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Cruroar's E-Journal
"Life on the slow lane... unless you live with an insane inventor and a crazed robot that is."

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Entry 10 - It's too good to be true... - 28.01.13

Me and Katie, that's Cieeia by the way, have had one heck of a day. Conches, the guy that I mentioned years ago, came up to our little home in Reedsen asking us if we want to come back to the Conshow. Naturally, we both said yes. Despite all the problems and misgivings in that show, I look back upon it with a fond smile like an adult fondly looking back on their childhood, but now me and Katie are coming back with Conchris, and Aria and Mr. Person too! You would not believe the things that have changed the past few years! Aria's an actress now, Mr. Person's her manager. I'm a janitor at a local school, not that I like it very much and Katie, well, she looks after the house while I'm gone, and Conchris... he's changed quite a bit since I last saw him... I wonder if he's still bitter about Forest's deactivation? Welp, no matter, I hear of plans of a 'Sitcom Reactor' and a 'Regenerator' in the works, Conches says he got the plans for the reactor from some guy calling himself 'Jo-el'... probably a black market name.

  • Now watching: The SkullB Show - Episode 51: Family Sucks - I miss that show sometimes too...
  • Mood: Crying tears of nostalgia

Entry 9 - Gragh! - 18.01.09

Conches! I should've known, changing my password to a hard to guess one, you know how long it took me to guess the password? A day! *sigh* Anyway, the day could've been more exciting. Chrionroar decided that signs would go well with bees and is now going out to find some, he's been stung like twelve times, yet he doesn't feel any pain... Well, I guess if you have no brain cells left, you'll find yourself unable to feel pain.

By the way, has anyone seen my solar gun? I was on holiday for Christmas whilst Conches stayed at home and nearly blew the place sky-high and I probably mis-placed it. I just hope nobody is mis-using it, like... I don't know, threatening to give people sunburn or something.

  • Now watching: The SkullB Show - Episode 49: The Island of Broken Robots - So THAT'S where broken robots go... right?
  • Mood: Neutral

Entry 8 - All your blog are belong to me </oldmeme> - 17.01.09

Cruroar, you idiot. You've forgotten to put a good password on this thing! I wanted to test my cybernetic implant that allows me to hack into computers. Ah well, Conchris here. Not the writer, the writer also has my name and comes from another world called "The Real World", is that so? Huh. Anyway, Cruroar, I've changed your password to something more cooler. Stop being so lame.

  • Now doing: nothing. So boring...
  • Mood: Bored

Entry 7 - Paused updates - 9.01.09

My first post of 2009. I somehow feel accomplished...


No wait, not THAT accomplished. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. I haven't been updating because 1) Cieeia got sick from drinking too much alcohol at the New Years Party and threw up around the house, about three times, I think, and 2) Conches thought it would be funny to play in the powerlines with his new suit, needless to say, he got shocked. He's fine now, although he does smell like burnt toast.

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  • Mood: Bleh

Entry 6 - New Years - 30.12.08

I'm fine now, guys but
I still feel awful and
not very happy.

Gah, stupid books, I should really stop sleeping with a book in my lap. Anyway, the new year is coming up and I'm not looking forward to drunken people. Not at all. Conches, he's a teetotaller, he'll probably find some way to mingle with the guests, even though they do involve a little bit of violence (In Wikity, a little usually means A LOT).

I'm looking forward to 2009, are you? Most of you probably are, that's great, I guess. I can't wait for 2009's shanoligans. </sarcasm>

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  • Mood: Awful

Entry 5 - ... - 29.12.08

it hurts...

so hot, the pain...

That's how I'm feeling now. The reason I couldn't update my blog these past two days is because I came down with something worse. A cold with a stomach bug is never fun. Conches wouldn't dare go near me and always kept telling me to take my "puke-a-rama" somewhere else. It's not my fault I keep... hang on... eugh... We finally fixed that door by the way, you know, the door from the 26th. Yeah. Later on in the day, this weirdo with a sign on him comes up to our door and starts asking for donations for his new religion. We got Chrionroar out to "donate" but he mistakes the man for a delivery man, steals the sign and... and eats him. Of course, Chrionroar spat him out at a passing bus later on in the day because he tasted like "old socks", eurgh... remind me never to ask Chrionroar about his eating habits.

  • Now Listening to: "Sarry Bcott Sings: The Sign Song" - Dear god, it's awful, but I can't do a thing about it.
  • Mood: Sick

Entry 4 - Blargh - 27.12.08

Okay, I've gotten the Mayor of Wikity to delete the previous entry made by Chrionroar. I don't really know how he managed to hack into the blog in the first place!

Also, I don't feel too good. I woke up this morning feeling like I was staying under the sun for too long and I almost fainted in the afternoon when Conchris asked me to fetch him his freaking wrench. So, now I'm just laying here on this sofa, watching boring shows like "The Neverending Cheating Soap Drama Thing" and "The 30 Second Episode Show With People Fighting Each Other". Please... make the suffering stop...

  • Now Watching: Conshow Episode 55 - I still don't understand Sirhcnoc and that creature's future.
  • Mood: Awful

Entry 3 - Bleh - 26.12.08

As if I thought that life here in Wikity would be any crazier...

Chrionroar managed to break down the door this morning to go and "fetch some signs for hibernation" or something to that effect. It doesn't help to have an open door when somebody's sick with a cold... or if anybody's in the house. The temperature just dropped to about -7 Celsius (Conchris forced us to learn that. And now, looking at the temperature in Celsius has become like a habit.) at lunch and we had to start a fire in the kitchen to actually cook something.

When Chrionroar came back and went down into the basement to stash his signs, we locked the door and placed about twelve locks onto it, that'll hold him! Or it... I never really asked.

Later that day, we went out shopping to fetch food and stuff, including WOOD for the freaking door and this crazy guy came up to us asking if it is 2012 yet. Forest blasted his head off, clean off.

Ugh, I wonder what Sirhcnoc and his buddies Greg and What's-His-Face is up to...

  • Now Listening to: "It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas" - Yeah, this HOUSE is beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Winter more like.
  • Mood: Meh

Entry 2 - Christmas - 25.12.08

Christmas Day has just gone up and past us by like a... butterfly in the wind? I suck at smilies.

Anyway, today has been quite eventful to say the least, first off, the presents were okay at best. I got a watch from Cieeia, which she thought would suit me, she was right about one thing. Conches... well, he gave me one thing... which just so happens to be a toaster, which I then threw away because I swore it threatened to eat me. Forest's present shocked me to the core, I'm still reeling from the pain I got but I could remember hearing laughter before I went into a coma for like, an hour. Mayor Spyden was giving out presents to people as well but they... the presents are what he is interested in. This puzzle book I got from him is pretty difficult, I can't work out puzzle #28.

Also, Cieeia's cold is getting worse lately and the electric shock from Forest's present for her didn't help matters. I hope she gets better soon, I sometimes worry about her...

Aw hell, those freaking carollers are at the door again... better go fetch the stun gun...

  • Now doing: Something involving shocking those stupid carollers until they start to puke blood. Don't ask.
  • Mood: Annoyed/Worried

Entry 1 - Testing - 24.12.08

Err... hey. Is... is this thing on? Oh wait, I'm at a keyboard, right. Anyway, hey there. Pardon the mess, I've just got an email from Mayor Spyden (who rather creeps me out I might add) saying that my request has been processed and that I could start right away. Turns out that it only took about over half an hour. Anyway, what am I going to say here? Oh yes, today has been pretty crappy lately. Cieeia has gotten a cold and Conches... I don't know what he's doing. He's probably out there modifying a toaster or something... I don't know. But hey, see you around... blog... thing.

Oh yeah, by the way, the blog entries are a little scrolly, so if I talk to much, you may want to scroll down a bit to read the rest, I'm sure that Wikity Networks can sort it out soon.

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