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Aruseus Emails may contain swearing or other themes of an adult nature.
subject: Arumail.exe

Aruseusbanner.PNG ?


Season 1

Lappy 486

Emails: 1 - 9

This is Aruseus' first computer. It comes with e-mail function and good graphics. 5-minute battery life! Yay!

Unfortunately, the Lappy died in email 9, due to an overload of E's.

T-Comp 400X

Email: 10, 45

Tom's computer. Can check emails.

The T-Comp's interface looks like this.

The T-Comp 400X died in email 45, when Aruseus tries to re-install Alpha Stan using an infected disc.

Intell 600

Emails: 11-19 1/2, 25-30

This is Aruseus' second computer. It is better than the first but works the same.

subject: Arumail.exe

The Intell's interface looks like this.

Sadly, the Intell 600 got hammered after getting a virus.

Fang's NightPilot

Emails: 19 1/2 - 23

Aruseus goes on vacation and leaves Fang to run his email show. Fang checks Aruseus' email on this.

subject: Arumail.exe

The NightPilot's interface looks like this.

Fang died, so the NightPilot was sold on eStrong.

Season 2

A-Tech 950

Emails: 31-38, 40-45

Aruseus' third computer, bought after the Intell got hammer'd.

subject: Arumail.exe

The A-Tech's interface looks like this.

The A-Tech died in email 45, due to a virus.

Taily 400

Email: 39

This is Kyubii's computer.

subject: Arumail.exe

The Taily's interface looks like this.

Season 3

E-Mach 1000

Emails: 45 1/2-85

This is Aruseus' 4th computer. Yet again, it's another laptop. It technically came in Season 2, but it's back for more.

subject: Arumail.exe

The E-Mach's interface looks like this.

Aruseus blew the E-Mach up somehow in a fit of rage.


Emails: 86 - ?

The SkyPod is a white PDA that Aruseus recieved from Sky Shaymin.

subject: Arumail.exe

The SkyPod's interface looks like this.

Scroll Button Songs

101-105: Checkin emails from college...send me your questions and I'll answer theeeem!

100: Well, I'm off to college. Happy 100th email everyone.


90: Home...I'm scrollin' at home again...

86-89: Well, Shaymin sent me the SkyPod, Fang's joined us, could it get any better down here?

76-85: Blue skies, white sand, seizure-inducing arcade games, I'm down the shore!

71-75: Hoo! Hah! Huh! I'm back in white! Don't start a fight! Trust me everything's gonna be alright!

70: I'm going to the Wiki User Wiki. Meet me there!

61-69: Aruseus Emails. Where there's smoke, they pinch back!

60: Ooh. Scrolling on Decemberween.

56-59: I love all my emails. I love scroll buttons more!

55: Gonna scroooooooll...check emails...and save the world.

51-54: Livin' large with scroll buttons...

50: Yay for 50 emails! This one's animated. {scrolls arrow over "demented"}

48: Woah! One email over Tampo!

46-47, 49: A-scrolla scrolla. Skuk-Skuh-Skuh-roll buttons.

45 1/2: Check-check-check it out! The E-Mach is here!

45: {sigh} Still trying to find one... {there is no computer, but a note with the email titles}

38-44: {rapping} Kids don't play wit 2 many scroll buttons! C'mon C'mon!


34-36: Email is shweet! Email is awexome! So is scrolling too!

31-33: Yet again, another new compy.

26-30: is cool.

25: This scroll song goes out to my 25th email!

20-24: {The Intell 600 sits on the desk with a note saying, "Aruseus is on vacation. He has left Fang to run his show."}

  • Wait 10 seconds and Foxx will walk by.

FOXX: {reads note} This cannot end well. {leaves}

14-19: Emails can be awesome, but some just aren't.

11-13: Ahahaha!!! A new computer! A new scroll button too!

9-10: *sigh* I'll miss you, Lappy 486!

6-9: Ooh. Scrolly...and buttony.

1-6: I don't have a sroll button, cuz I just STARTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!

Page Titles

Lappy 486! (1-8)

Farewell, Lappy. (9)

T-Comp 400X!!! (10)

Lappy 486? Nope. (11)

Intell 600! (12-19) (24-29)

NightPilot Time! (191/2-23)

?!006 lletnI (30)

No more Intell, I'm afraid. (31)

A-Tech 950! (32-38) (41-44)

A-Tech 950 is a little broke now. (39)

A-Tech rides again! (40)

A-Tech 950!? Alpha Stan!? T-Comp 400X!? What's going on!? (45)

A-Tech 950 Replaced (451/2)

E-Mach 1000! (46-70)

The new age of Arumail! (71-84)

Action 52 SUCKS! (85)

SkyPod! (86-?)

Emails and stuff!

Big emails, meaing ones with epic battles or serious stuff, are italicised.

subject: Arumail.exe menu

Season 1: The Epic Beginning

1. variations
2. jlammy
3. band
4. worst thing
5. catchphrase
6. blorf
7. adventure
8. cereal
9. lappy's end???
10. jokes
11. shoe
12. video game
13. news progrum
14. nemesis
15. evil
16. triple mail!
17. aruseus of town
18. oddities
19. funny stuff
20. Japanese cartoon
21. blue feet
22. world's end
23. music video
24. death
25. kyubii - pic included
26. crapmail
27. hatred of fang
28. movie
29. triple mail part deuce
30. virus

Season 2: Viruses Won't Stop The Aruman

31. made-up letter
32. time machine
33. squids
34. The Legend of Kraxario: A Trip to 30X2
35. danestar
36. puppet show ideas
37. triple mail three
38. plates
39. different body
40. Pter Vs. Fang
41. coffee
42. movie critics
43. horror movies
44. triple mail four
45. Virus Reloaded
46. boredom
47. randomocity
48. the 5th triplemail
49. Killer Riolu
50. demented <- download it to watch it.
51. summer plans
52. bike theif
53. systems of gaming
54. school daze
55. ultimatum
56. inbox cleaning
57. slumber party times <- Badstar doin this one
58. movie night
59. pizza joint
60. decemberween TV
61. year of the wolf
62. triplet care
63. tahu
64. starring aruseus
65. Kilroy
66. Among the Brawlers
67. Many Questions, and a Long Email
68. I'll grab my stuff!
69. three emails for the sixth time
70. The Strike

Season 3: Ryan and the New Gang

71. IOU
72. yearbooks
73. robbery
74. end-of-spring cleaning
75. Battle For Your Soul
76. Fang's Email
77. summer 2008
78. life or death?
80. deoxys hunt
81. le show
82. dumb plans
83. It's A Football! I chisled it!
84. pokemanz
85. action 52
86. girlfriend
87. Wolf's Pokemon
88. tragedies
89. Airman?
90. homecoming
91. magic trickery
92. asian foods
93. questing
94. inbox cleaning 2
95. birthday
96. grandpa
97. Lucas' brother?!
98. Megaman
99. Guess what this is number seven

Season 4: Aruseus University

101.Back To School?!
102.summer camp
103.murder she wrote
104.murder she wrote 2: courtroom drama
105.murder she wrote 3: the return
106.gender swap
107.spring break
108.more effing questions
109.vore fest <- new
110.armageddon <- Oh {bleep}.

Not Quite Emails

19 1/2: vacation - Aruseus goes on vacation until after email 24 and entrusts Fang with his email show.
36 1/2: most emails - Aruseus' show becomes the show with the most emails!
45 1/2: new compy - Aruseus gets a new computer.
68 1/2: Brawling - Aruseus waits for SSBB.
74 1/2: Brawling 2 - Aruseus shows us some snapshots in Fan Costumes 'X6 Style.
105 1/2: Baby - The chops have been busted. The ripoff artist gets ripped off. Well.PNG
107 1/2: armageddon preview - Get a look at the next upcoming email.

RINGER Music Vids NEW!

1. Programmed to Fight - Programmed to Fight is a song done by The Megas. It is a remake of the music of CrashMan's stage in MM2, with added words.

  1. REDIRECT User:Lucian Summers/sig

Other Stuff

Rock Opera of sorts

Includes some Not Quites and Bonus Emails.

subject: Rock opera in progress

How can't we surprise a date down Bluecubes error? Sweet carp! Watch a potato kick me, untill I fall away! Robot friends Suudsu butt Laser bust. YEAH! Hear plans, Astromund, there obey floats Roundy-man. Father comedy sky-high drive kids fiery to kicking walls. Whatever horrific aerodynamic peas used brew forces to kill your BROTHA! Painful Chimp-icide choco-choco-chip! Best chewing be suckiest dish, Y'all! Algernon solo! BLEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRFFFFFF! Brawlers add ein Aura housebroken fairy. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? STARSTORM! Sorry. Bendy straw runner-up ponder. Ow! Oof! Orf! Skidoosh. WUT?! Mario flat bailed cookie... Parker! Dangerous landing Pokemon scares breath Mudkip method. EEP. Just beef purely gotten over trashed. YAHOO! Grizzled GREYSKULL! Doughnuts? HA! Okkusenman! Okkusenman! Live on...right? Total sleuths! GOTCHA! Shinguard



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