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The Idiot's Keeper

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The Idiot's Keeper

Shwoo and Homestar tiger take gold! Err, black!


  1. Shwoo and Homestar tiger Meet the two people we take our eyes off of this whole story.
  2. Hot! Hot! Hot! A building catches on fire and 3 buildings get stomped on in less than 12 hours.
  3. Gotten paid back When Shwoo's house burns down, she finally gets paid for being The Idiot's Keeper.
  4. Oh, crunch The administrative department is crushed. And Homestar tiger pulls Shwoo out of the rubble.
  5. Thank god he had insurance Shwoo has to get Homestar tiger out of a really, really bad car crash.
  6. The chase What was causing all that trouble?
  7. We are the wiki now The wiki is obliterated, and guess who survived.
  8. We're probably doomed Trogdor comes to finish off who's left. TODAY


Shwoo: Left
Homestar tiger: Right

Homestar tiger and Shwoo have been friends for a long time. Shwoo tends to keep it this way because Homestar tiger is an idiot. She has to make sure that he doesn't do anything so bad that he puts himself in danger. She will remain loyal, no matter what. If her job is in danger, her house, her life. Okay, maybe not THAT far. Meanwhile, in this story, something is happening to FCUSA, The HRWiki, and the HRFWiki. Buildings catching on fire, buildings getting stepped on, ect, ect, ect. If the girl with the glasses and the furry orange nutcase can't stop it soon, their home could be destroyed soon.

Other Stories

  • Shwoo, M.D. - Homestar tiger causes major damage to himself.