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The official replacement of 1-Up Emails which acts as a fictional talk show in which 1-Up is the host, with various sketches and interviews and questions being answered in the exact same style as he would've in the original email show. If you would like to be interviewed by 1-Up, have a Homestar Runner character be interviewed by 1-Up or have your questions be on the show, please post them at the bottom of the screen. There is no guarantee that I will update this series often. It is mostly something fun to do in my spare time. "1-Up & Friends" is shot in front of a live studio audience (not really) and was created by Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki user, Mitchell.


1. Anime, Decemberween & More - 1-Up starts off his show to a fairly small audience.

None as of yet. Are currently in production.

Viewer-Generated Input


If you want to ask a question and have it answered by 1-Up, post it below.

  • I want to have a Happy christmas. But, my parents are dead. {sighs}
  • In general, is anime pretty good or a little shotty? This is overall, not all.
  • The only Weeaboo like quality I have anymore is my preference of Japanese girls, am I still a Weeaboo?
    • I can answer that for you: That's not being a weeaboo, it's just kinda racist.


If you want to have a Homestar Runner character or yourself interviewed by 1-Up on the show, please post your/his/her name below.

  • RemolaySig.pngtalk (totally just me)
  • Brerose 04:16, 28 December 2010 (UTC) - Archetype