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Alright, here's the deal. From this point on, Ethan & Dolan shall no longer be doing interviews. All interviews from this point, conducted by TheDenzel, will be done in my new to the WUW fanstuff, TheDenzel's Interview Show. I apologize to those waiting on the list, and to those in the middle of interviews, please sign up again in my new show. I feel these characters are more suited for sketch comedy skits alone, rather than interviews as well. Please go to my new fanstuff for more details.

Produced By TheDenzel

Tonight At 12!

It's the Ethan & Dolan Show! A new late night television show featuring the sarcastic, semi-evil Ethan and the mature, intelligent Dolan. Sign ups available now!


Endpsa.png Death To Doggie - Ethan makes a public service announcement.

Endoriginal.png The Final Debate - Will and Ethan go head to head in the presidential elections.

Endfunscience.png Fun Science With Dolan; Gravity - Dolan makes an educational show... but wait 'till Ethan shows up.

Endpsa.png 2008 Election Day - Ethan creates a public service announcement for the upcoming election day.

Endsuggestion.png Cancelled - Ethan & Dolan is threatened to be cancelled. Whatever shall we do!?

Endpsa.png Vote Bluebry - Ethan persuades the general public

Endsuggestion.png The Experiment - Dolan's new experiment cannot hide from Ethan's tiny little hands...

Endoriginal.png The Thanksgiving Pageant - The cast attempts to explain the origins of Thanksgiving. Hilarity ensues.

Endoriginal.png Memories - Will reminisces on his pre-WUW days....

Endoriginal.png An Ethan & Dolan Christmas - E&D does Christmas right

Endoriginal.png The 1st Annual Raising Money For Kids With Some Disease Telethon - Hosted by Ethan

Endoriginal.png The Hiatus - Ethan & Dolan make a... comeback??

Please make suggestions on the talk page

  • Endpsa.png - Public Service Announcement Endfunscience.png - Fun Science With Dolan
  • Endoriginal.png - An Ethan & Dolan Original Endsuggestion.png - User Suggested Skit

Old Interviews

O rly!?

These interviews are no longer being done in E&D. Please go to TheDenzel's Interview Show for all your interview needs! -Finished-

Im a bell


Kirbychu HR'D

Sylar Raggon, Raggonix and Meg

Ryan Bluefox




Lemon Demon43 John and The Little Guy

X On Fire


Patrick and Iori


Old Stuff

Episode 1 - INCOMPLETE/CANCELLED - Featuring Chwoka, Skullbuggy, Lemon Demon43, and Chaosvii7!!!

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