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Yellow dragon action is back

Back in 2010, Zarel checked his emails. Two years later, he do just that.

And two years following, he's back again.

E-Mail List

ZarelMails: Email List

Scroll Theme of the Time:
ZAREL: {quickly raps} Zarel is back; he's the master of disaster! Or at least the master of sitting through disasters!
Current Computer: Roomy-Vac


51. olympics
49. the un-checked
48. sbemails
47. retirement
46. flute
45. ultimatum new!
44. crossover
43. secrets
42. catchphrase
41. band
40½. ultimatum trailer
40. your universe
39. exercise
38. deleted
37. shmallows
36. bubs
35. the worst


34. disguise
33. IOU
32. strong bad
31. drafted
30. arrest
29. no mail
28. not a dragon?
27. sports
26. worst present
25. warranty
24. cookies and cousins
23. superhero
22. movie


21. monster man
20. chemistry
19. spring cleaning
18. dragon rally
17. foxx
16. zarel of town
15. travel
14. jorbs
13. anime
12. stealing
11. music
10. dream house
9. art
8. der cheat rewritten
7. dragon questiones rewritten
6. robot rewritten
5. games rewritten
4. spelunking rewritten
3. billion dollars rewritten
2. style rewritten
1. love limerick rewritten

Extra Stuff

Computer Archive

The Roomy-Vac (Emails 25-)

"The Roomy-Vac is a real powerHOUSE...get it? Oh, you don't? Well, because it's the size of a... Oh, you were kidding? You do get it? Pretty good, huh? No? " - Compy Catalog

The Roomy-Vac is a house-sized computer made by Compy, Inc. It features a built-in printer, an 8-inch monitor, a front door for easy access, and apparently contains several rooms. It costs $240,999.99.

Various Computers Located in Strong Bad's House (Emails 21-24)

"Alright, look. You've already used my Compé and The Cheat's thing-a-ma-bobber, and we're kinda running out of options here. How long are you going to go on this computer vagabonded-ness?" - Strong Bad, superhero

After the Cappy was blown up in ZMail 20, Zarel had to rely on Strong Bad and his family for computer usage. The following were used:

Cappy DT8 (Emails 1-20)

"The Cappy DT8. Get ahead in life with the Cappy."

Zarel's first computer. The Cappy is a relatively old computer from the early 2000s, but still works efficiently. It can play games, surf the web, and most importantly, check email.

The Cappy was blown up in chemistry, along with Zarel's house. Oddly enough, the printer that prints The Paper survived.

Scroll Theme Archive

  • ZAREL: {quickly raps} Zarel is back; he's the master of disaster! Or at least the master of sitting through disasters! (Emails 45- )
  • ZAREL: Woah, didn't see you guys there! Who were you again? (Email overhauls)
  • ZAREL: Might as well just come on and give in, 'cause this is a computer that I live in! (Emails 25-34)
  • {Cut to the Office, there is a note on a corkboard with the email titles. Zarel is in the background typing on his work computer.} (Emails 20-24)
  • ZAREL: Hoo! Yeah! Can't scroll far! Hoo! Yeah! It's wunderbar! (Emails 14-19)
  • ZAREL: Hello? {knocks on screen a bit} Scroll Buttons? (Emails 1-13)

Page Titles

  • What be this? (Email 40½)
  • Roomy-Vac! - (Emails 26-40, 41- )
  • Oh my goodness graphics! - (Email 25)
  • Strong Mad's Computer thing! - (Email 24)
  • Block! - (Email 23)
  • Monosodium Dreams! - (Email 22)
  • Com-pay! - (Email 21)
  • Dappy TC-Ate! - (Email 20)
  • Cappy DT8! - (Emails 1-19)


Drop an email for Zarel here.


{Upon clicking the option, Zarel clicks a key that makes his computer roulette through the available emails. To stop, he raises a fist and slams the keyboard to make it stop.}

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