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1-Up Email, also known as "Other Character Email 1-Up", was originally an email show created on the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki that took inspiration from Strong Bad Email, an animated feature on the Homestar Runner website. The Other Character Email section of the Fanstuff Wiki, where people could write fan-transcripts for fictional email shows of other characters on the Homestar Runner site, was arguably the second most popular and read feature underneath Stinkoman 20X6 sprite comics. 1-Up Emails was the third (or second) most read email show on the site, despite it's convoluted and confusing storyline. Five years later, I've decided to bring back the show (due to sheer boredom and nostalgia). Though it follows after the original series, it is not unwelcome to new readers as references to the original show will be rarely or never made.


  • September 09, 2016 - I bet you didn't expect me to be back. Hopefully nobody is reading these. They're kinda purposefully bad.
  • June 01, 2015 - I'm on a roll. Just released another 1-Up Email. Remember, to email 1-Up, go to the inbox or click here.
  • May 28, 2015 - Hey, everyone. Great to be back. How many of you are reading this? Literally no-one, probably. So, I released a new email, in which 1-Up tries to recap the events thus far and then gets confused by his own story.
  • April 2, 2010 - New 1-Up email! Go enjoy it and whatnot! ...hopefully I get some feedback this time. Maybe I'll make the next email a flash animation-- Oops~! Did I say that out loud? {laughter}

Email List

137. The End
136. Wikipedia
135. Back In Action
134. Something
133. Manga
132. Lord T
131. Hat

*All previous 1-Up Emails can be found at the original HRFW, by clicking here.


  • 1-Up is the no-armed whitey of 20X6 who is best friends (at least according to him) with "the guy", aka Stinkoman. He has gone on many adventures with both Stinkoman and Pan Pan. He has saved the world and the multiverse on more than one occasion and he loves, loves, loves pudding.
  • Stinkoman is one of the best fighters in the year 20X6. He is a robot that was created by a wrestleman and he strives to be the very best, seeking down challenges wherever they may be.
  • Pan Pan is fat. Ha-ha-ha-ha. And he fell on you. Ha-ha-ha-ha. He's a good bear!

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Misc. Info


Sunshine S5 is the name of 1-Up's mobile phone in which he currently checks emails on, as Stinkoman disposed of his previous high tech holographic computer. He has a specific email app that he accesses to check his email, thus meaning that he can check his email no matter where he is in the world (or in other worlds). It is a parody of the Android Samsung Galaxy line of phones.


Stinkoman Headquarters is currently where 1-Up resides, just like he used to back in the good old days. If the first one hundred and thirty episodes of 1-Up Emails are considered to be canon, then this place has been through a heck of a lot of damage through-out the years. It is usually where Stinkoman, 1-Up and Pan Pan will be hanging out, whether or not they are checking emails or just playing video games. You can find out more information about it at the Homestar Runner Wiki.

Scroll Button Rap

{1-Up whips out his phone, and accesses the email app.} 1-UP: Anytime is a good time for pudding!