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The year is 2010. The Iraq War was finished, and all terrorists ever were rounded up and captured in Gitmo. Funny thing about Gitmo. It was blown to pieces. Instead of killing the terrorists, it just gave them superpowers. Super terrorists now prowl the earth, blowing things up in the name of chaos. They weren't the only ones at Gitmo that day. A tour group of city cops was passing through the halls that day. When they entered, they were men. Now they are inhuman machines, built to kick all kinds of ass. They are the Armageddon Team.




Nuclear Noid is a member of the team. Armed with 5'o clock shadow and a head as bald as eagles, he takes none from nobody.
Bluebry Bullets is a member of the team. Known for his sharp wit and disregard for all-life, he's one crazy mother.
Sixpack "Nacho" Smith is a member of the team. A weapons expert who is days away from retirement and getting too old for this crap.
Brooks Jaxxon is a serious gung-ho soldier. He doesn't disregard orders, but that doesn't mean he regards them, either.
Dinomyte is appropriately named because he is an alcoholic one eyed monster. We're betting he'll explode and kill Brooks in a week.
Thaddeus Lincoln Carver "Mu" VelJonhson is the most knowledgeable of the Armageddon Team, and often has intel that the others ignore completely.
Charging Chwoka Masterson is a deadly amnesiac. He doesn't know who he is or what happened, but he had a past life, and that inclines him to do Parkour chases and murder anybody in his way.
Stephen "Greaser" Barret is the rookie in the squad. Picked up from an unsuccessful mission where he was the sole survivor, he has manned up considerably and now wants to eradicate the terrorists that destroyed his friends. He's also the squad mechanic, and has considerable skill when it comes it to vehicles.
Danzal "The Crimson Serpent" Smervykajogick is an ex Soviet assassin from the Secret Society of Soviets. Pale-skinned and agile, he adds some flavor to the team. A flavor that requires acquired taste.
Heinrich is a villainous German terrorist who has a healing ability. The Team hates him for things he has done in the past, giving him a spot as one of the worst enemies.
Colt, Tucker, and Briggs are three former members of the Team. What happened to them is a mystery, at least to Greaser.
Cesar is Nacho's old partner from the SAPD who faked his death, causing Nacho years of grief, as he believed it was his fault. He is secretly alive with the ability to shapeshift.
F. Allen "Jack" Jaxxit who is this?????
Johnathan "The Jester" Lovechunks who is this!!!!!!
More to come?
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