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The RemolayRemadin Projects

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The RemolayRemadin Projects and all related subpages, talk pages, and images may contain swearing or other themes of an adult nature.

Due to an utter lack of feedback in my Remolay and Remadin poll on who to use (the only person to say which one they preferred was Raiku, although I think I agree with him on this), I've decided to do both until I get bored with one.

The Projects

Destined Destiny

The adventure. It begins with Remolay somehow destroying his village. Only he and Remadin survive. They end up getting mixed up in a lot of crap that isn't even remotely connected, or so it may seem.


The Beginning of the Beginning
Ogre Battle or "Venture into the cave of the two headed tow headed beast."
Heavenly Hell or "The Best Day of my Life, by Remolay Da'Aylf"
Changes or "Book 12 of the Dresden Files"
The Eyeless or "I just figured out what Remolay's destiny will be!"
The Avatars of Nightmare or "A Nightmare on No Actual Street"
Interuniversal Hivemind or "The Crossover Part 1"

Now What?

The farce. The elves get an apartment in the city and cope with life in a human world they best way they know how, winging it.


Episode one: The first episode. In which the initial episode occurs, or "FIRST!"
Episode 2, redacted.
Episode Three: The Return or "Why this entire series is a bad idea".
Episode Four: Untitled or "Untitled".
Episode Five: The topical episode or "What the hell was this about again?
Episode Six: A Hairy Situation or "Revenge Fic The Movie The Game"
Episode Seven: Remolay Gets a Job or "I can't think of an alternate title"
Episode Eight: International Beehive or "The Crossover Part 2"