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  • All episode names are written like proverbs that loosely relate to the episode itself. Don't count on an episode title foreshadowing anything.
  • Seasons have six episodes each, like the British comedy Black Adder.
  • All season names are Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Invention album titles that seem to relate to the seasons themselves(but don't). I will explain the titles, for you may not understand the puns
    • Season 1; Bell meets three new friends. They have a lot in common with him.
    • Season 2; The entire season takes place on a cruise liner.
    • Season 3; Bell and co move to Japan, which is much more advanced.
    • Season 4; Nothing changes. AT ALL.
    • Season 5; This is the third time the cast had to change where they are currently living.
  • Any birthday special is open to the public, but I can and will kick out any guests I want, if they are considered ruining the party. (read: All of Raiku & Zoo's characters)
  • The in-universe reason for why this is so terrible is that Bell has gone senile, and, since he is keeping a "shield of insanity" around the Earth to protect it from being destroyed, the Earth has become corrupted, and nearly any form of logic has been destroyed.


Season 1: The Perfect Stranger

  1. Episode 1: The Pain Of Loss Can Drive Even The Most Cold-Hearted Insane
  2. Episode 2: When Trashing A Robot, Remember To Destroy It Completely
  3. Episode 3: When Dating, Don't Say You Live With Your Mom
  4. Episode 4: Never Wikipedia Your Opponent. All The Info Will Be Removed Because Of No Notability
  5. Episode 5: It's Best to Get Demon Possessions Checked Out Ahead of Time
  6. Episode 6: Never Bring Embarrassments On Cruises With You

Season 2: Cruisin' With Ruben & The Jets

  1. Episode 7: Always Retroactively Retcon All Retcons
  2. Episode 8: Never Battle The Dead Or The Immortal, Because Either Way You Can't Kill Them
  3. Episode 9: Old Concepts Never Die, They Just Disappear
  4. Episode 10: Always Make Sure Godmodding Enemies Can't Come Back
  5. Episode 11: Never Let A Weak-Hearted "Collins" Read About His Ancestry
  6. Episode 12: Never End A Relationship With A Clingy Girlfriend In A Knife Shop

Season 3: Ahead Of Their Time

  1. Matrimonious Episode 13: Confuscious Say: Man Go To Bed Drunk With Woman Wakes Up With Wedding Ring
  2. Episode 14: Always Check And Make Sure You Have No Rivals Living There Before You Move
  3. Episode 15: No Matter How Many Times You Deny It, His Power Level Is Always Over 9000
  4. Episode 16: Never Postpone A Purge Lest There Be A Riot
  5. Episode 17: Do Not Keep Feral Forms Of Yourself In The House
  6. Episode 18: Always Inform Your Superiors That You're Moving Halfway Across The World Lest They Find You

Season 4: You Are What You Is

  1. Episode 19: Never Leave Your Power Suit At Home When Battling Game Enemies
  2. Episode 20: Never Get Writer's Block and Stay Home
  3. Episode 21: Don't Make Obvious "Fast and Furious" Parodies Lest They End In Shame
  4. Episode 22: Soundboards Make the Dumbest of Jokes Seem Like Comedy Gold
  5. Episode 23: Maybe I'm the One Who is a Schizophrenic Psycho/Never Try To Talk To Your Own Soul. He's a Total Prick
  6. Episode 24: Always Bring A Game Guide With You

Season 5: Civilization Phase III

  1. Episode 25: When Making Secondary Main Character-Based Episodes, Choose Them Carefully
  2. Episode 26: Never Get A Popup Blocker Named "blok ur popupz for FREEEEEEE."
  3. Episode 27: Never Buy Your Wife "Super Football Bros." For Christmas
  4. Episode 28: Confusing RPG, The Genre, With RPG, The Weapon, Can Get You Imprisoned
  5. Episode 29: Deletion is Not Something To Be Taken Lightly
  6. Episode 30: Always Prepare Yourself For Big Battels
  7. Special 1: Never Throw Out A Live Hermit Crab
  8. Birthday Special 1: Never Give A Vegetarian Fried Chicken For Their Birthday

Season 6: Playground Psychotics

  1. Episode 31: Always Have A Few Tape Measures Lying Around
  2. Episode 32: Never Agree To Watch The Lord Of The Mary Sues For A Day
  3. Episode 33: A Real Doctor Wouldn't Call A Missing Arm A Flesh Wound
  4. Episode 34: 4chan References Aren't Always Funny
  5. Episode 35: Always Make Sure The Cow Is Dead Before You Eat It