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Hello, my name is Mitchell and a little history lesson. I will start off by saying, I do not claim to have the "rights" to Wiki User-related media. In the description below. I merely explain that I believe that the Wiki User Wiki and the majority of it's contents was influenced by Wiki User Emails which I started by breaking the rules back at the Homestar Runner Fanastuff Wiki.


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When I first joined the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki, I was kind of new to Homestar Runner and didn't understand the rules properly, so naturally, a few misunderstandings occurred between me and the admins. A few times I would take other people's email shows and create emails for it. I wasn't purposely doing anything wrong, I just didn't know any better at the time. When I was being told off for it, on my user page, I created "Other Character Email Mitchell" and turned myself into a Homestar Runner character. Many people were against this and a debate started on the discussion page as to whether or not my email show were to be deleted. Some users on the wiki defended my email show and it many users started their own. This new type of email show was soon labeled "Wiki User Emails" and even given it's own section.

Then more Wiki User-related stuff spread across the Fanstuff Wiki, but half of it wasn't even Homestar Runner-related and therefore disobeyed the rules of the Fanstuff Wiki.

This summary is somewhat inaccurate and outdated, if someone could edit this to better fit how the Wiki User Wiki was created, it'd be much appreciated.


This is my Wiki User stuff, starting with Wiki User Email Mitchell which is getting a brand new start.

Wiki User Wiki

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  • 1-Up Emails - 1-Up's original email show, rebooted and ready for questions.
  • 1-Up & Friends - 1-Up's show for answering questions. The official replacement for 1-Up Emails.
  • Mitchell's Spriting Shop - Mitchell's Spriting Shop, where you can request sprites in all different varieties of styles and bittages.
  • Mitchell Emails - The remade version of the first Wiki User Email in existence. However, I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed of it.
  • Mitchell & Elly's Answering Machine - Mitchell's answering machine, though he very rarely checks his messages due to the fear that he may get a cursed message from the evil Homsar. Leave a message after the beep.

Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki

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  • 1-Up Emails - My favourite of all my fanstuff at the original Fanstuff Wiki. I was thinking about continuing it, but found that writing fan-fiction wasn't really my thing. I look back on it for nostalgic reasons.
  • Stinkoman 20X6: Virtual Genesis - My third attempt at a Stinkoman 20X6-based sprite comic which also failed to gain attentions, but was at a slightly higher quality then the previous two.
  • Pudding Perils - My second attempt at a sprite comic which failed to gain attention and was just as poorly made, if not worse, then my first sprite comic. I keep it up for archival reasons and the sake of nostalgia.

Fun Facts

  • Although, a majority of the stuff may begin with my name, most of my works on the Internet do not include me as a character at all. You could say, I'm just doing it here because everybody else is doing it.