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Well hey there buddy, it's me, TheDenzel! Not sure if anyone is ever going to read this, but I figured while I'm checking in I might as well post something new on my page. I'm currently 19, in college and working at an amusement park for the summer. Is quite fun. While I know this whole shebang isn't specifically for Homestar funtimes anymore, I still feel the need to pop in whenever I check to see if they've updated, which, just to all of our luck, they have not.

I'm not even sure if this wiki is considerably active anymore, but to anyone still aboard, I suggest that you continue to make the most of it before life and reality pulls you away completely. Also, don't ever do a purge. Purges suck and ruin things.

Also, PowerPoint and I are still in a committed relationship, with Photoshop as my mistress.

Also also, I don't know where any of it is anymore, but if anyone out there is looking for characters, feel free to use any of mine, free of charge! Just give me credit somewhere. I think you could find them all [here]. If anyone needs the powerpoint files for anything, I believe I've managed to hang onto it all, so just ask and I'll see what I can do.