we all escaped. I died a few times, but thanks to Adel, we're all revived, and as powerful as ever! Why?

NAMINE: Never mind them. Let's go, Chwokas 1, 2, 3, and 4. We have to advance the plot.

CHWOKA 3: I'm not sure there's any space...

{Chwoka 4 climbs into the driver's seat.}

CHWOKA 4: Nope, there isn't. I'll be seeing you!

{The DeLorean busts through the wall and time travels. Everybody is sucked into the vacuum. Cut to Namine in Twilight Town with the sketchbook.}

NAMINE: Okay, I'm hungry. Let's go see where we keep the Red Baron pizza.

{Namine goes to a refrigerator. Chaos Emeralds and pizza are the only two things in it. She takes out some fireball pizza.}

NAMINE: Fireballs? Yum!

{Namine preheats an oven, and goes back to the sketchbook. Namine gets out a pencil and sketches the DeLorean Chwoka is in}

{The 4 Chwokas appear and ram into the refrigerator with the DeLorean}


NAMINE: What are you guys doing in my house?

{Noxigar arrives, drowsy}

NOXIGAR: {yawns} Oh hi, DeLorean that was used in Episode 16. Howdey doo?

LEO: Why are we here Noxigar? A new land to conquer?

DAVROS: Sorry about this. You kinda took our ship with you.. Um.. we'll be taking it back now. KTHXBYE. {Runs into the ship again, and zooms off, leaving the Chwokas, and Namine behind.}

NOXIGAR: What is everyone doing in my house?

LEO: You took us here. Remember? Remember? Why?

NOXIGAR: This place is the residence of me and Namine.

LEO: Hmm.. Nice place.

NOXIGAR: It's mostly Namine's, but I occasionally rest up here.

{DiZ walks in}

DiZ: I smell fireballs. Is that Fireball pizza?


LEO: Hey.. Noxigar. Can you teach me to do that cool thing, you know.. {Imitates the Portal Sound the Members Make.} Darkness Portal, or something.

{Noxigar creates a corridor of darkness to the place Seifer is in}

NOXIGAR: We could go look for Seifer. He and Roxas were rivals at one point.

{OOC: The next part of the plot involves Leo and Noxi confronting Seifer.}

{They both walk through, and end up at the sandlot. Seifer is fighting Hayner. Hayner loses.}



{Noxigar warps in front of Seifer, defending Hayner}

NOXIGAR: Do you know of a Roxas?

SEIFER: What are you talking about!? And who are to say that? Causing trouble in my town!

{DiZ comes in.}

DiZ: Noxigar, remember that this is the real Twilight Town.

NOXIGAR: Oh. Well, do you know of a Roxas?


FUJIN: Insane Bard.

RAIJIN: You got that right, y'know!

NOXIGAR: I'll challenge you all to a battle. Maybe it'll help refresh your memory.

{Noxigar takes out an emerald staff}


NOXIGAR: What's the matter? You have the advantage. 3-to-1.

DiZ: Noxigar, you and your fellow teammates always had the tendancy never to accept that they were wrong, but instead try to attack them to near death, with no avail. Maybe Xehanort wasn't as smart as he thought.

{Im a bell(in Perfect Bell form) appears on top of Fujin's head}

IM A BELL: Hello, Noxigar. I'll be joining you, and if you complain, so help me God I'll slit your throat.

LEO: God is {CENSORED DUE TO ATTACKS BY RELIGOUS FANATICS} and that explains the meaning of life. But.. Hello Somebody-I-Don't-Know.

FUJIN: Headache.

RAIJIN: You got a Bell on your head, y'know!

FUJIN: Obvious Imbicle.

IM A BELL: Look you three, I don't know or care who you are, but if you want a REAL challenge, you'll battle me instead of Noxigar.

SEIFER: Hey! I didn't ask for a challenge! Everyone's offering it to us!

IM A BELL: ...Oh. Hmph. I was expecting a challenge.

{Noxigar throws a gas bottle, causing Seifer to be dizzy}

NOXIGAR: Now to slip this truth serum into you and then the plot will be advanced.

{Noxigar slips a bottle of truth serum into Seifer's mouth}

NOXIGAR: Don't you guys have a Vivi you bring with you?

SEIFER: Vivi? Oh yeah. He's coming along right now.

{Vivi walks in.}

VIVI: Hello guys!

DiZ: Noxigar, you don't know when to stop, do you?

NOXIGAR: I popped the truth serum on him, so now any question will be answered. Now, Seifer, do you know of a person named Roxas? Or at least a guy named Sora?

SEIFER: I don't know a Roxas, but I know a Sora. Brown Haired kid. Hangs out with a Dog and a Duck. Wait... Have you heard of a man named Squall Lionheart?

NOXIGAR: Squall? I've heard of someone like him... Leon?

SEIFER: Something like that. Anyway, I had a dream, I was fighting him, but I was like twice my age. Fuu and Rai were there too. Then, Sora comes along, and talks about him to Hayner. He even showed a picture of him. When I saw the picture, it looked just like the Squall guy in my dreams!

NOXIGAR: Thank you, Seifer. For that, you prove to be incredibly useful when drugged. Now, to make my way towards Traverse Town.

{Noxigar opens a corridor of darkness to Traverse Town. Leo walks through.}

NOXIGAR: See you later!

{Noxigar also walks through the corridor of darkness. The screen fades to black and the episode ends.}