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About Me

I am Conchris, a second generation HRFWiki user. I joined the HRFWiki sometime in 2005 and I have recently joined the this WUW, kindly hosted by Clamburger, even though I have seen several WUWs come to past (Hey guys, remember the very first one set up by Homsar (the user)? Good times. :V).

I have seen a few things that happened to the Homestar Runner Fanstuff wiki, namely Wiki War I, NSMC and the supposed Wiki War II. I have created Arena Battling and Con_email.exe along with FCE Cooksar Baker and OCE Harvax XVII on there, however, when I decided to hide in the shadows (or lurk in other words), I watched the community's efforts to try and get the wiki back up on its feet but it all ended with the purge and I quickly reacted to it, I decided to move Con_email.exe to this wiki because it was a Wiki User Email show, but it ended up dying a few more emails in before coughing up a "spin-off" called "Conshow".

On this wiki, I have created Arena Battling: Part 2, the WUW sequel to Arena Battling which is now inactive and the Conshow, a Wiki User Show showed the adventures of Conchris and company. I also have brought over Con_email.exe, which is now known as Con_email.wue, but it fell into inactivity when the Conshow took over as my main fanstuff.

But that's enough about me, here's a few other important details I have:

Where am I also?

I am on several other sites, I also reside on the consoles as well whenever I bother. I am currently active on:

  • Steam Community - {GCN} Conchris


  • Arena Battling: Part 2 - The WUW sequel to the HRFWiki Arena Battling. My first real fanstuff here at the WUW. It's an interactive that has RPG-like elements (text-only but still) where my plot sucks and you can do your own dang side-plot which I will attempt to follow. - LIFE SUPPORT
  • Cruroar's E-Journal - "HAY GUYZ LETS JUMP ON TEH BANDWAGON!" "OKAY" {the two idiots hop onto the bandwagon as it rolls off. The bandwagon then leads them into a pit of spikes} "ARGH!" "WHY MUST IT HURTZ?!" </stupidity> - Inactive... for now
  • Conshow - Conshow is considered by people to be "a classic", "one of the only good stuff on this wiki", and "I want to get off Mr. Conches's wild ride", and also "What the hell is a Conshow? And how did you break into my house?". It is a text fiction made in 2008 and ended once in 2009, only to be brought back in 2013 and now, updated every so often when its author feels like it. It has a rather lengthy history and it's had its popularity. Maybe it's worth checking out? Ha ha. No.
  • Animalia Investigatus - A group of teenagers/adults get together to solve mysteries, based in a world where anthropomorphic animals ruled the world and humans are the minority. - COMING SOON
  • Character Biographies - Who is that guy? Who is that gal? Why is he/she here? The characters that are mainly prominent in my fanstuff are placed here.
  • Random Stuff - This is where I write transcripts that I don't really see fit to be placed into an actual fanstuff, also for image storage. READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL!

Finished Fanstuff

  • Con_email.wue - The immigrated WUE from the HRFWiki, this one lasted for 125 or something emails before ending and making way for "Conshow".

Random Thought(s) of every-now-and-then (and then some!)

I can safely say that Cartoon Drive Thru has somehow managed to rekindle my spark for writing my text fiction comedy shows again.

Posted at 16:59, 17 December 2014 (EST)


This is the schedule I NORMALLY use when updating my fanstuff, don't expect me to follow it like it was the last bloody thing on Earth.

  • Animalia Investigatus - Episode 2
  • Conshow - Episode 74
  • Conshow - Episode 75
Side works:
  • RiffText - Con_email.wue (Assisting)

What am I doing?

  • Stuff, that's all.