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Picking up where The NORMAL half of Wikihood left off, Chaos and Badstar went to find Vindicator,and Edgeworth. In the meantime, hundreds of other things happen.

New Characters

  • The Ark(officialy)
  • 4
  • 4
  • 6
  • Nick
  • Vincent Valentine


{Chaos and Badstar appear, back in front of the exit to the mansion.}

CHAOS: Hmm. I overshot it. Apparently.

{Znex walks out of the mansion.}

ZNEX: Wow, the passage led back here. Cools. Hey, if you guys want, I could take you along the hidden passages until we find whatever you're looking for. I've been through them quite a few times to know where most stuff are.

{Silver, Daxter, and Luigi come back.}

LUIGI: Is the Coast clear?

DAXTER: Probably is.

LUIGI: W..w...wait... AHH!!! It's Chaos!! {Gets into Fighting Stance.}

DAXTER: {Gets out Peacemaker}

CHAOS:Hello, creatins. Come for your death? Well, I;m not going to administer it. Yet.

LUIGI: I say, we make like a worm and split! ...Oh wait.. it coulda been a bagel. {Both Silver and Daxter are gone.} AHH!!!! {Runs away.}

{Chaos's phone starts ringing. FF7 Sephiroth is on the line.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Hello Chaos, I need to ask you something. Did you agree to locate those people for me? As I really need to meet them again. For one final struggle.

CHAOS: Hold on. {Holds phone back} Can you guys wait a minute? I'm on the phone. {puts back} They're...trying to hop into the area that you made a giant dome over. Take that thing down, too. Not because it'll be ammusing to kill them, but it's making your energy bill skyrocket! Well, I've got to go. {hangs up} Now, where where we?

{Cut to a forest. A Man dressed in red is looking up at the Ark, flying above him.}

???: Sephiroth, I will make you pay. You will pay dearly.

{Cut inside the Ark.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Grr... He still didn't answer the question. And, is he talking about the Northern Crater? The place I resided?

{Tommyspud stretches as he looks down from the side of Ark. He walks over, and a bottle of Pepsi appears in his hand}

TOMMYSPUD: Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that I don't see or sense Vindi yet... {takes a quick drink}

{cuts back to the mansion.}

CHAOS: You three are just lucky I'm in a good mood. I don't want to fight you.

{Cut to Vindicator in an alleyway with drugged-up homeless guys with stubbles and ungroomed moustaches}



{Dr. Hobo rises from the group.}


{Dr. Hobo grabs a boot and consumes it. Cut back to the mansion.}

{Another piece of the sky falls down}

ZNEX: guys gonna come with me through the cult's hidden passages, or are you just gonna sit there like hens laying eggs?

{cut to on top of a skyscraper, where a white cloaked man stares at the ship. He then turns around, showing a red hawk on the back of his cloak. He then steps off the building as disappears. Cut back to the Ark, as Tommyspud drops his closed bottle of Pepsi}

TOMMYSPUD: It can't be, he's still alive?


MYSTERIOUS SRANGER 2: Chaos Briught us back for this, as well.


{Members 4, 5, and 6 of ShadowMarks step out of the shadows.}

4: And we were all told to help you.

5: Even Genesis, down there.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Wait... I can hear something. {Runs downstairs. A few minutes later, gunshots, and swordfighting is heard. Soon after, Sephiroth, and Vincent Valentine (From FF7) Come upstairs, fighting.}

VINCENT VALENTINE: Sephiroth! So the rumors were true! You were here!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: What rumors?

VINCENT VALENTINE: The rumors that you had returned, and joined Chaos, in his quest to destroy Vindicator.

FF7 SEPHIROTH: ...Who told you?

VINCENT VALENTINE: I've have my sources. {Looks at Tommyspud.} You are Tommyspud, I heard of you... I thought you would look better than this!

{Tommyspud smirks as the Flare Blades appear in his hands}

TOMMYSPUD: Appearances can be deceiving. Heh, this should be quite entertaining... The fun is about to begin... {The man in the white cloak appears behind Tommyspud} And the final man has arrived. Tell me, how does it feel to be that close to death, my dear brother?

???: Enough of your talk, let us fight. {Pulls out a light blue longsword, while walking towards Tommyspud}

TOMMYSPUD: Nick, Nick, Nick... You CAN'T win.

{Nick, after taking off his cloak, revealing his black hair and blue eyes, does a quick swing, and Tommyspud blocks with both blades, Nick quickly jumps back and looks at Vincent.}

NICK: Well, this looks like it would qualify as a temporary alliance.

CHWOKA: Excuse me, am I {warbled sounds} interrupting anything?

{An explosion is heard}

CHWOKA: Oh crap. Guys, you really should wrap this up now. You have roughly 45 seconds to do your own choice of things before everyone is memory wiped and then wiped out of existence for roughly 12 minutes while the universe rebuilds itself. {puts on a helmet} I, however, will be exempt from this.

CHAOS: People, people, please!

{Chaos walks in, and approches the front of the Ark.}

CHAOS: LISTEN UP! Ihave brought you all together for one reason! Vindicator HAS to die, and you're all to do it! Only Tommyspud and FF7 Sephiroth are to take to the skies. 4, 5, and 6 are to intercept the tem from the front. Everyone else, take to the back. You all have 1 month, and Badstar is to ambush Vindicator whenever he pleases. However, in 2 weeks, the people taking to the bcak will have to retreat. Then, at the end of the month, the front, Tommyspud, Spehiroth, and Badstar will all attack ad Kill Vindicator. Any questions?

{Everyone raises their hands.}

CHAOS: Any GOOD Questions?

{Everyone puts their hands down. Znex looks at his cuff.}

ZNEX: Wuh ohs, I should go before the paradox occurs. See you in the new universe! {fades out and disappears}

CHAOS: I wish he and Chwoka were telling the truth. Now, let's continue. For those of you wondering, I am NOT behind this. There is another, who made this his death wish. The Enigma.

{Everyone gasps.}

CHAOS: The Enigma is hypothetically deceased. His dying wish;His father went with him. The reason It'll be in a month is because of a....much darker reason. So, with all the basics settled, let's begin our descent! {begins to turn into blood-red mist and wipe away}

{A time rift appears and starts pulling everything into it. After it's pulled EVERYTHING in, it spits out new planets, new stars, new galaxies and new species. Cut to a small planet which is all swamp-like. Znex appears.}

ZNEX: Oohs, new universe. Cools.

{A strange and deformed version of Znex walks over and starts talking gibberish.}

ZNEX: Er...maybe I oughta find an alternate universe where all this didn't happen. {fades out and disappears}

{Cut back to where Chaos is.}

CHAOS: ...much darker reason. So, with all the basics settled, let's begin our descent! {begins to turn into blood-red mist and wipe away}

{Znex appears.}

ZNEX: Ah, good. No more craziness.

NICK: Seriously, what's going on... I came here to kill my brother, and for NOTHING ELSE!

{Another piece of the sky falls down}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Everyone! Do not be alarmed! This is not a new universe! This is fake! Somebody has twisted your minds to believe this. {Starts going alert and jumpy, jumping from places to places.} Wait... I think I know who did this.. {Teleports Out, and comes back, holding Chwoka.} This person is responsible. Wait.. This isn't an illusion. This person just transported us to an unstable universe, that could implode anytime. Screw you guys, I'm going to the regular place. {Creates a Universal Airship.} Anyone who wants to live should hop aboard.

CHAOS' VOICE: This isn't an unstable universe! He just lied.

{A Nearby Planet Implodes.}

FF7 SEPHIROTH: And can you explain the disfigured people?.... And the Infinite Stormy Weather, and the Crimson skies that rain blood?

CHAOS' VOICE: Those are plot devicces. Wrong background and foreground, though. Hold on. I'll change it to Pandemonium, where it should be. You guys are gonna have to get off screen, though.

NICK: FINE! {Tommyspud and him walk offscreen.}

{The Ark, and everyone in it, and Sephiroth's ship, slide offscreen, and everything chamges to Pandemonium, and begins to pan in.}

CHAOS' VOICE: That's better!

FF7 SEPHIROTH: Pandemonium? So that's the name of the universe!

{Chaos actually walks onscreen.}

CHAOS: No, it's the dead centered capital of Hell. BRUSH UP ON YOUR DEMONIC HISTORY!

{One of the stars in the backround mysteriously turns into an apple}

{Sephiroth teleports away, and Chaos heads into the giant building.}

CHAOS: {Eyes turn entirely red} SATAN! HADES!

{A piece of the sky falls and hits Chaos in the head. Hades walks in, shouting.}


{Right. I have a problem right there. OOC: Chaos, you just dictated what The Enigma, one of my characters said. I didn't write that. I didn't even write a death for him. I'll let this slip for plots sake and character movement, but to you, to everyone... well, you know.}

{One of the trees mysteriously morphs into a pile of money, which insteantly catches on fire. Cut to Nick and Tommyspud, as Nick points his sword at his brother.}

NICK: You know, I could care less what Chaos wants me to do... I'm killing you now.

{Tommyspud looks at Nick, and crosses his flare blades, smirking}

TOMMYSPUD: Come on, you really think that's going to happen? Well, let's go, I want to make this quick.

{Nick runs forward at Tommyspud and they both disappear.}

{The entire sky falls down, the grass turns purple, and all the clouds mysteriously turn into meteors hurdliing straight toward Earth.}

{Back in the pandemonium building...}

CHAOS: What have you two been doing? We were waiting at the mansion to attack and KILL those video game doofs!

{TheStick walks in}

THESTICK: Hello people. What's been happening? {TheStick's hand turns into a piece of ham} Wait, what?

CHAOS: Not now, Stick!

THESTICK: {Eyes turn red} It's THEStick! TheStick! {Takes out a lazor ray}

CHAOS: Whatever. {turns back to Hades} Now, what were you two doing?

THESTICK: Whatever, I have better things to do! Liek working on my remote control. It has the power to- {TheStick mysteriously dissappears, and all of a sudden it becomes winter. Several hailstones shatter the window}

HADES: Well, Chaos, We have found someone of some use to you. Perfect Use.

CHAOS:Then I guess it wasn't ENTIRELY useless. Who is it?

{It suddenly becomes summer, and the Pandemonium building burns down, reveiling that where the sky was, there is a giant black void. There is a bunch of meteors headed toward Earth, and the ground is starting to dissolve into another dimmension.}

HADES: It's this child. He is only 11 years old, but his power is extreme. Almost God Like.

CHAOS: Really? {picks up TheStick and begins to punch him, as the weather reutnrs to normal and the building comes back} What's his name?

{Cut to the Ark. 4, 5, and 6 are there.}

4: I can't believe that conflict with Chaos is over, and we're alive.

5: Well, this is a sign. We were meant to live.

6: But Why?

{Cut to Chaos in a room, with 8 pedestals, each one holding a shadowed figure. Just then, a pedestal lights up, and a girl with green hair is on it, playing the harp.}

CHAOS: It's been a while, Helsong.

HELSONG: So nice to see you again, Chaos. Why do you need me and my hypnotic tones this time? You want Noelle to have another b-

CHAOS: Helsong! This is like, PG! Don't mention that! Maybe later. Anyways, no. I need you to begin the movement of the underworld army via the bridge to earth. Alert the others in about a month.

HELSONG: Right away, my liege.

{Chaos teleports away.}

HELSONG: So, he found some people to help him do it?

{Everything turns black.}

HELSONG: Genius.

THE END...I guess...