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The Super Cryptogamer Super Show!

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Once upon a time there were a bunch of people who did things. Anyway, this is what they did, since they apparently wrote this crap down... man they didn't have lives.


  • Cryptogamer - The main person who is quite insane.
  • Clovington - A British, human-size kraken. Krakens are crabs. Clovington is a stereotype.
  • Solseri - Cryptogamer's gray The Cheat, who often twitches.
  • Squatcha - A Sasquatch raised by Mayans.
  • Utarefson - A vampire Loch Ness Monster. Yells random words.
  • L.U.S.C.A.-4 - A robot octopus.
  • PixelLink - The 2-D original verision of Link, who is always mad at the world. He is old. PL also despises 3D games.
  • Bob - a Bob-bomb from Paper Mario that idolizes PL.
  • Jam - An octopus made of strawberry jam with a nail for a brain that hates CG. Yep.
  • Shadowgamer - A clone of Cryptogamer from an alternate dimension. Owns a fortune-telling skull with a Jamaican accent.
  • Vid - A holographic butler. Is a pyromaniac.
  • Hammaker - A hobo
  • Zoe - CG's pessimistic sister.
  • Miscellaneous guest stars - What show doesn't have them?


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