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The following files are intellectual properties of Chaosvii7(Joseph Mazzella) and are NOT to be used or altered without his permissions. The following content is for your viewing pleasure and critique - those who express interest in involving themselves with any works are done at his discretion. Critique is strongly encouraged.


Game Design/Programming

  • JojoCraft — A series of mods aimed at giving Minecraft a definitive in-game purpose. The following is the information for JojoCraft Core, the core mod that will update player and item statistics, as well as be the foundation for all other mods following.
  • Spellbooks Mod — This mod adds a layer of exploration and power to the game apart from vanilla in which players spend XP to learn the spells contained in various books that can be made and/or found. This mod is not intended to be implemented with JojoCraft, and is thus a standalone.
  • This Is A Minecraft Modpack — ...sort of. This is the foundation of the ideas intended for use in a minecraft PVP/Capture modpack meant to take place over a long(20+ hours) period of gameplay. Not intended to be implemented with JojoCraft.
  • A thing — This just seemed too good to not finish.


Visual Art