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A convincing tablet unearthed from the past. We keep it as a memorial to our hard work of making you laugh.

"A Long time ago, far far away, a bunch of idiots did some stuff in space."

Behold! A Sci-Fi Interactive Fanfic!

This is a parody of sci-fi of all types, including Star Wars, Futurama, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and Battlestar Galatica.

Also the inspiration of many other fanfics!

Most of which were made by 4th Gens.


In the year 9XX2, a few individuals got selected for a space program, being put in a large spaceship named the LeviathanX to live their lives, with a lifetime of support. Soon after, the planet they were from, blew up, and now, they are on their own.


  • There are no rules against being creative, in fact, we encourage it. But, no godmodding, and ruining the plot for everyone else.
  • If you have an idea, feel free to put it as an episode, where it might, or might not be approved. Yay.
  • Keep profanities to a strong minor please.
  • Have fun!
  • To join, put your name next any of the spots you want. If all the spots are filled, notify me or Chaos, and I will add more.
  • There's no limit to fake characters you can have. Just control yourself however.
  • Only mods can add episodes, unless anyone else has permission.
  • Please do not dominate over the set plot.
  • Please follow the plotline.
  • Sub-Plots are allowed, only if you have permission and it doesn't dominate over the original.


Season 1

  • Pilot - 1 Year from the Explosion, everyone acts like idiots.
  • Garlics' Invasion Leviathan: 9XX2 A.D. - The Garlics make their debut, trying to hijack the ship.
  • Plant It Of The Apes - The Apes plant what they want to, and in the meantime, the robots of the ship keep being made into toasters by Chaos.
  • It's a Cruel World After All! - The Crew finds an empty Theme park planet, and decides to redesign it to their liking.
  • Fixing a Hole - After Chaos destroys Ryan-X's room, everyone must fix it.
  • Anything You Can Do, I Can Make Something Else Replicate It Better! - In a musical-styled episode, Chaos builds a robotic Captain to better Sephiroth. Sephiroth decides to fight back, and it ends up with a battle to the death.
  • And You Eat a Spoon Fair - While on the way to the annual spoon fair in the Krackzon Galaxy, the ship loses it's power, forcing ship members to fight for their lives.
  • The Episode Where The Moron Puts a Television Up-The crew hooks an old TV made in around 2008 up in the meeting room.
  • Sometimes Food is Good and Sometimes It is Not-The crew has terrible dreams after eating an odd space fungus scraped off of the ship by one of the robots.
  • Neoptrs - Chaos gives everyone a "Neoptr", and undeniably cute animal made from spare animal parts in Chaos' Used bin.*
  • Magical Mystery Tour - The ship gets highjacked by a gang of aliens called the "Blue Meanies" and the crew must share a ship with a rock band and their ship named the "Yellow Spacemarine".
  • 12 or: Insurgeon Generals - After everyone receives an Email from the same High school that is mysteriously labeled "12," they all become doctors as well, and better than ones than Chaos for sure.*
  • Brain Wash Serum - All the drinks are infected with brain washing serum made by 2 random people on the ship. The remaining crew has to get to the bottom of who done it before they are completely under their control!*
  • Leviathan X Avengers Unite! - Everyone gets superpowers and some friendships are broken. But it's mostly just them abusing their powers to an insane level.*
  • John, I'm Only Dancing... - Part 1 of 2. The guys make a time machine and go back to the 70's.*
  • How it All Began - Conclusion. The machine misfires on the way back, shooting them into what is practically a flashback to the day before the series, the day before the earth blew up.

Season 2

Season 2 contains instances of time traveling. It is advised that those with sensitive stomachs and faint hearts should consult your doctors before using this season.

  • The Unsinkable - The crew accidentally travel back in time to the most inconvenient place and time. 15 April 1912, at the Titanic.
  • Heil Honey, I'm Home! - After playing around with the time machine, B-621 accidently transports himself to Nazi-era Germany with no way back. The crew decides to rescue him before any experiments are done on him. Guest starring: Adolf Hitler as himself!
  • Everything is Exactly as It Seems - The crew thinks they've headed back home, until they realize that the Garlics set them up.
  • This Machine also Time Travels - The time machine stops them all in their right time, on their ship, and they lock the time machine away for a while.
  • Fearmongerer - A creature slips onto the spaceship, and torments everyone.
  • I Feel As Though We Should Have Done This a While Ago - Due to the ever-increasing costs, The ship goes reality-show style, and several individuals MUST GO!
  • Pulp Sci-Fi - In this Pulp Fiction Spoof, this episode is a chronicle of little short stories involving the individual characters.
  • "I am not a nerd, I sell spaceship proprane!" - When the ship begins to run out of fuels, they make a pit stop on a local planet named "Arlenia", inhabited by run-down aliens. They meet an old space fuel salesman along the way.
  • Say Say Say - In an attempt to get proper supplies for the ship, the crew set off to various alien planets and become conmen, selling fake formulas, until their plot backfires.
  • I Blame Wade - In this thrilling made-for-TV movie split into 3 parts instead, the crew gets caught by a rogue space armada, and they're the only people reliable enough to break themselves out.
  • I Blame Wade 2:ELECTRIC BOOGALOO - In part 2 of our ill-conceived season 2 finale/season 3 opener, the armada stops the crew, then sets all but Wade free. The people who believe in that Wade was useless attempt to leave, but are stopped by the others. They all go back and try to get to Wade.

Season 3

  • I Blame Wade 3: There Will Be Old Plot Devices - The rest of the crew is locked in the ship that's soon to be blown up, not only by the rogue armada, but by all the other past villains, whilst Wade makes a daring rescue.
  • Searching For Shwoo - Homestar tiger desperately wants to see an old friend, so the LeviathanX attempts to search for her. A meeting of two crews is arranged.
  • Across The Timeverse - The crew busts out the time machine again and travel to the 1950's. Once there, they decide to create a rock band in britain. They soon become world famous, until Captain Sephiroth starts a huge controversy.
  • W.C - Sephiroth's nephew stays with the crew in the ship for a week, and no one can bear him.
  • The Xorg - The crew get captured by a race of Cyborg Aliens whose main weapon are their cuteness.
  • House of No More Resident 4 Dead Hill - Low on fuel, the crew ends up stumbling upon a planet infested with zombies.
  • Obligatory Flashback Montage - While the crew is shot to their dooms at the hands of their own ship, they look back on their crazy lives.
  • SAS: Super Crazy Battle Match Fighter:Part 1 - The crew attends a fancy ceremony at an exclusive resteraunt, or at least try to, but get lost and stumble upon a new planet. They decide to dock and meet the folk.
  • SAS: Super Crazy Battle Match Fighter:Part 2 - As the crew meets various people, they decide to make this their new home. All is well until the president is revealed to be an evil alien dictator. The crew tries to escape, but they get caught and are forced to fight each other.
  • SAS: Super Crazy Battle Match Fighter:Part 3 - The matchups are incredibly unfair, as evidenced by Chaos and Unholy Tracy, who are blazing through the competition. They then reveal that they're actually trying to find a way out, and have devised a clever plan to escape.

Season 4=

Season 4 Was made while the series was nearing cancellation, and thusly tried to wrap up the series with a set of various multi-part movie specials.

* - TBA. Information may be changed slightly or significantly.

Special Episodes

These Episodes are one-off and have little to no significance to the real plot.