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Gilligan 'n' Tracy

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Gilligan 'n' Tracy may contain swearing or other themes of an adult nature.

Meet Gilligan .J. Strunner. He is the son of Badstar. Meet Tracy Bellstrom. He is Im a bell's son and Gilligan's best friend. They have been best friends ever since they were 3. This the story of-wait a damn second


oh god, no. please, go away. please, oh my god. leave, just... just leave, please. it isn't worth it

it isn't worth it


Season One

  • Episode two: The water is evil! - On an extremly hot day, Tracy suggests going to the pool. But Gilligan has a little problem...
  • Episode four: Those were the days. - Gilligan and Tracy discuss their past and how they became friends.

Season Two

  • Episode eleven: Road tripping out - Gilligan and Tracy go on a 3 day road trip to Haruhi-con, but many obstacles get in their way.
  • Episode 12: KChu-ligan and Kchu-racy -- Gilligan and Tracy were fired so Kirbychu has taken both their roles. EXPECT SAME QUALITY!
So expect awful quality????

Season Three

coming sooooon ;)


Gilligan Strunner


Gilligan is Badstar's son in the future and best friend of Tracy. His mother was half cat, so he is too. Being half cat, he hates water, loves fish, and thinks yarn is the best thing ever created. He wears a shard of the purple chaos emerald around his neck because he believes it will give him good luck. He does not know of its true power. In episode 11, he was put in a coma by Keith, one of the creators.

Tracy Bellstrom


Tracy is Im a bell's son and is best friends with Gilligan. Tracy's mother is unknown, yet British. When he was born, Bell had a relationship with him similar to that of Trunks and Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z. Tracy's personality has recently been growing more and more like his father's, which has made Bell very happy, and he has gifted Tracy with reality-bending powers. Tracy keeps his personality like Bell's via a mixture of Tortan and human blood. In episode 11, he was killed by Keith, one of the creators.


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