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Season 5


In a world of Wiki Users and their characters run amok, there is one of them we're going to uh... watch... Yes... not stalk... and uh... stuff?

Con_email.exe was one of the classic WUEs of the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki, it was the first WUE to reach 100 e-mails and that it is now attempting to reach an epic conclusion to Season 4. Unfortunately, it may not see the light of day on the HRFWiki, since there is talk that any Wiki User stuff on the HRFWiki should be moved here. Since Con_email.exe was too rooted, only the 120 (including the extras on the front page) emails were saved. This page will mainly act like a placeholder until the day of the purgeance arrives but until then, Season 4 has temporarily come to a close until that day.


Season 5 - 121 to 150

  • nonsense - Conchris tries his best to answer a nonsense email but he is then reduced to insanity and is then teleported into a little insane world. Will he get out and save his sanity?
  • movieAlt - Conchris suggests ways to find out what movie to see. Cruroar helps. - New email!
  • hard 2 read - Mr. Person finds things hard to read. Forest ridicules him for it. Conchris answers an email and tries to suggest some things to Mr. Person.
  • funny guy - Chrionroar takes over the email show and starts answering another email. Conchris tries to regain control of the email show.
  • insanity - Cieeia is asked about how she could keep her sanity when she is in a house of crazy people. Meanwhile, Conchris tries to scale the tallest mountain in Wikity.
  • the lord of the pies - Cieeia starts a quest for the pie of pies, on her way, she meets a gollum wannabe and a hobbit. Meanwhile, Conchris enters a boxing championship.
  • cieeia - Conchris decides to let Cieeia take the reins before realising that he shouldn't trust fake characters with free will. Wacky shenanigans ensue. - Regretted Decision?
  • cheap time travel - Conchris travels back in time to prevent himself from breaking the fourth wall in the start of the second/third season, Cruroar tries to stop him. - Made-Up Email feature!
  • p0w3r (|_|7 - Conchris tries to answer two emails but Sirhcnoc cuts the power in the city, causing a major blackout. - Double email feature!
  • riverquest safariventure - Chrionroar somehow fills the house with water and Conchris decides to profit off it. But Cruroar has other plans...
  • soda brand - Conchris creates a soda brand and fails miserably at advertising it, meanwhile, Mr. Person seems to be doing well in soda advertisement.
  • vidja games - Conchris gets an email asking if he likes video games, he then goes on an epic quest to ask the others if they like video games

Seasons 1 through 4 - 1 to 120
Archive - Awaiting purge, unless Con_email.exe somehow survives.

Not-Quite Emails

These Not-Quites are basically little toons/scripts for inbetween emails, they usually allow for new settings, character development or just any random crap I can get off my chest. Ones that aren't marked with an email number and a half are considered to be scripts written for the sake of it.

Other Pages

  • Plots - THERE'S PLOTS IN AN EMAIL SHOW?! That's insane and preposterous!
  • Biography - Who is this guy?! Who is this gal?! Why did he come to be? Why did she come to be? Find out here.
  • Inbox - Ah, the classic Inbox v2, how I missed you so.
  • Conshow - The Spinoff WUS (Wiki User Show) that has no canonical link to Con_email.wue whatsoever!