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Are Homestar and Marzipan Noxi and that other Org. XIII member gonna have a date? Well I'll be! A not-war-related epsiode!

Later, Sephiroth has a party with everyone else.


{Noxigar, Sephiroth, and Namine are at the living room.}

SEPHIROTH: To celebrate the end, I'm having a party. Want to come?


NAMINE: HOLD IT! {The Phoenix Wright "HOLD IT" bubble covers the screen} What about the Dinner and a Movie idea?

NOXIGAR: I'm sure Sephiroth's party isn't occuring for another five hours. That's enough time, right?

SEPHIROTH: Yep. I'm gotta go organize. By the way... {Gives Noxi and Namine invitations.} See ya! {Walks off.}

NOXIGAR: Okay, any ideas on where to go?

SEPHIROTH: {Offscreen} Try the Romantic Italian Restraunt!

NOXIGAR: Uhm... thanks.

{Namine comes back with the DeLorean.}

NAMINE: Get in! There's a cool Italian restaurant Roxas mentioned a while ago that Wii can try!

NOXIGAR: {sighs} Roxas... that name is far too grim for it to be repeated...

NAMINE: Come on!

{Noxigar gets inside the DeLorean, which flies off. Pan to FF7 Sephiroth, who watches}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: I have a bad feeling that some odd thing is gonna happen that makes me jittery inside. But what? Oh well. I could text Sephiroth about what he knows. {takes out a cellpone implying FF7 Sephiroth's dark personality.} Texting blows. I'm gonna just call him. {dials Sephiroth's number} Hello? Hey, anything goin' on? My week has been pretty dull so far.

{OOC: Grrrr, don't finish the story without me! >=( And don't take control of my characters! >=( Right, I'm just going to do what Sephiroth kept doing. - Znex}

{Noxigar is dressed in a dress.}

NOXIGAR: ... I don't even remember why I'm in this...


{Cut back to Sephiroth's flat. Vincent is there.}

VINCENT: A Party? Good idea.

SEPHIROTH: Yeah! Of course! To celebrate the falling of the First Chaos!

VINCENT: ...Um..... how is the normal Chaos?

SEPHIROTH: Dunno. Don't know what he's doing. Haven't heard from him since the First Chaos was destroyed. But, Shaorth is back to normal now. I even got a promotion. I'm a diamond rank fighter now.


{Sephiroth's Cell rings. The ringtone is the theme to Blackadder. He picks up.}


FF7 SEPHIROTH: {offscreen} That you? Man, this week's a little dull if you ask me. But I saw the DeLorean today. I wonder what's going on?

SEPHIROTH: Not much.

VINCENT: {Background.} WHO IS IT?

SEPHIROTH: The other Sephiroth.


{Shadow drops by}

SHADOW: I'm here for a artypay. You got any of those? Also, I haven't seen Noximan all week. Where is he now?

SEPHIROTH: On a Date with Lemonade. I mean, Namine. Any way, the Party isn't for 5 hours. Wanna hang out with me and Vincent? Daxter's coming soon, along with Clank.

VOICE: And me!

{Znex flies in out of nowhere and lands right next to Sephiroth.}

SHADOW: Well, I just happened to know that the DeLorean is close to you, as well as some odd restaurant. With Italian words and everythin'! Mind if we cause mayhem before the party, if you catch my drift? {winks at Znex and Sephiroth}

{OOC: Znex and Shadow can cause mayhem at the Italian restaurant if they like. I mean, since Znex didn't like the "ending" - Noxi}

SEPHIROTH: Hello! Nice to see you! I've got some snacks if you want. Some Chips, Popcorn, Sandwiches, and Cake. Much more if you look around. Wait? Mayhem? Cool.

{Shadow points at the Italian restaurant that's a few blocks away from Sephiroth}

SHADOW: That's the place where I saw Noxigar in some fancy outfit. Maybe we can make things hilarious for him"friend"?

SEPHIROTH: I'm gonna dress up as Bono, and sing his songs!

SHADOW: Alright. Well, I'll be in the guise of a waiter. I think it'll work if we have a plan of some sort. Any ideas?

{Sephiroth goes into his bedroom, and comes out, dressed as Bono.}


SHADOW: Come on, let's go!

{Pan to Namine and Noxi inside the restaurant. A waiter sees them}

WAITER: Reservation for "The 13th Order"?

{Noxigar nods}

WAITER: Mama mia! Have a seat and we will get you guys someone to take your order.

{They seat and a Mario dressed as a waiter walks over.}

GIUSEPPE: Buon giorno, couple! May I take-a your order?

{"Bono" comes in.}

BONO: Hi everyone! I'm Bono, and I'll be doing a concert here!

WAITER: Well, Bono, have a seat over next to the other two.

{Namine gazes at Bono confusingly}

NAMINE: {whispering to Noxigar} He looks like non-FF7 Sephiroth...

GIUSEPPE: Sephiroth, who be he? And, may I take your order?

BONO: Sephiroth? Is that some kind of Cheese? Now, I'll be singing. {Climbs on table, and starts to sing, in a loud, offtone voice.}

BONO: Don't believe what you hear
Don't believe what you see
If you just close your eyes
You can feel the enemy
When I first met you girl
You had fire in your soul
What happened your face of melting in snow?
Now it looks like this
And you can swallow
Or you can spit
You can throw it up
Or choke on it
And you can dream
So dream out loud!!!

NAMINE: I'll take a Dr. Pepper.

NOXIGAR: Mr. Pibb for me, please.

BONO: {Starts sing louder, drowning out all speech.}

{Shadow walks in unnoticed, looking at Giuseppe with a wicked smile on his face}

SHADOW: {thinking} Hmm... his outfit looks perfect enough. Now I just need someone to lift me so I don't look like a midget waiter...

BONO: {Throws Fairy Dust at Shadow.} Think happy thoughts!

SHADOW: {thinking} Does he know my thoughts?

BONO: {Throws fairy dust at random people, saying the same thing. It shows his sunglasses are painted black, implying that he can't see.}

{Cut to Namine and Noxigar}

NOXIGAR: So, you know what you desire from the menu?

NAMINE: The sirloin steaks sound good to you?

{Noxigar nods, then looks at Bono}

NOXIGAR: Can we get Bono spaghetti? I know Luigi likes spaghetti.

NAMINE: I don't see a reason not to give Bono spaghetti...


BONO: I love Spaghetti! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!

NAMINE: Okay then. Now to wait on our drinks.

{Kirby walks in, and sits at a nearby table}

KIRBY:{yawns, accidentally inhales the candle on Noxigar and Namine's table} Mmm. Spicy. {burps, accidentally setting Bono's hair on fire}

GIUSEPPE: Mama mia! Okay, let's see...Dr. Pepper...Mr. Pibb...sirloin steak...and spaghetti...Very good. The drinks will be around shortly, persone. Meanwhile, a violinist will come around. {walks off}

{A country musician with a violin walks over.}

COUNTRY MUSICIAN: Hey there, yokels! Hyuk, hyuk! Time for a song with Uncle Funguspatch, hyuk. A one, two, three!

{Uncle Funguspatch starts playing a country tune on his violin, where the violin is slightly off-tune.}

BONO: OH MY GOD!! MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!!! AHH!!! {Runs around, tackling, and knocking over everyone else, until he finds a vase . He picks it up, and pours it on his head.} That's better.....

{Giuseppe returns, carrying a tray with a cup full of Dr. Pepper and a cup full of Mr. Pibb.}

GIUSEPPE: Here you go, persone. The food should be along shortly.

NAMINE: Thanks.

BONO: I love Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb! {Drinks both cups then loudly burps in a posh couples face.}

LADY: Oh, I say!

{Shadow arrives dressed up as a waiter}

SHADOW: Can I get you guys refills?

NOXIGAR: Yes please.

BONO: {Jumps onto Noxigar's table, and kicks everything off.} SINGING TIME AGAIN!!! !

{TheStick crashes through the ceiling}

THESTICK: Hey guys! I'm the new waiter! {Takes out a bowl of chili with ice cream and a stick of dynamite in it} Order for Table 7

BONO: ICECREAM!!!! {Eats it all, then burps fire, setting TheStick's hair on fire.} YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!

{Shadow sighs and takes the empty cups to go and refill them}

NOXIGAR: This gets more exciting as the day gets long. I like this reastaurant!

{Namine takes the drinks from Shadow's hands}

NAMINE: Bono seems like a good crazy guy. Wonder if he knows any good movies still in theatres?

BONO: I know! Only 2 movies are in cinemas. Yu-Gi-Oh: More Childrens Card Games, and Dragon Ball Z: Goku is now Middle aged.

NOXIGAR: Then we could just rent something. I like older movies better than newer variants. Does anyone in this restaurant like Nightmare on Elm Street?

THESTICK: {Unaware that his hair is on fire} Well, time to get the sodas! {Runs to the kitchen, and comes out with a tray with three glasses of liquid in them. They all have a piece of grape in them, along with a sugar cube.} Where's Table 1X?




{AVGN arrives with his SNES backpack and dual-wields two bottles of Heineken}

AVGN: Get back. Get back. Get back to where you once belong!

{AVGN gets glass shards in Jason and Michael Myers, and is busy wrestling Leatherface}

FREDDY: {Turns into a AVGN duplicate, and starts fighting AVGN. AVGN kills him with power glove.}

NAMINE: Noxi, I have to agree. This is one peculiarly entertaining Italian restaurant. I'm glad that Sephiroth suggested it.

BONO: {Notices Namines Sketchbook on the ground.} Cool! {Draws a giant Gorilla. A gorilla appears in the restraunt. He then draws Rosie O'Donnel.}

ROSIE: Hello People!!!

NAMINE: Hey, can I have my sketchbook back now?

BONO: Just a Minute! {Draws Freddie Mercury, Elton John, David Bowie, John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, and Bloo from Fosters.} Here you go!

ELTON JOHN: What am I doing here?

NOXIGAR: I dunno. Wii're killing time until our steaks and spaghetti arrive.

FREDDIE MERCURY: What about me though? I'm dead! I was talking to my good friend Shakespeare, and I just got here!

{Namine makes a sketch of Freddie Mercury being "kindly" escorted out by Hades}

HADES: Shakespeare's waiting.

{Freddy Mercury and Hades walk offscreen}

NAMINE: We fixed that tidbit for his sake.

{Shadow brings out the sirloin steaks and the spaghetti.}

SHADOW: Here you go! Do enjoy!

{Shadow gets Bono and everyone else a chair}

{As Shadow puts the food down on the table, the plates are empty. Elton John and David Bowie ate it already.}

ELTON JOHN: Yum! I am still standing after all these days!

SHADOW: {sighs} Let me get duplicates.

{Shadow pops up again with the steaks and spaghetti and places it on the table. "OOC: This probably gonna be MST3K'd by Chwoka and whats-his-name. I'd love to see that - Noximan."}

{Elton John eats it all again, then goes into the kitchen and eats everything there.}

MANAGER: I regret to inform you that we are out of food no thanks to a glutton who is dressed like Elton John. Anyway, come back next week, and thanks for dropping by!

{Pan to the DeLorean, where Namine is driving}

NOXIGAR: Let's find a nearby Blockbuster and see if we can rent Nightmare on Elm St. That movie would trump anything at the cinemas.

{The DeLorean drives to the Blockbuster. Cut to Shadow in Sephiroth's house.}

SEPHIROTH: Shadow, I think that was a success, don't you?

SHADOW: Yeah. I'm impressed your cover didn't get blown. I met this H*bad at rifleman camp, and he was a terrible disguise artist.

SEPHIROTH: The Party is in about... 2 hours, and a few people are coming already. {FF7 Sephiroth, Vincent, Ratchet, Clank, Daxter, Chrono, Goofy, Donald, Weebl, Bob, Tails, Knuckles, Sonic and King Mickey come through the door.}

SONIC: We came for a party.

SEPHIROTH: It's not for another 2 hours, but until then, do you just want to hang out?

CLANK: Seems Satisfactory to me.

TAILS: Yeah, Sure!

{Namine and Noxigar both arrive with the Nightmare on Elm St. DVD. Noxi looks like he is bruised from being run over.}

NAMINE: Wii both agreed to let you guys watch Nightmare on Elm St with us. This is a party, after all.

CLANK: Care to explain your friends' injuries?

NAMINE: Noxi ran the whole way, claiming the AVGN stole his bike. He got trounced by multiple DeLorean recolors shortly after, but I don't know how.

NOXIGAR: If you've got any healing items, that'd be great right about now.

DONALD: HEAL!!! {Raises Arms, and a bell appears above Noxigar's head, healing him.}

NOXIGAR: Thanks.

SEPHIROTH: So, shall we watch?



SEPHIROTH: Alright. {Puts it into the TV.}

{Later. Everyone is watching, looking scared.}

SEPHIROTH: Oh... my... god... he's not gonna do it.... Oh. He did it. Gorefest.

CLANK: I have seen worse horror, like once, in the Robot factory. One worker got his head crushed.

{Vindicator walks onscreen, using his scythe like a walking stick.}

VINDICATOR: {looks around} Where am I?

Vindicator under his cloak :D at last

{Vindicator removes his cloak.}

VINDICATOR: Bah, that was always getting in the way, snagging on things.

SEPHIROTH: VINDICATOR! YOU LOOK... Normal! I thought you always looked like an ugly slimy rotting corpse of somekind, behind the robe.

VINDICATOR: I just went to Jenny Craig. Killed that daughter of a- well, let's not go there.

{Znex walks up wearing a party hat and holding a tray with cake.}

ZNEX: Hey, has the party started yet?

VINDICATOR: I don't know.

NAMINE: Cool, so we see a mysterious character reveal himself. I'm gonna continue to watch the movie with Noxi and Clank.

{Znex eats all the cake and then sits down.}

ZNEX: Ooh, ahh.

SEPHIROTH: No, the party hasn't started yet. It starts after the movie finishes. However, these people are here before the party, to hang out. Though the movie only has 15 minutes left. I'll get a few other things ready. {Goes inside kitchen, and brings out: A Coffee machine, Wine Bottles, Champagne, A Giant Cake, Companion Cube, and a few other snacks. OCC: Add your own!} Anyway, lots more guests are coming. Man, does anyone know how much this 20 Story building cost me?


SEPHIROTH: $200. For Sale. I Own this building. I built this. With my hands. The materials used are better than that of Earth. THE WINDOWS ARE MADE OF DIAMOND!!!

{The Ark lands on the building, and crushes it into little pieces.}

CHAOS: Well, that was a total failure.

{The Building Repairs itself, by growing arms, and rebuilding itself, brick by brick.}

SEPHIROTH: Chaos, crash into my building again, and I will crash into your heart, by clogging your arteries, by feeding you forced Fat, causing a heart attack.

CHAOS: If you'd allow me to refer back a few episodes, I have no heart.

SEPHIROTH: That's why you're so stubborn, stuckup, grouchy, and grinchy! I always thought it was because your socks were to tight!

CHAOS: And I don't wear socks. Now, what happened? We got lost at a gas station at the Zylon Nebula, and headed for Earth.

SEPHIROTH: Quickly after you left, We all stormed the Fortress of the First Chaos, fused into a giant Phoenix, and destroyed him. Now, we're celebrating with a party. Wanna join? There's MUFFINS!!!!

{Chaos picks up a curious red muffin.}

CHAOS: Uh-oh. I think I'll pass.

SEPHIROTH: That's not a muffin Chaos. Oh crap. I think you should put that down now. For your own sake. {Gulp.}

CHAOS: You don't mean-


{The muffin Grows Horns and a tail, and pulls out a Proton Cannon.}

MUFFIN OF D00M: I am free again! I will now try to...uh...I don't know. What hasn't happened yet?

CHAOS: We need to ACTUALLY travel Back in time, not just pause the series and remenisce.

MUFFIN OF D00M: Then I will rip time and Space!

CHAOS: Oh, boy.

{The Muffin of D00M vanishes in a burst of fire.}

CHAOS: Everyone just get in the ark and shut up.

{Everyone lines up and heads into the Ark, which flies away.}