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Everything You Know Is Wrong/Episodes/5

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Oh no, a plot point! Homestar finds the Computer Room with Vector the Crocodile and, um, I think that's it in terms of important stuff.


{Cut to Homestar in a cardboard room, reading a newspaper known only as "The Wiki Times"}

HOMESTAR: This newspapew is wubbish. I'm going to go find whoevew wote it.

{Homestar walks outside the room. He realizes he is in StrongBadia's SPASAF ship.}

HOMESTAR: I think the cawdboawd just got lawgew.

{Homestar enters the main control room, where Strong Bad and the Cheat are.}

STRONG BAD: The Cheat! There's trouble in the Command Center!

{Homestar gives Strong Bad a weirded out look}

HOMESTAR: Did you say thewe's twouble in the Command Centew? Stwong Bad, you need to be mowe owiginal.

{Homestar kicks the Cheat into Strong Bad's stomach. They fall out of the cardboard ship and make a hole. Vector the Crocodile appears.}

VECTOR: Well, if it isn't Homestar!

{Several alarm sounds are going off. The hole leads to Strong Badia, with Strong Bad and the Cheat unconscious.}

VECTOR: We've got to make it to the Computer Room before this place collapses! Feel like giving me a hand?

HOMESTAR: Suwe, why not?

{Homestar and Vector head to Strong Bad's room in the Enselmo.}

VECTOR: Homestar, that isn't the right way!

{Cut to the wiki. The sysops are working.}

SHWOO: Uh-oh! There's trouble in the-

CLAMBURGER: Not another Command Center joke, Shwoo!

SHWOO: What? Anyway, some odd thing is happening to the Enselmo. Apparently some crocodile from a different series got there and is having Homestar look for a computer room.

JOSHUA: Aw, gosh darnit, we just reverted 27 million vandals! We also have to take care of the Subpage rule! There's no time for a cardboard ship anyway!

{Cut to Homestar and Vector on the roof of the cardboard ship. Pan below to find Bubs with a lighter.}

BUBS: Note to viewers. Marzipan says this SPASAF thing is a waste of cardboard and aluminum foil. So, I'm getting paid $500 just to burn this so-called "ship" the Enselmo is.

{Bubs lights the lighter and approaches the Enselmo. Cut back to Homestar and Vector near the edge of one of the wings. They see a computer room at one of the basement windows of the ship.}

VECTOR: Bingo! The computer room!

{Vector dives into the Computer Room, bringing Homestar along.}

VECTOR: We've found the computer room!

HOMESTAR: What was this fow again?

VECTOR: We've found the Homestar Runner Wiki! We can get in!

HOMESTAR: Uh... okay. I guess we could go thewe.

{Cut to the wiki. Only Clamburger and Joshua are on their computers.}

CLAMBURGER: Homestar and that crocodile have found us out! What do we do?

JOSHUA: Uh... nothing. In fact, why don't we congratulate them for their intelligence?

CLAMBURGER: You know if Homestar finds us out then the fourth wall is broken, right?

JOSHUA: I don't care.

{Homestar and Vector make it to the wiki. They are at the Burger King.}

VECTOR: Woohoo! We're on the wiki!

{Cut to a see-through person behind them}

???: Congratulations. I hope you enjoy your stay on the wiki.

HOMESTAR: Hey, what's youw name?

???: I am Agent Seethroo. Pleasure to meet you.

{Agent Seethroo and Homestar shake hands.}

AGENT SEETHROO: Anyway, I have to get going. So, see ya!

{Agent Seethroo warps out. Homestar and Vector head in line to the Burger King. Cut to the wiki office upstairs.}

JOSHUA: Well that was just awesome.

MARKIE: Hey, why do I have so few lines?

EKUL: I don't think the author knows you too well, and-

{Shwoo hits Ekul in the head with a pretzel stick}

SHWOO: Okay, now that we have less idiocy, what is it we're here for?

CLAMBURGER: In all ways but one Homestar and the crocodile known as Vector have infiltrated the wiki. Hopefully they are not stupid enough to tell their companions in their homeworlds.

THATKIDSAM: I don't think we can consider Homestar Runner as a threat. After all-

{A "THE END" screen appears near the Burger King. End 'sode.}

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