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Everything You Know Is Wrong/Episodes/8

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While Homestar is away, the rest of the Homestar Runner characters play. However, Cyrus, Shwoo, and Garzel retaliate better.


{Cut to Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and the Cheat. They have seen what has remained of the Enselmo, which is now a bunch of ashes. Bubs and Coach Z are bulding a picnic table underneath the ashes, and the grill is next to the picnic table.}

BUBS: There! Now all we gotta do is that barbecue!

COACH Z: Hey, I see some ash underneath.

{Coach Z picks up the ash pile.}

BUBS: Oh yeah. I demolished the Enselmo a few days ago. I hope Strong Bad isn't too upset.

{Coach Z blows the ashes away. Cut to Strong Bad, Strong Mad and the Cheat, all angry. They attack Bubs and Coach Z, and tie them up.}

STRONG BAD: Thanks to that crazy doctor guy with an eggshaped physique, we can penetrate the wiki like we mean it! Then Homestar won't be given special treatment!

{Strong Mad throws the picnic table into the barbecue grill that is the Cheat's house. The Cheat manages to find a computer in Bubs' Concession Stand.}

STRONG BAD: Alright, the Cheat! Now let's get that hyperlink and we're in the wiki.

{The Cheat types on the computer's screen, Strong Bad and Strong Mad are all voiped into the wiki itself, The Cheat orchestrating the computer.}


STRONG BAD: What do we vandalise now? I know! Homestar's character page!

{The Cheat clicks on Homestar Runner's character page. Cut back to Strong Bad and Strong Mad. They are in high school uniforms.}

STRONG BAD: Thanks, the Cheat! I think this IP address will help us vandalise the place!

{The Cheat is seen smiling, his gold tooth shining. Cut back to Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: Let's get to vandalising! Every sysop and beauraucrat was out over at The World That Never Was! This should be a cakewalk!

{The Cheat clicks on different wiki pages, with Strong Bad and Strong Mad vandalising. The sky outside the computer room is dark, indicating that it is nighttime. The Cheat is still on the computer.}

STRONG BAD: Alright, the Cheat. Get us outta here!

{The Cheat pushes the spacebar key and Strong Bad and Strong Mad voip back to the real world.}

STRONG BAD: Let's tell all our friends about the wiki. Then we can take it over and turn it into a KFC restaurant, which will be owned by the King of Town.

{Cut to Bubs and Coach Z, still tied up}

BUBS: {whispering to Coach Z} It's a good thing I brought my video recorder.

COACH Z: Yea, yea, brilliarnt, but do ya has anything that can get us outta this mess?

BUBS: Nope, no knives.

{Cut to Cyrus in his science lab. It is being spray-painted by Strong Bad and Strong Mad.}

CYRUS: NO! My projects! They do not need recolors!

{Cyrus sends in a Poke-hybrid named Garzel}

GARZEL: What me do?

CYRUS: Stop those ruffians!

GARZEL: I must hear and obey.

{Garzel slices Strong Bad in half with Shadow Claw, Strong Mad tackles Garzel in response. Garzel does a High-Jump Kick to send Strong Mad to the opposite wall. Garzel then pulls out a Giga Impact and knocks Strong Mad unconscious. Because of Giga Impact's requirement of power, Garzel is exhausted.}

CYRUS: Garzel, great job!

GARZEL: Thanks, master.

CYRUS: I believe more of them will be coming soon. They look like Strong Bad and Strong Mad.

GARZEL: They are Strong Bad and Strong Mad.

CYRUS: Oh dang!

{Garzel heads upstairs and falls asleep. Meanwhile, Strong Bad and Strong Mad are imprisoned by Cyrus.}

CYRUS: That'll teach 'em.

{Bubs and Coach Z appear, each armed with shotguns. They see that Strong Bad and Strong Mad are imprisoned.}

BUBS: We missed out!

CYRUS: Yep, you did.

COACH Z: So, what do we do?

CYRUS: One: Don't vandalise. Two: Enjoy your stay on the wiki. Three: The King of Town has recently become a sysop on the wiki.

{Cut to the King of Town on the wiki, reverting all of Strong Bad and Strong Mad's vandalism}

KING OF TOWN: My job is paying me $27 a log-in!

{Cut back to Cyrus, Bubs, and Coach Z.}

BUBS: So the King of Town is getting paid more than my office work?

{Cyrus nods}

BUBS: I'm going on strike!

{Bubs voips back to reality. Cut back to Coach Z and Cyrus}

COACH Z: So what am I gonna do now?

CYRUS: You gotta feed Garzel before he goes on a rampage. Last time he stole all of Bubs' chicken wings.

COACH Z: I don't think retconnin' is gonna do any good.

{Shwoo hits Coach Z with a pretzel stick. He dies.}

SHWOO: Coach Z is spamming all over the place!

CYRUS: Uh, no he wasn't he was just talking to me.

SHWOO: Well, then the only person we have to worry about is The Cheat.

{The Cheat hacks into Shwoo and Cyrus' minds, and forces them to make out with each other. Aruseus is seen behind the Cheat.}

ARUSEUS: Awesome.

{The Kool-Aid man pops up from a wall, seeing Shwoo and Cyrus make out.}

KOOL AID MAN: Oh yeah!

{Cyrus and Shwoo stop making out. Garzel wakes up and uses Shadow Claw to cut Kool Aid Man open.}


{Cut to Shwoo watching this on her computer.}

SHWOO: NO! That can't have...been me?

{Cut to Cyrus who also watched it}

CYRUS: Well, at least this guy gave me a huge role in it.

{Cut to the Cheat's computer. All of it showed. Everyone else is seen sitting on a chair in the audience.}

STRONG BAD: The Cheat, that was awesome! Let's hand this to the Organization XIII guy!

HOMESTAR: It's not me-centwic enough though.


{Strong Mad punches Homestar with a 100-dollar bill}

MARZIPAN: It's all about the Benjamins, baby!

STRONG BAD: Can you tell me where you digitized the Kool Aid Man, the Cheat?

{Cut to it all being watched by Shadow Scythe}

SHADOW SCYTHE: I animated that, not the Cheat!

{Cut to it being watched by Noxigar, who is wating popcorn}

NOXIGAR: My stuff is getting better. Keep it up!

{Cut to Namine having made the whole episode. She is dressed up like Homestar Runner.}

NAMINE: {impersonating Homestar} Well, fans of evewybody, evewybody. We wegwet to infowm you that Shwoo and Cywus is the new shipping.

{End 'sode}

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Real World References

  • In the popular YouTube/DailyMotion series Yu-Gi-oh The Abridged Series, one of Seto Kaiba's catchphrases is "Screw the rules, I have money!". This was also parodied in a spinoff of YGOTAS, Yu Gi Oh Abridged Series The Movie, in which Kaiba says "Screw the money, I have rules!", then soon realizing his error.


Like it? Or not? Noxigar 22:40, 23 October 2007 (UTC)

ShwooXCyrus shippers = MAJOR O DER. Wow, Shwoo's like...four years older than me, but she's one year older than Cyrus Falcon himself.
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AGGLE FRAGGLE! Eww.... --Homestar tiger 21:24, 2 June 2008 (UTC)