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The war rebegins in the digital world, and Adel inds his way into Chaos' Demon powers. Hacking is also made fun.


{Opens to The Royal Knights.}

ALPHAMON: This battle is over. But...stick around a while, just for the sheer entertainment.

OMNIMON: As you wish.

{Alphamon turns back into Chaos, and he hits the glass field.}

SEPHIROTH: Whew. Thank goodness we're away from the home universe. But, what is this place? {Sniffs.} Smells good.

CHAOS: This is the Digital World. We're trapped in the inner depths. I just cleaned up in here.

SEPHIROTH: I see. {FADE TO WHITE: Cut to a child, sitting, at a TV, watching Digimon.}


{Cut back.}

SEPHIROTH: Whoa. Anyone feel that?

{Znex walks over, but he's now made up of letters and symbols, sort of ASCII.}

ASCII ZNEX: Ooh, the digital world. I haven't been here since the ninth Omni-War. All you really need to look out for here are viruses.

{A giant mess made out of ASCII walks over.}

ASCII TROLL: omg liek yu r so stoopid i am teh 1337

SEPHIROTH: {Gets out a Little Device, shaped like a pen, and points it at the Troll. It crumbles into broken data, and then deletes.}

ASCII ZNEX: I wonder where The First Chaos went off to...

{Cut back to the fortress on Embaron where there are a few important officers looking at a screen, where The First Chaos is staring out of it.}

THE FIRST CHAOS: {slightly muffled} Then, I need you to send a full battalion of troops over to Tyrannous III.

OFFICER XYRAGNOPUTOS: What about the troops that were killed at the battle with the Sharothians, sir?

THE FIRST CHAOS: I already resurrected them. They should be coming

{A large number of Wraiths fly out of a corridor and out the main door.}

GENERAL SQGIURSZ: {hissing} Vat about zat sssssssecret plan?

THE FIRST CHAOS: I'll tell you what to do later. We're being watched. {looks at the camera}


{Cut back to the Digital World. Sephiroth is in a white suit, with a white hat, and sunglasses, and singing.}

SEPHIROTH: I'm still standing, after all this time! .....Wait? What? How did this happen to me?

ASCII ZNEX: No idea.

{A bunch of ASCII Kirby dancers dance along.}

{Cut back to The First Chaos's Base in the Digital World. Behind the First Chaos, is a shadowy figure.}

???: So, you're the first chaos, eh? My father's told me a lot about you. Ha!

THE FIRST CHAOS: So...who might you be then?

{The Shadowy Figure walks out of the shadows, to reveal that he's a 13 Year Old, bearing some resemblance to Sephiroth, only having pure black hair.}

???: My name is...... Genesis. Just, Genesis. Not Saturn, but Genesis. I am the son of this Sharothian Warrior, called Sephiroth. Heard of him?

THE FIRST CHAOS: Yes, I have. So, what are you here for?

GENESIS: To stop you. There's more to me than you can imagine.

{A purple and red light begins to shine from the entrance. Adel is there.}

ADEL: Genesis, So nice to see you. Have you yet fo find The Enigma?

THE FIRST CHAOS: So, two lads like you wish to stop me? You'd do better to join my legions. I'm even tougher to kill than your father, Adel. Actually, I'm tougher to kill than the most immortal being in the universe.

{Moobly pops up.}

MOOBLY: A paradox!

{The First Chaos kicks Moobly offscreen.}

ADEL: My father IS the most immortal being in the universe. But, I have no plans to kill you. However, I need a loan of Demon Power.

{The First Chaos laughs loudly.}

THE FIRST CHAOS: Foolish boy, you cannot give away demonic power! You need to gain demonic power! Besides, how do I know that you don't want the demonic power to stop me?

ADEL: Who said you'd stop me!

{Adel hops on The First Chaos and begins to leech some power from him through his hands. When he is done, The First Chaos is in a kneeling position, and Adel is begining to transform.}

ADEL: Father, I will KILL YOU!

{Screams of agony are heard from the base, as there is an explosion, and Adel, who is still transforming, flys away.}

THE FIRST CHAOS: {quietly} Heh heh, little does he know, that he got a full dose of monstrous power, turns anyone into a giant monster. No one can grab my demonic power, I have a full shield of the monstrous power. {gets up} Now, where was I? Ah yes, the Sharothian whelp. {clicks his fingers and Genesis disappears out of the digital world. Genesis comes back.}

GENESIS: You think I'm vulnerable to That? Man, you are more of an Peon, than I had thought. {Raises 1 hand. Black Energy appears on his fingers, and then spreads to the Hands, and the arms. He then swings his hand, shooting Razor-Sharp energy beams, that kills almost everyone, except for The First Chaos, and a Guard. He kills the guard then, by shooting him with a gun.} You wanna know why I am called Genesis? I can create. However, {As he says this, he gains an evil look, and black and red fire revolves around him.} I can destroy! {Sends a blast of Pure Light at The First Chaos, which destroys the shield, and damages him.} I'm off. You haven't seen the last of me though. By the way, don't call me a whelp. {Throws a blast of Light at The First Chaos again, forcing him down. Disappears in a ray of Mixed Light and Darkness, outside.}

THE FIRST CHAOS: {hums as he repairs his shield} Now.... {clicks his fingers and the guys who just died reappear}

{Cut back to where everyone else is.}

ZNEX: {hums}

SEPHIROTH: Hmm... The Battle isn't over yet. I can sense it! {Sephiroth flies off to the source. Cut to a large desert. The Armies are there.}

LAVOS: Tell me. Why do you feel the need to Take over our homeland? And are you aware of the Consequences of doing so? Tell me, Wraith leader.

WRAITH LEADER: It is the will of Chaos that all unbelievers are destroyed and their lands given to him. Those who follow him shall alone survive the destruction, and Chaos shall give them a new land, like Paradise. And if you do not bow down and worship him, you shall be destroyed.

{The Wraith leader emits a mighty blast, more powerful than one of Chaos'(the normal Chaos) best attacks, and Lavos flies out and falls on the ground, unconscious.}

{OOC: Just play along, won't you? =D - Znex}

SEPHIROTH: YOU CRETIN!!! {Reveals to be running towards the Wraith Leader. He then jumps and super punches him, impaling him. The song "You Wa Shock" from Hokuto No Ken plays as he is attacking him. He Delivers 100 Punches, before shooting him with a Slash of Energy, slicing a limb off.} THE FIRST CHAOS WILL SOON BE DESTROYED!! I WILL TAKE HIM DOWN MYSELF! BUT FIRST, I WILL DESTROY YOU!! {Goes Super-Sharoth, and Massacres thousands of Wraithes.}

{Even more wraiths come.}

WRAITH LEADER: You cannot destroy Chaos. He is all-powerful. Even if you try, you'll be fighting an already-lost battle. We shall give you one more chance. Join us, and you, and your relatives, shall be spared.

SEPHIROTH: ............. No. You Scientologist! {Cuts off the other arm of the Wraith Leader.} What will be your reaction on me slicing your head off?

WRAITH LEADER: I shall only come back from the dead. But, that was your final chance. YOU ARE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!

{The Wraith Leader makes a more powerful form of Red Lightning come down on Sephiroth, and it continuously zaps him. Sephiroth cringes a bit, and then knocks the Lightning Away. After that, he starts spitting out blood.}

SEPHIROTH: Hmm... You're not as weak as I think. Ha! {Spits more blood.}

WRAITH LEADER: With the power of my god thrust upon me, I'm more powerful than you could ever imagine.

{Somehow, the Wraith Leader's arms grow back, and then he starts whirling them around, as if he was turning a big wheel. Sephiroth slowly starts to turn around in mid air. Suddenly, the Wraith Leader is impaled by a spirit spear. Turn around to see, Lavos back in, with a cut to his face. He lifts himself up, and throws another spear at the Wraith Leader. The Wraith Leader then turns around, hissing.}

WRAITH LEADER: We have let you Sharothians live for too long. You should be glad that Chaos chose to spare you before, but you have no protection now!

{Still spinning Sephiroth around, the Wraith Leader then forces strange black see-through tendrils to come out of his dark fingers, where the tendrils then snake around Lavos and start wrapping him around.}

WRAITH LEADER: {to Sephiroth} If you do not give to Chaos' power, Sephiroth, then you shall see your brother die. AND NOT COME BACK.

{Dust floats out from under the Wraith Leader's cloak and flies into each of Lavos' hearts.}

WRAITH LEADER: Once Lavos dies, you shall not see him alive again. This dust makes sure of that. {zoom in on Lavos' face, where he's starting to choke, cut back} If you do not repent, heretic, then your brother shall die, ever so slowly, and you shall watch him die.

SEPHIROTH: YOU *BEEP!* {Flies up to The Wraith Leader, and rips his head off, and then rips his heart out. He then crushes the heart, destroying it. All the effects of the leader are disabled.} Oh god.. no! I ... Killed him!!

{Chaos is looking at a little parchment.}'

CHAOS: No you di-oh! Yep, you did.

{Lavos is still choking as the tendrils haven't been destroyed yet. Sephiroth jumps up, and destroys them.}


{A portal arrives with a cloaked person. This cloaked person is Noxigar.}

NOXIGAR: Long time no see, amigos! Did I miss anything? Namine had to take a three-month vacation and decided to take me with her, so I went. I think it was a Trogdor Con '08. Yeah, definitely that. She drew you guys frequently, so I hope I didn't miss out on anything.

{OOC: I present to you a new character thing.}

CHAOS: Noxigar. It took a while to meet you in person. But it seems to be well worth it.

NOXIGAR: Whatyoutalkin'bout Willis? Erm, I mean, Chaos?

CHAOS: I've just wanted to meet you. Nothing else.

SEPHIROTH: You missed a still happening war. I just murdered the third most powerful person in the war.

CHAOS: And...who's left?

NOXIGAR: I have an idea. And it doesn't require Chaos Emeralds.

SEPHIROTH: What is it? You have an army of.... White Creatures with no souls?

CHAOS: I still have the Demon Army and Royal Knights.

SEPHIROTH: I think, we should combine our powers. ...Like, a temporary... fusion. Our Appearences, Powers, and Personality Combine, to make a more powerful person.

NOXIGAR: I was gonna hack into DiZ's computer to solve the problem, although Namine's computer's a Dell and his is a Mac.

SEPHIROTH: The thing is, we're not in his virtual world, we're in the Digital World.

NOXIGAR: Dang. So close! Anyway, let me hack into the Digital World by using Namine's new laptop. {types in a series of programs that summon MissingNo.'s to the fray.} I got you guys some things to stall for time while I do my hacking.

SEPHIROTH: Nice. Put some of my special made Heartless into there, along with some I stole from my adventures. {Puts USB in.}

CHAOS: And you can strengthen the Heartless with this Gamma board I just found. It's the best stat increaser in Digimon World 4.

SEPHIROTH: So, Chaos, what do you think of my proposal? Our Power Levels are practically the same, with some minor differences. Bear in mind, this fusion will only work for 1 hour however.

CHAOS: We could probably still win the war with all of us un-fused. We just need one thing: The Knights of the Ark!

SEPHIROTH: I still think fusion would be good idea. We could even do a 3 Way fusion. All 3 of us.

{Instead of Noxigar, Namine appears.}

NAMINE: Hello.

SEPHIROTH: No 4 way fusions though. That could kill us all. It happened to the Quadrio of Altary.

CHAOS:But what about my plan? One of the knights had 2 swords, which I could use as Alphamon to fuse with the Ark and Wipe Basically everything out. But it needs massive power to work the weapon it makes.

SEPHIROTH: We could do that. However, that could kill us, too. I still think we all should fuse.

CHAOS: Kill you, maybe.

SEPHIROTH: Ok, I guess fusing is off the list. By the way, If it can't kill you, it can't me. But, I'm left with the second option, and that is, all of us move out, and attack the First Chaos himself!

CHAOS: Well, I'll go and find Ruin.

{Joseph, who is only a few feet away from the group, stares up, his eyes wide with suprise.}

CHAOS: Something Wrong, Joe?

JOSEPH: N-n-n-n-nothing. Nothing at all.

SEPHIROTH: Before we storm the place, I suppose we do a little more training. ARMIES!!! COME HERE FOR SOME TRAINING! {The Armies Loyally form a large square in front of Sephiroth.}

CHAOS: Y'know what? Me and JOSEPH will go find Ruin.

'JOSEPH: Is that a good idea?

CHAOS: It's a splendid one. Let's go.

{The two get into the ark, and create a large green portal. However, Sephiroth notices that Adel is hanging onto the back of the Ark.}

SEPHIROTH: What? What are you doing?

{Cut to a large generator with a keyboard where a wraith is seated at.}

WRAITH: Now, let's see which program it was again...ummm... {types and a bramp noise happens} Nup, wrong one. Uh... {types and a messed up ASCII mess pops out of the end of the generator} There we go!

ASCII VIRUS: uyhoh2ytq2yq7ri8g8yu298u9 {slides off, making things slightly change as it goes}

{More viruses start coming out of the generator, some of them go towards the spot where Noxigar is trying to hack.}

NOXIGAR: So they're targeting their own website, eh? How bold. Now...

{Noxigar jumps in before the viruses see him. He jumps to a different webpage with the downloader.}

NOXIGAR: Perfect...

{Some viruses stay where Noxigar was hacking before while other viruses slide along to where he's hacking now.}

ASCII VIRUS: 0101100101101111011100100001

NOXIGAR: Will you go away if I beat you in a card game? It works all the time for everyone else...

{Pause for 5 seconds. Nothing happens.}

NOXIGAR: How odd. no? Too bad... my downloader's done anyways. Now to double-click... and voila! We've penetrated the Digital World! Now whatever's ruining Wikihood doesn't stand a chance...

{A "Ghost of a To-Be-Continued" appears below the screen and the episode ends.}