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Wikimon Description

A giant meteor fell to Earth. With it carried Pokemon, but not only the known Pokemon, but new ones.


Follow these rules or you'll be baned from Hogwarts, I mean Wikimon.

  1. You cannot have legendaries unless I allow it. My own character will only have one legendary, so don't complain.
  2. You can make up one Pokemon that will be your starter. He must evolve at least once. I can give you starters as well though.
  3. No vandalizing.
  4. I will say when you learn new moves unless you use a mega berry.
  5. This will use Pokemon from the show,game,etc. and ones I made up.

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Strange Pokemon: (March 3,2009 4:00 pacific) A mystic, one of a kind pokemon has appeared, with it came a highly radioactive meteor, creating a wasteland where it struck. Travel with Lee and try and battle, tame, and maybe even catch this strange pokemon.

Places to go

New Pokemon

Use pokedex to learn more.

Created By Meme3

  • Cheraya
  • Aquaog
  • Hydrowl
  • Hydrolf
  • Armadillie
  • Armadillor
  • Armadillra
  • Fater
  • Duoslash
  • Duoslice
  • Rainga
  • Raingar
  • Rytan
  • Rytana
  • Rytanan
  • Chimson
  • Toxem
  • Hungrief
  • Hungrave
  • Hungreat
  • Kittail
  • Hissker
  • Shallrock
  • Ignerock
  • Sedirock
  • Metirock
  • Parashroom
  • Pinzoar

Created By Players

  • Shiceus
  • Kaabius
  • Haseo
  • Blade Haseo
  • Flick Haseo
  • X-Haseo
  • Camochop
  • Camochoke
  • Camochamp
  • Geoblu
  • Ekersby (Missingno evolution)
  • Nibomae
  • Gymi
  • Gyromite
  • Gyro (Gymi Evolution)
  • Well
  • Joy
  • Mr. Happy
  • Darkball (Well Evolution)
  • Moonfight (Dark/Fighting Pokemon, Lucario parody)
  • Galaxod
  • Raggon
  • Shadoforce (Dark/Psychic Pokemon)
  • Nightpsy (Shadoforce Evolution)
  • Excel (Ironman-like pokemon, Steel/Fly Pokemon)
  • Accel (Flash-like pokemon, Ground/Electric Pokemon)
  • K Pommy
  • Kei Pom