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Total Drama Island: Bluefox Productions Edition

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Anyway, my ever-expanding cast of characters arrive at Wawanaka for the Total Drama Island challenge! Can 22 characters, some of them being mine, handle Chris, Chef Hatchet, and the wilderness that await them?


  1. Welcome to Total Drama Island
  2. Let the Games Begin!
  3. Close Your Eyes and Count to Elimination
  4. If You Can Dodge a Wrench...
  5. Wawanakwa's Got Talent
  6. Not the Outdoorsy Type
  7. The Only Thing To Fear is Fear Itself
  8. Creepy Island Ahoy
  9. O DEER.
  10. Top Chef: Wawanakwa Edition
  11. Oh, You Can TOTALLY Trust Me
  12. At Ease? No Way!
  13. Pushed to the EXTREEEEEEME
  14. You REALLY Gonna Eat That?
  15. Toooooooorment.
  16. Exploration Explodation
  17. Stealth is Key
  18. I Can Ride A Bike With No Handlebars
  19. Nightmare On Camp Wawanakwa
  20. Campers' Safari
  21. The Tri-Armed Treachery

Bonus Stuff

  • Original Promo - Did you know TDI was originally planned for release in 1997? Did you know that Gwen originally didn't look like a goth, and originally hooked up with Geoff? Well, you can find the original TDI promo here, but what if there was a promo for this? Well, click the other link.

The Cast

CHRIS: Okay! I will explain this later in episode 14, but from here on, there are no more teams. It's every camper for themself.

Remaining Campers

  1. Tom
  2. Jess
  3. Bruce
  4. Lucas
  5. Foxx
  6. Kale
  7. Elyssa
  8. Fenri
  9. Ryan
  10. Ashley

Voted Off

  • Heather - Voted off Episode 2
  • Cyrus - Voted off Episode 3
  • Austin - Voted off Episode 4
  • Fang - Voted off Episode 5
  • Aruseus - Voted off Episode 6
  • Wolf - Voted off Episode 7
  • Kyubii -Voted off Episode 8
  • Van -Voted off Episode 9
  • Megan - Voted off Episode 10
  • Geoff - Voted off Episode 11
  • Pter - Voted off Episode 12
  • Tex - Voted off Episode 13