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Green Grass and High Tides Forever!

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Now you HAVE to read this!

A series started by some dead loser, another dead loser, a loser who is dead, and dead/dead/dead/super fucking dead.

Summary: In BLAH BLAH FUCKETY BLAH, everything's all FUCKING DEAD AS SHIT, until wiki users and other people FUCKING DIE. (Retreived from MY ASS..)

Yeah, that's pretty much it for an intro. Sorry.



Pilot: Sandbox Battels And worthless prattels

Season 1:Out of my fucking Anus (Because IT'S SHIT. GET IT?)

  1. "What are we doing today?"
  2. Green Grass and High Tides Forever:TEH MOOVY!
  3. The Problem with Life-Sucking Video games
  4. Knights of Cydonia Meridell
  5. Golden Sand and High Tides for a day.
  6. Green Skulls and High Buggies Forever!

Season 2:...shriveled dick cabbage.

  1. Apocalypse - They're all dead. Except for the Robots.
  2. Counterpocalypse - They're all dead. Except for the Humanoids.
  3. Clashocalypse - Turns out they're all alive, except for the fact that THEY'RE FUCKING NOT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. TBA

Misc. Crap

Spin offs and other useless bullshit