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{Cut to Mars, where all armies are assembled.}

ALPHAMON: Ready, Sephiroth?

SEPHIROTH: Nearly. {Draws out a Silver and Black Gunblade, and transforms into a higher power version of himself, with black electricity coming out of him.} Yes.

ALPHAMON: Today we raise arms and defeat Adel!

{Everyone cheers.}


{Adel flies by and picks up Joseph. Everyone gasps.}

ADEL: Not so fast!

SEPHIROTH: You scoundrel Street Rat!

ADEL: Silence! Listen here, father:I'll race you. I'll put Joseph in a nice place where he can meet his doom, and if you beat me, I'll give him back. You have one hour to get ready!

{Adel flies away.}


SEPHIROTH: Shall I go after him?

ALPHAMON: No. Leave him to me. Command the armies from here on in.

{Alphamon chases Adel.}

{The Enemy troops fly in, and everyone just stands still.}

SEPHIROTH: On my count. 1. 2... 3... 4.... 5.... CHARGE!!!! {All the armies charge into each other, and start fighting. As they are fighting, he sees a large fortress, shaped like Memory's Skyscraper. He starts to fly towards it. Cut to inside the citadel top floor, where Davros is looking through the window.}

DAVROS: Who would of thought? Well, I guess it's time. {Goes to a nearby staircase, and goes to the top, just like before.} This will be our final battle.

{OOC: I'm bored.|A large black vortex appears in the middle of the battleground and blasts the majority into the distance. A human being with tendrils coming from his back, wielding a scythe walks out of the vortex, closing after he leaves it.}

VINDICATOR: So this is what the world has become...

{Alphamon stops, and turns around to see Vindicator.}

ALPHAMON: Vindicator?

{Vindicator sighs, then turns around.}

VINDICATOR: Hello Chaos.

ALPHAMON: Didn't think I'd see you again.

{OOC: This reminds me:I need to make Human Vindi sprites. AWAY!!!!!}

{cut to inside the infirmary, with Incarnate having a half healed back}

INCARNATE: I guess it's time I got my toy back. With this crazy war going on, I might as well. {teleports to Satan's hideout at Adel's base,Satan looking simalar to this, only without armor and wings}

SATAN: Brother, what are you doing here?

INCARNATE: I came to get my toy back.

SATAN: What, {pulls out toy} this little piece of garbage.

INCARNATE: Give me it brother!

SATAN: No way, I'll just dest-{Incarnate slips past and takes toy, and teleports away}Damn, I guess I have to kill him in a different setting.

{Cut back to Sephiroth flying.}

SEPHIROTH: {Shouting.} HEY VINDICATOR! YOU JUST BLEW SOME OF THE ENEMIES AWAY! THANKS!! {Carrys on flying, to the top of "Memory's Skyscraper", with Davros waiting.}

DAVROS: Oh well well well, what have we here? Sephiroth eh? I'm so scared!

SEPHIROTH: Stop this now, Or you must face the dire consequences, The universe is expecting me! So please, come to your senses! .....Ok.. enough Nightmare Before Christmas quoting. IT'S TIME TO FINISH THIS!!

DAVROS: Luckily when I absorbed all that power, I got to keep most of it. Also, when I "died" the Organization XIII weapons had duplicated themselves. {Pulls out the Scythe, and Sephiroth also pulls out the exact one.}

SEPHIROTH: I see. {Walks away for a second, and then turns around, and tries to shoot Davros with Xigbar's Guns. Davros Defends with Vexen's Ice Shield. Davros then sends some ice shards to Sephiroths direction, in which he dodges some of them, with the rest cutting him, and causing him to bleed.}

DAVROS: Come on!

SEPHIROTH: Hmph. {Gets out the lances to propel himself into the air, and he then tries to impale Davros, and proceeds to shoot him at the same time. Davros dodges the lances, but gets hit by the bullets.}

{Cut to Adel.}

ADEL: What is Satan doing in my base? I gave him no such permission to be there. I banished him from my ranks.

{Adel flies down to the ground. Satan is there, and Adel puts Joseph down. Adel teleports in front of Satan, and punches his fist right through him. Satan falls on the ground, dead.}

ADEL: Take him out of my sight before he reincarnates and comes back.

{2 Glabal Soldiers pick up and carry Satan's corpse away.}

{Cut back.}

{Davros looks over the edge, and notices the Glabal Soldiers are getting killed.}

DAVROS: ..Damn! Well, looks like the battlefield needs my personal touch. {Snaps fingers, and an army of Heartless and Nobodies appear.} Now let's see those fools try to win!


DAVROS: Sure! {Pulls out the Lances, and creates a blast of wind that knocks Sephiroth off. Sephiroth catches onto a ledge on the Skyscraper, and jumps back on, and pulls out 2 Keyblades, 1 Two Across, and a Winners Proof Keyblade, and starts to slash Davros crazy.}

SEPHIROTH: HA!!! {With the Tomahawk, he swings it at Davros, but Davros jumps on it, and starts to kick Sephiroth in the head. Sephiroth grabs his legs, and throws him down. Davros gets back up again.}

DAVROS: You're a worthy fighter. ...I'll make a deal with you. ....You join me, and I promise you everything you wanted! You can even lead the most powerful army of darkness in the UNIVERSE!!! Imagine it, Standing in the top ranks with me and Adel! Taking the universes under our control, to create out very own empire of EVIL!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!


DAVROS: Very Well then. {The 2 start fighting again.}

VAN: Seph! Need some help?

{Van flies above head, and shoots Darvos away from Sephiroth's range. Davros jumps back on.}

SEPHIROTH: Any help is Good!

DAVROS: 2 against one? Hardly fair! {Creates A Grim Reaper Heartless, and a Storm Rider heartless.} 4 against 2!!

KAIN: No. {Kain storms in, and kills the Storm Rider in one swoop} 3 on 3.

DAVROS: Hmph. {Flies into the air, and gets out the Lexicon. Large Lexicons appear, and shut on Sephiroth, Kain, and Van, transporting them into a mini universe.} Try getting out of that! And, to keep you busy... {Creates More Storm Rider Heartless}

VAN: {sarcastically} Oh no whatever shall we do-{shoots all of the Lexicons. Everyone is brought out of the universe}

{OOOC(Much more obscure):Worst trick EVA. }

{OOC: :P}

DAVROS: You know, Chaos putting this war here was a stupid decision. ....Even more stupid than I think he can get. DON'T YOU GET IT? THIS WAR IS IN MARS!! IN THE UNIVERSE, AND THE UNIVERSE IS DESTINED TO BE DESTROYED!! How long is it now? {Looks at watch.} 1 Hour. Good luck. And, have some fun with even more heartless. {Creates 1000 Neoshadows, and then Teleports out. Cut to where Adel is. Davros teleports in.}

ADEL: Ah, Darvos. I need you to bring Joseph here to the highest point you can find. Got it?

DAVROS: Sure. {Knocks Joseph over the head with a cricket bat, knocking him out.} But, the Universe is going to be destroyed in 1 hour! Don't you think we should get going?

ADEL: No...

{Cut back to the others.}

VAN: Seph, if I'm not mistaken, Chaos believes that-

{Cut to Adel.}

ADEL: If we retreat at the last second-

{Cut back.}

VAN: We can escape and fix the universe from the outside-

{Cut back to Adel.}

ADEL: And leave everyone else here for dead. Understand?

{Cut to a Split Screen of Davros and Sephiroth.}


{Cut to Sephiroth.}

SEPHIROTH: Have you noticed something about Davros? He is particularly fond of Memory's Skyscraper. What is it with him and that?

KAIN: It's a phase. Girls have a doll phase, he has a KHII-Obsessed phase. It's natural Biology.

SEPHIROTH: I think it's because it reminds him of that short burst of power he had in our last encounter when he possessed me, and everyone was like, OMG NO WAY HAX, and he was like, hahaha ill beat you with my organization 13 powers, and Noxigar was like, WTH HAX MY WEAPONS!, and then a guy came and killed him, and me. I could still see what was happening. I COULD FEEL THE PAIN STILL!!!!

{Hades appears.}

HADES: ....Are you emo or something?

{Everything stops and Chaos appears onscreen.}

CHAOS: We don't know. He's little screwed in the head so it's hard to tell.

{Everything resumes.}

VAN: I could care less, as long as he's a leader!

{Everything stops again, and Another Sephiroth chases Chaos offscreen.}



SEPHIROTH: I'm not emo! Have you tried being possessed!? It hurts 10 Fold!

{Everything stops once more, and a human Vindicator pops up.}

NICHOLAI: I know how he feels.

{The Necron C'tan, the Nightbringer appears.}



SEPHIROTH: So, shouldn't we be attending to Adel's Army?

VAN: When did we stop fighting?

{Pan out to show that Van is sword fighting while talking to Sehpiroth.}

VAN: I could've sworn there was a crazy Sharothian you guys killed in the last war. What happened to him?

SEPHIROTH: You mean that weirdo, Sharothi that Noxigar killed in 5 minutes?

VAN: Seeing as how he was killed, I'd presume he was revved by Adel?

SEPHIROTH: Well, judging by last time, {Gets out a can of poison Pepsi.} He has a weakness to poison, or is allergic to Pepsi.

VAN: I'd say poison. It's the only way Noxigar could kill him, seeing as how it's all he fights with.

SEPHIROTH: Let's test it. {Uses Summon scroll, and Sharothi appears.}

SHAROTHI: What!? WHAAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?! {Sephiroth stuffs Poison in his mouth. Sharothi is still alive.} Eww! That tastes gross! {Spits it out. Sephiroth gets out the Pepsi.} No! No! Not the Pepsi! {Sephiroth forces the Pepsi onto him, and he dies.} It was Pepsi. Whuddua Know?

VAN: That that's incredibly idiotic, especially for you.

SEPHIROTH: Don't call me an idiot.

VAN: You don't seem to care being called an emo.

SEPHIROTH: Oh really? {Pan to see Hades getting chased by a giant water demon.}

HADES: Okay! Okay! Lay off it man!

SEPHIROTH: Fine. {Water Demon disappears.}

VAN: Why did you dispel the water demon?

SEPHIROTH: Because he called me emo. By the way, if you want an idiot, I'll give it to you... {Gets out a Summoning scroll, and he starts to write M-I-C, until Van stops him.}


SEPHIROTH: That's it. You have called me an idiot for the last time. {Kicks Van off the Tower.} You're the idiot!

VAN: {Sarcastically} Oh, no. Whatever shall I do? {Van grabs onto the tower, and begins to climb back up it. When he hits the top, he walks back over to Sephiroth.}

VAN: Nice try.

SEPHIROTH: Fine. But that will be the last time you call me idiot. LAST TIME ANYONE WILL. Because, this is an idiot. {Holds up the summoning scroll.} I, am not.

VAN: Right...Let's jut blow this place up and continue fighting.


{Van sets off a bomb, and him, Sephiroth, and Kain all jump off of the building. They land in the center of a group of Adel's monsters. They promptly begin to fight.}

VAN: This is starting to get too easy. Any ideas why?

SEPHIROTH: It seems like the enemy is getting more defensive. They keep walking back a few steps, every second.

VAN: Think they're already retreating?

SEPHIROTH: They are.

{Cut back to the Enemy base.}

DAVROS: Adel! 5 minutes left! Let's go! Our armies are already halfway there! We need to go now!

ADEL: Very well.

{Adel gets in the ship, and it takes off. Cut to Alphamon.}

ALPHAMON: Damn. They're leaving. We need to do something!

{Alphamon flies up to the ship and forces it open. He picks up Adel and throws him out the hatch. He follows him.}

ALPHAMON: Give back Joseph!

ADEL: Never!

{The two clash fists as they slowly fall, and they land on a mountaintop. Coincidentally enough, Joseph is lying there.}

ADEL: I need more power!

{Adel picks up Joseph, and reaches into his chest. He pulls out a small yellow orb.}

ADEL: Universitas! Envelop me in you power!

{Adel's hand begins to glow, and his hair turns blond and his eye mutates itself. Just as he does this, Joseph gets back up, and the orb returns to his chest. He then turns to Angel Joseph, and his feathers shed, revealing robot armor.}

UMLTIMATE ADEL: You think that scares me? I have enough power to crush this universe.


ULTIMATE ADEL: Then, I'll just leave!

{Ultimate Adel begins to float away, but Universitas stops him and beats him to a bloody pulp.}

ULTIMATE ADEL: Curses! Father, I'll return! Now, you can handle your new worst enemy!

{Adel teleports away. The planet begins to shake, and Terra becomes visible. The mars-like wasteland returns, and the clouds representing Heaven and Hell form.}

ALPHAMON: Not again.

{Alphamon falls, only to realize he's fallen a few harmless inches.}


UNIVERSITAS: Shallow life-forms. They will all bow to me.. they will all end here!

{The screen turns black, and the episode ends.}