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TheDenzel's Interview Show

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TheDenzel's Interview Show
Wiki User Wiki Edition

Clearly, I've decided to rearrange some things for the new post-purge era. For starters, Ethan & Dolan will no longer be a place for interviews, and I am diverting all interview attention from there, to here. Furthermore, "TheDenzel's Interview Show" across the river on the Fanstuff Wiki will no longer be doing user interviews, but character interviews (real and fake) of whom will be controlled by users. This new location will be the sole provider of user interviews, so please refer to it as such. --TDenztest2.pngWILL 01:40, 16 June 2009 (UTC)


Welcome, one and all to the only spot for "TheDenzel quality" user interviews, TheDenzel's Interview Show. Feel free to sign up now at the bottom of the page, or read all about your favorite users. Things are still fairly new here, so stick with me as I try to reestablish myself as the go-to-guy for Interviews. If things start to lag about too much, feel free to bug me until I get it moving again!


  • Chwoka - We sit down with Chwoka and learn all about his new movie, "The Lost Canyon"
  • Badstar - TheDenzel discusses Badstar's recent "Soap Box" conspiracy theory
  • Killgore - Killgore plugs his newest novel, "The Creator's Daughter"

In Progress

  • Raiku - We learn all about Raiku's past celebrity relationships
  • NachoMan - TheDenzel unveils NachoMan's long lost son
  • Strong Intelligent - SI reveals his latest and greatest invention
  • TheCheese - TheCheese is chosen to enter the Surprise Mystery Round!
  • 20eric06 - Eric in prison? Tune in to find out!

These interviews have gone at least 2 weeks without response

Oldies (But Goldies!)

Ethan & Dolan Fanstuff Wiki Fanstuff Wiki Fanstuff Wiki

Sign Ups

The sign up list is endless, so feel free to sign up. Please, however, make sure you'll be available when your interview pulls into the station. There is nothing more annoying than having someone go inactive when it's time for their interview. Also, the order on the sign up list, is NOT the order in which I will interview you. It would even be better, if beside your name, you would put a little comment as to why you'd be great to interview, or what you've been doing recently. NOW GO! AND SIGN! (fake characters and/or repeat interviews are allowed)

  • Cow Puncher 5 - I recall I tried to make a ripoff of the original HRFwiki one, and me and Lemon are, right now, working on Lemon's Adventure.
  • belstrnnmmvnmn - I'm (slowly) working on... three things and numerous collab fics, and I'm planning on making something else.
  • - SKUB ? - I think I am interesting guy all the time
  • Lex - I love interviews, and I just love to talk about certain subjects.
  • Mook - Mook is currently working on his new movie and would love to talk about it
  • THE NOID - I was recently found guilty of all my charges!
  • Dancing Luigi Sprite.gifNinjaPPan.PNGmPomDancing Luigi Sprite.gif - I have killed off my MAIN character.
  • Kirbychu - I'd like a normal interview, and I've changed some plans.