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Terra's Finally appeared. Tommyspud's home, Chaos is content, and everyone else is on a little walk around on their own. Also, the biggest,most epic thing happens.

New Characters


{The Ark and Invincible land on Terra. Tommyspud runs out onto the coral-looking world,and observes broken structures. Everyone else simply walks out of the ships.}

CHAOS: It's really been 5000 years.

TOMMYSPUD: Wow, wait.. I thought you said Terra was destroyed Chaos.... Then... why are we walking on it?

CHAOS: Necron preserved what little was left of Terra during it's destruction. Then, he died. This copy was covered by the universe, along with all other purgatory. This is exactly the way it looked before it imploded. It wpn't implode now, though.

{Nick looks around.}

NICK: This is just amazing. Really amazing.

CHAOS: The Terrans hade THE BEST technology in the entire universe. They terra-formed this civivalization with crystals, coral, and rock. That's how it got it's name.

TOMMYSPUD: This is so weird to me. I mean, so many things about me have been revealed, and all in a matter of minutes., where Earth exists?

CHAOS: Time wil never be our kindest master.

{Tommyspud smirks}

TOMMYSPUD: So, what's next, Chaos. We go find my creator, or... is there something else that needs done?

CHAOS: The only creator made every Terran. Like I said, he's dead. With any luck, you maybe able to talk to him, though. We'd need only go to Pandemonium, the capital of Terra. Hell has the same name. That's why I was the ambassador from Earth.

{Chaos walks into a coral extension coming off of a tree, that teleports him in green waves.}

{Tommyspud looks perplexed, and slowly follows Chaos, Nick gives chase as well.}

{They end up in front of a weird portal, next to two staircases. They both lead down to a city.}

CHAOS: This is Bran Bal. You were started here, as a tiny cell, inthe underground research lab.

{TheStick walks in}

THESTICK: What's been happening? What plannet is this? According to my calculations, the universe will explode.

CHAOS: It did. This is purgatory. This planet is immortal, and HEaven and Hell are connected on a desolate wasteland.

{OOC: How come it seems like everything for the episode has been pre-plotted?}

{OOC:I dunno.}

THESTICK: Wait, wait, wait. So this is an alternate universe? From the one I came from? With Earth?

CHAOS: This is a fossil of a once-great planet. Necron, the very opposite of life, stuck it here, to hide it.

{OOC:He REALLY IS the opposite of life. But no, he is not death.}

THESTICK: This is all so confusing! I know! All I have to do is go back in time and stop Wikihood from existing! {Takes out a remote control, and TheStick then mysteriously vanishes}

CHAOS: Everything on Terra never dies. And since all of Wikihood is on here at the moment, we WON'T be harmed!

{TheStick walks in}

THESTICK: The year 2199 is now! Yes! The history books say that Wikihood never existed! But am I on Wikihood now?

CHAOS: Yes. You are. And it's still 2008. You just changed the year numbers on a pin-up calendar! Now, go search the wastelands. Maybe go to Heaven, or Hell. But don't try to mess up WIkihood. Tommyspud's having a moment.

{Chaos Points to Tommysud, who is looking at Bran Bal, dazzled. Znex walks over.}

ZNEX: Hey, I think I've been here before on one of my time-travelling adventures.

CHAOS: That's possible.

ZNEX: Indeed. What do we do now?

CHAOS: The only real thing to do is sightsee. I have to take Tommyspud and Nick somewhere.

{Chaos and Tommyspud run down the stairs, with Nickwalking after them.}

{Vindicator falls from the sky, feet first. The ground cracks around him.}

VINDICATOR: They're part of a dying tradition.

THESTICK: Meh. I'm ready to accept anything. This is wierd. No, seriously! Thia year is 2199! Pin-up calanders have been replaced by virtual bloodstream things. Oh well, time to the junkyard. {TheStick walks off}

{Cut to the stairs, as Tommyspud looks around, still following.}

TOMMYSPUD: So, Chaos, what's next?

{The Arwing comes from Above, and lands aside the other 2 ships. Out of the ship, comes Normal Wiki User Sephiroth, only with some changes: He is dressed in different gear, and is armed with a Portal Gun, and Keyblade. On his Jacket, are many pins, which are acually Keychains for the keyblade. He leaps out, and does a front flip. He then flies over to everyone else, ending with a pose with the Keyblade, and the Portal Gun.}

SEPHIROTH: Hey guys! You wouldn't believe where I've been! ....I'll tell you later. And don't explain everything, as I know already. {Gets out Magic Mirror.} One of my good friends gave me this!

THESTICK: {Walking in} Can someone explain what's been happening now?

SEPHIROTH: I just made a comeback from episode 4. Officially. In this plot. {COUGH4thwallbreakCOUGH}

CHAOS: Well, Tommyspud, First, let's look at the underground lab.

TOMMYSPUD: Ok, let's go.

NICK: This should prove interesting.

{Chaos leads the two into a small run-down crystal building. There is a giant hole complex in the center.}

CHAOS: This is the above floor of the observatory. That hole used to place the crystal, fueler of all life. The Crystal is still all together in Pandemonium. Now, let's go down the stairs.

{Chaos walks to the far right side of the room, where a stair case comes up from the ground. When he steps on the first step, he turns green, and disappears.}

TOMMYSPUD: Another one of these? {steps on the step, turns green, and disappears}

NICK: Incredible. {Follows Tommyspud}

{They all appear in a room with 3broken tubes, all with green liquid near them, ad a damaged computer.}

CHAOS: Does this place look familiar, Tommyspud?

{Tommyspud places his hand on the side of the broken tube.}

TOMMYSPUD: Not by look, but by feel... It feels like I have been here before, Chaos. It feels that way at least. {looks down at the green liquid.}

CHAOS: Your genetic material was started here. It was moved to the capital, where Garland raised you for 500 years. Then, I took you. That liquid housed you a long time ago.

{Nick looks over at Chaos, thinking to himself "He knows more than I, or even Tommyspud's Earth dad ever did..." He then slowly looks at the broken tubes.}

TOMMYSPUD: Unbelievable.

CHAOS: Now, we need to return to the gate we ended up at. {Heads back the way he came.}

{Tommyspud and Nick follow Chaos}

{TheStick appears at the gate}

THESTICK: Can someone please tell me what's happening in the sense of things? Because first you're on Earth... what universe are we talking about?

CHAOS: Earth was in the universe. The Entire universe is gone. This is purgatory. Only Terra, Heaven and Hell are left. The rest is blank, white space. This place is only an imprint, a fossil of the real planet. This fossil is immortal.

{Tommyspud smirks}

TOMMYSPUD: Got all your questions answered, TheStick?

CHAOS: I'm going in, either way.

{Chaos walks into the gate, and disappears.}

TOMMYSPUD: Wait for me.. {Follows, while Nick stares at TheStick, for a bit, then quickly runs into the gate, and disappears.}

{The three appear in a warped area, where everything is crimson and mutated.}

CHAOS: How about this place? Does THIS place seem familiar?

TOMMYSPUD: I think so...

NICK: What is this place, Chaos?

{TheStick walks in}

THESTICK: No, not all my questions are answered!

CHAOS: We are im Pandemonium. The Impure, ones who cannot see Terra's truth, Like TheStick, only see where they came from. He thinks he walked in a circle. And he can't see us. Now, let's forage on.

{Chaos walks ahead, and Tommyspud and Nick follow him.}

NICK: This is confusing...

{In the next room, Chaos is hopping across platforms above an ocean of mysterious green liquid. This time, it's glowing.}

CHAOS: Watch our step.

{Tommyspud looks at the glowing green liquid, then hops after Chaos, Nick follows}

NICK: I'd hate to fall in that stuff. It'd probably mutate you or something.

CHAOS: It's just like regular earth water. I just don't want either of you to drown!

TOMMYSPUD: Please, I can swim... It's not like I'm utterly useless.

NICK: Yeah, swimming is pretty easy.

CHAOS: Did I mention the water's thicker and denser than blood? If you fall, there's no way of bringing you back.

TOMMYSPUD: Oh, yeah, right. Nice.

NICK: It's like pitfall, except there's no gator, and no rope.

{In the next room, there is a long staricase, and a closed door.}

CHAOS: Pandemonium is the most preserved piece of Terra.

TOMMYSPUD: Which way are we going?

CHAOS: The stairs.

{Nick stares at the closed door}

TOMMYSPUD: Hey, Nick...

{Nick looks at Tommyspud}

NICK: Yeah?

TOMMYSPUD: That door will probably kill you.

CHAOS: At least you remember SOMETHING about this place.

{Tommyspud smirks}

TOMMYSPUD: Well, excuse me for forgetting this stuff, it has been a long time.

CHAOS: Let's just continue.

{Everything turns blue, and there is tons of domes in the room.}

CHAOS: We're close.

{Nick looks around}

NICK: Wow. This is madness.

CHAOS: Just don't let the blue light hit you.

{The domes start shooting out blue lights.}

{OOC: Is it just me or is Chaos running the plot?}

(OOC:I'm just th only one who cares of the actiny plot to remember most of What Vindicator wanted to do in the original, just spicing it with my good ideas.}

{OOC: And soon, I'm gonna spice the plot with my ideas. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! >=D - Znex}

{Znex walks over and freezes time, so that only him, Chaos, Tommyspud and Nick can move.}

ZNEX: Right, where to now?

THESTICK: Did my plan to destroy the universe work?

ZNEX: The universe was already destroyed, TheStick. Now go back to sleep.

SEPHIROTH: Shame really. Good thing all inhabitants are safe. Did I tell you?

{Cut to a part of space, full of Large Spaceships, all with different logos each, Including: Apature Science, Black Mesa, Shinra, Umbrella Corp, and others.}

SEPHIROTH: However, there are many other universes intact, Including mine. Dyrath.

ZNEX: There's also alternate universes as well.

CHAOS: I remember Dyrath well. {Everyone looks at Chaos oddly} Uh, I mean.... I'm the devil?

{Cut to Earth. Chwoka gets up off the ground}

(OOC: Ignore the erasing the universe I did.)

CHWOKA: Huh. This is really weird. I'm seeming to remember a parallel universe. I was a real estate agent. Oh god, yuck. {looks up.} What the hell?

{The background starts to pulsate like ripping water. Vindicator walks onscreen, and becomes transparent.}


{TheStick walks in}

THESTICK: So, wait. Now we're in an alternate universe, where Earth exists?

{Tommyspud stares at Chaos}

TOMMYSPUD: So, Chaos, where do we go from here?

CHAOS: Just to the hall of memories. The only flaw is that we have to watch the story. It's about you, though. And the Terrans.

TOMMYSPUD: Yea, that should be pretty interesting.

THESTICK: Well, time to go to the lab and work on some new weapons! I mean potions! Potions!

{TheStick walks away}

CHWOKA: {scrambles} Agh! What's going on? Who are you people? Why are you here?

CHAOS: The room's just through here...

{Chwoka punches Chaos in the face}

CHWOKA: Answer me.

{Chaos hand grabs Chwoka's from the shadows, and the Chaos Chwoka punched turns into black ashes.}

CHAOS: Don't ever hit me.

{Chaos Throws Chwoka into a coral spire coming out of the floor.}

{Tommyspud sighs}

TOMMYSPUD: Why do people want to be stupid?

CHAOS: That's a good question.

{Tommyspud Chaos, and Nick walk into a room with hundreds of giant white masks made of metal. A few are broken.}

CHAOS: Just step in the white circle at the end to learn about Terra.

{Tommyspud walks over to the circle, and Nick slowly follows}

CHAOS: Get ready to learn about your homeland. And a little more about me.

{Chaos steps on the circle, then it turns on, and one face just out, and turns orange.}

FACE: Welcome, strangers. This is Terra. This room was built to record all the happenings. We all know our world is near an end.

{Another face pops up, and the platform the circle's in moves to that face.}

FACE 2: This planet was made By Necron, the exact opposite of death. The only inhabitant was Garland, and he fixed it up with his own resources.

{The same thing happens with a different face.}

FACE 3: One day, he was walking Terra, and came across a mystreious thing. A normal sized embryo of a human.

{And again with the faces.}

FACE 4: He took that Embryo and produced a Terran. The first to be born on this planet.

{Once again.}

FACE 5: Then, he made more. Most Terrans appeared as blond-haired humans, with long brown monkey tails. Most Terrans also lacked a soul. All except 3.

{They make it to another face.}

FACE 6: Kuja, Mikoto, and Zidane all had souls, and ONLY Kuja and Zidane had emotions. Mikoto was made to watch over all the other Terrans.

{This time, the face right next to them just lights up.}

FACE 7: Then, Garland made another Genome, with more emotions ansd fellings than all the others put together.

{Stupid face transition...}

FACE 8: His project name was "Project Thomas". He was started, then, Terra fell into this state of decline.

FACE 9: However, the day before the cataclysm, there was an accident.

FACE 10: The project couldn't have a stable soul. Something was making it fall apart, and there would be no time to fix it.

FACE 11: So, the ambassador from Earth, a man named Chaos, used the power of an orb, what we called, the darkness, to help stregnthen the genome. It worked, and he was stabalised. However, he could not be complete.

FACE 12: The day after, the ambassador took the genome back to earth.

FACE 13: And now, nothing remains of Terra.

{The faces all stop, and the platform carries them up to the last room.}

{Tommyspud stares at Chaos}

TOMMYSPUD: Chaos? What do they mean by not complete?

CHAOS: The Darkness may have given you a soul, but you were incomplete. You were missing domething. Your father gave you that. Whatever he used, it fixed you, and gave you the life Garland only DREAMED of giving you.

TOMMYSPUD: We are almost done, aren't we?

{The platform rises up and the three walk up. The room has a little staircase, leading to a giant blue orb.}

CHAOS: All we have to do is walk up these few steps and touch that orb.

NICK: Sweet. This should be easy.

{Tommyspud slowly walks up the steps, Nick follows.}

???: Go no further.

{A voice is heard, out of nowhere, then, the orb begins to glow.}

CHAOS: It's been so long, Garland. I hope you're ready to meet your son.

GARLAND: What do you mean? I see no son of mine!

{Tommyspud looks over at Chaos}

TOMMYSPUD: Seems like he doesn't want me here.

CHAOS: Garland, surely you can still see through one of your own, project Thomas?

GARLAND: You don't mean that this simple man is the one I started.

CHAOS: He is. He was finished a while back.

GARLAND: Oh, my! Sorry for not realising it at first, son. I am Garland, holder of all that is. And creator of the Terrans.

CHAOS: I'll take Nick off your hands and leave you two to talk.

{Chaos and Nick run out of the room, then, it returns to the room where Chwoka was tossed.}

CHAOS: Chwoka! Stand up and assert yourself!

CHWOKA: What the hell? Why do you suddenly care? Asshole. Thanks for ruining my planet and near-killing me. (OOC: What was that? There was no motivation for your character, and he didn't even have a way to know my name.)

{Chwoka walks off-screen.}

CHWOKA: Can you please put my world back to normal? I don't quite remember that coral spire...pretty sure it used to be a tree.

{Cut to the orb room}

TOMMYSPUD: It's kind of unbelieveable how this occured in a matter of minutes. It's like everything was turned upside down. But, I never thought I was normal compared to a regular human.

GARLAND: you're not. Chaos fed The Darkness ino you. You have the ability of trance.

{Cut to the spire room.}

CHAOS: This isn't earth. This is Terra. You were right. The universe fell apart. We're in purgatory.

CHWOKA: ...Like I said, why do you suddenly care about me? What about all the other Average Joes? Especially since you just, a few seconds ago, tried to kill me and didn't even talk to me. What is you motivation?

CHAOS: My double helps contribute to my mannerisms. Now, get up!

NICK: This is unbelievable. Tell me, Chaos... What was the reason of revealing it all to Tommyspud? Is there something that he needs to do for Terra?

{Cut back to the Orb Room}

TOMMYSPUD: It's hard to figure out what to say next. {Tommyspud smirks as he rubs the back of his head} This feels awkward.

GARLAND: Would you like me to explain Trance to you?

TOMMYSPUD: Yea, explain it for me.

GARLAND: Trance is a sub-human power boost. Trance is induced by a surge of emotion. Like, feeling strongly for another who was just harmed, or growing anger at one person. Trance grows an aura around your body, an aura that boosts your powers ten-fold. Tell me. When you were growing up, did you ever see a black aura envelop you when your were angry or incredibly sad?

TOMMYSPUD: Several times.

GARLAND: Then, regardless of emotion, did you feel like destroying something?


GARLAND: That was Trance at work. You and Chaos can both use Trance. You, only because of the Darkness. Now, is there anything you'd like to ask me, father to son?

TOMMYSPUD: What happened to Terra, exactly?

GARLAND: Terra has a core, the crystal. I'm sure Chaos already told you about it. Anyways, the crystal was taken to Gaia, a planet that is also long gone. When the Crystal was stolen, The inner life force of Terra began to collapse, and buildings began to crumble. The Terrans noticed it in the still pool. They can see the heartbeat of Terra, and it was fading. I was killed by Kuja just before, and You, Mikoto, Zidane, and Kuja all escaped.

TOMMYSPUD: Kuja killed you?

GARLAND: He used Trance, and killed me. But, he was rightfully so killed, I believe.

TOMMYSPUD: But, why would he even kill you?

GARLAND: Kuja always hated me. And he always hated Zidane. He tried to kill Zidane, when he was born. But, Kuja never meant it. He always had good feelings and intentions. But, sirely, he died after repenting for his sins.

SEPHIROTH: Zidane?.....His name rings a bell! ......I had a friend called Zidane! Along with, Magus, which I named my son after, also, Kain, Cecil, Shadow, Vincent Valentine, Cloud, Auron, and my girlfriend, Celes. Man.. Good times.. Hey! Since our Universe is gone, We should go to mine after this! Even though Chaos accidentally destroyed it 6 times.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Wha? How come you are talking about like it's all cool or something?

SEPHIROTH: It's a unique universe. If it gets destroyed, it respawns, like nothing ever happened, although, In another part of the Omniverse.

{Znex walks over.}

ZNEX: You guys done, so I can get the guy who can piece this universe back together?

GARLAND: Just head out of pandemonium, and fly to Heaven. But be weary of underworld monster attacks.

ZNEX: Why do I have to go to Heaven?

GARLAND: The creator of Your universe resides there.

ZNEX: Oh. But I was talking about another guy.

GARLAND: I understand. But, I cannot answer your questions. I must leave for now.

{The orb stops glowing, and Pandemonium begins to shake. Cuts to the spire room.}

CHAOS: Pandemonium's falling apart! We have to go!

{Chaos picks up Chwoka and Nick, and flies back to the Portal. Then, Chwoka and Nicl run into the Invincible.}

CHAOS: I have to go back for the others.

{Chaos teleports to the orb room.}

CHAOS: Everyone, we have to go, NOW!

CHWOKA: Alright, I'm tired of this. Why is he treating me so special? What's going on? Who is he? {grabs Nick} Can you tell me?

ZNEX: {to Chaos} We won't need to, if you allow me to get that guy.

TOMMYSPUD: Fine, let's go.

CHAOS: Then I'm going too. Just us 3.

{Cut to the ship}

NICK: I'm kind of confused myself.

{Everyone that was still in Pandemonium appears.}

CHAOS: Tommyspud! Znex! Get on the Ark! I'll be there in a minute. Everyone else, go to the wasteland!

{Tommyspud disappears and reappears in the Ark}

CHAOS: Did you find out all you needed to?

TOMMYSPUD: Yea, I guess. So, why is Pandemonium falling apart?

CHAOS: Garland REALLY must have passed on.

{Tommyspud stares at Chaos}

TOMMYSPUD: Just like that?

{Cut to Chwoka, still on the ground}

CHWOKA: Well, I'm glad that guy is moving on. W-wait, he's left me and my friends down here on this screwed up Earth. Well, at least it looks screwed up...

{Everything begins to flash, turn to static, and melt.}

CHWOKA: So, this is the end of the universe. Never thought I'd see it in my lifetime.

{Everything turns to normal}

CHWOKA: What a cop-out! I mean, I'm happy and all, but-

{It turns back, and everything begins imploding.}

{Cuts back to the Ark.}

CHAOS: You've seem to have forgotten my words. Time will never be our kidest master. Now, to leave.

{Chaos notices Chwoka, still at ground level.}

CHAOS: Chwoka, you idiot! Get on the Invincible! This place is going sky-high!


{Chwoka begins to fade away.}


{Chwoka has completely disappeared. Znex appears.}

ZNEX: So, this a good time to be getting some guy to piece the universe back together?

CHAOS: Fine. {turns on intercom on both ships.} Invincible, head to the wastelands! Me, Znex, and Tommyspud will all go to Heaven!

{The Invincible flies away from Terra, landing on the ground below, while the Ark goes to Heaven. As they fly off, Nick is seen hanging off of one of the side railings, with an evil smirk on his face.}

CHAOS: I hope we don't run into him there...

ZNEX: Ummm, why do you think I keep talking about the creator of this universe? I'm talking about a guy from an alternate universe!

CHAOS: What are you talking about? I was just thinking about something.

ZNEX: Yeah, but heaven isn't where that guy is!

(OOC: I'm not dead.)

SEPHIROTH: {Peeks up behind The Invincible, in the Arwing.} Hello. This is Star..Sephiroth on board. How are you? Over.

THESTICK: Hey, does anyone know where the self destruct button on this thing is? Ah, whatever.


{Vindicator halts the episode}


Chwoka and TheStick are apparently being ignored. Everyone has their right to participate in this publically owned entity and should be included into what is happening irrelevant and otherwise. Although giving a warning to the offending party would prove useless, I will do something about it.

(CHWOKA - Also, what Chaos did was really forced, with no actual motivation for his character to care about me. So I reacted like I would expect somebody to: Confusion)


{The episode continues.}


{Cut back to the Invincible. Znex walks off.}

ZNEX: Fine, I'll just do it anyway.

{Znex walks into the bathroom where he types a series of buttons on his cuff, then five black men appear, with red eyes, no hair, eyebrows, or any other hair. They don't have any private bits either, as they are naked.}

BLACK MAN 1#: So, the time has come, then?

ZNEX: Indeed.

BLACK MAN 2#: Well then, let us begin.

{The five black man go around in a wide circle around Znex, and then they thrust their arms up, making them go on fire. They don't express any pain.}

{The black men chant in an ancient language and then thrust up their arms. Znex then thusts up the arm with the cuff on it and a beam of light emits up from the cuff.}

{Cut back to where Chaos is.}

SEPHIROTH: {Offscreen, Coming from the speaker on the Arwing.} No TheStick! Don't touch that! {A Snapping sound is heard.} OUCH!!! Here! Use this. {Sephiroth hands something to TheStick.}

{Cut to Nick, landing on the ground. He looks to Chowka.}

NICK: So, exactly, why are you here?

THESTICK: {Offscreen} What does this device do? I can't beleive I forgot what I learned in bomb squad class!

CHOWKA: Bark bark?

{A flash of light happens in the sky.}

SEPHIROTH: ..... I feel something. A lifeforce. A Powerful one at that... REALLY POWERFUL.

RANDOM PASSERBY: That's a star you idiot. Or a fast-moving asteroid with light reflecting on it down here.

{Random Passerby continues on to god knows where.}

SEPHIROTH: You've just gotten a free ticket to meet Chaos's father, and to have an eternal dinner is hell. {He shoots an Makenzappo at the Random Passerby, piercing his chest, and killing him.} No, I mean... someone.... Looks like Freeza from Dragonball Z, but is different colors, and has a third eye.

{Moobly runs by.}

MOOBLY: Nah, it's just light.

{OOC: Seriously, it is light for the moment. - Znex}

{Cut to where the light is, which is the beam of light coming from Znex's cuff. Five separate lights separate from the beam of light and start circling the beam, faster and faster until you can just see a blur.}

{A giant explosion happens and a portal appears, energized by Znex's cuff. Millions of black men like the black men from before start flying out of the portal, followed by a giant fireball, bigger than an entire planet. The fireball then explodes to reveal a giant being, made out of flame which is bigger than the original fireball.}

GIANT BEING: Bow down before me, for I am your god, Zharanakuva!


{Cut to a montage looking at slow motion of the various characters' reactions, before fading out.}