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Everything You Know Is Wrong/Episodes/7

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Fanstuff of the Month discussion parodied and barbecued with a little extra awesomesauce. And Clamburger gets tasered a lot.


{Noxigar is in The World That Never Was, as is every other Wiki User. Outside it is raining hard.}

NOXIGAR: I'd like to get my fanstuff nominated for this "Fanstuff of the Month" you humans have.

{Cut to Clamburger in a front row seat}

CLAMBURGER: Some of us ain't human either, so you aren't the only non-human here.

{Noxigar throws a yellow dagger at Clamburger and electrocutes him}

NOXIGAR: Where was I? Oh yes. I'd like to nominate Everything You Know Is Wrong. Methinks it deserves a long period of time to be the Fanstuff of the Wiki.

IM A BELL: Agreed.

{Cut to X66x66, next to Clamburger.}

X66x66: I object to this. You don't keep us in-character. And it's weird.

{Don't Press That Button stands up, next to X66x66}

DPTB: I don't like it that much either. And you added a ShwooxEkul shipping. Too weird for my taste. And I could get cut off any moment now-

{DPTB is cut off after "now". Cut to Stinkoman K with a thumb down.}

STINKOMAN K: No ways, man! It's too random!

{Cut to Shadow Scythe with a smile on his face and a "thumb" up.}

SHADOW SCYTHE: This is funny. And I gained tentacles just from watching it!

{Cut to Homestar with a sign saying, "For Noxigar"}

HOMESTAR: This featuwes me! And I get to dwess up like Ask a Ninja!

{Cut to Clamburger, with the dagger still in him}

CLAMBURGER: So... much... butt... it... sucks...

{Noxigar throws yet another yellow dagget at Clamburger. Clamburger is electrocuted again. Cut to The King of Town, Coach Z, and Strong Mad outside in the rain. They're on strike, saying no to Noxigar's fanstuff.}

KoT: I will not do a barrel roll!

STRONG MAD: I'm not in it!

COACH Z: Where's a sport?

{Cut back to Noxigar. He looks out the window to see the strike. He throws a yellow dagger in the air and a Pikachu appears. The Pickachu uses Thunder on Coach Z, King of Town, and Strong Mad. They are thrown in the sky.}

COACH Z: Looks like Team Roarket is blastin' off agairn!

{They blast off into the sky. Cut to Cyrus in the front row on the leftmost chair. He claps. Cut back to Clamburger, with the daggers still in him.}

CLAMBURGER: Also, the episodes keep getting shorter. The last one could fit onto one page on my computer.

{Noxigar throws a third dagger and severely electrocutes Clamburger.}

CLAMBURGER: GAAH! That hurt! Now you banned!

{Clamburger hits Noxigar with a Banhammer and knocks him unconsious. Cut to a neutral Joshua.}

JOSHUA: As long as I has pancakes I'll be fine with it.

{Strong Bad and The Cheat check yes. Vindicator checks no. And then everyone on the wiki votes. Cut to Noxigar awake again with a bruise on his head. All the Homestar Runner characters except for Coach Z, Strong Mad, and King of Town are present, as well as millions of wiki users.}

NOXIGAR: Well, let's see the results!

{3333 votes are listed as yes, 3333 votes are listed as no, 3333 votes are listed as, "I don't give a crap"}

NOXIGAR: It's a tie!

{Cut to Shwoo watching this on her computer.}

SHWOO: Finally, Noxic Gas has stopped the ShwooxEkul shipping! I is pleased!

{Cut to Homestar wielding a pretzel stick. Shwoo is hit with the pretzel stick.}

HOMESTAR: I get to pwetzel people in the face up to nine times!

{End episode}

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  • The entire episode was based off a Fanstuff of the Month Nomination

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