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Wikihood III

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VERY serious business

Wikihood III is the second direct sequal to the interactive show that simply refused to die! It is designed to carry on the plot of Wikihood 2 and continues along the same continuity.


Strong Sader 16:36, 23 October 2008 (UTC) - I'll be on holiday until Halloween, so Ekul and Sephiroth are now Deputy Mods and will be in control while I'm gone. Respect their leadership and don't let them go nuts.

Strong Sader 15:10, 18 August 2008 (UTC) - Episode 1 has started.

Strong Sader 10:35, 14 August 2008 (UTC) - The name has been decided upon and the core scenario has been devised. Episode 1 will commence on Monday at 12:00 PM (EST), 08:00 AM (PDT) or 17:00 PM (GMT). While you're waiting, check out Wikihood 2 to get a sense of the continuity.

Sign up

All users MUST follow the Wikihood Guidelines.

User In-Universe Info Status
Strong Sader Strong Sader Moderator, Wikihood 1/2 User
Ekul Ekul Deputy Moderator, Wikihood 2 User
Lex Sephiroth Deputy Moderator, Newcomer
belstrnnmmvnmn Unholy Tracy Newcomer
Miss Peach.PNGMiss PeachMiss Peach.PNG Hardhat runner Newcomer
Brerose Raiku Newcomer
Lucian SummersThe Heir has awoken. Your shit is wrecked. Van Newcomer, LEFT
Badstar Gilligan Newcomer... I think, LEFT
MeTK2lK.pngrEqWIWX.png Blue dude Newcomer
ConchrisCruroar!|Sho Conchris NEW CHALLENGER Newcomer,
TheStick Newcomer, INACTIVE
Noxigar No Cigar WH2 Person, LEFT
Tahu Tahu Newcomer, INACTIVE
The thing WatCh The thing Newcomer

Current Season

Main Plot

The inhabitance of Wikihood emerge from the collapsing simulation to find that their neighbourhood is empty and quarantined inside a massive dome 10km in diameter. As the group attempts to work out what has happened, the LoE escapes from the simulation and puts a series of diabolical plans into motion.


Production Number Name Opening Date Closing Date
III.IA Here We Go Again 8/18/08 8/24/08
III.IB Pizza Peril 8/24/08 8/29/08
III.IC Planning to Fail 8/29/08 9/4/08
III.ID Hav-Vock 9/4/08 9/11/08
III.IE The Waiting Game 9/11/08 9/26/08
III.IF Camping Without a Stove 9/26/08 10/14/08
III.IG Necessities of Life 10/14/08 10/31/08
III.IH The Bomb 10/31/08 N/A