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Everything You Know Is Wrong

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Disclaimer: If you do not know what an Abridged Series is, then go to and look up, "YuGiOh! The Abridged Series". Definitely worth your time. That, or go to DailyMotion and type that or "Naruto the Abridged Series". Either way's okay as long as you know what an Abridged Series is.


In terms of an overall description, basically this thing is where wiki users really collide with the Homestar universe, as told by an Organization XIII member bent on killing Roxas and making fun of everyone.

By the way, I declare this is HRFWiki: The Abridged Series. Prepare to be mocked. ^.^

Everything you know is wrong. Black is white up is down and short is long, and everything that was just so important doesn't matter. Everything you know is wrong! Just forget the words and sing along! All you need to understand is everything you know is wrong!

Everything you know is wrong.

Season 1: The Garbage Heap

An ongoing saga of stupidity begins. While numerous pranks occur, Homestar Runner finds the Computer Room hidden in what remained of StrongBadia's SPASAF ship Enselmo while the rest of the Homestar Runner characters follow and unsuccessfully attempt to vandalise the wiki. Homsar44withpie ends up acknowledging the universe's existence, much to the dismay of his rivals Im a bell and Badstar. H44WP starts devastating the universes by attempting to fuse them together.

Season 1 Episodes

Season 2: Katawa Hearts HD 2.99: Definitive Collectors Final Remix

A trio of weirdos travel the multiverse in their Gummi ship, searching for the pieces of the legendary Neckbeard Armor in an attempt to save the world from the Heartless, the Nobodies...and a third, unknown threat.

Season 2 Episodes

  • Episode 12 One Vision - After a long hiatus of a year and a half, the crew return for another season, under a new rule.
  • Episode 13 Turning Weeaboo - The gang find themselves in the Marvel World, and have to collaborate with the locals to convince Samurai Overlord 'Oba Nobunaga' to give up his piece of the Neckbeard Armor.
  • Episode 14 Tsar Wars - After Hollywood Actor Mark Hamill gets kidnapped by an insane Star Wars cult, the cahoots must employ the help of the actual Star Wars characters to save Hamill. (PENDING CHANGES)
  • Episode 15 Juchebags - It turns out that one of the most essential pieces of the Neckbeard Armor landed in North Korea. The gang tries to appeal to Kim Jong Un to get it back, but the Dear Leader has different plans... (PENDING CHANGES)

Miscellaneous Episodes

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