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Markie votes the boat in...

Cast (in order of appearance): Markie, Ryahn Z-Star, Boo Fiddler, Constantinople, Willis Fillis, Dave the Barbarian, Homsar


MARKIE: {typing in "Markie_email_inbox.exe"} Oh, who's the guy that wants to crossover his 25th e-mail with Thatkidsam's 50th? Not Icreature, Not Icreature. Me! ...mail. {presses enter}

who do you think will be the next American Idol?

MARKIE: {reads off "mk5dude" as "mortal kombat five, dude"} Oh-ho-ho! A Mortal Kombat deceptionistism! {presses enter, starts typing} Who would I think would be the next American Idol? Well, let's watch TEH AMERICAN DADGRONIDOL!!!!!111 {reads off as "TEH AMERICAN DAD-GRAWN-IDLE!!!oneoneone}

{Then a flashy American Idol title screen plays, but instead of that logo, the words "TEH AMERICAN DADGRONIDOL!!!!!111" substitute. Then we go to a badly constructed stage. We see about six people sitting in the audience. Ryahn Z-Star comes on stage, dressed like some kinda athelete.}

RYAHN Z-STAR: Hello everybody-{cough}overexaggeratedstating{cough}- and welcome to THE AMERCIAN DAR...DE...Ge...{pulls out 3 x 5 note card} Dardgenidol. On today's show, we're down to tres, yes, THREE contestants, who will possibly sing horribly, suckily and crappily at the same time. BUT! First, let's give it up for our humbrated judges!!!

{Pan to the judge's panel. Sitting from left to right are Dave the Barbarian, Homsar, and Markie.}

RYAHN Z-STAR: {off-screen} He's cowardish, and maybe a barbarian, give it up for...DAVE THE BARBARIAN!!!

{canned booing}

DAVE THE BARBARIAN: Thank you, thank you! {stands up} I owe it all to edible arts and crafts for bringing me he- {gets hit by a thrown rock, then falls down on his chair chest first}

RYAHN Z-STAR: {off-screen} Possibly schizophrenically retarded, show your love for...HOMSAR!!!

{more canned booing}

HOMSAR: WoAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOA!!! I'm here for the Viva la Countryside!

RYAHN Z-STAR: {off-screen} And finally, the Yoshi we all love to love, raise the roof for...MARKIE!!!

{silence, then canned cheering}

MARKIE: Holy cow, I must be daffy.

RYAHN Z-STAR: {pan to him} And now, for lack of better transitioning and scripting, let's hear it for our contestants!!!

{canned clapping, cut to a mugshot(jail type) of a Gray Boo with a white baseball cap}

RYAHN Z-STAR: {off-screen} Boo Fiddler!!! {said name appears on-screen in Commodore 64 font}

{another mugshot, this time of a Matoran with a green Pakari, a green-blue torso and black feet}

RYAHN Z-STAR: {off-screen} Constantinople!!!

{last mugshot, the person is a cowboy with a white cowboy hat, a black jacket and sunglasses a la Dangeresque}

RYAHN Z-STAR: {off-screen} And Willis Fillis!!!

{canned clapping comes to a sudden halt, cut back to the stage}

RYAHN Z-STAR: Performing first for us in this randomly segmented segment is our very own...BOO FIDDLER!!!

{Ryahn Z-Star quickly dashes off to the left as the lights grow dim. A spotlight shines in the center, and Boo Fiddler magically poofs in the spotlight, holding a microphone.}

BOO FIDDLER: Thank you! Thank you!!! {holds up mic and begins to sing to some techno beats}

I used to know a guy that was an idiot
His name was Mario
But they called him Mar-ee-oh
He stomps on Koopas and eats them fo-hor lu-uh-unch!
I can't bear the pain
And I have to say
I hate him, I hate him, with all my might!

{silence, then canned booing}

BOO FIDDLER: Shut up! You of all people should know that Luigi just is as worse as Mario!

{spotlight fades, lights grow bright, Ryahn Z-Star comes up}

RYAHN Z-STAR: Wow, pretty short and crappy. Judges?

{pan to judge's panel}

DAVE THE BARBARIAN: {stands up, with a bandage on his forehead} Oh! The pain and misery! If only my cleverness can handle something insulting!

Random Guy in Audience: {off-screen} YOU SUCK...SORS!!!

{another rock hits Dave, and he collapses on the table}

HOMSAR: {pan to him} WoAoAoAoAoaoaoa, keep it breezy, McMacaroons. You're doing a fine job on the garbage disposal, but I need you to keep the neighbors locked out for the niiiight.

MARKIE: {pan to him} Well, I love Mario, and therefore if that's insulting, then that stinks.

Random Guy in Audience: {off-screen} And sucks!

MARKIE: Right. It stinks AND sucks. Try wrapping your head around that.

{canned booing}

MARKIE: What? I have opinions. You can't stop me!

{cut to Ryahn Z-Star and Boo Fiddler}

RYAHN Z-STAR: To vote for Boo Fiddler, dial {number appears on screen} 1-800-MARIO-IS-NOT-A-RETARD. {Boo Fiddler vanishes} And now, our second contestant, Constantinople!

{canned clapping as Constantinople comes on stage. Country music starts playing}

La ba da dee, la ba da dee dah
Badum dum dum bing long ling long
Lah lah blah bling blang ding ding duh
Dah-ding-doong-dang badum nah nah nah nah nah
MEEEEEEEH!!! Ba bum nah geh gah gummy gum.
Boo boo ba gah guh gingy google ga oopa oopa!!!

{silence, then canned booing}

RYAHN Z-STAR: ...judges?

{Pan to Dave the Barbarian, or at least his feet. He's still unconscious.}


{Pan to Homsar.}

HOMSAR: Woooooaoaoaoaoaoa, it sure has a lot of parmesan diskettes in there. Keep up the puzzle passion.

{Pan to Markie}

MARKIE: {gives Constantinople two thumbs up} Me likes it. Go figure.

{Cut to Ryahn Z-Star and Constantinople.}

RYAHN Z-STAR: If you want to vote for this moron, dial {number projected on screen} 1-800-I-DO-NOT-THINK-I-SHALL-CALL-IT-MAKUTA-OR-SO. {Constantinople leaves the stage} And finally, our very own...WILLIS FILLIS!!!

{crashing is heard, rubble falls from above, and so does Willis Fillis.}

WILLIS FILLIS: {gets up, snatches mike} Here I am! {starts singing}
Shiggity bop bop bop.
A-whatcha gonna do when I do the macarena?
Maybe the Charleston, maybe the Turkey Trot.
I can do a lot of dances!

{Willis Fillis starts to breakdance(depending on the random actionscript). He stops after a few seconds. Cue canned laughing and clapping. Pan to the judges.}

DAVE THE BARBARIAN: {still awkwardly injured} Gah...can't...breathe! ...choking!!!

HOMSAR: Iiiignore the blues, baby boombox! I figure yooooooou do a great job of taming the wild briefcases!

MARKIE: {pan to him} Uhhhhhhhhh...

{silence, then back to Ryahn Z-Star}

RYAHN Z-STAR: To vote for this deformed guy of sorts, please dial {number is shown} 1-923028928392793465735674673463874-

{static, then cut back to Markie and the Bluey.}

MARKIE: Well. That was certainly rushed. Because I procrastinate. But if you want to vote the boat, the boat. {types} I predict...that that that that cowboy thing guy will win. So...yeah.

{The hologram projector comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on "that that that that" to see some auditions for the show.

Fun Facts


  • Yes, Markie really wants a 25th e-mail crossover with Thatkidsam's 50th. But he's just a kid, erm, Yoshi. Maybe when you're older.
  • This was rushed. And procrastinated.


  • When Markie says deceptionistism, He is referring to Mortal Kombat 6, when, in fact, mk5 stands for mortal kombat: deadly alliance.

Real-World References

  • The parody makes fun of the titles with "American" in them. Jake Long the American Dragon, American Dad, and American Idol. This is why you see the page title.